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About Pachmarhi Catholic Church

 A peaceful oasis that can be visited on a Sunday morning for prayer and mass. Since there are not many Catholic families residing around or in Pachmarhi, this church only opens on Sunday. The old world aesthetics, tainted windows, neo-gothic altar and a distant ceiling define the charm of the church.

It was built more than 150 years ago in the 19th century and the facade of the building may look a bit dilapidated but the insides are as aesthetically sound as they may have been hundreds of years ago.  

Timing: Open only for few hours during the day on every Sunday.

Entry Fee: Free of cost.

Location: Hoshangabad District, Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh 461001, India

Suggested time required: An hour.

Distance from Pachmarhi Bus Stand: Around 1 KM.

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