Best Places To Stay in Dandeli

The Western Ghats has always carried an air of mystery. Running across six states, it’s home to a huge variety of wildlife and flora. Karnataka is one of those states and towards the north it covers the charming town of Dandeli. The lush forest has lured tourists eager to experience nature at its best and a holiday here guarantees to refresh the senses and provide clarity of mind. There are various accommodation options which are considered as the best and unique places to stay in Dandeli.

Aside from the beauty of the Ghats, Dandeli boasts several attractions such as temples, the River Kali and the Syntheri Rocks, a granite structure that stands around 300 feet tall. The stunning natural landscape of this must-visit town allows for exciting adventure activities to take place such as white water rafting, kayaking, canoeing, cave exploration and night camping. You can also go on long nature walks, hikes and treks as well as mountain bike.

With such a diverse list of things to do, Dandeli truly is an outdoor lover’s paradise. If you feel the pull of adventure, start planning your next holiday in this land of plenty. While enjoying everything it has to offer, you can come home to comfy living quarters that range from luxurious to rustic. We bring out the best and unique places to stay in Dandeli

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Dandeli Stays FAQs

Which are the best resorts to stay in Dandeli?

Dandeli has numerous resorts to cater to different tastes. If you’re looking for one with a touch of luxury, take your pick of these –

1. Century Resort Dandeli
2. Magenta Century Resort
3. Regenta Resort Century

Which are the best jungle resorts in Dandeli?

The Western Ghats are a haven for wildlife and being so close to nature is a feeling like no other. If you want to get up close to the action, a jungle resort is the best place to stay in. Here are a few top choices –

1. Dandeli Kingfisher Jungle Stay
2. Dandeli Shikra Jungle Resort
3. Panther Stay Dandeli
4. Old Magazine House
5. Kali Adventure Camp

Which are the best river resorts in Dandeli?

Does the sound of a rippling river relax you? Then consider staying at a river resort in Dandeli. Cosy, utterly comfortable and as close to nature as possible, you’ll come away with memories to treasure.

1. Bison River Resort
2. Whistling Woodzs Resort
3. Dandeli White Water Resorts


Where can we stay in treehouse in Dandeli?

Adventurous travelers can add something more to their holiday with a stay in a tree house. You get a different perspective of your surroundings (literally!) and can appreciate the Dandeli landscape better. Two resorts that offer a great tree house experience are Dandeli Jungle Camp and Hornbill River Resort.

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