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Dandeli Packages

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Dandeli Tour Package from Bangalore3 days & 2 nights
INR 8,999

Dandeli Packages

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Located in West Karnataka, along the Western Ghats is a small town called Dandeli, and if you haven’t come across Dandeli tour packages, we’d suggest you look for one right away! Dandeli is one of those hidden gems in India that’s untouched, pristine and pure, and that’s exactly what makes it so beautiful! Surrounded by thick forests and the River Kali flowing peacefully by its side, Dandeli is a fascinating blend of rare flora, fauna, picturesque appeal and a whole lot of adventure that you simply cannot miss. Most Dandeli tours would include a mix of everything the town has to offer.

Wildlife safaris, treks, river rafting, zorbing, kayaking and much more. You can start your day by offering prayers at the town’s temples, making your way to the Kavala Caves, where you will need to climb down more than 300 steps and crawl for 40 feet to reach the temple and get a glimpse of the Shivalinga. After that, head to the rivers and lakes of the town for a fun-filled day of activities, You can choose to go kayaking on the calm waters, or ride the rough waves as you go rafting. Another water-sport to look forward to here is zorbing, where you balance on water while being caged within an inflatable ball.

It might seem daunting at first, but trust us, once you begin to bounce on the water, you’re going to love it! You can also go mountain biking and trekking and after all that adrenaline rush, prepare for some more adventure with jungle camping. Setting up tents with friends and gazing at the stars is surely a memory to last a lifetime! If you aren’t high on adventure, you can simply travel to Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, go for a peaceful boat ride, or enjoy a soothing massage at the natural jacuzzi, this small but stunning town has to offer. Although Dandeli packages are inclusive of food, make sure you bite into the local flavours as well, when here.

There aren’t a lot of restaurants to visit, but the few that are around the area, are all definitely worth a try! In spite of being a small town, Dandeli has a whole lot of resorts and hotels which offer superlative services and spacious rooms for a comfortable, enjoyable stay. There’s the Bison River Resort and the White Water Resort, which also have multi-cuisine restaurants on location, so you don’t need to travel afar for dining.

Being a peaceful place, distant from city-life and crowds, Dandeli welcomes many migrants from across India, owing to which it enjoys a diverse culture that you ought to experience at least once. All of this, complete with scenic views, thrills, and serene spaces make Dandeli a perfect destination for a weekend getaway, or even a longer stay if you wish to make the most of your trip down South. Take a breather and enjoy the beauty this land has to offer, after all it isn’t every day that you spot bisons and black panthers, that you might just come face-to-face with, here!

What are the best things to do on the Dandeli tour?

1. Rock Climbing: The adventurous experience of rock climbing in the mountains of Dandeli is a major attraction of the Dandeli tours. The aim of this exhilarating activity is to reach the end point of a pre-decided route without any slip or fall. The location for rock climbing is quite close to Dandeli, and can be easily reached.

2. Canyoning: One of the most thrilling activities that can be done in Dandeli. Tied to a sturdy rope by professional trainers you will be instructed to climb up or down the cliff as the waterfall splashes all over you. This guided thrill that takes place at Ganeshgudi near Supa Dam shall be a lifetime experience for you.

3. Wildlife Safari: The Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is a vast area covered in dense forests which is an abode to a wide range of mammals, reptiles and birds. The open jeep Safari makes you encounter wild animals and distinctive birds. The location for this is the Dandeli- Anshi Tiger Reserve and the safari costs around nine hundred per person.

4. River Crossing: Dandeli which overlooks the Kali River, provides you the opportunity to experience river-crossing, a favorite sport for adventure lovers. Experienced guides are present at the spot to help you stay safe during this exciting ride. This amazing activity can be enjoyed at a pocket friendly cost of approximately five hundred rupees thus making it a key attraction of Dandeli trip packages.

5. Kayaking: Watersports lovers love to kayak over the Kali river. Experienced as well as amateurs both can entertain themselves with this sport that happens near the Supa Reservoir on Kali River. Costing a meagre sum of only two hundred fifty rupees, this is a must do adventure at Dandeli.

6. Moonlight Boat Ride: An activity stored with surprises, this takes place at Ganeshgudi near the Supa Dam. Night vision binoculars and other special accessories are required for this activity. A bone chilling experience of boating at night, this ride costs you only rupees three hundred per person.

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Dandeli Tour faqs

Which are the best places to visit in Dandeli?

Dandeli being situated in the lap of nature, you would come across a lot of serene places to visit. We have created a list for you of the best tourist spots in Dandeli:

1. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary (A wonderful getaway to enjoy some time in the company of lush green forests and wild animals)
2. River Kali (The river has its origins in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka and offers a memorable escape for the adventure lovers)
3. Kaval Caves (Believed to be as old as prehistoric times and made of volcanic origins, these caves can be found in the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary)
4. Syntheri Rocks (These boast of spectacular natural beauty that is made up of volcanic rocks with the River Kaneri passing by its side)
5. Shiroli Peak (It is a great place to capture one of the most amazing views of the sunset of your life)
6. Anshi National Park (it is the only place in whole of Asia where you can spot the black panther)

What are the famous adventure activities to do on the Dandeli tour?

1. River Rafting: Rafting on the wild and heavy flowing Kali River is a fantastic kick to your adrenaline. This is a morning activity that can be scheduled in your Dandeli tour packages.

2. Mountain Biking: Riding through the dense and serene forest areas, rough terrains and lush greenery on a mountain bike is surely a fine thing to try out in your trip to Dandeli. This is an uncommon adventure worth remembering.

3. Jungle Camping: Camping at Dandeli, near Dharwad is a two day one-night package. Immerse yourself in the rawness of Nature’s beauty and feel the uniqueness of this adventure. Choose your abode from a variety of options for tents, ranging from basic to luxurious.

4. Coracle Boat Ride: Coracle is a round shaped lightweight boat that can carry five people at a time. Affordable and exciting this ride on the River Kali is unique to the place.

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Which are the best romantic places to visit on a Dandeli tour?

1. Unwind in a Natural Jacuzzi: The Natural Jacuzzi Bath is one of the most famous things to do in Dandeli. Go with your partner, unwind in the springs of water, surrounded by aromatic flowers, the lush woods. It is an enchanting and refreshing experience to share with that special someone. This is a must have in Dandeli packages.

2. A walk to remember: Nothing's better than taking a long walk with your partner, while enjoying the sights. In Dandeli, the intimate nature of the untamed jungles provides for a perfect setting and some memorable experiences.

3. Climb a Peak: If your partner is adventurous, you can head to the Shiroli Peak. It is the highest point, which offers breathtaking views. You will undoubtedly have your privacy there, surrounded by the wonderful vistas that Dandeli has to offer.

4. Visit Kavala Cave: The Kavala Caves are a little away from Dandeli. Take your partner here to explore the labyrinthine structure. Formed ages ago due to volcanic eruptions the caves will satisfy the nature lover and history enthusiast in you. And, is there anything more romantic than exploring a new place with a lover?

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Which are the best places to visit at night on a Dandeli tour?

1. Outdoor Camp at night: Since you are away from the city, enjoy the lap of mother nature at night. Spend the night in a dome tent near your homestay, for a once in a lifetime experience. You will surely feel rejuvenated and much more connected to your surroundings. Be sure to have it in your Dandeli trip packages.

2. Jungle Camp at night: What's the difference between an outdoor camping trip and camping in the jungle? Well, the forest comes alive in its own way at night. Stay amongst the nocturnal animals for a thrilling experience. Don't worry, it is perfectly safe, and you will come away with memories to last you a lifetime.

3. Night Safari: If the forests come alive at night, why not go on a night safari? Yes, you can embark on the adventure to explore the Dandeli jungles at night. It is best not to wear muted colors and keep bright objects hidden. Then, you will surely see some fauna close by.

4. Moonlight Boat Ride: There's nothing more surreally beautiful than how the water turns silver when the moon shines. Take a boat ride on the tranquil river waters to enjoy the night air. There's just you, the moon, and all of the world's beauty, while everybody else sleeps. A must have in all Dandeli packages.

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What are the best places to visit in Dandeli with family?

1. Supa Dam: Situated at Ganeshgudi the Supa Dam is built across the Kali River. Instrumental as well as picturesque, the electricity generated at Supa Dam is supplied to various parts of Karnataka. However when you are there, you can also enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view of Supa Dam’s backwaters.

2. Anshi National Park: This adjoins the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary and covers extensive forest lands, housing varied species of wildlife. If you are lucky you might spot a tiger or an elephant in the forest.

3. Kavala Caves: Situated 25 km from Dandeli, a major attraction for religious tourists who can see the naturally formed Shiva Linga inside the cave. Trekking through the caves makes the visit all the more exciting.

4. Syntheri Rocks: Interesting rock formations along the riverside makes this place a unique tourist attraction spot. This place is also a lovely location for trekking.

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What sort of climate can I find in Dandeli?

Winters are on the pleasant side in Dandeli and the average temperature remains around 26°C. People from different parts of the world love to visit the place in this season.

The winter starts in the month of December and ends in the month of February.

What all things should one carry for a trip to Dandeli?

Following are the travel essentials when planning a trip to Dandeli:

1. Umbrella
2. Sunscreen
3. Lip balm
4. Energy Bar
5. Quick dry shorts/bathing suit
6. Synthetic shirt for warmth and sun protection
7. Sturdy footwear – sandals with straps (no flip-flops), sneakers, wetsuit boots
8. Hat with brim to protect face from sun
9. Sunglasses with retainer strap
10. Avoid all cotton clothing, as cotton gets cold when wet

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What are the best places to eat at in Dandeli?

Though Dandeli tour packages are inclusive of food, and the town doesn’t have a lot of restaurants, we recommend the following:
1. Bison River Resort-  For an enjoyable barbecue dinner, serving both veg and non-veg
2. Amara Homestay-  Simple home-cooked Indian Vegetarian food
3. Erappa Khanaaval-  For a taste of the local cuisine
4. Laxman Palace-  One of the few multi-cuisine restaurants
5. Kamath Restaurant-  For local South Indian fare and great vegetarian options.

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What is the best time to visit Dandeli?

Although Dandeli tours are operational throughout the year, the best time to visit is generally in winter. Summers are also moderate and might be a good time to visit, but the pleasant winters are ideal, especially from October to February.
Monsoons are rarely fun because most water sports aren’t functional in this season and therefore not advisable.

How can I reach Dandeli from Bangalore? What is the distance between Dandeli and Bangalore?

Bangalore to Dandeli distance is 460 kms. One can reach Dandeli from Bangalore by the following mentioned transport options:

1. By Road: If you prefer taking the road to reach Dandeli from Bangalore, you can either take your car or take a bus for the same. A lot of buses operate on this route at various price ranges making it very convenient for travelers.

2. By Train: Dandeli does not have a train station, and the nearest railway stations are Alnavar(32 km), Londa (48 km) and Dharwad (57km) away from Dandeli. From there you can catch a cab to the prime adventure spots.

3. By Flight: Dandeli does not have an airport, the closest airport being Hubli which is 75 kms away. You can catch a cab or a local bus from there to reach Dandeli.

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Which are some best places to go for trekking?

1. Kavala Caves Trek: This is a relatively simple trek organized by the Forestry Department. Most of the walk is downhill, so you won't need to exert yourself. However, there are some steps at the entrance of the cave. Be sure to carry a flashlight because it is dark inside.

2. Kulgi Nagzari Valley Deep Jungle Trek: This trek is much harder, since you have to cover roughly 16km. However, a picturesque path leads through the woods, where a stream crosses it sometimes. You can go up to Sykes Point, and take in the panoramic view. Be careful, because you might have to wade through water at some points of the trek.

3. Potoli-Shiroli Trek: Spanning a distance of around 11km, this trek might require some commitment, but is not particularly hard. Moreover, you will walk over even terrain, so there won't be problems. Pack a lunch and enjoy a laid back walk as part of the Dandeli tours. Take your cameras along if you are interested in bird watching.

4. Syntheri Rocks: Interesting rock formations along the river side makes this place a unique tourist attraction spot. This place is also a lovely location for trekking. Visit this as part of the Dandeli tour packages.

How is the Dandeli Wildlife Safari? How much does it cost?

The forests of this park are bio diverse and are home to over 300 species of birds - most prominent among them being hornbills. Bird watchers and professional ornithologists will be rewarded with sightings of rare and unique birds in their natural habitat.

With a skilled naturalist to guide you through the forest area and share with you the interesting details of the animal kingdom, the trip inside the sanctuary is a great learning experience. It costs about 900 INR per person for trip around the wildlife sanctuary

Is Dandeli worth visiting?

A place which offers so many thrilling adventures and watersport activities is definitely worth a visit. A perfect getaway for a short tour, Dandeli Tour would definitely be worth your time and pleasure. The rough mountain terrain, lush green landscape and sprawling water bodies make this place a heavenly abode for travelers.

Which animals will I get to see on an Anshi National Park Safari?

Anshi National Park provides shelter to a variety of animals like Bonnet Macaque, Malabar Civet, Malabar giant squirrel, Deer, Indian bison, Pangolin and Sloth bear. The Park is a habitat of melanistic leopards, tigers and elephants, among other wildlife.

Is Dandeli safe at night?

Dandeli is a tourist spot with plenty of nighttime activities. Hence tourists are perfectly safe after the sun goes down. You can look forward to excellent camping adventures and the moonlight boat ride along with other tourists, without being scared. However it is always advisable to take precautions against petty crimes.

Where can we do rafting in Dandeli? Is it safe to go for river rafting in Dandeli?

River Kali is famous for rafting in Dandeli with the white waters and good rapids. It is absolutely safe as it is spearheaded by skilled instructors.

Can we go for a Dudhsagar falls tour from Dandeli? How far is Dudhsagar from Dandeli?

The total distance between Dudhsagar and Dandeli is 34 Kms. Dudhsagar falls is one of the tallest falls in India of the Mandovi River. The trek will be through the Ridge of the Castle Rock and from there you can head on to visit Dandeli. One can also enjoy various places nearby on sightseeing in Dandeli.

What is the ideal time for a wildlife safari in Dandeli?

Summer is the ultimate season to experience wildlife in Dandeli. The weather is pleasant with a minimum crowd. This means the creatures of the wild venture out of hiding with confidence. Perfect for wildlife photography!

Can we do a tour of Dandeli in 2 days?

Yes, two days is good enough in Dandeli. You can river raft and do other adventure activities there, visit temples and waterfalls and you can even go for wildlife safari tours in Dandeli. Book these amazing activities from the Dandeli package tour.

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