10 Best Hiking Trails Near Bhopal

Due to an increasing number of people in and around the city looking for tourist destinations to visit, a lot of places which offer the adventure of hiking near Bhopal have gained popularity in the recent times. These hiking trails, ranging from easy to extremely difficult, cater to the travelers having varying needs to quench their wanderlust.

Due to the growing pace of the city, more and more people want to break free from their everyday life and set off to unwind themselves in the outskirts of the city. With hills, dams and water bodies dotting the city and its surroundings, the hiking options in the outskirts of the city promise an adventurous day out.

Also known for its many lakes, Bhopal is a city with rich natural diversity, offering attractive outing spots within the city itself. However, a thorough rejuvenation requires traveling to a far-off place from the city and experience living the beauty of nature in its purest form.

The hiking trails near Bhopal promise an ideal getaway from the bustling city, allowing you to discover yourself as you find solace in the lap of nature. The places, offering a tranquil outing experience, also offer the visitors a pinch of adventure, attracting the thrill enthusiasts in the city.

Take a break from your hectic schedule, bid adieu to the chaotic city life and visit these places in the vicinity with your friends and family to revive your positive energies, so your mind, body, and soul feel fresh like never before.

Check this list of best hiking trails near Bhopal:

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The government of Madhya Pradesh has taken various steps to ensure the safety of travellers and tourists in Bhopal. Thrillophilia recommends you follow all guidelines and safety measures issued by the government and practice personal hygiene to keep yourself safe.

Inter-State, Intra- State, Inter-District and Intra-District Entry Allowed in Bhopal without Restrictions Updated: 04 Sep 2020

Travellers from other states and districts can now enter Bhopal without any restrictions or e-pass requirement. Read more.

Inter-state Movement of Buses Allowed in Bhopal Updated: 04 Sep 2020

Under the guidelines of Unlock 3.0 from the state government, inter-state buses are now allowed to enter Bhopal.Read more.

Hotels and Restaurants Can Be Open Till 10 p.m. Jehan Numa Palace and Other Luxury Hotels Offer Take-aways Updated: 04 Sep 2020

According to the latest developments in the state government’s guidelines for Bhopal, restaurants and hotels and stay open till 10 p.m in the night. Luxury hotels like Jehan Numa Palace are open for dining as well as offering take-aways.Read more.

State-run and Private Hotels and Resorts Have Been Allowed to Function in Bhopal Updated: 04 Sep 2020

Many of the resorts and hotels in the tourist areas of Bhopal are now open for stay. This decision was taken to bring back normalcy to domestic tourism sector.Read more.

National Parks, Pilgrimage Sites and Heritage Destinations in Bhopal Open for Domestic Tourism Updated: 04 Sep 2020

The state government has allowed Van Vihar National Park along with other pilgrimage and heritage sites in Bhopal to be accessible to domestic tourists.Read more.

Complete lockdown on Sundays in Bhopal Updated: 04 Sep 2020

As per the guidelines of the state government, Bhopal will be following complete lockdown on Sundays of every week.Read more.

Night Curfew Timing Eased by Two Hours in Bhopal Updated: 04 Sep 2020

The timings for the COVD-19 related night curfew has been eased in Bhopal. Now, the night curfew shall be active from 10 p.m. in the night to 5 a.m. in the morning.Read more.



Kathotiya village, located to the south of Bhopal, offers a range of exciting adventurous activities to visitors in the form of rock climbing, rappelling, trekking and camping, river crossing and much more.

On your hike in Kathotiya, walk across mystifying caves decorated with ancient paintings and encounter the wildlife in its natural habitat. With various nature, heritage and adventure walk trails in the village, Kathotiya serves as an ideal spot for hiking near Bhopal for adventure junkies and nature lovers.

Length of the Hike: The hike is about 7-km long and it takes 4-6 hours to explore the place nicely.

Distance from Bhopal: 19 Km.

Best Season to Go for Hike: The hike is open throughout the year but the best time to visit is immediately after monsoon in the months of September and October, to witness the lush greenery and gushing waterfalls.

Kerwa Dam

Offering an exciting outing expedition not too far from Bhopal is the popular Kerwa Dam. With activities like twin zip line flying fox, the place offers an unparalleled adventure experience ideal for a rejuvenating outing near the populous city on a weekend.

The mountainous surroundings, rich flora and fauna and activities including adventurous water sports, Kerwa Dam is a surprising place near the bustling city, offering a memorable experience with your friends, family, and partner. You can also visit the place alone to experience solace around the pristine dam waters and exotic wildlife.

Length of the Hike: The place offers various activities for an ideal one- and two-day excursions.

Distance from Bhopal: 15 Km.

Best Season to Go for Hike: October-April.



Shahganj Village is accessible via Hoshangabad Road from Bhopal, and the views en route are pretty enchanting. With thick forests and changing landscapes on the way, this picnic spot promises a lot of excitement if explored properly.

Take a village walk to as this hiking from Bhopal offers you the exclusive opportunity to experience the village-like charm. The place turns green during monsoon, and you can trek the mountains as the gushing streams and waterfalls fill the air with freshness. The tiger reserve in Shahganj is the ideal place to visit for wildlife enthusiasts in Bhopal.

Length of the Hike: Spend one full day exploring the forests and village.

Distance from Bhopal: 70 Km.

Best Season to Go for Hike: Shahganj Village is accessible throughout the year. However, it is best to visit the place in September-November to witness the majestic waterfalls and greenery.

Halali Dam

Being a water sports destination, Halali Dam is a must-visit place for water adventure enthusiasts. It is constructed across Halali River, which is a tributary to Betwa River. You can take a boat ride in the calm waters of the lakeside reservoir during the evening for a peaceful experience.

A walk near the colossal structure of the dam located in Raisen district will be one of the most enthralling hikes near Bhopal, especially for marine life enthusiasts as the reservoir is home to catla, mrigal, mystus, chitala and other forms of aquatic life.

Length of the Hike: A one-day expedition at Halali Dam is ideal, along with boat rides.

Distance from Bhopal: 41 Km.

Best Season to Go for Hike: October-March.

Ginnorgarh Fort

The trekking experience to Ginnorgarh Fort from Delawadi promises one of the exciting experiences of hiking near Bhopal. Once a fortress of the Gonds, the structure now stands tall on an isolated hill to speak volumes of the culture and tales of its erstwhile rulers.

The hike at Ginnorgarh Fort will take you back in the history lanes as the ancient structure makes its dominance felt. On your hike to the fort, visit the five-floor pond in the complex and enjoy bird watching around the natural beauty. The place also offers camping expedition to visitors, making their picnic to the fort memorable.

Length of the Hike: The hike is about 3-km long.

Distance from Bhopal: 65 Km.

Best Season to Go for Hike: August-April.

Ratapani Jungle Lodge

Situated near the Kolar Dam, the Ratapani Jungle Resort offers an exciting outing amidst a quiet yet mystifying jungle housing exotic animals like Tiger, Leopard, Sloth bears, Hyenas, and Wildcats to name a few.

Nestled in the beautiful Vindhyachal Ranges, the lodge offers a range of recreational activities in its premises for a laidback getaway. With panoramic views of the reservoir, feel tranquillity away from the city hubbub.

While the drive to the lodge itself is no less than a safari, the resort also arranges a jungle trail under supervision for you to explore the nuances of nature in the Ratapani Forest.

Distance from Bhopal: 30 Km.

Best Season to Go for Hike: August-April.


The Delawadi Jungle Camp in Delawadi, managed by MPTDC, offers exciting activities like trekking, camping and wildlife sighting in the jungle. The forest, located within the Ratapani Wildlife sanctuary, is a popular hiking destination for people living in and around Bhopal as it is one of the exciting trails for hiking near Bhopal.

It is an ideal location also for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts as the thick forest is excellent for bird watching. From Delawadi, you can also trek for 3 km to reach the Ginnorgarh Fort.

Distance from Bhopal: 70 Km.

Best Season to Go for Hike: October-March.

Hanuman Tekri

The Hanuman Tekri near Bhopal offers a bird’s eye view of the entire city, bringing with it a sense of freedom and solace for you to experience not too far from the busyness of the city.

While the views from the top succeed to enchant you, the air filled with the spirituality of the temple will send positivity your way. Apart from hiking, one can also take the ropeway facility available here to move up-down on the hill.

This is one of the most inexpensive options of one-day hiking near Bhopal, which will promise great fun and mesmerising views of the sunset if visited with like-minded and enthusiastic people.

Length of the Hike: It is one of the popular and exhausting trekking routes which involves steps and plains, and can be covered in an hour.

Distance from Bhopal: 11 Km.

Best Season to Go for Hike: August-April.

Raisen Fort

Perched atop a hill near a vast reservoir, the 800-year-old Raisen Fort promises an exciting walk in the history lane owing to its grandeur and firmness.

The fort houses four palaces which have beautiful paintings and medieval art. Ideal for a one-day hiking from Bhopal, Raisen Fort is also believed to fulfill the wishes of those who tie a piece of cloth on the sacred grill gate.

The fort also houses a Shiva Temples, which is visited by pilgrims on the occasion of Shivratri.

Distance from Bhopal: 43 Km.

Best Season to Go for Hike: August-April.


For travellers who wish to explore virgin places, Barusot provides the ideal setup near Bhopal. On your expedition to Barusot, you can indulge in exciting activities like trekking, camping, boating, bird-watching and wildlife safari, all these in a place which is not hounded by many tourists ruining its natural essence.

A hike in this unexplored place will take you on a journey of self-discovery not too far from the city life. This one-of-its-kind secluded place is an exciting option for hiking near Bhopal for those who are looking for a quiet and satisfying sojourn coupled with adventure during the weekend.

Length of the Hike: The hike is about 7-8 km long and it takes 3-5 hours to explore the place nicely.

Distance from Bhopal: 50 Km.

Best Season to Go for Hike: August-April.
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09 December 2019
Perfect river side camp.we enjoy a lot with our group there is various team building games . delicious food they served to us when we reah there the give us tea and some snaks then we enjoy bornfire nd some songs with the group then we take the food nd go to night walk where we do the star gazing then we come to our tents those who wanted to sleep they but we stay near bornfire nd discuss about life nd then we wake up early mrng nd go to see sunrise nd the we play many games nd take the breakfast after the group picture we move to our homes.
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It was an awesome experience ,event
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Dr Shamsher Singh Camping Experience near Bhopal
We were welcomed by a cheerful host (Abhishek Tiwari) in a picturesque garden camp setting after our hectic day schedule. From the point of entering into the Thrillophilia event till the dispersal photo shoot, we had an amazing time.The night started with Fun games and culminated with Tasty food, Bonfire and Dances. What made it more special was a birthday party of a member that was quite unplanned still well managed. After a relaxed sleep in our tents, we woke up to the chirp of birds in the serene Bhopal Countryside and geared up for trekking to the highest point of Bhopal i.e. "Manuabhan Ki Tekri". The experience ended with a splendid photoshoot and a bit emotional good-byes with our newly made adventure family. Hoping to do more such great trips with Thrillophilia. -Dr Shamsher Singh
Heritage & Wildlife Circuit Cycling Tour To Bhopal, Sanchi & Chidi Kho. Is great cycling tour.
12 December 2020
Nice place to visit weather is so good our group enjoyed so much water is so clean Very tasty food nice trip enjoyed very well.
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