8 Best Hiking Trails Near Indore

Sleeping peacefully for the entire year, trails of hiking near Indore come alive during the monsoon season. The countryside blossoms with nature, with several waterfalls adding a mystical touch to the beauty of the place. If you are a nature lover and want to keep exploring, come and walk along the hiking trails near Indore.

The natural reservoirs make the places around the city the perfect weekend destination to hang out with friends and families.

When on foot, a person feels closer to nature and Indore has ample of places that will bring out the nature lover in you. The hiking trails near Indore are walked upon by numerous tourists, who are left mesmerized by the beauty of nature. The city is surrounded by lush forests for you to explore, along with beautiful valleys where nature is still in its raw form.

Indore not only offers delicacies but also some of the finest hiking destinations for those who love to be in the wild. A break or an adventure, whatever may be the reason for your visit, hiking near Indore is just the perfect option to take. It has the power to change any person to a nature lover and an adventurer.

Here is the list of best hiking trails near Indore:


Mohadi Falls

Mohadi Falls

Revoke your senses with the breathtaking beauty of the wilderness en route to the Mohadi Falls. Situated in Mohadi Village near the main city, the trek to this waterfall starts from the village itself and ends when you are left mesmerized by the beauty of the waterfall.

Hiking near Indore always keeps you engulfed in nature and this one-kilometre trek is the proof of that.

The trek offers fantastic nature spirited experience to refresh your mind. The best season to visit this place comes between the months of May to September, when the forests are revitalized by the monsoons.

Distance from Indore: 30 Km.

Apart from Mohadi Falls, these waterfalls near Indore are ideal for weekend outing.


Bhairav Kund

Bhairav Kund

The interesting thing about this place is that it does not receive hordes of tourists. The 6 km long hike takes you through thick vegetations and scenic trails that would build up for the prize at the end of the hike, the waterfall.

Once you are done admiring the beauty, take a dip in the cool pool to experience tranquillity and calmness. The hike is a bit rough and takes a bit of a toll on the body, however, the pool and the environment around it magically take all the pain away.

Distance from Indore: 55 Km.

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Mehndi Kund

Mehndi Kund

Hiking near Indore always amazes a traveller by presenting one natural marvel after another. The Mehndi Kund is one of the top spots that offer exciting hiking trails.

The 4 km long trek starts from Badgonda Village and goes through a patch of raw nature before ending to the cool ponds near the Mehndi Kund.

The waterfalls spellbind any hiker who pauses to capture the beauty of its magic. The green forest through which the trail passes only add on to the excitement before getting awestruck at the sight of the waterfalls.

If you are looking to head out soon, then it’s the perfect time to go. Months from April to September are the best time to visit this place.

Distance from Indore: 35 Km.

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Chidiya Bhadak

Chidiya Bhadak

Still, in its raw form, the Chidiya Bhadak waterfall is a lesser known gem. Hiking near Indore brings you closer to this place and helps you realise the breathtaking natural beauty surrounding it.

If you are looking for a gateway, then this place is perfect for you.

Away from the tourists, every step you take along the trail will bring you closer to serenity. The trek is only a kilometre long but makes it up with the scenes that you can cherish en route to the waterfall.

Best seen between the months of April to September, the waterfall is in its fullest form and the forests are revitalized after the monsoons.

Distance from Indore: 56 Km.

Trekking to Chidiya Bhadak waterfall is an adventure worth taking. Follow the link to know more.


Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary

Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary

A must visit for animal lovers and nature enthusiasts, the Ralamandal Sanctuary is rich in its flora and fauna and is one of the best picnic spots in Indore. Hiking through this place, you’ll always be looking around to catch a glimpse of the magnificent creatures that roam these jungles.

Untamed and surreal, the flora and fauna of the Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary are up for your eyes to grasp and preserve once you enter the thick forest.

The green vegetation of the place offers exciting trails for thrill seekers. Like a cherry on the cake, there are locations where you can see the vast stretch of green as far as you can see. The best time to visit the jungle is when the monsoons are over and there is ample food for every animal to keep them involved with playing and hunting.

Distance from Indore: 20 Km.

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Janapav Trek

Janapav Trek

Believed to be the birthplace of Lord Parashurama, the hill is visited by devotees in large numbers. The leaf-fringed winding roads are a picturesque sight and can be easily spotted from the hiking trails.

Revel yourself in the panoramic views of the beautiful landscape, the unusual flora, fauna, and feel rejuvenated. Apart from these, the hill is considered the second highest point in the Malwa region.

The winters are the best time to go on a trek here as the nights tend to get all starry with the clear skies above your head.

The best part of the hike is that you can feel the temperature dropping to a point where you start to feel a little tingling sensation whenever a breeze touches your skin.

Distance from Indore: 45 Km.

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Hatyari Khoh

Hatyari Khoh

Located in the outskirts of Indore, the Hatyari Khoh waterfall is a place that is rapidly gaining popularity, all thanks to the adventurers and nature enthusiasts. The fact that when nature and adventure come together, the timer to great experiences is set.

A 4 km trek through thick forest offers you scenic vistas till you finally reach the waterfall and get enchanted by the soothing sound of the fall.

The exhaustion from the trek is taken away by the cool water at the bottom of the waterfall, which overflows during the monsoons. The best time to visit this place is when the monsoons retreat and the rivers providing water to the fall are all loaded.

Distance from Indore: 35 Km.

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Jogi Bhadak

Jogi Bhadak

A waterfall of a height of 400 ft that can be reached after a 4 km trek from the Dhal Gram Base Camp. This is the Jogi Bhadak trek in a nutshell. Showing its true colours during the monsoons, the trek is best experienced between the months of April to September.

The trek takes you through gorgeous landscapes under untainted atmosphere.

If you plan a weekend getaway, then this is a must have experience. Located near the Manpur Town, the waterfall attracts a good number of tourists who are always up for hiking.

Distance from Indore: 48 Km.

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