20 Places to Visit in Pachmarhi, Tourist Places & Attractions
There is surely a plethora of places to visit in Pachmarhi and the long-awaited list of the off-the-beaten trails in Pachmarhi is what you are leafing through right now. Pachmarhi is gorgeously rich in its geography, history and epical events it has witnessed. Another name for Pachmarhi is “Queen of Satpura,” and this pretty hill station is situated in the heart of India at around 1100 meters above sea level. The hill station is embellished by dangling roots and soaring tree branches which make the best home for a range of flora and fauna in the region.

It holds a mythological significance in the Indian history where it is believed to be the abode of Pandavas during their exile. The Pandav Caves are stated as evidential proof of the belief. Pachmarhi tourist places comprise of numerous caves, waterfalls, hilltops, temples and wildlife reserves which can contribute a wonderful itinerary for exploring this quaint hill station of Madhya Pradesh.

Pachmarhi was always there on the Indian land but was discovered in the year 1857 by Captain James Forsyth. You will even find corroboration of the stone age in the form of paintings and cave drawings depicting the era.  The hilltop temples housing natural Shiva Lingam and other epical traces can make a wonderful experience. The wondrous ridges and rifts, clefts and scarps found in the hills of Satpura range are true marvels of nature.

If you are in the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh or planning to be and seeking for a list of Pachmarhi places to visit, then you must scroll down this assemblage. The climate is mostly temperate and mild that makes Pachmarhi a suitable getaway throughout the year.

Pachmarhi was the summer capital of British in Madhya Pradesh and is now an Army cantonment area. This small town encompasses pristine waterfalls, meandering rivers, densely covered National parks, ancient caves and historic monuments which can make a memorable escapade.
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Imagine volumes of water plummeting from a height in the lap of a scenic jungle. Bee Falls is one of the popular places to visit in Pachmarhi and the moment you trek down the hundreds of steps and arrive at the fall, you can't help but admire it in awe. You will find small vendors sending snacks and tea around the fall.

Not only that you can eat and admire the beauty but you can also take a leap into the natural freshwater pool for a dip.

Height: 35 meters.

Location: Bee Fall Road, Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh 461881, India

Entry fee: INR 15 per Indian adult.

Best Season to Visit: Throughout the year, go in the monsoon for enjoying a large volume and in summers for bathing in the pool.

Distance from the Pachmarhi Bus Stand: Around 3 KM.

When temperatures soar, jump in a pool and beat the heat, Water Parks in Bhopal offer you an escape from the heat in the most fun way.

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Spread over the Satpura Hills, this national park covers a large part of the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh. Satpura is a Sanskrit word for saying “seven-hills,” which was named after the series of hills in the highlands of central India.  As a part of the Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve, it covers an area of 524 sq. km.

On your safari ride in Satpura National Park, you will come across deep gorges, untrodden forests, wriggling rivulets accommodating a wide array of animals such as Water Buffaloes, Leopards, Elephants, Barasingha, Malabar Whistling Thrush, Honey Buzzard, Malabar Pied Hornbill, Paradise Fly-catcher, and the endemic  Rhesus monkeys.

Timing: 7 AM to 6:30 PM on all days of the week.

Entry Fee: Permit can be availed by paying INR 1250 and Gypsy can be availed at INR 2100.

Location: Satpura National Park, Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh, 461001, India.

Suggested time required: around 6 hours or half a day, if going on a safari.

Distance from Pachmarhi Bus Stand: Approximately 210 KM.

if you wish to take a closer look at the vivid wildlife, and adventure sites of the city, there can be no better way than staying at jungle resorts near Bhopal.

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The basin of Narmada is separated from Wardha and Wainganga rivers on the North by Mahadeo Hills. The hills follow a general trail of East to Northeast where the north slope is gentle but the southern is steep and drops abruptly.

The plateaus of the hills and the slopes were formed during the Carboniferous period, millions of years ago. Mahadeo peak is one of the three highest points in Pachmarhi where you can visit the holy shrine of Lord Shiva in the cave temple Gupt Mahadev. Apart from Gupt Mahadev, this temple houses another sanctum dedicated to Lord Shiva which is Bade Mahadev. Both of these temples are revered and largely worshipped. The pristine clear view of nature and the greenery will calm your senses.

Timing: 24 hours.

Entry Fee: Free of cost.

Location: Satpura Range, Pachmarhi, India

Suggested time required: 2 to 3 hours.

Distance from Pachmarhi Bus Stand: Around 10 KM.

An adventurer or a nature lover or just someone who is looking for an escape, treks near Bhopal serve everyone great.

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The 300 feet tall steep cliff makes the finest ravine in the country. Enveloped in dense forest and wriggling water streams, Handi Koh has mythological stories associated to it. It is believed that once it was a huge lake but the devilish snake who was guarding the lake was destroyed by the fury of Lord Shiva and the event dried up the lake into a small pot (Handi).

It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Pachmarhi for the enticing nature and a fun trek.

Timing: From 7 AM to 5 PM on all days of the week.

Entry Fee: Free of cost.

Location: Pachmarhi Cantt, Madhya Pradesh 461881

Suggested time required: 1 to 2 hours.

Distance from Pachmarhi Bus Stand: Around 4.5 KM.

Road trips are regarded as the best way to travel, Explore road trips routes to take near Bhopal.

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A group of five-rock cut temples adorned with naturally grown gardens and roughly carved columns and pilasters is among the most sought-after Pachmarhi places to visit. These attractive caves are shrouded with a number of stories belonging to various eras and were lastly hewn by Buddhist monks who used these caves for meditation as the eco effect helped them a lot.

The believed adventure of Pandavas where they lived in these caves during their exile is the most common of all stories and hence, they got famous as Pandav Caves.

Timing: 8 AM to 6 PM on all days of the week.

Entry Fee: Free of cost.

Location: Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh 461881, India

Suggested time required: 1 to 2 hours.

Distance from Pachmarhi Bus Stand: Around 2 KM.

If you feel like spending your days and nights in a laid-back style, Resorts in Bhopal have all the provisions to turn a boring day into an eventful one.

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It is the highest peak of the Satpura hill range and the view from the top can leave you awestruck. From the spiritual surroundings to the top view of the meandering streams, the peak offers views of the lesser Satpura ranges and Vindhya range.

The rough scarps along with ravines and clefts give this plateau a heavenly look and this peak is still lesser-known among the many Pachmarhi tourist places. The serene ecosystem and the Dhupgarh Fall are few of the main attraction here.

Timing: 24 hours.

Entry Fee: Free of cost.

Location: Satpura Mountain Range, Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Suggested time required: 2 to 3 hours.

Distance from Pachmarhi Bus Stand: Around 10 KM.

Whether you are a couple who believe in the sweetness of romance or a couple on a quest for adventure and thrill, Bhopal can arrange a perfect date for you two in the most impressive manner. 

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Things to do in Pachmarhi Explore All (7)

Forsyth Point was discovered by Captain Forsyth in the year 1857 which explains the name. Layers of hills rolling on each other and laden with clouds and mist is a sight to behold. Priyadarshini Point is one of the few Pachmarhi places to visit which boast of such an incredible scenery. 

A short trek of 400 meters from the parking area leads to the point. The straight views of the Handi Koh ravine are incredible and can keep you engrossed for a while.

Timing: 24 hours.

Entry Fee: free of cost.

Location: MPTDC, Near Pachmarhi Barriol, Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh, India

Suggested time required: 1 to 2 hours.

Distance from Pachmarhi Bus Stand: Approximately 7 KM.

To make your trip more interesting check out the serene places near Bhopal.

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Taking a plunge from around 350 ft high cliff, Rajat Prapat looks like a silver strip that falls straight into the forests. The fall is on the other side of the mountain and to see it from one end, you have to climb uphill for a few minutes.

Once you climb, you will witness the magnificent Satpura hill range in the backdrop and the fall is enveloped in Green. Rajat Prapat is one of the most rewarding places to visit in Pachmarhi.  

Height:107 meters.

Location: Hoshangabad district, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Entry fee: Free of cost.

Best Season to Visit: Any time of the day, post or during monsoon and winter season. October to May.  

Distance from the Pachmarhi Bus Stand: Around 3 KM to Apsara Vihar and then a 3 KM trek of going to the falls and coming back to Apsara Vihar.

Apart from so many places that are on the bucket list of many tourists, adventure activities near Bhopal add another aspect, well-capable of enhancing your visit to Madhya Pradesh.

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Nestled amid the verdant valley and the undulating forests, Chauragarh Temple sits right at the peak of Chauragarh. Another name for this temple is Chota Mahadeo which is a revered shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. 

Reaching there is not easy as one has to cover a trail of about 1250 steps to reach the top but as you reach there, you are sure to be rewarded with the best of the surrounding views. One of the religious places to visit in Pachmarhi to capture stunning landscapes in your camera.

Timing: 6 AM to 6 PM on all days of the week.

Entry Fee: Free of cost.

Location: Pachmarhi, Pachmarhi 461001, India

Suggested time required: Less than an hour.

Distance from Pachmarhi Bus Stand: Around 15 KM.

There are thousands of things that can be done in the heart of India, explore the best things to do in Bhopal.

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The cave houses stone structures resembling Sheshnag- a snake with hundred heads mentioned in the Hindu mythology and it is believed that Lord Shiva hid himself from Mahisasur who is another Mythological character inside the cave.

As you enter the cave you will witness a natural Shiva Lingam which is worshipped by devotees from around the country as it sits under the shadow of a huge rock. Jata Shankar Cave is one of those Pachmarhi tourist places which hold a unique experience for everyone.

Timing: 7 AM to 7 PM on all days of the week.

Entry Fee: Free of cost.

Location:Jatashankar Rd, Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh 461881

Suggested time required: An hour and a half.

Distance from Pachmarhi Bus Stand: Approximately 1.5 KM.

Besides the widely celebrated temples and monuments belonging to the bygone ages, there are countless caves in Madhya Pradesh to ignite your curiosity.

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It is a small waterfall with a very inviting pool that makes for an ideal picnic spot with friends and family. It is one of the popular places to visit in Pachmarhi that can keep you glued to the location for hours. The stalls selling snacks and tea can satiate your hunger after walking a downhill trail for 10 minutes to reach there.

The shallow pool collects the cold water of the fall, and you will find people diving and dipping into it. During the British rule, the English women were found bathing in the pool often who seemed like fairies to the locals and hence they called it Apsara Vihar.

Height: 9 meters.

Location: Hoshangabad District, Near Jaistambh, Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh 461881, India.

Activities: Hiking, Jungle walking.

Entry fee: Forest entry cover of INR 50 per adult.

Best Season to Visit: October to May.

Distance from the Pachmarhi Bus Stand: Approximately 2.6 KM which includes a 1.5 KM long climb.

Here are some waterfalls from Pachmarhi which will feed your travel bug and make you want to travel there.

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This 40 feet long cave is a revered shrine of Lord Shiva which is narrow and can only accommodate around eight devotees at once. The cave has an idol of Lord Ganesha and Shiva Lingam enshrined in the most natural form. Following a path as tough as the one that leads to Gupt Mahadev and Bade Mahadev caves is an adventure in itself worth remembering.

Timing: Sunrise to sunset.

Entry Fee: Free of cost.

Location: Madhya Pradesh 461881

Suggested time required: 30 minutes to an hour.

Distance from Pachmarhi Bus Stand: Around 12.5 KM.

If you want to discover yourself in the lap of nature, hiking trails near Bhopal promise an ideal getaway.

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 A peaceful oasis that can be visited on a Sunday morning for prayer and mass. Since there are not many Catholic families residing around or in Pachmarhi, this church only opens on Sunday. The old world aesthetics, tainted windows, neo-gothic altar and a distant ceiling define the charm of the church.

It was built more than 150 years ago in the 19th century and the facade of the building may look a bit dilapidated but the insides are as aesthetically sound as they may have been hundreds of years ago.  

Timing: Open only for few hours during the day on every Sunday.

Entry Fee: Free of cost.

Location: Hoshangabad District, Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh 461001, India

Suggested time required: An hour.

Distance from Pachmarhi Bus Stand: Around 1 KM.

Enthral in water sports in Bhopal that will not only refresh your body but relax your mind as well.

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The adventure in passing through a rift by adjusting your body direction which opens to a landscape into the woods is what you get at Reechgarh. This ridge between two rocks is broader at the bottom and sticks as you look at the top of these rocks. The rift is about 400 meters long and the path is treacherous, uneven and quite bottleneck in between.

The ridge opens to the other side of the mountain and it is a great feeling to have done it. It is one of the most recommended places to visit in Pachmarhi. Climbing a couple of rocks and uneven boulders will require good shoes. The most mesmerizing factor is the cool breeze that blows in the passage.

Timing: Sunrise to sunset is a safe time to go. Suggested to take a guide.

Entry Fee: Free of cost but guides have their union rates.

Location: Pachmarhi, India

Suggested time required:  Less than 2 hours.

Distance from Pachmarhi Bus Stand: Approximately 4.5 KM.

If you want to experience the thrill of adventure or want to explore the history, check out these places to visit in Bhopal

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If prehistoric rock paintings pique your interest then head to Chieftain’s Cave which is situated in the Satpura Forest Reserve. It is one of the Pachmarhi tourist places among the numerous rock caves in the region which is flocked with curious tourists.

As the cave is situated deep in the forest, it is advisable to hire a guide. You will find drawings of animals, hunting sceneries belonging to the stone age and warriors fighting on horses with shields and swords. Anthropology enthusiasts and history buffs can gather a lot of knowledge in this cave.

: Sunrise to sunset, better to go during the daytime.

Entry Fee: Free of cost.

Location: Pachmarhi, Pachmarhi 461001, India

Distance from Pachmarhi Bus Stand: Around 12 KM.

 From luxury camps to earthy lodges to comfy hotels, we curate the resort stays in Pachmarhi for your next safari holiday.

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Embark on a road trip to this mysterious palace which is trying tough to withstand the test of time. The ruins are indeed very fascinating but the place has a nomadic sense attached to its location. It is a secluded two-storey structure that can be spotted on the Pipariya road near Ambaji Temple. If you are looking to explore some isolated offbeat places, this ruin can be your ultimate dig in Pachmarhi.

Timing: 7 AM to 6 PM on all days of the week.  

Entry Fee: Free of cost.

Location: Madhya Pradesh State Highway 19A, Pipariya road, near Ambaji Temple.

Suggested time required: 15 to 20 minutes.

Distance from Pachmarhi Bus Stand: Approximately 3 KM.

From horse riding to waterfall trekking, check out these things to do in Pachmarhi.

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This well-maintained museum is the starting point where you pay a fee for local sightseeing excursions that includes Jeep, guides, and permits. While the inside of the lodge houses models, graphs, maps, and pictures of Pachmarhi rich flora, fauna, history and places of interest, the outside is adorned with a huge garden where you can sit and enjoy the serenity of this hill station.

Stuffed animals like Crocodiles, Lions, and Tigers, etc. are also on display at this museum. Built in the year 1862, Bison Lodge is one of the oldest buildings in Pachmarhi, and used to be the former residence of Captain Forsyth.

Timing: 8 AM to 12 PM and then 4 PM to 7 PM on all days of the week except Monday.

Entry Fee: INR 660 per person.

Location: Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh 461881, India

Suggested time required: 30 minutes to an hour.

Distance from Pachmarhi Bus Stand: Around 2.5 KM.

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This is a stunning small lake where you can go boating for a couple of hours. The bordering restaurants and eateries are the main highlights of this place where people can enjoy snacks with a view of the lake. For a breezy evening, Vanashree vihar can serve as an ultimate escape spot.

There are few activities like swings, quad riding, horse and camel rides etc near the lake where you can indulge yourself and spend some quality time.

Timing: Open 24 hours but advisable to visit between sunrise to sunset hours.

Entry Fee: Free of cost.

Location: Hoshangabad District, Pachmarhi

Suggested time required: An hour to two.

Distance from Pachmarhi Bus Stand: Around 2 KM.

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This crystal clear natural pool situated about a kilometer ahead of Reech Garh is one of the lesser-known getaways in Pachmarhi. Reaching here demands a bit of walking where you walk on a plain ground for around ten minutes followed with a 300 m long steep trek that ends at the mouth of this spring. It is a picturesque hilltop pool that can be best visited during or post monsoon.

Timing: 24 hours. Wednesday closed for a half day.

Entry Fee: free of cost.

Location: Madhya Pradesh 461881

Suggested time required: 3 to 6 hours.

Distance from Pachmarhi Bus Stand: Around 6.5 KM.

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Being one of the most beautiful falls in Pachmarhi, Duchess fall attracts hordes of tourists every year. A 10 minutes long arduous downhill trek can bestow you with a magnificent sight of a cascade and a soothing roar of the water plummeting from a height.

Do participate in gobbling a plate of Maggi by the falls, it will taste even more lip-smacking. It is one of those places out of the many Pachmarhi places to visit that you will definitely long to visit again.

Height: 4.2 meters.

Location:3 km from Bhrant Neer, Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh India.

Activities: Hiking, photography and jungle walk.

Entry fee: Free of cost

Best Season to Visit: October to June for experiencing a pleasant weather and great volumes of water.

Distance from the Pachmarhi Bus Stand: Around 40 KM.

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Apsara Mahajan Vanasthali Cottage
Vanasthali Cottages Amazing place at an affordable price they have small separate cottages views are amazing . Ideal for a group/family/couples. Food here is amazing and cheap around 200Rs perhead as compared to the local outlets of pachmari. facilities like bonfire music are available but they are chargeable. Complete package for 2peole including breakfast ,dinner, bonfire and accommodation will cost you around 2500. I really enjoyed staying here.
Excellent relaxing Hill station, also Pachmarhi has waterfalls like Bee Fall & Dutches Fall, Big Falls etc. Besides Nature for Shiva devotees there is Jata shankar & Mahadev Hills. Climate is also very good not so cold but not hot also a moderate climate. Stay was very good with specious rooms, a garden, specious bathrooms & very good service.
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