Kedareshwar Mandir, Ratlam - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)

About Kedareshwar Mandir

It is a beautiful Lord Shiva Temple, carved out of a single ingenious rock. The adjoining caves are man-made and make up for an adventurous spot in the list of Ratlam tourist places. The temple is surrounded by scenic hills, making the air in the valley relaxing and spiritual. 

Best visited between the months of July and September to witness the lush greenery in the valley, the place offers exciting fun as streams and waterfalls flow by the temple and drench the mysterious caves. Visit the Kedareshwar Mandir in the morning or in a monsoon to experience proximity to nature. 

On your trip to Kedareshwar Mandir, explore the nearby Sailana Palace which holds a mirror reflecting the rich heritage of the bygone era.

Entry fees: Entry Free

Distance from Ratlam Railway Station: 23.7 km

Location: The temple is located in the Sailana Village, 20 km from Ratlam, and is surrounded by hills and greenery in monsoon.

Boasting of unparalleled beauty and artistic architecture, these famous temples in Madhya Pradesh are a must-visit for all tourists.

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