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Dandeli Homestays

Dandeli Homestays, Dandeli Riverwood Residency Homestay, Wildflower Homestay, Dandeli Chalet Homestay, Sarovar Homestay Dandeli, Vimal Garden Homestay, Vimal Garden Homestay, Dandeli Madhuvan Homestay, Kadumane Homestay, Panther Jungle Home Stay, and many more. 

Homestays in Dandeli make your vacation to this fantastic place more authentic, enjoyable, and memorable. They offer a window into the rich unique landscape of Dandeli that’s covered in miles of thick forests housing exotic wildlife, nature trails, and rivers.

Every Dandeli homestay is unique in terms of its location, amenities, and the offered range of interesting unforgettable experiences that are curated specially for you. They arrange for exciting local activities like river Jacuzzi bath, jungle safaris, bird watching trails, rafting in river Kali, etc.

Most of them have swimming pools, facilities for a campfire, and in-house restaurants that keep you engaged when you are not outdoors. Not only will one find ‘easy-on-the pocket’ homestays but will be surprised at the kind of luxury experiences that some of the homestays offer in the midst of nowhere wilderness.

These range from air-conditioned Swiss tents, premium cottages, on-property spas, and gourmet food restaurants available at some of these homestays. All this luxury does not take away from the fact that homestays are the best option when one wants to experience the culture, food, and traditions of a place up and close.

We have listed some of the best properties that are run by warm & friendly hosts who go miles to ensure you have a relaxed and enjoyable stay- just like your home! Read on to plan the best experiential vacation to this amazing place. 
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Dandeli Homestays FAQs

What are the best homestays in Dandeli?

1. Dandeli Homestays: 
Dandeli Homestays is one of the finest places to stay in Dandeli. Cradled by lush greenery, the property unfolds under a canopy of swaying trees. You can opt to stay in a room or even camp outside by the riverside in tents! The homestay boasts of dedicated hospitality and modern amenities to maximize your comfort.

Each room is clean, spacious and furnished with the best possible amenities. The surrounding wilderness and woods help to restore your spirits. Besides the comfortable stay, the homestay is also host to a plethora of adventure activities including river rafting, cycling, boating, river crossing, camping and much more. You can rest assured that there will never be a dull moment when you stay at Dandeli Homestays.

Starting from INR 2,332 per night.
Location: Bus-Stand, State Adventures, Opp, Dandeli, Karnataka 581325
Facilities / Activities: Swimming, Bird Watching, Jungle Safari.

2. Dandeli Riverwood Residency Homestay: 
Pampered by the serenity and untouched beauty of Dandeli, Dandeli Riverwood Residency is one of the finest homestays in Dandeli. A little offbeat from the hustle and bustle of the town, the resort sits right amidst the glorious laps of nature. Priding itself on the commendable hospitality and heart-pumping adventures, the homestay is just the break you need to rejuvenate yourself and rekindle your spirits.

Striking the ideal balance between luxury and wilderness, Dandeli Riverwood Residency is ideal for families looking for a quick getaway from the maddening crowd. If you’re a bird-watching enthusiast, you’re in for a real treat with this beautiful homestay!

Starting from INR 1,650 per night (inclusive of breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening tea/coffee).
Location: IPM Campus, Bailpar, Old Dandeli, Dandeli 581325
Facilities / Activities: White Water Rafting, Dandeli Jungle Safari, Jungle Hiking, Water Zorbing, Burma Bridge, Zip-Lining, Bird Watching, Swimming, Coracle Ride, Natural Jacuzzi, Kayaking, Camping.

3. Wildflower Homestay: 
One of the more affordable homestays in Dandeli, the Wildflower Homestay promises you a warm, comfortable stay while trying to minimize the adverse impact on the environment. With the plethora of stay options thriving around Dandeli, this little retreat offers unmatched beauty of the rugged outdoors while also ensuring homely comfort.

When the city life gets you down, count on Wildflower Homestay to replenish your spirits. Locked in an embrace with the carpeting greenery, the homestay is ideal for nature lovers, bird watchers, and trekkers alike. Break free from the routine lifestyle, and spend a few laid-back evenings amidst nature.

Starting from INR 1925 per night (inclusive of breakfast & dinner).
Location: IPM Campus, Bailpar, Old Dandeli, Dandeli 581325
Facilities / Activities: Rafting, Kayaking, Jungle Safari, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Bird Watching.

4. Dandeli Chalet Homestay: 
Ranked as one of the best Dandeli homestays in terms of hospitality, the Dandeli Chalet is a sleepy little gem located in the heart of a beautiful forest. Excellent facilities and modern amenities await you here, coupled with the exotic neighborhood that promises you a memorable stay.

As the cherry on top, the food served is not only pure-vegetarian but also comes from the organic farms run by the estate! Savor the treats of nature, while the impeccable services pamper you.

Starting from INR 1,500 per night.
Location: Bamanagi, Dandeli, Karnataka 581325
Facilities / Activities: Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Nature Walks, Trekking, Cave Exploration.

5. Sarovar Homestay Dandeli: 
A quiet little retreat hidden in the folds of nature, Sarovar Homestay sits in close proximity to the famous Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. Emanating local-homely vibes, the property is ideal for those looking to escape the clutches of monotony.

Rent a cycle and explore the neighborhood to your heart’s content, followed up a relaxing evening on the terrace, drinking in the beauty of a phenomenal sunset. When staying over at Sarovar Homestay, do not be surprised should you find yourself right at home, for it is nothing like a hotel.

Starting from INR 1,800 per night
Location: Hasan Maad, Dandeli, Karnataka 581325
Facilities / Activities: Cycling, Hiking, Fishing, Water Park, Rooftop, Garden, Kid Meals.

6. Vimal Garden Homestay: 
One of the most famous Dandeli Homestays, Vimal Jungle Homestay enjoys the countless bounties of nature, shrouded in lush greenery. Hosting countless adventure activities like kayaking, river crossing, ATV rides, and rappelling, the homestay ensures that you make the most of your Dandeli trip without compromising on luxury.

Etched against the skyline of Western Ghats, Vimal Garden Homestay is an ideal destination, especially if you’re seeking a few unhindered days amidst nature. A favorite amongst families, the homestay is a firm believer of sustainable travel and strives to establish eco-friendly facilities to ensure minimum impact on nature. If you’re a bird watcher, nature lover, or trekker, you can hardly expect to find a place better than this to spend a few relaxed days.

Starting from INR 2,562 per night.
Location: Dandeli Vimal Home Stay, Near Degree College, Ammbewadi, Dandeli Ganesh Gudi, Belgaum, Goa Road, Dandeli-581325
Facilities / Activities: Kayaking, Hiking, Jungle Safari, Rafting, ATV Ride, Valley Crossing, Campfire.

7. Stanley Homestay: 
Packing all the elements of an exciting, adventurous stay, Stanley’s Farm House is one of the best Dandeli homestays. Tucked away in the heart of Gobral Village, about 10 kilometers from Dandeli, the farmhouse sits right in the middle of a deciduous forest, which is home to various floral and avian species.

Fall asleep to the soothing sounds of crickets, while mornings greet you with golden sun rays and the melodies of countless birds. The six beautiful rooms are well-maintained and furnished with modern amenities to facilitate a comfortable stay. A borderline magical destination, Stanley’s Farm House is also one of the best locations to indulge in white water rafting.

Starting from INR 2,200 per night.
Location: Gobral, Barchi Road, Post, Dandeli, Karnataka 581325
Facilities / Activities: Cave Exploration, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Trekking, Crocodile Sighting, Natural Jacuzzi Bath, Coracle Ride, Goa Day-trip, Open Jeep Safari.

8. Dandeli Madhuvan Homestay: 
Nestled in Petal, the Madhuvan Homestay is a true gem of Dandeli. Housing a sweeping garden, the property is blessed by nature. One of the finest homestays in Dandeli, Madhuvan is well-known for its culinary specialties and warm hospitality. Enjoying a rank amongst the best-rated properties in Potolai, the homestay also offers cycles and cars for hire.

The engulfing greenery calms the soul, while the modern amenities and top-notch services make sure you have a comfortable, homely stay. The children’s play area will instantly endear the property to your kids, while the touch of rustic wilderness caresses the senses. Your stay with Madhuvan Homestay promises to set a high bar for your future stays!

Starting from INR 750 per night.
Location: Virnoli village Virnoli, Joida, Karnataka 581363
Facilities / Activities: Parking, Special Diet Dishes, Board Games, Kids’ Play Area, Indoor Play Area, Fireplace, Bonfire, BBQ Facilities, Garden, Airport Pick-up & Drop, Mountain & Garden View, Cycling, Car Hire.

9. Kadumane Homestay: 
Sitting about 12 kilometers outside Dandeli is one of the most tranquil homestays in Dandeli - The Kaadumane Homestay. Nestled along a wooded area, the homestay is a godsend for bird watchers, photographers, trekking enthusiasts, and patrons of botany.

Turned away from the hubbub of city streets, soak in the untouched beauty of nature, and engaging activities like tree walks, nature appreciation walks, and many more exercises which are as informative as they are refreshing. Carrying a line of eco-friendly cottages and tents, furnished with modern bearings, the homestay works hard to keep the environment intact.

Starting from INR 1,400 per night.
Location: Sangave, Karnataka 581325
Facilities / Activities: Cave Exploration, Tree Walks, Hiking, Camping.

10. Panther Jungle Home Stay: 
Staying true to the elements of wilderness, the Panther Stay Resort is one of the most exotic homestays in Dandeli. Boasting impeccable hospitality, modern amenities and a remarkable camping experience in the midst of the wilderness, the homestay is quite famous amongst young travelers and adventure enthusiasts. Set up right against the backdrop of the Western Ghats, the resort lets you revel in the pristine glory of nature, far away from the bustling streets of the city.

Starting from INR 2,200 per night.
Location: Kogilban Road, Badakanshirada Village, Kogilban, Dandeli 581325
Facilities / Activities: White Water Rafting, Rappelling, Coracle Rides, River Crossing, Natural Jacuzzi Bath, Canyoning, Zorbing, Zip-lining, Kayaking, Burma Bridge.

11. Dandeli Homestay Nature Camp: 
One of the most refreshing Dandeli Homestays, the Dandeli Nature Camp Homestay is located at a distance of only 15 kilometers from the famed Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. Sitting in close proximity with Kali River and Moolangi Eco Park, the resort is ideal for solo travelers and families looking to spend some undisturbed, quiet time away from the city rush.

Indulge in refreshing activities like archery, outdoor sports, cycling, and many more, or hop into the exciting rides at the resident water park of the homestay. The in-house garden is perfect for laid-back evenings spent admiring the mesmerizing sunset. With an extensive play area for kids, it is sure to become their favorite in no time!

 Starting from INR 3,696 per night (inclusive of breakfast, lunch & dinner).
Location: IPM Company, Old Dandeli, Dandeli, Karnataka 581325
Facilities / Activities: Kid-friendly Buffet, Parking, Garden View, Archery, Themed Dinner Nights, Outdoor Sports, Indoor Play Area, Banquet Facility, Specially-abled Friendly, Car Hire, Bicycle Hire.

12. Sangam Homestay: 
Blending the comforts of home with the elements of camping, the Sangam Homestay is one of Dandeli’s finest. Nestled right beside a gurgling river, the resort promises a relaxed, yet adventurous stay amidst wilderness. Sleep to the soothing symphonies of the flowing river, graced by a canopy of lofty trees.

If you’re seeking a truly wild experience, Sangam Homestay is the right pick. Delve deep into the bounties of nature, while the comforts of a tent await you for a long, good night’s sleep. Enjoy the rare fusion of luxurious camping with Sangam Homestay.

Starting from INR 3,150 per night.
Location: Beside Moulangi Eco Park, Dandeli 581325
Facilities / Activities: Tent Facility, Camping.

13. Nature Nest HomeStay: 
Although one of the lesser-known homestays in Dandeli, the Nature Nest Homestay is a true gem thriving in the heart of nature, just about 2 kilometers away from the village of Patoli. Set against the jaw-dropping backdrop of the Western Ghats, Nature Nest is the best option for adventure activities along.

Surrounded by exotic furnishings of nature, experience white water rafting, kayaking, safaris, and many more stimulating activities when staying over at the Nature Nest Homestay. Famous for weekend getaways, the resort offers many exciting holiday and family packages to choose from, depending on the group size, preference, and activities. During monsoons, the resort is graced by vivid shades of green; it is when nature comes alive.

Price: Starting from INR 2,214 per night.
Location: Joida road, Patoli Village, Dandeli-Karwar
Facilities / Activities: White Water Rafting, Kayaking, Safaris, Adventure Camping, Wildlife Safari, Coracle Ride, Burma Bridge, Zip-Lining, Mountain Biking.

Which homestays in Dandeli are good for families?

1. White Elephant Cottage:
For a family that seeks adventures & loves nature, this is the perfect choice amongst all the homestays in Dandeli. Encased in thick forests, it offers group activities like kayaking, river boating, campfire, archery, etc. 

2. Nature Nest:
Perfect for a weekend escape with your family, enjoy jungle safaris, white water rafting, and trekking. The resort offers ‘Exotic’ holiday packages for all kinds of budgets & interests. 

3. Old Magazine House:
Imagine staying in a British-era ammunition store on your vacation! Old Magazine House, after its re-curation as a homestay,  is now one of the most famous homestays in Dandeli. It offers dormitory facilities with bunk beds for families to stay and enjoy together. Families can choose activities like trekking, rafting, kayaking and end the day with a meal on the wooden terrace and huddle around a campfire. 

4. Parampara Cottages:
This eco-friendly Dandeli homestay offers dormitories and spacious luxury cottages for a large family travelling together. Enjoy meals at the in-house restaurant, indoor games, and outdoor activities like rafting, river crossing, natural river Jacuzzi bath.

Which are the popular luxury homestays in Dandeli?

1. Century Resort:
This luxury resort offers Maharaja tents, Swiss tents, and premium cottages for travellers who want to enjoy a super-comfortable vacation. 

2. Paradise Stay:
A famous luxury wildlife stay, surrounded by lush forests and landscaped gardens, it offers luxury rooms & tents for its guests. You can enjoy delicious food in its multi-cuisine restaurant and a range of outdoor activities & indoor games. 

3. Starling River Resort:
Popular as one of the best luxury riverside resorts, it offers a luxurious retreat amidst thick forests. Guests can stay in luxury cottages & suites and enjoy tonnes of outdoor sporting activities.  

4. Magenta Resort:
This lakeside resort offers luxurious air-conditioned Maharaja tents for a rustic yet comfortable stay amidst the serenity of nature. Guests can enjoy activities like jungle safaris, archery, coracle rides, and nature walks here.

What are the popular places or landmarks for homestays in Dandeli?

One of the most popular places where you can find some of the best homestays is Ganeshgudi, which edges along the River Kali in the Western Ghats. There are around 40 homestays here, the best ones being Magenta Resorts, Kali Adventure Camp, Whistling Woodz, Hornbill River Resort, and Starling River Resort.  

Other locations where you will find a range of homestays are Haliyal, Patoli Village, and Shiroli Peak.

What kind of amenities do homestays in Dandeli provide?

Dandeli homestays is the best way to explore the place to its fullest. With great amenities and even greater locations, these are some of the best places to enjoy the true hospitality of this place.

1. Sarovar Homestay (Cycling, Hiking, Fishing, Water Park, Rooftop, Garden, Kid Meals)
2. Jungle Nest (On-site restaurant, Free parking, and Airport transportation)
3. Vimal Garden Homestay (Kayaking, Hiking, Jungle Safari, Rafting, ATV Ride, Valley Crossing, Campfire)
4. Dandeli Chalet Homestay (Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Nature Walks, Trekking, Cave Exploration)
5. Dandeli Chalet (Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Nature Walks, Trekking, Cave Exploration)
6. Wildflower (Rafting, Kayaking, Jungle Safari, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Bird Watching)
7. Sangam Homestay (Tent Facility, Camping)
8. Stanley Homestay (Cave Exploration, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Trekking, Crocodile Sighting, Natural Jacuzzi Bath, Coracle Ride, Goa Day-trip, Open Jeep Safari)

What are the budget homestays in Dandeli?

Dandeli Homestays are the best and most exotic way of making your stay a memorable one here, but if you are worried about how much will you have to pay for one, you don’t have to worry while booking on one of the following budget homestays

1. IPM Jungle Stay
2. Jungle Stay
3. Jungle Nest
4. River Wood Residency
5. Dandeli Chalet
6. Wild Flower

What are the homestays in Dandeli for couples?

Check out some of the best homestays in Dandeli for couples:

1. Madhuvan Homestay: 
It is a 5BHK homestay that can accommodate about 16 guests at a single time. This homestay nestles in the middle of lush green forest covers of Dandeli and provides a wonderful peaceful time away from the hustle and bustle of city life. In the course of your stay you can make use of Hot Water, Complimentary Breakfast, Lockbox, Barbeque Grill, Garden, Carbon Monoxide Detector, Smoke Detector, and many more. 
Location: Virnoli village, Virnoli, Joida
Price: INR 750 per night

2. Coalsa Depot: 
Coalsa Depot happens to be a perfect getaway for couples in Dandeli because of its perfect setting for couples who wish to spend some time in solitude as well as for couples who wish to try out some adventure. This 2BHK homestay can accommodate about 5 guests at a time. You will get Laptop Friendly WorkSpace, Free Parking on Premises, Hot Water, Complimentary Breakfast, Fully Equipped Kitchen, Balcony, and Camping Equipment. 

Location: House No. 56, Sy.No. 23/3 Jagalbet Tal: Supa Dist
Price: INR 4,000 per night

3. Exalt – Firdosh: 
This is an 8 bedroom homestay accommodating about 16 guests at a single located on the banks of river kali. You will get home cooked meals at the place and to make the things more healthy for you all the ingredients are picked from the inhouse garden. You will get Free WiFi, Children’s books and toys, Swimming Pool, and Complimentary Breakfast.

Next to the Wildlife Sanctuary at the Banks of River Kali
Price: INR 2,400 per night

Which are the best riverview homestays in Dandeli?

1. Forest Woods Homestay: Providing a perfect natural vacation, this homestay is enclosed by lush green plantations and you can enjoy the blissful views of the river from here.

2. Royal Palace Homestay: Loaded with luxuries like swimming pools and multi cuisine restaurants, this is surely one of the best homestays in Dandeli which is located close to the river.

3. Riverside Treehouse: As the name suggests, this homestay is located on the riverside and lets you rest in small cozy tree houses.

4. River Fringe Homestay: One of the best homestays in Dandeli, this stay will offer you all the basic amenities at a very reasonable price and will make sure that you enjoy numerous adventures around the river.

Which are the best Dandeli homestays with activities?

1. Chinitas Eco Lodge: With adventures like waterfall climbing, rafting, rock climbing and much more, this Dandeli homestay will make sure that you get a proper dose of adventure on this memorable trip.

2. Jungle Cottage: Being the most adventurous homestay in Dandeli, here you will get to try your hands on an array of activities like rock climbing and jungle trekking.

3. Old Magazine House: Letting you camp in its all natural surroundings, this Dandeli homestay will add the much required thrill to your vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

4. Bison River Resort: This homestay is famed for offering some of the most thrilling activities around the river including boating, rafting, trekking and much more.

Are homestays in Dandeli pet friendly?

Yes most of the homestays in Dandeli are pet friendly. You can take your beloved pet along with you in the course of your visit to Dandeli. The homestays have also got specially designed accommodation as well as indoor games to keep your pet busy all the time. 

Which are the best jungle homestays in Dandeli?

1. Dandeli Homestay: Located in the village of Potoli, this homestay is surrounded by thick jungles on all its sides. From serene nature walks to bonfire nights, many activities can be enjoyed here.

2. The Heritage Homestay: If looking for a place offering a perfect natural environment then make sure you stay here. From treehouse themed cottages to personal lawn and gardens, many facilities are available here.

3. The Jungle Homestay: Staying true to its name, this homestay offers many top notch facilities and is located in the middle of thick forest covers.

4. Forests Woods Homestay: This homestay is a go to spot for nature lovers and backpackers who want to spend some quality time in the woods while enjoying modern amenities.

Are Dandeli homestays safe for female and solo travellers?

Yes, the homestays of Dandeli are very safe for all kinds of travellers, be it solo female travellers or couples. The rooms are perfectly equipped with all basic amenities and the public area has CCTV surveillance as well.

What is the average cost of homestays in Dandeli?

The average cost of homestays in Dandeli varies from Rs.1000 to Rs.1500 per night. But, yes, the place is budget-friendly all you need is to select the proper deal that suits your pocket. There are many hotels, homestays, cottages and much more which offer variety to choose from.

Dandeli Homestays Reviews

Akhilesh Choudhury
Reviewed: 10 Dec 2018
"Just onclick all the things are done... Right from booking to say goodbye.. . all people are supportive, owner, coworker ..... Events were very cool. Zipline, Burma bridge, Rain pool dance, DJ, boating, campfire, tent stay... Jungle trek was too good.... Food was awesome. Thanks, Thrillophilia for ... Read More
Akhilesh Choudhury
Akhilesh Choudhury
Akhilesh Choudhury
Akhilesh Choudhury
Akhilesh Choudhury
Akhilesh Choudhury
(10+)View All
Ankita Raj
Reviewed: 16 Feb 2020
A very good experience.Camping, bonfire, food, activities was awesome.Just that the common washrooms could be kept cleaner.Otherwise, the staff was very friendly and helpful.The manager Veeresh was very friendly.Overall a very good experience.
Ankita Raj
Ankita Raj
Ankita Raj
Ankita Raj
Ankita Raj
Ankita Raj
Brijesh Marar
Reviewed: 08 Jan 2021
Took this travel package from Thrillophilia with my family members. It was a great experience indeed as everything was very well planned. The driver who picked us was very friendly as well as the tour guide who assisted us for the tour was very knowledgeable. He gave us complete information about al... Read More
Jatin Malhotra
Reviewed: 09 Jan 2021
Had an amazing adventure stay in Dandeli that took us through some of the thrilling places. Thanks a lot Thrillophilia for giving me a chance to be a part of this adventurous vacation retreat in Dandeli. Loved the food offered at the stay and the super comfortable rooms as well.
Tara Jain
Reviewed: 19 Dec 2020
We enjoyed staying at the homestay. We loved the hospitality. The rooms are well maintained, proper precautions were taken for covid, loved the food served at stay. Had fun trying archery, cycling & other outdoor activities. staff at the stay was helpful, Thanks Thrillophilia for the amazing stay ex... Read More
Vishnu Ahuja
Reviewed: 19 Dec 2020
The location of the homestay is awesome, very peaceful and amidst lush greenery, The rooms are clean, spacious. Another awesome thing about this place is the food here very yummy home-cooked food. The view outside is amazing. Trekking & cycling activities included in the stay package made the whole ... Read More

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