Mahalakshmi Temple, Ratlam - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)

About Mahalakshmi Temple

Small and intrinsic, the Mahalakshmi Temple in Ratlam is a popular place of religious importance for the followers of Hindu religion.  This temple is prolifically decorated with cash, gold and silver ornaments during the major Hindu festival of Diwali. People hand over their valuables in true faith and get them back once the festival is over, which adds to the uniqueness of this place. 

Visit this interesting structure and feel the spiritual air as sounds of bells and aarti soothe your mind and soul. The temple is surrounded by bustling markets, which enable you to explore Ratlam and collect the artefacts and souvenirs reflecting the rich heritage of the city.

Timings: 6 am –11:30 pm

Entry fees: Free entry

Distance from Ratlam Railway Station: 2.7 km

Location: The temple is located near Manek Chowk Police Station in the heart of Ratlam city.

Whether you are looking for the adventure of living in the realm of nature or you are wishing to bask in the opulence of royal treatment, Madhya Pradesh will charm you in every way possible.

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