15 Best Things to Do in Indore Worthy of Being Bucket-list Items!
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Luxury Resorts In Indore

What to Do in Indore?

Gear up for an enthralling trip with myriad things to do in Indore for an unforgettable experience. This beautiful city in the state of Madhya Pradesh is known for offering a fulfilling vacation to tourists. One of the most exciting cities in India, Indore is known for having many thrilling adventures and a vibrant cultural scene to surprise tourists.

The fascinating city dates back to the 16th century and promises a memorable holiday with a lot of attractions to visit and a plethora of things to do. Boasting of beautiful temples, palaces, and some mouth-watering delicacies, Indore is a wonderful destination. It is a melting pot of cultures and one can witness the best preservation of rich cultural heritage here. Even in the 21st century, with all the urbanization and commercialization, Indore wears an old world charm and enchants travelers with its art and culture.

Whether you are a traveler that always looks for a gastronomical adventure or one of those who is fond of diving into history at old monuments, Indore is one of the perfect places to satisfy your wanderlust. Some of the most prominent activities which you can look forward to when you are in Indore are trekking to Janapav Temple, enjoying delectable street food at Chappan Dukan and Sarafa Bazaar,  and exploring history at Indore Museum.

For religious people, there are options like Annapurna Temple and Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga that bring in a number of tourists. Adventure lovers, too, can look forward to many mind-blowing activities at places like Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary, Mayank Blue Waterpark, and Safari Adventure Park.

Here are some of the best things to do in Indore: 

Luxury Resorts In Indore Explore All (9)
Explore All (9)
Latest Information on Travelling to INDORE?

Entry open from all domestic destinations.However, a valid negative RT-PCR report is needed to enter the state borders.

  • Wearing of masks is compulsory when out in public.
  • Thermal screening to be done for all passengers arriving in Indore.
  • Passengers must self-register on the Indore 311 app before travelling to Indore.
  • Health status must be updated regularly on the Indore 311 app for 14 days after arrival.
  • Symptomatic passengers must give undertaking for 14 days of mandatory home quarantine.
  • Night Curfew is active from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. every night.

- Markets, malls and parks in Indore are open with strict social distancing norms

  • All passengers must undergo thermal screening upon arrival.
  • A valid negative RT-PCR report is needed to enter the state borders.
  • No quarantine, either home or institutional, is required for travellers coming to Indore unless they showcase any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • All passengers are required to download the Aarogya Setu app on their phones.
  • Passengers must download and self-register on the Indore 311 app before travelling to Indore.
  • All self-registered passengers must update their health status on the Indore 311 app for 14 days after arrival.
  • In case the passengers develop COVID-19 symptoms, they must give an undertaking for 14 days Home Quarantine.
  • Business travellers, staying less than 3 days, don’t have any restrictions. They must inform about the short stay to admin officials at the airport before leaving the airport for the city.

Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport in Indore connects the city to major Indian cities. Direct flights are plying from Delhi, Kolkata, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Hyderabad.


Special trains connect Indore to cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kolkata

Local Transport

Local buses, taxis, cab aggregators and autos are functioning in the city.

The government of Madhya Pradesh has taken various steps to ensure the safety of travellers and tourists in Indore. Thrillophilia recommends you follow all guidelines and safety measures issued by the government and practice personal hygiene to keep yourself safe.

Rules updated for unlock 2.0 in Madhya Pradesh/Indore Updated: 05 Jun 2021
  • Markets will be allowed to remain open during a prescribed time.
  • A maximum of 20 people can attend a marriage. It is mandatory to furnish the list of guests to the local administration in advance. Only 10 persons will be able to attend funerals.
  • Only four persons will be allowed to visit a temple at a time.
  • State government offices, except those involved in essential activities, will remain open with 50 percent of the employees and 100 percent of officers.
  • Industrial activities and agricultural activities will be allowed to resume work with safety protocols in place.
  • E-commerce and home delivery services will continue.
  • Taxis will be allowed to ply with two persons
A negative RT-PCR report needed to enter the city Updated: 05 Jun 2021

All city borders, stations and airports will check a negative RT-PCR report of all incoming travellers to ensure the safety of other incoming passengers

Indore Allows Entry of Inter-State Buses Updated: 07 May 2021

According to the guidelines of Unlock 3.0 from the state government, inter-state buses are now allowed to enter Indore. However, a valid negative RT-PCR report is needed to enter the state borders.

Inter-State, Intra- State, Inter-District and Intra-District Entry Allowed in Indore without Restrictions Updated: 07 May 2021

Travellers from other states and districts can now enter Indore without any restrictions or e-pass requirement.However, a valid negative RT-PCR report is needed to enter the state borders.

Timing for Night Curfew Eased by Two Hours in Indore Updated: 04 Sep 2020

Night curfew timings in Indore have been reduced by two hours. The curfew shall now be active from 10 p.m. in the night to 5 a.m. in the morning.Read more.


Visit the Beautiful Rajwada Palace

Constructed by the Holkars, Rajwada is one of those places that exhibit Indore’s history through their art and architecture and place you cannot miss to see in Indore. The beautiful building is a storehouse of numerous artifacts and is known for its resplendent design and architecture.

With a fine amalgamation of Maratha, Mughal and French architectures, Rajwada is a wonderful place offering a splendid experience for tourists in Indore.

Highlight: A must-visit for history lovers, Rajwada boasts of cultural splendour and magnificent architecture. One of the striking features of Rajwada is the sound and light show that narrates the history of this beautiful place.

Location: Rajwada Circle, Near Holker Cloth Market, Rajwada, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Price: The entry cost at Rajwada is INR 10/ USD 0.15 for Indians and INR 250/ USD 3.64 for foreign nationals.

Timings: It remains open to tourists from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm from Tuesday to Sunday.


Visit Chokhi Dhani for a Humble Rajasthani Experience

Embrace the splendor of Rajasthani culture by visiting Chokhi Dhani on your Indore vacation. With the perfectly curated ambiance of a Rajasthani village, Chokhi Dhani is a marvelous place that you should visit in Indore to treat your taste buds with lip-smacking Rajasthani food.

If you are seeking a lavish experience, Chokhi Dhani is a great place to have fun with a cultural extravaganza straight from Rajasthan.

Highlight: This is one of the must-visit places for culture vultures who wish to bask in the luxury of Rajasthani culture and enjoy all modern comforts.

Location:  One can visit Chokhi Dhani at 9 Mile, Fata Khandwa Road, Datoda, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 

Price: The entry cost at Chokhi Dhani is INR 1000/ USD 15 for two people.

Timings: It remains open to tourists from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Where to Stay: Here are some of the best resorts to stay in Indore.


Visit the famous Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary

Take a retreat into the beauty of nature by visiting Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary. It is famed for its distinct flora and fauna. Here, you can spot various species of animals and birds.

One of the most recommended things to do in Indore for nature lovers is to visit Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary to experience a serene retreat from the hubbub of the city life and enjoy a refreshing vacation. While you are here, you cannot miss the amazing trail through the sanctuary, which counts in the must-do trekking trails near Indore

Highlight: Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary offers a lot of activities for adventure seekers. Some of the activities which you can look forward to when you are here are trekking, camel riding, cycling, etc.

Location: Ralamandal, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Price: The entry cost at Sanctuary is INR 60/ USD 0.88.

Timings: It remains open to tourists from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Also, if you are a wildlife lover you can check and explore the wildlife sanctuaries of Madhya Pradesh.


Witness the Annapurna Temple

If you are searching for things to do in Indore with a touch of spirituality, visiting Annapurna Temple should be on your bucket list. It is dedicated to Goddess Annapurna and is renowned for its brilliant architecture.

When coming here, one can look forward to being fascinated by the decorations and ornate sculptures of two life-size elephants on the entrance. The temple also houses shrines of Lord Shiv, Kalbhairav, and Hanuman. The temple is best known for having ‘Pravachan Hall’ which is dedicated to preaching and draws in a number of pilgrims.

  • Highlight: Annapurna Temple is known for attracting a huge rush of pilgrims every year due to its religious importance and the architecture. The temple is famous for its resemblance to the famous Madurai Meenakshi Temple of Madurai.

  • Location: Kranti Kriplani Nagar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

  • Timings: It remains open to tourists from 5:00 am to 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

  • Also check here, famous temples of Madhya Pradesh one must definitely visit.


Indulge in the Adventure at Mayank Blue Waterpark

Be prepared to be cheered by the splashing waters and thrilling rides at Mayank Blue Waterpark. It is a wonderful retreat and is one of the best water parks in Indore if you want to escape the heat and enjoy a day filled with fun and frolic with your loved ones.

It boasts of myriad water slides, swimming pool, and a discotheque, and offers many activities that make it an adventurous getaway worth visiting with your friends and family on your vacation in Indore.

Highlight: Mayank Blue Waterpark is one of those places in Indore which are suitable for all age groups. Therefore, if you are planning a family vacation, visiting this place is one of the most recommended things to do in Indore.

Location: Bengali Square, Indore Bypass Road, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 

Price:  The entry cost at Waterpark is INR 250/ USD 0.87.

TimingsIt remains open to tourists from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm from Tuesday to Sunday.


Take a Short Trip to Mandu

For a surreal respite, spending some time amidst the royal heritage sites in Mandu is one of the most exciting things to do in Indore. It is renowned for having the biggest fort in India-Mandu Fort and is also famous for having the Jahaz Mahal - the monument that apparently inspired the design of Taj Mahal.

The most famous attractions in Mandu are Roopati’s Pavilion, Baz Bahadur’s Palace, Darya Khan’s Tomb Complex, Shri Mandavagadh Teerth, Hoshang Shah's Tomb, Hindola Mahal, etc.

  • Highlight: Mandu is a wonderful getaway for those who are fond of history as it is known for housing monuments displaying Afghani architecture. It also acquires a very important place in Mughal history with various places that resonate with the awe-striking culture here.

  • Location: Mandu, Malwa, Western Madhya Pradesh

  • Best Time to Visit: One can visit Mandu during the months of July to September.


Get into Adventure Games at Safari Adventure Park

If you are tired from mundane activities, then try a refreshing getaway at Safari Adventure Park. The place hosts some of the best adventure activities in Madhya Pradesh. One can indulge in a number of rope activities, campfire and also enjoy hiking through the verdant landscape at this adventure park.

The place makes for a great destination whether you want to visit it with friends, family or office colleagues, and promises a whole lot of recreations for people with different preferences. The natural beauty here is spellbinding and the thrilling experiences are a must-try if you are in Indore for some fun.

Highlight: Safari Adventure is a haven for adventure aficionados in Indore. The place offers a plethora of activities like wall climbing, camping, rope-activities, water sports and many more which you can try here to challenge yourself to the fullest.

Location: 9 MSJ Estate, Lasudia Parmar, Dakachya, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Price: The entry cost at Adventure park is INR 325/ USD 4.74.

Timings: It remains open to tourists from 9:00 am & 6:00 pm.


Go for Kalakund Forest Night Trek

Indore is popularly known for its rich cultural and natural heritage, but the lush green environs of the city with hilly terrain also offer opportunities to adventure lovers to get their heart thumping with thrill. If you are in the mood to get adventurous, one of the best things to do in Indore is trekking the forested trail that leads to Kalakand.

The factor that relates the thrill involved in this trekking expedition is that you get to trek dense forested area at night. The trek takes you through verdant valleys, a pristine river, and the ancient Kushalgarh Fort.

To go off the beaten path, Kalakund night trek is among the best things to do in Indore. This 9 km trek is an experience you must take. Also, you can check the list of some of the best hiking trails near Indore one must take.

Trekking through densely forested valleys at night to Kalakand

Gunjara Village, Madhya Pradesh

Tickle your Taste Buds at Sarafa Bazars

Visit Sarafa Bazar to indulge in a delicious retreat with the famous food items of Indore. The place is bustling throughout the day up to late night and offers some of the most scrumptious Indian snacks like aloo tikki, chhole-tikiya, bhutte ka kees, garaadu, samosa, kachori, paani-puri, dahi-papdi, sabudana ki khichdi, pav bhaji, parantha, etc.

With a number of shops and stalls, Sarafa Bazar is the destination to fix your midnight craving with lip-smacking food of Indore on your vacation.

  • Highlight: Sarafa Bazaar is best known for shopping and offering delectable street food. There is also a famous daytime jewellery market here.

  • Location: Rajwada, Maharaja Tukoji Rao Holker Cloth Market, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

  • Timings: It remains open to tourists from 5:00 am to 12:00 pm except for Sundays


Pay a Visit to Shri Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga

Take a spiritual retreat on your vacation in Indore by visiting Sri Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga. Built in the Nagara style of architecture, Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga is considered to be among the most famous temples in India dedicated to Lord Shiva.

One should look forward to enjoying the most vibrant atmosphere here during the festivals of Mahashivratri, Kartik Utsav, Narmada Jayanti, etc.

  • Highlight: One of the most notable of the 12 Jyotirlinga shrines of Shiva, Sri Omkareshwar Temple is a famous temple that attracts a lot of Hindu devotees. It is associated with many legends and is located on a small island that resembles the shape of the Hindu symbol ‘Om’.

  • Location: Omkareshwar Mandir Road, Mandhata, Madhya Pradesh 

  • Timings: It remains open to tourists from 5:00 am and 3:50 pm and  4:15 pm to 9:30 pm.

  • What to See: Here are some of the best tourist places in Omkareshwar.


If You are a History Lover Pay a Visit to Indore Museum

Renowned for hosting a stunning collection of medieval and pre-medieval Jain Hindu sculptures, this museum in Indore offers a superb getaway for history lovers. With two galleries dedicated to Madhya Pradesh’s prehistoric artifacts and Hindu mythological carvings, Indore Museum is filled with historical articles for all the history buffs out there.

Some of the most interesting collections here are of Parmar and Gupta sculptures that date back to the 11th and 12th century.

  • Highlight: Also called the Central Museum, this place is known to entice history lovers with various articles dating back to pre-historic age. It is also hailed as one of the largest and most gorgeous buildings in Indore.

  • Location: Near GPO Square, Navlakha, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

  • TimingsIt remains open to tourists from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Visit Kanch Mandir to View Some Beautiful Glass Crafts

One of the famous attractions of Indore, Kanch Mandir is a wonderful place for those who are fond of art. Exhibiting a splendid display of glass cuttings, Kanch Mandir is known for depicting various aspects of Jainism.

Beautifully adorned with glass, Kanch Mandir is a must visit place to enjoy a memorable experience when you are in Indore.

  • Highlight: Kanch Mandir is one of the most prominent monuments in Indore, and is famous for being entirely crafted out of glass. It boasts of complex designs which have put a rare display of glass cuttings.

  • Location: Hukumchand Marg, Beside Sheesh Mahal, Itwaria Bazaar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

  • Timings: It remains open to tourists from  5:00 am to 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm 8:00 pm.


Trek to Janapav Temple

When we talk about the most thrilling things to do in Indore, trekking to Janapav temple is one of the first activities that come to mind. Boasting of some scenic views from the second highest point of Malwa region, Janapav Temple is a wonderful retreat for being close to nature.

With winding roads and misty environment, trekking to Janapav temple is one of the best ways to beat the summer heat when you are in Indore.

  • Highlight: The place is famous for being the birthplace of Lord Parshurama and holds a religious prominence among the devotees. It attracts huge crowds at the time of Kartik Purnima when there is a famous fair organized here.

  • Location: It is located on Mumbai-Indore Highway in Mhow Tehsil of Indore, Madhya Pradesh

  • Timings: The timings for trekking here is from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm.


Go for a Walk at Pipliyapala Regional Park

Enjoying a date with nature by indulging in a boat ride at Pipliyapala Regional Park is one of the best things to do in Indore. Encompassed by tranquil surroundings, this park is a great option if you want to take a break from all the humdrum affairs of life and it is one of the best places in Indore for couples to spend some alone time.

The beautiful outdoors here will enchant your mind and make you admire the green landscape filled with flowers and gardens. At Pipliyapala Regional Park, one can also look forward to appreciating folk performances apart from enjoying the peaceful atmosphere.

  • Highlight: This place is a gorgeous destination if you wish to take your loved one on a romantic date or even if you want to spend some time by yourself in one of the most serene environs of Indore.

  • Location: Regional Park, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

  • Price: The entry cost at Pipliyapala Regional Park is INR 25/ USD 0.36.

  • TimingsIt remains open to tourists from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm.


Head to Chappan Dukan to Have the Best Food of Indore

For foodies, heading to Chappan Dukan is one of the best experiences during your trip to Indore. One can find a whole range of food from sweets to namkeens here. This place promises a wonderful gastronomical retreat for everyone.

Offering delectable food, Chappan Dukan is one of the best places in Indore to treat your taste buds with street food items like chaat, idli, dosa, etc.

  • Highlight: Literally translates to ‘fifty-six shops’, Chappan Dukan is one of the best places for food in Indore. With a lively ambiance, Chappan Dukan is a great place to hang out at during the evening with your friends and family.

  • Location: New Palasia, Indore, India 

  • Timings: One can visit Chappan Dukan during the day to try out various food items in Indore.

Newly Added Indore Experience
03 December 2018
amazing company trip with Thrillophilia, nicely managed by hotel staff, camping was very comfortable starting from things were very hustled free just enjoyed a lot team Thrillophilia was very supportive and learnt a lot from all, and got a new lesson on posing in thrillo style from Satya.
27 October 2018
I attended Mahua camp which fascinated me to come here from Bhopal to Indore great plan by Thrillophilia and well executed by Satya Rajput.
"the Experience of this trek was amazing and memorable.\nThis is the first time i have done night trek ... \nbut our trip organiser rizwan and achal made it so easy. \nfood and stay was amazing \n"
02 December 2018
We came in the team but team bonding games made us closer .... Nightlight trek was the best experience we had .. Very well managed things food quality was ... Humble staff ... Nicely executed by Satya and his complete team .. Love for camping.
02 December 2018
Thrilling and soothing experience perfect getaway for a weekend. Night trek and morning off-road ride activities and swimming pool just memorable day ...things very well briefed well managed by Thrillophilia. Waiting for more ......from Thrillophilia.
07 December 2020
Harsh Agrawal Fundore Enertainment Park, Indore
This is the best park i have visited in Indore with lot of adventure activities.It has the best Go-karting indore with the most reasonable price and has superb hospitality. My kid dropped the plate of the momos that i bought so they served me complimentary momos.Cowboy cafe has really good momos in fundore.
Nice services without any problems and better way to roam in the city and visit various tourist places.
The service was very good. The staff is really kind. The vehicles they provided were in good condition because of which we were able to complete our trip effortlessly. We appreciate their service.
Nice services without any problems and better way to roam in the city and visit various tourist places.
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The service was very good. The staff is really kind. The vehicles they provided were in good condition because of which we were able to complete our trip effortlessly. We appreciate their service.

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