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Kayaking in Dandeli1 hour
INR 300

Dandeli Kayaking

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It takes you through the amazing biodiversity of the place exploring a wide range of flora and fauna. The widespread lush natural elements let tourists take part in various riverside activities in which they can explore all the unexplored. Kayaking in Dandeli is one of the most loved activities in a number of rivers and reservoirs.

Sitting in a flat-bottomed air-filled kayak, you can gear up with your safety harnesses and move ahead exploring the lush greenery and myriad of landscapes. You would not be able to move ahead in waters in a single kayak, but moving in more than a few kayaks would not only give you some of the lovable memoirs but will also spark the adrenaline rush in your veins.

In recent times, Dandeli has moved ahead to be one of the most visited places in Karnataka by visitors looking out to experience thrilling adventure sports in the water bodies. Come over to this place and take part in the most loved sport of Kayaking under the presence of expert kayakers and make the most out of this natural paradise.
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Dandeli Kayaking FAQs

Which are the best places to do kayaking in Dandeli?

Dandeli is a well-known hub for carrying out various water-based sports. Here are some of the best places to do kayaking in Dandeli:

1. Kali River: Kali River is much popular for its multitude of offerings starting from breathtaking attractions to adrenaline rushing water-based activities like river rafting, zorbing, canoeing and kayaking. Kayaking is one of the much-loved activities at this place because the reservoir where tourists relish this activity is surrounded by peaceful, natural beauty and the lush greenery which instills a sense of calmness. The best time to come over to this place would be in-between the month of October to the month of January.

2. Supa Reservoir: Supa reservoir is yet another loved destination in Dandeli where adventure seekers long to spend time with nature carrying out various water-based activities including kayaking. It is located at a distance of 24 km from the city centre and takes about 1-2 hours to reach from Dandeli. You can take part in this wonderful activity between October and February every year when the atmosphere of Dandeli is at its best.

Is Kayaking safe in Dandeli?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to do kayaking in Dandeli. In fact, Dandeli is the only place in South India that offers advanced courses on kayaking. It is also one of the top activities to do in Dandeli. Tourists are guided by well-trained professionals, who also provide introductory sessions on basic techniques and stroke and a demo, before hitting the pristine waters of River Kali.

What is the cost of kayaking in Dandeli?

The average cost of kayaking in Dandeli ranges between INR 250 and INR 300 per person. However, the charges of the activity are set independently by the tourist/travel company you have chosen or hired. Thus, they vary from company-to-company.
Many companies also include charges of transportation to the adventure spot. Kayaking is also included in many tour packages as a part of the itinerary, in which case, no extra charges are added to the activity.

What is the best time to visit Dandeli for kayaking?

The best time to visit Dandeli for kayaking is between October and January. The water gushes in abundance and the weather is quite pleasant at this time as well. Your skin stays protected from the scorching summer heat and the touch of cold water at the time of kayaking is quite healing as well.

Is there any weight limit for kayaking in Dandeli?

Every kayak has a weight limit. A single kayak has a weight limit of 300 pounds, that is, 136 kg. A tandem kayak has a weight limit of 600 pounds, that is, 273 kg. The hip size of the participant also has a limit for kayaking. If you have a hip wider than 55 inches, you aren’t suitable for kayaking.

How many people can do Kayaking at the same time?

Usually, one or two people can go kayaking at one time. However, the maximum number of people who can go for kayaking in one time depends on the model.
One kayak can be paddled by one person. Tandem kayaks can carry two people. Three kayaks offer space for three people. Four kayaks are quite rare to find in Dandeli.

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