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Camping in Coorg - Flat 50% off

Camping in Coorg - Flat 50% off

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Camping and Adventure Activities in Ramanagara

Camping and Adventure Activities in Ramanagara

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Nandi Hills Drive-in Camp with Live Ipl Screening, Bangalore

Nandi Hills Drive-in Camp with Live Ipl Screening, Bangalore

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Leisure Jungle Stay in Dandeli - Flat 40% off

Leisure Jungle Stay in Dandeli - Flat 40% off

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Nature Adventure Camp in Kanakapura Flat 35% off

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Coorg Camping Experience - Flat 20% Off

Coorg Camping Experience - Flat 20% Off

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Camping in Sakleshpur, Chikmagalur - Flat 34% off

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Adventure Jungle Stay in Dandeli

Adventure Jungle Stay in Dandeli

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Kodachadri Trek, Shimoga | Book @ ₹ 3179 Only!

Kodachadri Trek, Shimoga | Book @ ₹ 3179 Only!

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Kumara Parvatha Trek in Coorg - Flat 11% Off

Kumara Parvatha Trek in Coorg - Flat 11% Off

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Kudremukh Trek, Chikmagalur | Book @ ₹ 3499 Only!

Kudremukh Trek, Chikmagalur | Book @ ₹ 3499 Only!

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Gokarna Beach Trek Adventure with Camping

Gokarna Beach Trek Adventure with Camping

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Trek to Sharavathi Valley

Trek to Sharavathi Valley

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Trekking in Nishani Motte

Trekking in Nishani Motte

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Trek to Kotagiri in Ooty

Trek to Kotagiri in Ooty

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Trek to Top Station Munnar in Kurangani Hills

Trek to Top Station Munnar in Kurangani Hills

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  • Karnataka as a state provides in abundance for the adventure buffs. With most sites nestled in absolute dense locales of the Western Ghats, or by picturesque beach towns, the thrill and adrenaline rush provided is unparalleled!

    It is this interesting feature that has been drawing tourists and enthusiasts from world over for an unimaginable experience. Riding the wave to satiate the adventure requirement is white water rafting. Discover a whole new scene of world-class rapids with these options for river rafting near Bangalore.

    Here are river rafting options near Bangalore:

  • 01Barapole, Coorg

    Barapole, Coorg">Coorg which is one of the echoing white water rafting places near Bangalore with inimitable rapids and unfamiliar adventure. The gushing river produces more than nine Class 2 to Class 4 rapids while flowing and these rapids are the most striking features of Barapole. This attractive river in Coorg is a turbulent one flowing through the Brahmagiri Hills to join the Arabian Sea via Kerala.

    From Bangalore, you can reach Barapole by covering a distance of around 270 kilometers by taking the route touching Ramanagara, Maddur, Hunsur, Kutta, KKR Junction and finally Barapole. There are multiple tour providers who give unlimited fun packages with rafting in Barapole River. But all of the guests are requested to follow the rules and safety precautions since the river is highly energetic as well as turbulent.

    An interesting fact about the rapids in this river is they have different names like Morning Coffee, Wicked Witch, Grasshopper, Milky Churn, Frame Head etc. The river is highly protected by the thick forests on both the sides which give shelter to some rare wild animals and reptiles. The rapids will be concluded just before the entrance at the Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary.

    Rafting grade: Medium to challenging.

    Best season: June to September.

    Distance from Bangalore: 270 kilometers.

    Where to Stay: Best resorts and places to stay in Coorg

    What to See: Must visit tourist attractions in Coorg

    What to do: Offbeat things to do in Coorg

    Coorg River Rafting Experience

    Coorg River Rafting Experience

    NNNNN659 Ratings

    h1 HourlCoorg


    Starting from


  • 02Dandeli


    When it comes to tour packages with adventure activities, especially places near Bangalore, people blindly choose Dandeli too since it is acknowledged as one of the best white water rafting places near Bangalore and as an ideal vacation destination too. It is located in the north part of Karnataka with a heavy demand due to its pristine nature. The major feature that is the Kali River encircled by huge deciduous forests and wildlife habitats is the host of river rafting, kayaking and other similar activities in Dandeli.

    The class 3 rapids in Kali River would pull every adventure lover to enjoy the thrill hidden. Adventure junkies who look forward to have some amazing trekking experience, cycling, canyoning, kayaking etc will come to Dandeli and find river rafting more energetic and there are several groups and clubs that arrange mind blowing river rafting in the Kali River.

    Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is yet another attraction here and people visit it to have the glimpses of rare species like black panthers, Sambhar deer, Malabara giant squirrels etc. Jungle Lodges and Resorts, Kali River Camp and are the main event organizers at Dandeli offering the best river rafting as well. The main rafting packages are 9 kilometer 4 hour and 4 kilometer 2 hour.

    Rafting grade: Easy to moderate.

    Best season: October to February is the best time for rafting.

    Distance from Bangalore: 461.9 kilometers.

    Where to stay: Best resorts and places to stay in Dandeli
    One Day Water Adventure, Dandeli

    One Day Water Adventure, Dandeli

    NNNMM37 Ratings

    d1 DaylDandeli


    Starting from


  • 03Chikmagalur


    A pulsating hill station near Bangalore is Chikmagalur, brilliantly ornamented with the coffee plantations that spread blissful aroma always and here there are numerous homestays and resorts which arrange peaceful accommodation in the middle of vast wilderness but with utmost comfort. People who would love to disconnect from the hustles of city life and dwell in the burrows of nature select Chikmagalur as their vacation destination without doubt.

    But when Chikmagalur says that it can offer the best adventure activities in South India, then the happiness expected would be doubled. Yes, Chikmagalur is a throbbing white water rafting location as well. River Bhadra is the contributor to the large number of adventure junkies found in Chikamagalur, a river with gushing and bouncing rapids at different places, providing the best moments of rafting to those who look for them.

    The rapids are not so tricky yet exciting. The river flowing through the irresistible nature can bring the most beautiful sights as you raft through the ripples of Bhadra.

    Rafting grade: easy to moderate.

    Best season: June to October.

    Distance from Bangalore: 242.5 kilometers

    Where to stay: Best resorts and places to stay in Chikmagalur

    What to see: Best tourist places in Chikmagalur

    What to do: Offbeat things to do in Chikmagalur
  • 04Bheemeshwari


    Distance From Bangalore: 100Kms Approx

    Have only one day to spare to bounce back and hit the routine track again? Bheemeshwari cannot get more appropriate for a day’s outing. A 3 hour drive from the city, the place is a paradise for adventure activities near Bangalore that assure to engage you without a moment’s respite. Adventure water sports are a trademark here especially since Cauvery River meanders through the region showing off her skills – flowing gently at most places but dropping to a gradient along her course.

    Such unpredictable swift, changing current characteristic makes Bheemeshwari the ideal destination for river rafting near Bangalore. The grade-III rapids here, tests the maneuvering and navigation skill of the rafters. Extending to an 8km stretch through a beautiful valley, this is a hard to miss destination for white water rafting near Bangalore. June-September is the ideal time to go for rafting in Bheemeshwari.

  • 05Kabini

    Distance from Bangalore: 220kms Approx

    Once a major hunting spot of Maharaja of Mysore, the Kabini River is also one of the most sought after destinations for river rafting. Preferred for its easy accessibility, lush green environs, sightings of large herds of elephants, Kabini offers an enthralling rafting experience blended with enough of wildlife spotting.

     A rich tributary of the Cauvery River, Kabini rafting route passes through some of the untouched parts of the wildlife sanctuary. Perfect for even a novice, the river flows swiftly down the Western Ghats, where manoeuvring is quite a challenge and can be managed by experts as well as beginners.

    Where to Stay: Best resorts and places to stay in Kabini
  • 06Kondaji, Davanagere

    Kondaji, Davanagere
    Distance From Bangalore: 260kms Approx

    Situated near Davanagere, Kondaji is also one of the most preferred destinations for the weekend near Bangalore. A 4-hour road trip from the Garden City takes you to this scenic beauty spot that is nestled by stunning hills and picturesque forests.

    Tiny hamlets on either side of the waterway offer a pleasant treat to the eyes as you raft down the rapids in this vicinity. Besides rafting, you can also enjoy exciting moments by undertaking kayaking, coracle rides and surfing as well. The rich flora and fauna of the region also house several rare and exotic bird species.
  • 07Sitanadi, Agumbe

    Sitanadi, Agumbe
    Image Credit : Sri Harsha
    Distance From Bangalore: 350kms Approx

    Almost surreal, Agumbe sits pretty and cosy amidst the tropical forests of the Western Ghats of, Shimoga district, is a must visit destination near Bangalore during monsoon. Touted as ‘Cherrapunji of South India’ for its incessant rainfall, this beautiful land is the abode of the Sitanadi River. It is during the monsoons when the dainty flowing waters of this river offers grade-II and III rapids. Riding through these turbulent waves, during the monsoons usually, takes around 4-6hours depending on the distance.

    While in Agumbe, the rafters can either raft from Nisarga Dham to Belinje Bridge that covers around 14km or from Nisarga Dhama to Jomlu Tirtha, which is around 22km. A feat to conquer for the experienced, Sitanadi is an epic destination for water rafting near Bangalore. Also, the region is dotted with several waterfalls such as Barkana, Onake Abbi, Jogigundi and Koodlu Theertha falls.
  • 08Sharavati, Honnemardu

    Sharavati, Honnemardu
    Image Credit : Sitabja Basu

    One of the most beautiful rafting spots near Bangalore is Sharavati River in Honnemaradu. Sharavati River is the possession of Karnataka. It belongs to the serene Shimoga district. It is one of the westward flowing rivers of India and the famous Jog Falls are formed by this river. The biodiversity near the river is quite famous and rich with many different species of flora and fauna. Hence, Sharavati is a major tourist destination as well.

    Rafting is the main event the river hosts proudly and hundreds of adventure lovers visit Sharavati to indulge in the amazing rapids emerging out of the gushing water. The river originates from Ambutirtha at Thirthahalli and it acts as the source of various waterfalls and dams on the way to join the sea. The river is encircled by tremendous green valleys which are the pioneers in accommodating semi-evergreen forests and moist deciduous forests.

    The rapids in Sharavati are not that challenging yet beautiful and enough to create many thrills. There are numerous tour organizers that give multiple packages with rafting in Sharavati.

    Rafting grade: easy to moderate.

    Best season: during monsoon, the river will be filled with water and the months from June to August are the best time to do adventurous rafting in Sharavati.

    Distance from Bangalore: 453.9 kilometers.
  • 09Marawanthe, Karwar

    Marawanthe, Karwar
    Image Credit : Balamurugan Natarajan

    Distance From Bangalore: 460kms Approx

    An enamoring beach locale that makes you come to a screeching halt in the middle of your highway drive, Marwanthe screams sublime beauty. A stretch ideally positioned between Sauparnika River on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other, against the backdrop of Kodachadri Hills, it is highly popular as a picnic spot just outside of Mangalore.

    Steadily garnering fame as an extreme adventure sports destination, the waters around Marawanthe are safe and provide for many water sports with rafting topping the list. Undoubtedly a picturesque setting to unwind over a weekend, Marawanthe offers serene and virgin stretches of coastline waiting to be explored while cruising the appealing waves.

    If you are one of the many adventure junkies, who rather than enjoying the pleasant and silent water, prefer exhilarating experience, river rafting is your call! With many destinations for river rafting near Bangalore, you will be having ample of destinations to enjoy this enthralling water sport and feel the splashes of the mighty waves.

Rafting in Bangalore



Snow City

This indoor snow theme park garners plenty of visitors who aim to escape in the scorching heat by entering a snow house that spans an area of 12,500 sq. feet. The unparalleled experience of playing, sliding and throwing snow at each other can be achieved in the middle of a tropical town and you do not have to travel to the mighty Himalayas, neither have to wait for the winters. The freezing hall offers a number of crazy slides and rides with skiing and rock climbing activities. Snow city is the first indoor theme park in the city which is open 365 days maintaining a temperature of minus 5 degree Celsius. The crazy snow box, various virtual snow animals, snow parties and snow slides are some of the features which lure visitors into trying this freezing hangout location.

Location: Jayamahal, Fun World Complex, Opposite TV Tower, J C Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560006

Best Time to Visit: Summer season.

Price: INR 600 per head.

Timings: 10 AM to 8:30 PM on all days of the week.

Average time required to visit the place: one-time entry is for 45 minutes.

Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Around 30 KM.



If you remember the classic Sholay scenes then you will be amazed to see the rocky mountains of this town that is situated around 50 KM from Bengaluru city and Sholay was originally shot here. 

From Silk farming to Mysore-Pak, from leading into the huge Hanuman statue entrance to the Ramadevara Betta Vulture Sanctuary; Ramanagara is one of the places to visit in Bangalore to enjoy heaps of activities like camping and trekking, and also an abundance of sightseeing option. 

The iconic rock elevations where the dacoit Gabbar was filmed in the cult classic Sholay can be visited during the day where you walk and climb some steep elevations of approximately 400 staircases to reach the top where you will find a temple as well. 

These rock elevations are of Ramadevara Betta Hill which is a part of Ramadevara betta Vulture Sanctuary.

Location: Mysore Road, Ramanagara, India

Best Time to Visit: Winter season (November to March)

Price: Ramadevara Betta hill can be visited by paying an entry charge of INR 25 with a separate parking charge.

Timings: The gates of the sanctuary open around 9 AM and closes by 4:30 to 5 PM.

Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Around 55 KM



Bheemeshwari is a short distance hideaway in the Mandya district of Karnataka and is situated around a hundred KM from the city on the banks of river Cauvery.  This picturesque is visited mostly for fishing and angling as it is an ideal destination to indulge in such activities. 

It is home to Mahseer, the tropical game  fish along with schools of other fishes and that is why it is called “the angler’s paradise.” Wedged amid the Shivanasamudra falls and the Mekedatu falls, Bheemeshwari lures travelers with its mesmerizing natural beauty. 

Sangam in Bheemeshwari is the confluence point of river Cauvery and river Akravati which enables many water activities such as boating, rafting, coracle rides etc. Kokrebellur Pelicanry is another attraction is Bheemeshwari which one of the five most famous pelican breeding habitats in the world. It is one of the famous sightseeing places in Bangalore that is a ‘must-visit’ location.

Location: 100 KM on the Kanakapura road from Bangalore.

Best Time to Visit: Monsoon season or post-monsoon, winter season.

Average time required to visit the place: one or two days.

Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Approximately 100 KM.


Dodda Alada Mara

The sprawling branches of a Banyan tree has captured a land of over 3 acres in Kethohalli village, making it one of the unique sightseeing places in Bangalore. This 400-year-old Banyan tree is stated to be the second largest tree in the country and the first largest in Karnataka. 

A thousand aerial roots hanging out from this tree covers a circumference of over 250 meters. Dodda Alada Mara is a well-maintained and well-kept secret of Karnataka which is properly fenced and protected with cemented seats placed beside it for the visitors to enjoy the magic of nature. 

The interesting fact about Dodda Alada Mara is that it stands erect on the thousand aerial root without having the main root as it died out of some natural diseases in the past.

Location: Tavarekere Hobli, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Best Time to Visit: Evenings are ideal to spend at Dodda Alada Mara to enjoy cool breezes and a blazing sunset.


Timings: 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM on all days of the week.

Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Around 26 KM.

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