16 Best Adventure Sports and Activities in Madhya Pradesh

One of the best ways to quench your wanderlust in India is to indulge in adventure sports in Madhya Pradesh. Widely popular among local and international tourists for being a land with rich cultural and natural heritage, the state of Madhya Pradesh is a tourist magnet, located in the heart of India.

Even if you keep its ancient temples, historic monuments and delectable street food aside, Madhya Pradesh still has a lot on offer in the form of perfect terrains to entice adventure enthusiasts and satisfy their hunger for the thrill. From lush green trails for cycling and forested valleys for trekking to gushing rivers for rafting and vast lakes for cruising, Madhya Pradesh proves to be an adventurer’s paradise.

One can experience and explore adventure activities in Madhya Pradesh endlessly. You can trek and hike through dense forests to reach magnificent waterfalls. You can indulge in river rafting on the volatile waters of Betwa and Narmada.

You can challenge yourself to climb rocks in Pachmarhi. You can camp on river banks and in the middle of dense forests. Madhya Pradesh is your ultimate stop to taste the real thrill of adventure because whatever your idea of getting adventurous may be, it has amazing options for you to satisfy your yearning for action.

Here is a list of some of the most exciting adventure activities in Madhya Pradesh:


Go for Wildlife Safari

Go for Wildlife Safari

Blessed with various forest areas housing a large diversity of flora and fauna, Madhya Pradesh is a heaven for nature and wildlife lovers. The state claims a total of 6 tiger reserves and 25 wildlife sanctuaries in Madhya Pradesh which are absolute treats for those seeking the ultimate adventure of wildlife safari. 

Experience the thrill of watching tigers and other exotic animal species in their natural habitats by taking a wildlife safari tour at Bandhavgarh National Park, where India’s first white tiger was spotted. Kanha National Park and Pench National Park are equally great choices in Madhya Pradesh to sight wide varieties of flora and fauna.

Best National Parks for wildlife safari in Madhya Pradesh:

1) Bandhavgarh National Park is located in Umaria district and the safari charges here are INR 5500 per vehicle.

2) Kanha National Park is located in Mandla district and the safari charges here are INR 6500 per vehicle.

3) Pench National Park is located in Seoni and Chhindwara districts and the safari charges here are INR 1,500 per vehicle.

4) Panna National Park is located in Chhatarpur district and the safari charges here are INR 1000 per vehicle.

5) Satpura National Park is located in Hoshangabad District and the safari charges here are INR 3050 per vehicle.

6) Sanjay National Park is located in Sidhi District and the safari charges here are INR 4500 per vehicle.

7) Madhav National Park is located in Shivpuri and the entry fee here is INR 15 per person.

8) Van Vihar National Park is located in Bhopal and the entry fee here is INR 15 per person.

9) Fossil National Park is located in Dindori District and the entry here is free.


River Rafting in Betwa River, Orchha

River Rafting in Betwa River, Orchha

River rafting is another adventure activity that adds grace to the image of Madhya Pradesh as an ideal location for adventure enthusiasts. If you love the feeling of getting thrilled, Betwa River flowing through Orchha is the spot where you can indulge in the thrilling activity of river rafting.

The activity of rafting on the waters of Betwa River will not only give you a perfect dose of an adrenaline rush, but the scenic environs of the river will also keep you hooked while you raft through its turbulent currents, having some exhilarating moments. Among all the thrilling activities the vibrant state of Madhya Pradesh offers to adventure enthusiasts looking for adrenaline-charged action, river rafting in Betwa River is an unmissable one.

Betwa River, which is one of the tributaries of the Yamuna River, features Grade I and Grade II rapids, appropriate for river rafting. The scenic environs of the river will keep you hooked while you raft through its turbulent currents, having some exhilarating moments.

Location: Betwa River, Orchha

Rafting length: 3 km

Grade: Grade I and Grade II Rapids

Price: INR 800-2000 per person



One of the best gifts Madhya Pradesh has in store for thrill-seekers is the wide range of exhilarating trekking trails. From dense forests to steep rocky terrains and forested valleys – Madhya Pradesh boasts of some scenic trails that are equally thrilling as well. From easy nature walks to challenging hikes, you will find options that complement your desires.

As you embark on the journey to explore the 
unexplored, these trails will take you through dense jungles, gushing rivers and majestic waterfalls. One of the most popular treks you can find in the state is the trek to Pachmarhi Hill that lets you experience the thrill of trekking through the untamed wilderness of nature.

There is a number of places where you can go trekking in Madhya Pradesh:
Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary Trek
2. Pachmarhi Hill Trek

Tincha Fall Trek
Bamniya & Mehendi Kund Trek
Patalpani Waterfall Trek
6. Chidiya Bhadak Waterfall Trek

Rock Climbing in Pachmarhi

Rock Climbing in Pachmarhi

If you are looking for some offbeat adventure in Madhya Pradesh that makes you push your limits, there can be no better option than rock climbing in Pachmarhi. Pachmarhi is one of the priceless hidden gems in the state of Madhya Pradesh that has a lot of unusual experiences to offer, only to those who are on a quest to explore the unexplored.

Rock climbing in Pachmarhi offers you an unnerving adventure of climbing up the rocky terrains of Satpura Range, creating an experience you probably have not had before. After you are done testing your endurance, breathtaking views from the top add a satisfying conclusion to the experience.

While in Pachmarhi, you can also visit amazing waterfalls of Pachmarhi that will make you love with nature more than ever.




Say ‘no’ to boredom and set out with your group to experience the outdoor adventure of camping in Madhya Pradesh. Camping is among the most enthralling activities in the state that allows you to embrace the serenity of nature in its purest form.

The land of Madhya Pradesh is blessed with valleys and hills carpeted in a velvety cover of greenery, offering a number of opportunities for adventure enthusiasts to enjoy the fun of jungle camping.

Besides, you can also indulge in the adventure of riverside camping here. The scenic rivers like Betwa and Narmada offer their banks as the perfect spot to pitch your tent at and spend the most exciting time of your life in an untainted atmosphere under a sky full of stars.

There is a number of places where you can go camping in Madhya Pradesh:
1. Choral Dam

2. Kalakund Jungle

3. Pachmarhi

4. Hanuwantiya

5. Sailani Tapu


Speed Boating at Upper Lake, Bhopal

Speed Boating at Upper Lake, Bhopal

If you are in the mood to get adventurous in Bhopal, the Upper Lake is the best place where you can indulge in a number of water activities including speed boating. It is a man-made lake built in the 11th century by Raja Bhoj and has developed as one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bhopal.

The fun of speed boating on the calm waters of this serene lake while the setting sun makes the horizons appear dreamy is an experience one should not skip. This adventure activity combines the thrill of speed with the undiluted beauty of nature this place is blessed with to create an unforgettable experience.

Location: Upper Lake, Bhopal

Timing: 6 AM to 7 PM

Price: INR 240


Sail Through the Marble Rocks in Bhedaghat

Sail Through the Marble Rocks in Bhedaghat

The adventure of sailing on the waters of  Narmada River, through the huge marble rocks in Bhedaghat is a visual treat, and also a great means to get your adrenaline pumping. If you love nature, Bhedaghat is going to impress you with its unparalleled beauty, and if you love adventure, it is going to entice you with the thrilling adventure activities you can try here. 

Here, you can indulge in some of the best adventure sports in Madhya Pradesh including an exciting boat ride between the rocks. Owing to the beautiful sights created by giant rocks with the Narmada River flowing through them and Dhuandhar Falls, Bhedaghat is a popular choice among tourists.

Location: Bhedaghat

Timing: 6 AM to 7 PM

Boating charges: INR 300

If you are in Jabalpur, you must check here for more thrilling things to do in Jabalpur.


Parasailing and Paragliding in the Hills of Pachmarhi

Parasailing and Paragliding in the Hills of Pachmarhi

The only hill station in Madhya Pradesh, Pachmarhi has gorgeous hills, perfect for various adventure sports in Madhya Pradesh. The station is frequented by tourists in the quest for thrill all around the year. Parasailing and paragliding are among the most popular adventure sports in Pachmarhi. 

What makes the fun of parasailing and paragliding in Pachmarhi more exciting is the picturesque vistas of the green landscapes of this quaint hill station you get to witness while you are sailing in the air, hundreds of feet above the ground. The experience is thrilling and calming simultaneously.

Adventure in Pachmarhi: Check here the list of adventure activities in Pachmarhi. 


Cycling in a Thickly Forested Island Formed near the Betwa River, Orchha

Cycling in a Thickly Forested Island Formed near the Betwa River, Orchha

Madhya Pradesh is blessed with the best of nature. The state has varied landscapes apt for different types of adventure sports. If imagining about cycling on a thickly forested island between two rivers excites you, you need to experience the adventure of cycling on the island between the Betwa River and the Jamni River, featuring amazing trails in the middle of the raw jungle. 

The challenging trails of this region make cycling here one of the most thrilling adventure activities in Madhya Pradesh. The rich biodiversity you get to witness along the way is just a bonus.


Enjoy Water Sports at Barghi Dam, Jabalpur

Enjoy Water Sports at Barghi Dam, Jabalpur

Madhya Pradesh is dotted with places that can conveniently be called ‘adventure hubs’. Bargi Dam is one of the priceless gems Madhya Pradesh boasts of. It is a scenic place offering a plethora of water sports to indulge in. 

Built on Narmada River, Bargi Dam is a known recreation spot. If you are looking for a place in Madhya Pradesh to get adventurous, this is the place to be. At Bargi Dam, you can experience a range of activities like speed boating, paddle boating, water scooter, hot air balloon ride, etc. However, the major attraction here is the exciting cruising experience in double-decker boats.

Activities: Speed boating, paddle boating, water scooter, and cruising.

Location: 40 km from Jabalpur City

Timings: 10 AM to 6 PM

Price: INR 90 per head for cruising

To enjoy more water sports, check this amazing guide of water sports in Madhya Pradesh.

Kayaking in River Betwa and Narmada

Kayaking in River Betwa and Narmada

Kayaking is one of the most thrilling water sports you can experience in Madhya Pradesh. Confront the exhilarating thrill of Kayaking in the waters of the Betwa River and the Narmada river.

This adventure activity does not only give you a perfect dose of adventure, but also gives you a perfect opportunity to see a different aspect of the natural diversity of the state.

Whether you are exploring Madhya Pradesh with your family or friends, kayaking in either of these rivers deserves to be on the list of the things you plan to experience here.


Sailing at Bada Talab, Bhopal

Sailing at Bada Talab, Bhopal

Bada Talab, popularly referred to as ‘Upper Lake’ is the star attraction in the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal. Owing to the charm it wears and the numerous activities it offers, Bada Talab is frequented by tourists and locals alike. 

One of the best ways to explore this place is to sail on its calm waters and experience the tranquility it offers along with some breathtaking views if you indulge in the activity at the lake during sunset. It is a perfect adventure activity if you intend to calm your senses on your visit to Bhopal.

Location: Near CM House, Bhopal

Timings: 6 AM to 7 PM

Price: INR 100 per person

What to do other than Sailing: You can check here some of the best things to do in Bhopal.


Water Sports at Hanuwantiya

Water Sports at Hanuwantiya

One of the best places in Madhya Pradesh to visit with a hunger for thrill is Hanuwantiya Island, located at the bank of Indira Sagar Dam. Moreover, the scenic beauty of this island blanketed in lush greenery is breathtaking.

Owing to an impressive range of adventure sports available here, this place serves as a hotspot for tourists seeking an offbeat experience. You can indulge in fun water sports like banana boat ride, parasailing, jet skiing, cruising, and speed boating in the tranquil waters of Asia’s second largest reservoir, Indira Sagar Lake. Besides, you can also undertake a trekking expedition to Boriyamal Island.

Hanuwantiya Island has a lot of offerings to satisfy the adventurer in you.

Location: Hanuwantiya Island, Near Purni Village

Timings: 8 AM to 8 PM


Cable Car Ride Over the Marble Rocks, Bhedaghat

Cable Car Ride Over the Marble Rocks, Bhedaghat

Located a distance of 20 km from the city of Jabalpur, Bhedaghat is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Madhya Pradesh. Apart from the presence of Narmada River, the place is renowned for the marble rocks, almost 100 feet tall, sitting on either side of the river. 

The best way to gaze at the unmatched beauty of Bhedaghat from another perspective is to take a cable ride that takes you from the eastern bank of Narmada to its western bank. Cable car ride over the marble rocks of Bhedaghat is one of the most rewarding adventure activities in Madhya Pradesh. 

During the cable ride, you also get to witness the stunning views of Dhuandhar Falls, making the experience all the more enjoyable.

Location: Bhedaghat Town, 20 km from Jabalpur

Timings: 10 AM to 6:30 PM

Price: INR 60 per person


Go for Kalakund Forest Night Trek, Indore

Go for Kalakund Forest Night Trek, Indore

Madhya Pradesh has some trek-worthy valleys and hills, and claims a wide range of exciting trekking trails all over it. Kalakund trek near Indore is one of the most popular ones. Embrace the thrill of trekking through dense jungles at night and camping in the wild by indulging in Kalakund Forest night trek. 

It is one of the best adventure activities in Madhya Pradesh if you want to challenge yourself and try something offbeat. The trail passes through the lush green valleys and serene river, exhibiting the purest form of wilderness. After reaching Kalakund, the trek also takes you to Kushalgarh Fort, giving you an experience to remember.

Location: Gunjara Village, 40 km from Indore


Flying Fox over Kerwa Lake, Bhopal

Flying Fox over Kerwa Lake, Bhopal

Kerwa Dam has a wide array of adventure activities on offer which makes it a perfect weekend destination for adventure enthusiasts. Out of all the exciting activities, you can indulge in here, zip lining at Flying Fox tops the list, as the level of thrill this activity offers is unrivaled. 

This 520-meter long twin zip line in Bhopal is claimed to be the longest twin zip line in India. Experience the ultimate thrill of whizzing over the Kerwa Dam Lake, suspended in the air, while breathtaking views of Bhopal city steal your attention.

Location: Mendora, Kerwa Dam, 15 km from Bhopal

Timings: 8:30 AM to 6 PM

Price: INR 2,000 per person

Other Activities: Boat ride, rappelling and trekking.

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