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Renowned for its historic temples and palaces, Gwalior is a wonderful retreat for tourists to live an overwhelming experience. The city boasts of architectural galore that can be witnessed everywhere when you are in Gwalior. The historic city founded by King Surajesan has been hosting royalty since ages and is known for its regal structures that adorn the city.

One of the most impressive structures of the city is the Gwalior Fort which is often cited as the ‘pearl among the fortresses’ in India. The fort attracts a number of history lovers from all over India and its imposing architecture leaves a lasting impression on the minds. The remarkable fort has seen various events of history and has many temples, water tanks and palaces inside the complex making it a splendid place to visit for everyone.

When it comes to palaces, Gwalior is one of the best places to appreciate the cultural heritage of India. The Jai Vilas Palace is a breathtaking structure where one can look forward to seeing the art extravaganza of Gwalior. The place boasts of showcasing some interesting items like swords from the times when Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb lived and the library which has a collection of more than five thousand books. Currently serving both as a museum and residence of the royal Maratha Scindia family, Jai Vilas Palace is a fascinating place for culture vultures in Gwalior.

Another palace to enthrall you with its historical ruins in Gwalior is the famous Man Mandir Palace. Associated with many interesting stories, Man Mandir Palace is a must-visit to see the famous place where Aurangzeb imprisoned his brother Murad. It also features Jauhar Kund where Rajput women committed mass suicide to avoid rapes by the forces of Iltutmish. Some of the famous monuments which can be visited here are Jahangir Mahal, Shah Jahan Mahal and the Gujari Mahal.

For the lovers of archaeology, Gujari Mahal is a prominent attraction in Gwalior. Built by Man Singh, this place is a must visit to see various sculptures, statues and other remains that are as old as the 1st and 2nd century BC. If you want to enthrall yourself with the excellence of Indian architecture, Padavali is an impressive fort that can be visited about 40 kilometers from Bangalore. Comprising a number of ancient temples that boast of erotic carvings, the archaeological site belonging to the 8th-10th century AD is famous as Mini Khajuraho.

For those who cannot complete a vacation without filling their bags with multiple souvenirs of the city they visited, Gwalior is a wonderful place to be. If you want to indulge in some high-end luxury, Dindayal City Mall is a place where you can find multiple outlets that sell international brands. The place is a popular hangout spot among the people of all generations and one can find the plethora of showrooms, restaurants, bazaars, etc.

Gwalior also offers multiple items for shopping if you are interested in buying from the local markets. Some of the popular items to shop for when you are in Gwalior are traditional handicrafts, artifacts, handlooms and other attractive items. The handloom industry of Gwalior is famous for Maheshwari and Chanderi silk sarees. The best place to look for these attractive sarees is the popular Kothari shop in Sarafa Bazaar. Other famous markets in Gwalior to buy clothes are Naya Bazaar, Dahi Mandi, and Gandhi Bazaar. Gwalior is also known for its wonderful designer jewelry that showcases the vibrant culture of the place. Topi Bazaar is also a great place if you want to shop for sneakers, designer handbags and small purses and leather sandals.

For shopping handicrafts, Jiyaji Chowk Bazaar is a great place to go and spend your money. Another famous market to buy handloom products, carvings, artifacts etc. is Patankar Bazaar. Mrignayani Emporium is also a famous place in Gwalior to buy handicrafts and clothes. For buying Gwalior style silver boxes to add to your collection of souvenirs, Arihant Emporium is a famous shop that is a must visit for all the shopaholics.

One of the popular attractions of Gwalior is the Gwalior Trade Fair. The famous fair draws in a number of tourists and offers many fun memories that you will cherish forever. Usually held in the month of January or February, Gwalior Trade Fair boasts of many interesting activities like hasya kavi sammelan, qawwali, cultural performances, Mushairas, music nights, etc. 

Gastronomes in Gwalior can spice up their taste buds with a number of delicacies like kachoris, Samosas, Poha and bedai, kebabs, bhutte ki kees, Dal Bafla, Jalebi, Imarti, Rogan josh, mawa-bati and Malpua and traditional sweets such as the Morena Gajak. Gwalior also has various places to enjoy some tantalizing nightlife with some notable bars and pubs. A few of the popular ones are DnD Discotheque and Bar, Spectrum Discotheque and Pub and Barcode Discotheque and Bar.

Gwalior is also an amazing destination for those who have an inclination towards spirituality. The Sun Temple is one of the most beautiful shrines in Gwalior where one can admire the striking architecture and spend some peaceful moments in the serene ambiance of the temple. Teli Ka Mandir is another popular temple that dates back to the 9th century and known to be the highest building in Gwalior. Attracting a number of devotees, Saas Bahu Temple is an impressive temple that is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

Among offbeat places, Roop Singh Stadium in Gwalior is a delight for sports lovers which is known for being the stadium where Sachin Tendulkar hit the first double hundred in the history of ODIs. And, if you are looking to indulge in a serene escape from all the hustle and bustle, boating at Tigra Dam is a wonderful getaway from Gwalior. Gwalior Zoo is a place where you should go to see many rare species and add an adventure with some enthralling wildlife in your holiday experience in Gwalior. It is a must visit if you are planning a vacation with kids and family.

One of the popular places to not miss while sightseeing in Gwalior is Sarod Ghar that is the ancestral house of the legendary Ustad Hafiz Ali Khan. Another interesting attraction of the city is Shyam Vatika that boasts of having the world’s largest indoor mural. For those looking to treat themselves with some luxury, Usha Kiran Palace Hotel deserves a visit to feel like a royal and bask in the regal ambiance.

Full of interesting attractions and heritage places, Gwalior will captivate you every single minute on your vacation. Especially those who are history fanatics, Gwalior will not fail to leave them mesmerized.

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COVID-19 : GWALIOR is in Orange Zone
Last Updated: 08 Apr 2021
Latest Information on Travelling to GWALIOR?

Entry is open from all domestic states for all kinds of travel.

  • Wearing of masks is compulsory when out in public.
  • Thermal screening to be done for all passengers arriving in Gwalior.
  • Symptomatic passengers must give undertaking for 14 days of mandatory home quarantine.
  • Markets, malls and parks in Gwalior are open with strict social distancing norms
  • Gathering of 100 people allowed in weddings, social gatherings, sports, entertainment and academic events.
  • No restrictions on the number of passengers in a vehicle, but passengers must be wearing masks.
  • All COVID-19 related SOPs from the Ministry of Tourism are being followed in restaurants and tourist attractions.
  • Passengers are required to download the Arogya Setu app on their phone before travelling to Gwalior
  • Thermal screening and health profiling shall be done for all passengers arriving at airports, railway stations and bus stands.
  • Symptomatic passengers shall have to undergo COVID-19 testing or as instructed by the Health Authorities present.
  • Symptomatic passengers, awaiting test results shall have undergo institutional quarantine.
  • In case of a positive report, travellers shall be booked at a COVID Care Centre till they recover. Re-testing shall be done after the given period, provided which the passenger shall either undergo home quarantine or continue their stay at the centre, as instructed by the competent authorities.
  • If the COVID-19 test results for symptomatic passengers is negative, no institutional or home quarantine is required.
  • No quarantine is required for business or business travellers.

Gwalior airport is functional and receiving flights from Hyderabad, Kolkata, Delhi and Bangalore.

Local Transport

Local transport is functional including local buses and taxis.

The Madhya Pradesh government has taken all appropriate safety measures to keep tourists visiting Gwalior safe. Thrillophilia recommends you adhere to issued guidelines and practice good personal hygiene to stay safe.

Upto 100 attendees allowed in gathering from September 21 Updated: 17 Sep 2020

Under Unlock 4.0, the limit of poeple in any social, academic, sports, entertainment, cultural, religious, and political gathering has been increased to 100.

Lockdown lifted from Gwalior, except for containment zones Updated: 17 Sep 2020

Under unlock 4.0, the lockdown has been entirely lifted from Gwalior and all other states of MP except for in containment zones.

Monuments in MP reopened with strict safety measures Updated: 17 Sep 2020

All monuments in Madhya Pradesh have been reopened with strict safety measures in place to keep all visitors safe. Read more.

No e-pass required to enter or exit Gwalior Updated: 17 Sep 2020

Under the newly introduced Unlock 4.0 there is going to be no restrictions to enter the city of Gwalior.Read more.

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How to Reach

  • Gwalior is connected by rail route, aerial route, and road route. Direct flights and trains from Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Agra, and Indore etc are available. Bus from nearby places like Agra, Indore, Bhopal etc can also be availed.
  • How to reach Gwalior by Air:
  • The Gwalior airport Rajmata Vijaya Raje Scindia Air Terminal is located around 8 kilometers northwest of Gwalior city. It is one of the four airports in Madhya Pradesh which have major airlines connecting it with the other parts of the country. The nearest airport to Gwalior is Agra airport which is situated at a distance of 107 kilometers. The other few closest airports after Agra are Jaipur, Delhi and then Varanasi.
  • How to reach Gwalior by Rail:
  • Gwalior Railway station welcomes direct and connecting trains from Jhansi, Delhi, Agra, Indore, Mumbai, Patna etc. Outside the station, there are local transports like auto-rickshaws and taxis to traverse across the city.
  • How to reach Gwalior By Road (Bus):
  • 1) From Jaipur: The distance between Gwalior and Jaipur is of about 343 kilometers and it can be easily via road transport.
  • Mention Timings: Evening and overnight buses start from 7 PM onwards.
  • Traveling Time: 7 hours to 9 hours.
  • Fare: INR 300 to 700 for seater buses.
  • Starting Points: Gopalwadi, Narayan circle, Transport Nagar, and Kalpana Chembur.
  • 2) From Delhi: Gwalior is situated around 363 kilometers from Delhi. All types are buses are available, from AC, Non-AC, Deluxe, Standard Public buses to Chair-car Volvo buses.
  • Mention Timings: Morning buses start at 5 AM and Evening buses from 5 PM onwards.
  • Traveling Time: 6 to 7 hours.
  • Fare: Between INR 300 to 700 for seater buses
  • Starting Points: Kashmiri Gate Metro station, Akshardham, Mahamaya, Indraprastha Metro station, Tis Hazari metro station, and DTC bus stand opp Akshardham metro station.
  • 3) From Jhansi: Buses plying between Jhansi and Gwalior are innumerable and you can literally find one after every half hour. The distance of approximately 102 kilometers can easily be covered in a couple of hours.
  • Mention Timings: Evening buses start from 6:30 PM onwards.
  • Traveling Time: 3 hours approximately.
  • Fare: INR 150 to 500, depending on the type of bus you chose.
  • Starting Points: Elite chauraha rajeshwari complex, Elite Square.
  • 4) From Mumbai: Being one of the major metro cities of India, Mumbai has a fairly decent connectivity to all the cities across the country. But finding a bus for such a long distance is difficult, therefore most people board a bus from Mumbai to Indore and then change another bus from Indore to Gwalior.
  • Distance: 1087 kilometers.
  • Traveling Time: 20 hours.
  • Routes: The best route is via Indore.

Best Time To Visit

  • Plan to travel Gwalior between the winter months of November to January. Not only the weather is soft and pleasant but the popular four-day Tansen Music Festival is also scheduled in the months of November and December at the Tomb of Tansen. If you are an admirer of Indian Classical music, you should definitely head to Gwalior during these months.
  • Gwalior in Winter (October to March):
  • Besides the renowned Tansen Music Festival, winter is the time when the radiant light of sun crisscrosses the foggy roads of Gwalior and this is the best time for you to visit. The temperature can even go below sub-zero whereas the highest you can expect is between 20 to 25-degree Celsius, mainly in the months of October, February end, and until mid-March. The monuments are covered in pink hues, Gwalior and winter can bestow you with incredible sights.
  • Gwalior in Monsoon (July to September):
  • Monsoon is quite a relief from the scorching summer heat but when it doesn’t rain, it is humid. It is a mix-bag of pleasant and unpleasant weather but if you are willing to take a chance of visiting Gwalior, you must know that the temperature ranges from 25 to 34-degree Celsius during the day. Nights are much cooler and a walk on the bylanes of Gwalior can set your mood right.
  • Gwalior in summer ( April to June):
  • It is one season that feels intolerable because the temperature shoots up to 48 degree Celsius in Gwalior. The heat makes the sightseeing tour difficult, however, if you somehow travel to Gwalior during summer, you can still roam around. Just protect yourself from the sun with the help of hats, goggles, and umbrellas.