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Jaipur-ajmer-pushkar Sightseeing Tour Flat 30% off

Jaipur-ajmer-pushkar Sightseeing Tour Flat 30% off

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Camping In Pushkar, Rajasthan Flat 30% Off

Camping In Pushkar, Rajasthan Flat 30% Off

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Camel Safari in Pushkar Flat 28% Off

Camel Safari in Pushkar Flat 28% Off

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Jeep Safari in Pushkar Flat 32% Off

Jeep Safari in Pushkar Flat 32% Off

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Food Walk Tour in Pushkar - Flat 26% Off

Food Walk Tour in Pushkar - Flat 26% Off

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Adventure Activities in Pushkar Flat 27% Off

Adventure Activities in Pushkar Flat 27% Off

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Paintball in Pushkar Flat 16% Off

Paintball in Pushkar Flat 16% Off

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Zip Lining in Pushkar, Rajasthan Flat 17% Off

Zip Lining in Pushkar, Rajasthan Flat 17% Off

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  • Pushkar is not an unknown name, from the religious sights to the quirky cafes; there is an abundance of places to visit in Pushkar with hopeful surprises in every corner. The small shops lined up in the colourful streets are full of joy, vibrancy, culture, and warmth. Puskar is that corner of India where people get stunned by everything they see.

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    The location is quite hilly and perhaps constitutes the reasons why Pushkar is the new spot to hit. The route from Ajmer to Pushkar presents you the most picturesque sights along the road. Some of the intriguing factors in Pushkar are the camel safari that enables traversing the undulating sand dunes of the great Thar Desert atop a Camel, the one and only temple of Lord Brahma in the entire country lies in Pushkar and the sacred Pushkar Lake which is a major pilgrimage site. 

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    Puskar border the Thar Desert and hence desert safaris are the most common adventure activity that excites the visitors. The Pushkar Lake has 52 Ghats and where one can bathe. Jagatpita Brahma Mandir is the only temple dedicated to the Lord of creation (Brahma)
    The place is definitely not a big town but rustic village that has gone hippie in the last couple of years. 

    There are tons of items that you can take back home from the pretty markets of Pushkar like stunning silver jewellery, palazzos, bangles, bandhani sarees, artefacts made of mud and lovely dupattas. People mostly combine Ajmer and Pushkar in one trip due to the proximity they share, however, it is not a bad idea. Take a traditional homestay for your sojourn in Pushkar and you will undoubtedly fall in love with Pushkar, the village that gives an unforgettable experience.

  • Famous Places to Visit in Pushkar

  • 01Pushkar Lake

    Pushkar Lake
    Image Credit : KGMK - flickr

    Surrounded by more than fifty bathing ghats, this lake is located in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan. Legend has it that Lord Brahma was looking for a place to conduct a religious ceremony. He dropped a lotus to guide him. The lotus fell on the site which is now the Pushkar Lake.

    It is a sacred water body for Hindus and is where the Pushkar Fair is held. Thousands of pilgrims visit here to take a holy dip during the fair which is said to cleanse sins. The lake is generally full through the year and has different varieties of fish. The surrounding regions are home to exotic flora and fauna. Numerous migratory birds visit the water body during certain seasons. Surrounded by good hotels and resorts, you are never short of accommodation facilities when here.

    Set amidst beautiful hills, the lake is one of the main tourist attractions of Rajasthan. These hills are where the Saint Agasthya's cave is, which is amongst the intriguing places to see in Pushkar. It is believed that in these adjoining hills, this great saint meditated for good part of his life.

    Jaipur-ajmer-pushkar Sightseeing Tour Flat 30% off

    Jaipur-ajmer-pushkar Sightseeing Tour Flat 30% off

    NNNNN133 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 Nighth9 HourslJaipur


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  • 02Brahma's Temple

    Brahma's Temple
    Image Credit : Rajasthan Tourism

    Also called the Jagatpita Brahma Mandir, this temple is located near to the Pushkar Lake. It is one of the few Brahma temples remaining in the country and is amongst the rare places to visit in Pushkar. The place of worship was built in the fourteenth century. Constructed of marble and stone, it has a unique architecture along with the majestic red pinnacle. The bird motif of the sacred structure gives it a distinctive identity. Inside the place of worship, images of Brahma adorn the sanctum sanctorum. Married men are not allowed entry into the sanctum sanctorum as this place is reserved only for ascetics or sanyasis.

    There are many fascinating architectural aspects of this temple. The pillared outdoor hall is one such structure that will leave you spellbound. The insides are built with stone slabs and molted lead has been used to combine them  on a high plinth, numerous marble steps lead to the temple. The scared place is visited by devotees throughout the year. Many come here only after taking a holy dip in the Pushkar Lake. Dedicated to Lord Brahma, the most important festival is held here during the months of October and November.
  • 03Varah Temple

    Varah Temple

    Out of the largest and most ancient temples in Pushkar, Varah Temple is one. It is dedicated to Varaha, a boar that is considered to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.  The place of worship is an ancient architectural masterpiece built in the 12th century. It was destroyed by Aurangzeb who as the Mughal ruler at that time. Aurangzeb took offence to the strange depiction of a man’s body with a boar’s head in the temple. The shrine was restored in 1727 by Raja Sawai Jai Singh II.

    The highlight of the place is the image house present inside. The very sight is magnificent. Given this unique culmination of architectural elements, this temple is considered amongst the finest temples in this region and also one of the best places to visit in Pushkar. Visited by people from all regions across, it is also a popular place to explore the intriguing facets of Hindu mythology.

  • 04Savitri Temple

    Savitri Temple

    Located atop the Ratnagiri Hill, Savitri Temple has a legend behind it. Built in 1687, it is said to be the place where the Goddess Savitri came and rested after revolting with her husband on marrying another woman. This temple was built by her and served as a lookout to watch her husband’s erring ways. Visiting this place of worship is quite an experience.

    The route that leads to the temple meanders through the hills. You need to trek for about an hour to get to the top of Ratnagiri Hill. From the top you are rewarded with breathtaking views of the surrounding regions. You can see the vast expanse of the Pushkar Lake in the distance and can also see parts of the desert. This multi-faceted view is truly engaging and visiting these places is amongst the pleasurable things to do in Pushkar.

    Visiting this temple has religious significance. Given that the trek to reach here tiresome, it is considered to be undertaking a punishment for any sins that you may have committed. Currently, the idols of Savitri and Gayatri have been installed in the temple. Pilgrims from all over India visit to pay their respects to these divine Goddesses.

  • 05Pushkar Camel Fair

    Pushkar Camel Fair
    Image Credit : Koshy Koshy - flickr

    This fair is an enormous exposition of camels. Villagers from all rural parts of Rajasthan arrive at Pushkar with their camels. On average there are about fifty thousand camels at the fair. One of the largest aggregation of these desert animals, this is amongst the top places to see in Pushkar.

    The Pushkar Camel Fair is celebrated during the month of November in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan. During this time you can see camels dressed up and paraded through the field. There are various contests such as camel races and camel pageantry held. There are also performances by magicians and street performers in many parts of the ground. The rural magic may not be the ones you see by international artists, yet they are endearing.

    During the fair, pilgrims visit the Pushkar Lake to take a holy dip. This act is said to absolve their sins. On average there are about two hundred thousand people here. Even the camel men are dressed in impressive traditional clothing and are adorned in colored turbans and embroidered gowns. Some comical acts are also performed that leave everyone enthralled. The fair is a positive experience and has repeat visitors. There are foreign visitors who continue to visit every year enamored by the culture and heritage of this place.

    Besides buying and selling of livestock, the fair also witnesses several exciting competitions like matka phod (break the pot), longest moustache, camel race and aerobics, bridal competition and several others.

    Best time to visit: November

    Camel Safari in Pushkar Flat 28% Off

    Camel Safari in Pushkar Flat 28% Off

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    h1 HourlPushkar


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  • 06Man Mahal

    Man Mahal

    The largest royal place of residence in Pushkar, Man Mahal is one of the places to visit in Pushkar. Located beside the Sarovar Lake, the view from here is engaging. You can see the entire expanse of the Sarovar Lake and the surrounding regions. It was built for Raja Man Singh-I, who visited this place as a retreat center. Now the erstwhile royal guest house is public guest house. It is open for visitors who can stay here and enjoy the many facets of Pushkar.

    Man Mahal has a commanding architecture that incorporates traditional Rajasthani architectural elements. There is a touch of Mughal influence in the design of the building. The palace is also called the Sarovar Hotel given that it is a world class stay offering an international ambience to suit all types of visitors.

    The interiors of the structure are a visual treat for visitors. Located on the banks of the lake, you can go for boating expeditions on these serene waters. The hotel administration also arranges for tour guides to help you make an informed trip into the heart of the city. Providing a unique experience, if you have ever fancied living in a palace, this is your opportunity.

  • 07Rangji Temple

    Rangji Temple

    The Rangji Temple is known for its South Indian architecture such as the high gopuram. Among the newer temples of the region, it was constructed under the aegis of Seth Puran Mal Ganeriwal in 1823. The grace and poise of this place of worship is unmistakable. It is one of the popular shrines in the region and experiences a steady influx of visitors every year.

    Dedicated to Lord Rangii, the temple is one among the few ones in Pushkar that incorporate South Indian architecture. The sacred structure also incorporates architectural styles of Rajput and Mughal designs making it unique. Being a Vishnu temple, you can see a large gathering of Vishnu devotees on important occasions.

    Given its distinct disposition, this revered shrine is amongst the top places to visit in Pushkar. In the vicinity are several sightseeing attractions. You can witness the local culture of this place on bicycling trips. Being a holy town with numerous temples, there is a palpable synergy of piety in every aspect of daily life here.

  • 08Adventure Desert Camp

    Adventure Desert Camp

    A desert camp setting is a chance to have an indulgent escape into nature, witness the locals dressed in traditional attire, ornaments and custom and spent your time by the bonfire singing and dancing. Despite the name, the desert is not an aloof island but is also surrounded by some trees, flowers and is bestowed with beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

    You can listen to the early morning music created by the chirping of birds and encounter the enthralling wildlife. The camps are nestled amongst the Aravali Mountains and the golden sand dunes of the desert. The exotic location of the campsite refreshes one’s mind and the spectacular view of the sunset and the golden sand dunes delights the photographer in you.

    The price of such camps range between INR 4000 to 5500 for one tent.

    Best time to do:
    During the winter season, the ideal months are November and February when the temperature is neither too cold nor too hot.

    Folk music and dance program, camel safari to sunset points.

    The stay can be of 2 days and one night.

    Camping In Pushkar, Rajasthan Flat 30% Off

    Camping In Pushkar, Rajasthan Flat 30% Off

    NNNNN116 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlPushkar


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  • 09Mahadeva Temple

    Mahadeva Temple
    Dedicated to Lord Mahadeva, this temple is one of the most pious as well as highly visited temples in Pushkar. Built in 19th century, it has Lord Shiva as its main deity and a pure white marble statue of the lord. Crafted intricately, the temple is embossed with pink pillars, polished flooring and a fascinating wall paintings.
  • 10Visit Pushkar Bazaar

    Visit Pushkar Bazaar

    The Pushkar Bazaar is amongst the top tourist destinations in Pushkar and the most popular amongst places to visit in Pushkar. The assortment of items sold in this marketplace provides you an insight of the culture here.

    This market is famous for rose pulp. You can also purchase syrup and gulkhand which are popular items sold in the shops here. Even though it is a bustling market, it is a beautiful place. All handicraft items and miscellaneous items sold here are reasonably priced.

    You can shop for Rajasthani costumes here. Be it the embroidered fabrics, utensils made of brass, glass ware, leather bags made of camel skin, and belts; there’s much to choose. There are a number of items only sold in this bazaar and have a high demand with international visitors. Given that Pushkar is a holy town many items sold here are of religious interest. There is a profound undercurrent of Hindu mythology in this bazaar given that even the handicraft items incorporate elements of piety.

    Food Walk Tour in Pushkar - Flat 26% Off

    Food Walk Tour in Pushkar - Flat 26% Off

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    h2 HourslPushkar


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  • 11Merta City

    Merta City

    Merta City is known as the birthplace of Meera Bai. She was a poet and princess who wrote many acclaimed essays and poetry articles. Her devotional songs are etched forever in the minds of people. She wrote these songs for her favorite god Lord Krishna. Krishna devotees also worship her because of her undying faith in Lord Krishna. There is also a temple dedicated to her as she also considered a saint.

    Visiting Merta City is an exotic and intriguing experience and is definitely amongst the top things to do in Pushkar. The place is full of meandering roads that crisscross each other. A popular place to visit here is the Meera Smarak. You can visit the museum inside to gain more insight on Meera, her life and times. There are numerous cloth paintings depicting her in various poses displayed in the museum.  Merta also has many temples and palaces.

    It is a beautiful city full of these impressive structures to keep you busy for several weeks together. The city was used as a trading port in the desert during the medieval period. One splendid structure you have to visit is the Aurangzeb Mosque. 
  • Offbeat Things to do in Pushkar

  • 12Trekking and Camping at Pushkar

    Trekking and Camping at Pushkar

    Trek through the rugged terrains of the Great Indian Thar Desert. Hike the lofty Aravali ranges and engage into heart throbbing activities like hot air ballooning and desert safari. Pushkar is said to be one of the oldest inhabited cities in India and there are a plethora of activities which can pulsate you to the core. Hike through the stupendous hills of the Savitri, Gayatri and Naag to witness the scenic panorama of the desert beauty. Camel safari is one of the most popular activities that bring many travellers to the land of Rajasthan. Shop for different camping options in Pushkar and spend a night watching a zillion stars. Visit on a full moon night and you will be awestruck by the scene at night while camping in the endless desert.

    • Price: The price may range between INR 1000 to 4000 depending on the type of accommodation.

    • Best time to do: During winter season, the idle months are November and February.

    • Places to visit: hike up to Savitri, Gayatri and Naag in Pushkar.

    • Duration: The stay can be of 2 days and one night.

    Trekking and Camping at Pushkar

    Trekking and Camping at Pushkar

    NNNNM41 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlPushkar

    Starting from


  • 13Camel Safari

    Camel Safari
    Image Credit : Unsplash
    Almost all of us are confused to pick one out of best places to visit in Pushkar as this place has a lot to offer. While you are on a trip to Rajasthan try this exciting Camel safari which is most loved by all. Camel Safari offers you a chance to cherish the life in the bright atmosphere of the desert. Explore the life and the impressive Rajasthan.

    The rustic lifestyle of desert people adds charm to the whole region. The journey of camel safari trails through the countryside. For a long period of time Pushkar was out of the sights of visitors.

    Getting There: If you are taking a flight to the Sanganer airport which is 146 km from Pushkar is the nearest airport. It connects Pushkar to the rest of India and the world. Pushkar is easily connected to the major roadways and national highways of Rajasthan and India. The Marwar bus stand is linked to places like Delhi, Jodhpur, and Bikaner. The other stand is Ajmer bus stand, at a distance of 11 km in the east of Pushkar.
    Camel Safari in Pushkar

    Camel Safari in Pushkar

    NNNNN25 Ratings

    h1 HourlPushkar


    Starting from


  • 14Hot air Balloon Ride

    Hot air Balloon Ride
    Image Credit : Peggy_Marco
    While you are in Pushkar try this exciting activity of Hot air Balloon Ride and explore the city from the top.There is nothing quite like it. The absolute peace of immense vistas, muted colors and crisp fresh air and the ever-present promise of something wild as the balloons float you silently above it all "like a dream come true.

    Soak in the tranquillity as you slowly drift over the places and enjoy the sight of the ancient sacred landscape. This is like a double treat for the photography lovers who would love to capture some of the most splendid shots with your lens.

    The best time for this activity is during early morning or late afternoon.

    Getting There: If you are taking a flight to the Sanganer airport which is 146 km from Pushkar is the nearest airport. It connects Pushkar to the rest of India and the world. Pushkar is easily connected to the major roadways and national highways of Rajasthan and India.
  • 151 Hour Quad Biking Tour in Pushkar

    1 Hour Quad Biking Tour in Pushkar
    • h1 Hour
    • lPushkar
    • NNNNN33 ratings
    • Narender Singh
      Narender Singh
    About the Activity:
    • If you love exploring the deserts, then this tour is the perfect fit for you.
    • Enthrall in this exciting 1 hour quad biking experience which will starts from the Aram Bagh Hotel.
    • Explore the desert in 200cc ATV for the ultimate fun.
    • Ride through the city and enjoy the amazing view and the cityscape before stepping into the desert.
    • Once you reach the desert, ride through the sand dunes for the ultimate fun and adventure.
  • 16Horse Riding in Pushkar, Rajasthan

    Horse Riding in Pushkar, Rajasthan
    • h1 Hour
    • lPushkar
    • NNNNN27 ratings
    • Mr. Singh
      Mr. Singh

    About the Activity:

    Get an outstanding horse safari starting in the beautiful countryside and riding to Pushkar Camel Fair on fine Marwari horses.

    Other activities include horse safari, horse trekking, horse riding, and Pushkar Fair for riders.

    This exhilarating ride captures the spirit of a traditional journey to the great mela.

    The safari is accompanied by a friendly, experienced team who take great care of both horses and riders.

    Pushkar is a small place, situated 11 km from Ajmer, in the state of Rajasthan. It is a holy place mostly visited for the sacred Pushkar Lake, the Brahma temple and the renowned Camel Safari. Thus, though Pushkar is primarily a pilgrimage spot, it is also visited for the exciting camel safaris in the desert sand dunes.

  • 17Hiking in Pushkar

    Hiking in Pushkar
    • h4 Hours
    • lPushkar
    • NNNNN23 ratings
    • Inder
    About the Activity:
    • If you want to explore the real beauty of Rajasthan, then this tour is the perfect fit for you.
    • Embark on this exciting 4 hour trekking expedition in Pushkar and witness the stunning beauty of this region.
    • Hike through the amazing hills of the Savatri, Gayatri and Naag to enjoy its scenic view.
    • Enjoy a mouth watering lunch in a rooftop restaurant.
    • End your tour with lots of memories.

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