12 Best Hiking Trails in Madhya Pradesh

Hiking in Madhya Pradesh is the new trend and if you are aware of the ideal spots to trek, it could really be fun. Madhya Pradesh has some precious gems for adventure seekers in the form of challenging hiking trails that can quench your adventure thirst. From the dense jungle trails to treks to historical places, one can explore a wide variety in this state.

Central India is known for its rich cultural heritage and unbeatable food choices. However, it also flaunts numerous picturesque spots that can leave anyone mesmerized. The joy of trekking through the lush green forests is something which cannot be summed up in words.

From strenuous trails to the easier one, there are a handful of options that one can choose from. If trekking through steep trails exhausts you, you can opt for some easier treks which also boast surreal landscapes. Madhya Pradesh has a perfect blend of scenic offerings places and adventurous hikes, the state has become a tourist magnet.

Not to forget its dense forests and rich vegetation which facilitate the adventure activity. Certainly, the heart of India has a potpourri of ways to leave the visitors awe-struck. Madhya Pradesh also has numerous wildlife national parks to its name where one can experience trekking expedition.

From the dense trails of Kanha National Park to the scenic offerings of Dhupgarh, the state has a hint of awesomeness at each of its corners.

So, here is the list of best hiking trails in Madhya Pradesh:


Hike to Dhoopgarh, Pachmarhi

Hike to Dhoopgarh, Pachmarhi

Originally known as Harvatsa Kot, Dhoopgarh is the highest point in Satpura Range. This spot is majorly popular for its spectacular sunrise and sunset views. Dhoopgarh is situated at an altitude of 4,429 feet and flaunts beautiful surroundings.

Trekking route to Dhoopgarh is considered strenuous as it passes through rugged valleys, dense forests, and magnificent waterfalls. Offering the best experience of hiking in Madhya Pradesh, Dhoopgarh remains a prominent name among the travelers and it has prominently become one of the famous places to visit when you are in Pachmarhi.

If you love to try adventures every now and then, set out for an enthralling trek in the city of Pachmarhi and dive into the world of ethereal wonders.

Location of the Hike: The hike is located in Satpura ranges of Pachmarhi.

Best Season to Go for Hike: The months between June and October are considered as an ideal time to go for this hike.

Difficulty Level: The difficulty level of this trek is medium to tough.

Hike to Janapav, Indore

Hike to Janapav, Indore

Situated just a short drive away from Indore, Janapav Hill offers the most jaw-dropping sights. You can enjoy some of the best sights in the morning hours when the entire hill is covered with mist.

Apart from the aesthetic importance of the place, Janapav is also reckoned as a famous religious spot of Madhya Pradesh because it is the birthplace of Lord Parashurama.

Being one of the best spots for hiking in Madhya Pradesh, this trail can is popular among adventure lovers in the region.

Location of the Hike: Janapav hill is perched in Baduka Village of Madhya Pradesh.

Best Season to Go for Hike: Rainy season is the best time to explore this enticing place.

Difficulty Level: This short trek is reckoned as the difficult trek in Madhya Pradesh.


Hike to Kalakund, Indore

Hike to Kalakund, Indore

Want to usher into the world of adventure and thrill? Well, all you need is a trek into the dense forests of Kalakund. Gushing rivers, lush green valleys, and rich forest area-Kalakund beautifully brings together fun and peace at the same place.

If you want to go hiking in Madhya Pradesh, go for a night trek in Kalakund and make your weekend an eventful one. The route encompasses captivating landscapes and enticing flora and fauna.

On beginning your journey, you will also catch a sight of the magnificent Patalpani waterfall which has been luring the visitors since ages. Kalakund has gained popularity as one of the famous places to visit when you are in Madhya Pradesh.

Location of the Hike:
Kalakund trek falls in Gunjara Village in Mhow district.

Best Season to Go for Hike: Since the place turns into a green blanket during the rains, it is advisable to visit here during the rainy season.

Difficulty Level: This is an easy to moderate level trek which covers umpteen scenic spots.

Hike to Bhairav Kund, Indore

Hike to Bhairav Kund, Indore

Nestled in a small hamlet of Jhabua, the Bhairav Kund waterfall is an all-time favorite spot of picnic lovers. Surrounding this alluring waterfall is dense forest which adds to the beauty of this place.

This 1-hour long trek takes you through the verdant hills, dense forests and enchanting surroundings which will leave you mesmerized. Due to the enchanting landscapes of this place, it is also an ideal spot for photo fanatics.

So, plan your trip to one of the most exciting adventure hikes in Madhya Pradesh and add one more name to your list of adventures.

Location of the Hike: Bhairav Kund is located in Jhabua district of MP, Indore, MP.

Best Season to Go for Hike: Monsoon season is the most appropriate time to visit these falls.

Difficulty Level: This is a moderately difficult trek.

Here is a list of places in Indore where you can visit when you are in and around Indore. Also, a list of things to do in Indore which you miss shouldn't miss out. 


Hike to Mehndi Kund, Indore

Hike to Mehndi Kund, Indore

The city of Indore will never disappoint adventure enthusiasts and the numerous adventure spots in and around the city validate this.

Mehndi Kund is one of the top adventure hikes in Madhya Pradesh where one can dive into the deep world of adventure as well as soak in the charm of its alluring landscapes and it is one of the popular treks when you are in Indore.

This 4 Km trek begins from Badgonda village and takes you through the lush green bed of forests. So, get ready for climbing these scenic trails and experience the unique facet of this city.

Location of the Hike: This spot is situated in Badgonda village in Mhow.

Best Season to Go for Hike: The scenic beauty of Mehndi Kund exponentially increases during the monsoon season and hence, the monsoon is the best time to visit this place.

Difficulty Level: This is a moderate level trek. popular 

Hike to Mahadev Pani, Bhopal

Hike to Mahadev Pani, Bhopal

What can be a better way to end your week than hiking the scenic trails of Mahadev Pani during the first splash of rains? Maintaining a close association with Lord Shiva, this place is a popular tourist spot in Bhopal.

This place flaunts gigantic waterfalls and a reservoir which make it an ideal hangout and adventure spot. Mahadev Paani is one of those seasonal waterfalls in the city which remain active during the monsoons.

Apart from excellent trekking opportunities and enticing waterfalls, it also boasts ancient cave temples and has become one of the famous hiking experiences in Bhopal

Location of the Hike: Mahadev Pani falls on Raisen road near a small village called Sehatganj.

Best Season to Go for The Hike: Monsoon season is the ideal time to visit this place.

Difficulty Level: This is an easy to moderate level trek which doesn’t involve many difficult trails.

Hike to Amargarh Fort Waterfall, Bhopal

Hike to Amargarh Fort Waterfall, Bhopal

This 14 Km long trek gifts you with the most cherishable memories which come in the form of surreal views and thrilling moments. What distinguishes this place from the rest of the tourist spots is the 80 feet tall waterfall which is truly a sight to behold.

Apart from this, the other highlighting features of this trek include cave paintings depicting the ancient civilization and lush green forests.

The dense forests of Amargarh house animals such as leopards, fox, sloth bears, and blue-bull.

Location of the Hike: Amargarh Falls are situated in Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary of Hoshangabad district.

Best Season to Go for Hike: The months between June and September are perfect to visit this waterfalls.

Difficulty Level: This is an easy trek which can be completed in just an hour duration.

Here is a list of best soothing waterfalls of Madhya Pradesh which are treat to sore eyes.

Hike to Ginnorgarh Fort, Delawadi

Hike to Ginnorgarh Fort, Delawadi

Offering a unique confluence of historical heritage and thrill, Ginnorgarh Fort hike is reckoned as one of the adventure hikes in Madhya Pradesh. Perched at a distance of 61 Km from Bhopal, this fort stands on an isolated hill.

Ginnorgarh trek will also give you a chance to explore scenic spots and flocks of parrots.

The major highlight of this trek is the captivating fort which is truly worth all the efforts. From the fort, you can relish the spectacular view of Delawadi.

Location of the Hike: The fort is nestled in Sehrai Ginnor, MP.

Best Season to Go for Hike: The best duration to visit this fort is between the months of August and April.

Difficulty Level: This is an easy trek which can be taken by beginners too.

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Hike to Sagar Talav & Hathi Mahal Group, Mandu

Mandu is a historical place in Madhya Pradesh which stands for its architectural splendor and majestic monuments. These monuments are classified on the basis of their locations. Dai Ka Mahal, Aghyat Mahal, Dai Ki Choti Behan Ka Mahal, and Malik Mugith Mosque are called as Sagar Talav monuments.

As you approach this place, you will get an alluring view of the sunset from the top which makes it a must visit place in Mandu.

So, if you are looking for opportunities for hiking in Madhya Pradesh, visit the historical land of Mandu and begin your trek to the popular Sagar Talav and Hathi Mahal group.

Location of the Hike: Sagar Talao group is nestled on the southern part of Mandu.

Best Season to Go for Hike: The months between October and March remain the best time to visit this place.

Difficulty Level: This is a moderate trek which comprises a mix of easy and difficult trails.


Hike to Rewa Kund, Mandu

Hike to Rewa Kund, Mandu

Built as a tribute to the legendary lovers, Baz Bahadur and Roopmati, this monument comprises an artificial lake which was built by Baz Bahadur to ensure a consistent water supply. The surrounding area which you will see during the hike was constructed over time.

On the north-western corner of this lake is a pavilion which displays a wide variety of arches and pillars.

On the northern end, you will also find a lake which ensures the water supply in the palace.

Location of the Hike: Rewa Kund is situated near Baz Bahadur Palace in Mandu.

Best Season to Go for Hike: The winter season remains the best time to go for this hike.

Difficulty Level: This is an easy trek which can be completed in just 20 minutes.

To add some more adventure to your hiking experiences, here is a list of best adventurous treks of Madhya Pradesh


Hike to Barusot, Raisen

Hike to Barusot, Raisen

Located 50 Km away from Bhopal, Barusot is an explorer’s paradise. This is a place where visitors can relish cycling, wildlife safari, and trekking. Hence, if you are looking for an ideal getaway in Bhopal, Barusot trek might serve the purpose.

Popular for its exotic wildlife and birds, Barusot can be reached via Raisen road. One can also find a decent rest house and cafeteria here to relax after sweating on the trek.

Location of the Hike: This place is an untouched pleasant visitor spot, situated about 50 km from Bhopal on Raisen Road.

Best Season to Go for Hike: The months between April and August remain the best time to visit this place.

Difficulty Level: This is a moderate level trek which will be finished in around 2 hours. 

Here is the list of places you can explore when you are near Bhopal which should be in your must visit list. 


Hike to Ralamandal Wildlife, Indore

Forming a perfect scenario for photo fanatics, this wildlife sanctuary will take you into the lap of nature. If you are planning a morning trek, this is an ideal place for the adventure.

The enthralling view from the top will further make your efforts worthwhile at the end.

With its rich wildlife and natural surroundings, it clearly stands out from the other scenic spots in Bhopal and makes for a great trekking spot.

Location of the Hike: This wildlife sanctuary is situated in Mirzapur, Madhya Pradesh.

Best Season to Go for Hike: October to February is an ideal time to go for this hike.

Difficulty Level: This is a moderate level trek which passes through easily, as well as, tough trails.

Add some thrill to your trip by checking some of the famous Madhya Pradesh wildlife sanctuaries to witness the wildness in the woods.
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