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Raft with your family or your spouse, with your friends or with complete strangers; rafting tours in Uttrakhand are always going to be phenomenal. Uttrakhand can be a travelogue in the making and an adrenaline junkie water lover’s best bet. The smoky mountains, the quiet jungles, and the rapid river gush make this place a wonderland that comes right from the books of Ruskin Bond where numerous rafting tours are conducted. Uttrakhand is a place worth going where the roads create your journey, and the destination decorates your travel stories. The enchanting high peaks of the Himalayas and the misty-smoky River speak to you in glory and rejoice your arrival to its foot land. Scream your lungs out in the lofty tides of river Ganges while shoving your raft through the topaz waters of the river Rishikesh. Plunge into the ice cold water with your life jackets all buckled up and swim for some time before you finish your rafting experience, do not forget to take a cliff jump in the river to fill your soul with adventure.


The enthralling rafting activities are often teamed up with adventure sports like bungee jumping and zip lining for taking the thrill to a next level. Imagine a night when you camp after such activities and sit encircling a bonfire while you sing your throat out in the darkness of the woods and the whispers of the river, gorging on some locally made chicken and rice; aren’t you already dreaming? Uttrakhand is one such destination that is underrated for its beauty but is praised for the world-class adventure sports that it offers on the banks of river Ganges. Grab your friends and bring them along to have the most memorable rafting tours in Uttarakhand.

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"Nestled in the midst of 9 hills offers breathtaking views of the Ganges. The camping experience is great. Hospitable staff. Food is decent. Weather is great. Its a little far off and drive might be a bit tiring considering lot of stoppages in the road up here due to road construction. If you expect it to be along the river on a beach then you shall be disappointed. In fact its located at a steep height from the road and for guys from the plains it shall be a pretty steep climb of 50 odd steps with luggage. For the price it offers a lovely memory. "
31 August 2019
Camp located around hills which gave such a amazing view.. Gaurav and staff was so good..and so helpful and make us comfort so we can enjoy our full. Food, camp, cleaning and view all are amazing.. Thank you guyz..the camping was unforgettable for me and my friends..
"Very beautiful camp location between the dense green forest mountains with flowing river by the camp site. It us located in Ghattughat, about 25kms away from Rishikesh.We spotted 3-4 peacocks near our camp site. Meals was tasty. Manager and other staff was very polite and helpful. camp was well maintained. Tents were neat and clean. \nRafting experience in Ganga river was very amazing. Rafting package includes Rafting, cliff jumping and body surfing. \nOverall this package is worthy. "
1. Make sure you think of a way to reach from Rishikesh to the Camp Location. We had to take a cab in Rs.1500+200AC charges. 2. Food is amazing, People were great. 3. Pool party at night was Lit. 4. Rafting experience is great (16km) Overall I would say you can trust them for 2 Days fun.
06 June 2019
The view is amazing. It is surprisingly calm and serene. The food is delicious. The staff is the best crew I've ever met they'll attend to all your needs and take the best care of you. the tents are really comfortable and can easily accommodate upto 4 people. I would recommend it to anybody who is willing to go cz it's a perfect vacation. It's worth every penny spent. You probably might be thinking they only post the good reviews but trust me they deserve only good n you'll agree too once you reach there
Overall it was a nice experience at the camp. The members were supportive & cordial. The foods were tasty & good too. But the reception needed to improve soon as we reached Rishikesh for rafting.
08 February 2021
It was an awesome experience overall. We went through the picturesque canal road and reached there. The camphouse was huge and the best part was that we were the only one there. The food is one of the best we've had in the Himalayas and I have visited the entire himachal. The breeze, the river view and pool are best. They took us to a nice small trek in the evening. Easy access to activities also. Service wise also these guys are the best, they let us connect our phone to the speakers for our music. Tents of nice qualities. Amazing time we had there.
15 January 2021
Had a great experiance. We did trekking, rafting, bonfire and the place, view was really nice.
Amazing experience. Has a great view of Ganges, surrounded by hills. The drive from Rishikesh isn't that great because of ongoing road construction plus reaching the campsite itself would be a small trek for some people. Great staff, good food. I traveled solo, met an amazing family there, so all in all it was a fun trip.
29 December 2020
Very efficiently handled....booking efficiency was most pleasing.....staff was most polite and most importantly the navigator (harish) was super .....great memories

People Also Ask About Rafting in Uttarakhand

  1. What are the best places for rafting in Uttarakhand?

    1. Byasi: In this small village, you can enjoy rafting activities in the holy Ganga river. This place has consistent water flow and the ideal demography for river rafting. Nearby, you will find several hotels and restaurants.

    2. Devprayag:
    Located at a height of 830 meters above sea level, this place is considered holy, as it is located near the confluence of the Bhagirathi and the Alaknanda river. This is an ideal spot for white water rafting.

    3. Rishikesh:
    This is one of the most popular places for river rafting in Uttarakhand. Here you will authorize rafting professionals who can provide you with an exciting yet safe experience. You can start your journey from multiple rafting spots.

    4. Shivpuri:
    One of the most popular rafting destinations, Shivpuri is visited by adventure enthusiasts every year for white water rafting activities in the river Ganga. Even if you are an amateur, you can have a safe and fun experience rafting here.
  2. What is the minimum group size required for Uttarakhand river rafting?

    River rafting is an exciting activity, you must strictly follow safety procedures communicated by the experts or else you could end up in a bad accident. To keep the raft steady, there must be at least 7-8 people in a single raft. Bigger groups should split themselves among rafts.
  3. How long does a river rafting session in Uttarakhand last?

    When you visit a river rafting point in Uttarakhand, they will usually present you with some options. You can select the distance you wish to travel down the river. Usually, a rafting session will last for a minimum of 1.5 hours. If you wish to travel a long distance, it could take 3 hours or so.

  4. What is the age limit river rafting in Uttarakhand?

    River rafting is an extremely thrilling but risky sport, and there is an age limit for the activity. The government has recently lowered the age limit from 14 years to 12 years. Also, earlier, the maximum age limit was 65, but now there is no maximum age limit for this activity.

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