Anshi National Park Overview

If you’re a wildlife enthusiast, brace yourself for a thrilling adventure at Anshi National Park to make your vacation to Dandeli worthwhile. It is a part of Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary and boasts of an interesting topography to explore the wonderful outdoors in the Western Ghats. One of the most peculiar things about Anshi National Park is that it is the only place in whole of Asia where you can spot the black panther.

Anshi National Park, in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka, is one of the most beautiful parks in India. Located amid the majestic Western Ghats, it has well acclaimed flora and fauna. It is part of the Dandeli wildlife sanctuary and is situated on the highway of Kanwar-Londa. Located on the river Kali, the park spans across an area of 340 square km.

It is situated at a height of 200 m to 925 m above sea level. The park experiences an average of 2500 m of heavy rainfall. The temperature in the region varies between 40 degrees C and 10 degrees C.

The government of India has declared the park as a protected reserve forest, renaming it as Kali Tiger Reserve. One of the main attractions in the park is the rare Black Panther. The park hosts the dense deciduous forests and evergreen rain forests. Wild life admirers will have ample opportunities to witness innumerable species of wild animals and birds roaming around in a natural habitat. 

The park is encompassed by meandering rivers, deep valleys and pristine mountains. Adventure enthusiasts can opt for trekking and camping near the park. You can also experience the serenity of village life inside the park premises. 

The resorts and lodges adjacent to the park keep the adventure seeking mind of the tourists engaged in several energetic activities like kayaking, rock climbing, safaris, trekking, biking, bird watching, etc. The World Wide Fund for Nature has declared the park as endangered to protect the biodiversity of the park

How To Reach

By Road: 

The park is well connected with all the major cities of Karnataka through an excellent network of inter-linked roads. Private and Government owned vehicles operate at regular intervals to and from the park.

By Rail:

There are three railway stations near the park. The nearest is the Kanwar railway station at a distance of 60 km from the park. The next option is the Londa railway station which is 100 km away from the park. The third one is the Dharwad railway station, located approximately 106 km from the park. Buses and cabs are available in plenty from the railway stations to reach the park.

By Air:

The park is well connected to two nearby airports. Dharwad airport is located at a distance of 106 km from the park. The Belgaum airport is 150 km away from the Anshi National Park. You can avail buses or cabs from the airport to reach the park.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Anshi National Park is between November and May when the weather is pleasant and comfortable. The temperature varies within the range of 16 deg centigrade and 35 deg centigrade. It is easy to spot the rare Black Panther at this time of the year. The unique feature of the park is to watch the Black Panther roaming around in its natural habitat. You can also visit the park in other months too but it is advisable to avoid the hot sun to restrain yourself from being tired and scorched by the heat.

Other Essential Information


The park is located in the district of Uttar Kannada, about 60 km distance from Kanwar. Spread across an area of 340 square km, the park is in the middle of the Dandeli sanctuary. 

Distance from City Centre:

The park is situated at a distance of 55 to 56 km from the city center and is well connected by public transport.

Places to Visit Near Anshi National Park:

The main tourist attractions near the Anshi National Park are :

1. Ulavi Channabasaveshwara Temple: A temple in the village of Ulavi, an important pilgrimage center especially for the Lingayat community. It is located inside the forest. The temple is dedicated to the Saint Channabasavanna and his samadhi lies in the temple. 

2. River Kali: The national park is located at the banks of the River Kali. The river attracts several professional rafters from across the world. The rapids in the river are thrilling and adventurous for white water rafting. 

3. Bhatkal Beach: It is one of the most wonderful beaches in India. Situated close to the famous Murudeshwara temple, the beach entices many tourists from various parts of India. It offers a combined feeling of divine power and the magnificence of the beach.

4. Devbagh Beach Resort: The resort is located on a small island, offering a stupendous experience for the tourists. It is a plethora of a wide gamut of activities like beach games, shell collections, water sports like kayaking, scooter, boat rides, cruises, snorkeling, parasailing.

5. Magod Falls: The Magod Falls are spectacular to watch as the gushing waters of the River Debti descends from a height of 200 meters. The misty atmosphere created by the falls mesmerizes the visitors.

6. Shivaganga Falls: The falls, originated by the River Sonda, offers a charming experience to the tourists. Located amid a dense green forest, it is amazing to watch the waters splashing and meandering across the landscape.

7. Mahabaleshwara Temple: It is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Atma Linga of the lord is placed inside the temple. It is located underground and has a height of about 6 feet. The myth says that Lord Ganesha, disguised in the form of a little boy has persuaded Ravana to hand over the Shiva Linga and he, in turn, hid it underground. This was planned by Lord Shiva to prevent Ravana from being the supreme power.

Places to Eat Near Anshi National Park:

1. Namaste Café: The cafe offers foods from multiple cuisines like Indian, Italian and Chinese. You can enjoy both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies in the restaurant.

2. The Dolphin View restaurant: The restaurant is located at the backdrop of the Halfmoon beach, near the park. It offers a stunning view of the beach. The place is famous for serving authentic South Indian dishes.

3. Om Shree Ganesh restaurant: The restaurant is comparatively simpler in its decor but is phenomenal in offering a wide variety of Indian dishes and local delicacies.

4. Surya Café: The cafe is situated in a superb location,at the backdrop of the sea side. Tourists specially visit the cafe for some of its exotic mouth-watering seafood delicacies. 

5. Sea Lounge: It is an in-house restaurant which offers a spectacular view of the sea. The lounge hosts multiple cuisines from India and abroad. The food is delicious and ambiance is spectacular which is preferred by many food lovers.

Tips for Visiting Anshi National Park:

Certain things must be remembered before visiting the Anshi National Park

1. Obtain the permission of the forest department if you wish to stay or camp inside the park

2. Wear proper light clothes with legs covered since sometimes there are leeches inside the forest. It is advisable not to wear vibrant coloured clothes since it increases the chance of being visible to the animals and birds inside the forest. 

3. Carry light snacks and water bottles with you while visiting the park

4. Keep an emergency kit with you in case of any accidental injuries. It is also advisable to carry sunscreen lotions for protection against the sun rays. 

5. Safaris are available for a tour around the forest and you need to pay separately for it.

6. Follow the instructions of the forest officials and guards as the forest hosts some of the endangered species of trees, plants, animals, and birds.

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Point of Interest for Anshi National Park
Flora at Anshi National Park

Flora at Anshi National Park

The Park is the home for innumerable species of plants and trees, some of which have been declared as endangered by the World Wide Fund for Nature. The prominent trees which dominate the forest are Teak, Oak, Bamboo, Eucalyptus, Lantana, Jamba, Tamarind, Bintangur, Bauhinia, Blackboard tree, Flacourtia Montana and so on. 

Fauna at Anshi National Park

Fauna at Anshi National Park

The fauna inside the park is a delight for wildlife photographers. The forest is well known for the famous Black Panther, the elephants, and the tigers. The other animals that dominate the forest are sambar deer, wild boar, bison, sloth, barking deer, leopard, jackal, wild cat, bonnet macaque and langur.

Numerous species of birds reside in the forest and entertain the visitors with their melodious chirping sounds. It is said that there are 200 species of birds inside the park, the popular among them being bulbul, brahminy kite, golden backed woodpecker, serpent eagle, stork, hornbill, yellow footed green pigeon, ashy woodswallow and many more. The bird with their distinctive colours and shapes allure the bird watchers and wildlife photographers. 

The park is also a home for many reptiles and amphibians. The spectacled cobra, king cobra, the rat snake, and the Indian rock python are the main varieties of snakes residing in the park. Other deadly reptiles include the vipers, monitor lizards, Krait, crocodiles, etc.

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