Dada Dhuni Wale Darbar, Khandwa - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)

About Dada Dhuni Wale Darbar

Dada Dhuni Wale Darbar is one of the most famous religious Khandwa tourist places and houses the samadhi of Sree Dadaji. Drawing in a number of devotees who come here to pay their respects, Dada Dhuni Wale Darbar is famous for this local deity who healed people’s sorrows in a divine way.

Considered as a great spiritual guru, Shree Shivanand Dadaji had hundreds of disciples and wandered from place to place meditating in front of the holy fire called Dhuni. His teachings were based on the principles of basic Adyatma and propounded that the ultimate purpose of human life is to reach the Parmatma.

One of the most magnificent sights to behold at Dada Dhuni Wale Darbar is during the festival of Guru Purnima when a number of devotees flock to the temple for witnessing a grand celebration.

Timings: Open 24 hours.

Distance from Khandwa Bus Stand: 2 Km.

Location: Shri Dadaji Darbar, Shri Dhuni Wala Ashram Public Trust, Khandwa.

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