55 Things to Do in Jaisalmer 2021 (Starting from ₹250.0 Only)

Jaisalmer is situated in the Maharaja State of India, Rajasthan. This much revered city is located close to the border of Pakistan and boasts of the rugged terrains of the Thar Desert. The city is characterised by its massive forts made out of Golden sandstone from which it derives its name. The camel safaris are a great way to explore the Jaisalmer countryside, to experience its magnificence. The Jaisalmer Desert Safari is a very popular activity among Best Things To Do in Jaisalmer. This fun and adventurous activity makes one familiar with the rustic life of the locals living around the desert and also makes one witness splendid sights of the spectacular desert. The rest of the world knows Jaisalmer for its sandy terrain of the Thar Desert and the magnificent Jaisalmer Fort, also called Sonar Qila (Golden Fort).

This fort is the most prominent landmark which houses shops, hotels and ancient havelis (grand homes). Jaisalmer is a much visited tourist destination and over the years tourism has flourished manifolds. After the rise in commercialisation, many palaces in the city have been transformed into heritage hotels and museums which attract many tourists. Among notable attractions in Jaisalmer is the huge Gadi Sagar Lake which was formerly built as a water conserver in the 14th century. Jaisalmer is an architectural paradise with its fortresses and havelis that adorn golden sandstone architecture and reflects optimum grandeur. Salim Singh ki Haveli and Patwa ki Haveli are also tourist hotspots among other notable places of Interest in Jaisalmer. One must visit the Kuldhara Village where local folklore suggests that the ruins of this village are haunted. Bada Bagh, Khaba fort, Surya Gate, Mandir Palace, Vyas Chhatri and Tanot Maa Temple are among other tourist attractions in Jaisalmer. When in Jaisalmer, tourists love to engage and enjoy the rustic and earthy music and folk dance of the gypsy travellers that portrays the essence of the Rajasthani Folk culture and this activity is one of the Best Things To Do in Jaisalmer.

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"Desert camping in Jaisalmer remains highlights of your memories ????\nNice Food, Places, Scenic place..\n"
22 January 2019
I took this trip along with my two friends and we had a wonderful experience there. We had an awesome stay in the Swiss Tent where all the required facilities are available or if not on asking they provide do it. The staffs were very friendly and well behaved. I was awestruck by the beauty of golden sand there. It felt like I was far far lost in Desert somewhere and the sunset adds an extravagant beauty to that view. At night the campfire was so cool along with the folk dancing and singing activities. In short it was an awesome trip whoever wants to see Jaiselmer at the best should take this trip. Thanks to Thrillophilia for the awesome Experience and keep up the good work :) :)
A splendour trip.!!! Truly jaiselmer’s beauty is dependent on this dunes no matter how much time u stay its less. Tent are quite spacious and well sanitized. Dinner was good and snacks too. Safari was quite a great experience. Can’t thank you guys enough for adding beautiful pages of moments in our life..
"Best experience with friends, definitely say yes to this place. This place is quite far and also in the middle of the desert that makes this place even more better. The cultural program was amazing and the Safari we enjoyed it alot. Thanks for such a nice camping experience"
16 February 2019
We were picked up in a swift dzire from Pithla Haveli where we stayed. After reaching the desert we did our Jeep Safari (which was not included in our package though) then we did our camel safari. Both of them were more than awesome. Do not miss the jeep safari. If you are there. That cultural night was superb and the buffet dinner was very good. Thanks to Thrillophilia for this awesome trip. To see all the photos and stories do follow me on Bidyut_018 on Instagram.
10 March 2021
It includes only Camel ride and no Desert safari by Jeep. I had to pay 1200 more for 2 people for Desert safari by Jeep. The dinner was OKish. Camel ride was very good, on requesting he took us twice with just 50Rs. tip. There is an option to go for ATV ride also there @600 per person for a small round :P . But it was fun overall and I enjoyed it.
01 March 2021
Had a comfortable stay at the camps..all amenities were good and they were really friendly and everything was perfect there.
28 January 2021
Jeep safari is awesome i never enjoyed tht much in my entire life, tent is good and specially the food is delicious and staff is also good thnx to thrillophilia
05 January 2021
Amazing experience Safe for girls Hygienic
04 January 2021
I had a family trip to Jaiselmer and we stayed in Mehar Adventure camp. The tents were well clean , staff was excellent and food was tasty and clean. Cultural program and camel safari was too good. Amazing experience.

People Also Ask About Jaisalmer Things To Do

  1. What are the best things to do in Jaisalmer?

    Jaisalmer is closer to the border of our country and is characterised by the rustic terrain of the Thar Desert, the undulating sand dunes, remote village areas, fortresses and havelis made of golden sandstone, a tourist friendly atmosphere and very hospitable people.

    The Best Things To Do in Jaisalmer are taking camel safari rides across the desert, going on a cultural tour to visit the villages and experience their culture and tradition, experiencing the grandiose of the havelis and forts built during the bygone era, among which the Jaisalmer Fort is much revered.

    One must visit the Kuldhara Village where local folklore suggests that the ruins of this village are haunted. Bada Bagh, Khaba fort, Surya Gate, Mandir Palace, Vyas Chhatri and Tanot Maa Temple are some of the tourist attractions in Jaisalmer.

  2. What are the best adventure activities to do in Jaisalmer?

    Jaisalmer also promises incredible fun and adventurous experiences to its visitors apart from its other mainstream activities that interests tourists. One can indulge and choose from multitude of activities like Quad Biking, Camping with Motor Bike, Desert Camel Safari and Jeep safaris are the perfect way to get some thrilling adventure in Jaisalmer.

    Dune bashing, enthralling ATV rides and horse riding activity at countryside are other exciting activities that may interest the tourists visiting Jaisalmer.

  3. Where can I enjoy a camel safari in Jaisalmer? What are its charges?

    A camel safari can be a thrilling adventure and can add the much needed charm to your normal travel story of Rajasthan. The desert safari provides one with an adventure of a full day camel ride crossing several sand dunes in the Jaisalmer desert.

    The package includes authentic style traditional dinner along with local dance performances at the Desert Camps. The much commercial Sam Sand Dunes is a popular area to go for camel safaris. Alternatively, the dunes near Khuri village in Desert National Park are peaceful.

  4. Which are the best desert campsites in Jaisalmer?

    Desert Camping at the desert of Jaisalmer guarantees an incredible experience. At the desert camps, one can spend the night in the middle of the desert staying in luxury Swiss tents that are equipped with all modern amenities. These camps in the desert offer such camping experiences suiting to the needs of the tourists.

    The camps welcome one to a cultural programme around a bonfire. The best camps around Jaislamer will be found at The Serai, Oasin, Wind Desert camp, Royal desert camps, Prince desert camp, Madhav desert camp, Savi camps, Ratnawali among others.

  5. Which are the best destinations to experience a jeep safari in Jaisalmer?

    Jeep safaris across the Thar Desert would be an amazing addition to the Rajasthan travel story. Jeep safaris are possible only in dry deserts and not sandy one and Sam sand dunes in Jaisalmer is a great destination for a fun and exciting jeep safari.

    The amazing jeep safari takes one amidst the beautiful sand dunes of Jaisalmer covering remote villages to give the tourists a glimpse of the local livelihood. Jeep Safaris are commenced via either luxury vehicles or standard vehicles like Fortuner, Tata Jeeps, Safari etc.

  6. Where can I enjoy parasailing in Jaisalmer? What are its charges?

    Parasailing is a fun adventure sport which is a blend of Skydiving, Parasailing and Paragliding and are quite similar to each other. The activity is conducted in an open ground with a parachute tied to a Jeep and the desert land of Jaisalmer makes Parasailing a thrilling experience.

    Jaisalmer Parasailing sites are one of the best sites for this adventure activity in India. The runways and strips in the Sam Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer make for a remarkable site for Parasailing. Activity charges start from INR 2500/39 USD.

  7. Which are some famous forts to visit in Jaisalmer?

    Jaisalmer is an architectural wonderland where the forts, palaces and havelis are built with golden sandstone and reflect the grandiose of the bygone period. Some of the well-known forts in the city are visited by the tourists all throughout the year, and the much revered among them being the great Jaisalmer Fort & the Jaisalmer Fort Palace Museum and Heritage Centre which was an erstwhile royal residence, later converted into a heritage centre and museum.

    Patwon Ki Haveli, Salim Singh ki Haveli, Nath Mal ki Haveli and Khaba Fort are among other fascinating architectures in Jaisalmer

  8. Where can I do quad biking in Jaisalmer? What is the best time to do it?

    Quad Biking involves embarking on a thrilling journey where one can explore the desert and go on a fun ride, mapping the terrains of the undulating sand dunes. This off-road adventure activity is done by certifies operators who only allow a patron on a bike, after being guided by trained professionals.

    The best place for Quad Biking in Jaisalmer is the Sam Sand Dunes in the Thar Desert, located on the outskirts of the main town and makes for the perfect spot for adventure activities. The duration of quad biking is usually lasts an hour. Except for the summer months of April-July, one can visit Jaisalmer anytime and try a hand at Quad Biking.

  9. When can I visit India Pakistan border in Jaisalmer? Is it safe to do so?

    Visiting the border of India Pakistan still gives most visitors an intriguing experience. Jaisalmer is very close to the border of Pakistan with the Laungewala and Tanot border posts separating India and Pakistan. One can take a package tour to visit the border, which is an absolutely safe tour where the tour starts around 9 AM and proceeds towards the border posts.

    At the border one can meet and interact with some of the brave soldiers of the Indian Army. Tourists also visit the beautiful and famous temple at Tanot border post when visiting the border

  10. Where can I experience dune bashing in Jaisalmer? What are its charges and how safe is it?

    Dune bashing in the desert of Jaisalmer is conducted on Luxury 4X4 Luxury Vehicles and provides for an enthralling experience where one discovers the hidden beauty of the desert, the sights of a line of camels crossing the desert and experiencing mirages.

    There are many tour operators who provide Dune bashing in Sam village near Jaisalmer. Sam sand dunes is located 44 km from Jaisalmer in the midst of the Thar Desert and the prices starts from INR 3000/46 USD for one person.

  11. Where to do paramotoring in Jaisalmer? What are its charges?

    Paramotoring in Jaisalmer is a pulsating adventure sport where one gets to experience breathtaking views of the golden sand dunes from the sky.
    This adventure sport takes place for duration of an hour, where one gets accompanied by a pilot, who controls the glide throughout the activity to ensure the participant feels comfortable and safe. Tourists can avail paramotor ride in Sam Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer, which is situated 42 kilometres from the main city. Paramotoring packages starts from INR 2200/34 USD.

  12. Which are the best places to visit for a wildlife safari experience in Jaisalmer?

    Jaisalmer is home to the Desert National Park, one of the biggest national parks of the country. A wildlife safari here makes one witness the diverse wildlife that thrives at the Desert National Park. The Desert National Park is situated in the sandy area near Jaisalmer City and is popular among birdwatchers who enjoy watching birds like bee-eaters, partridges, sandgrouse, larks, demoiselle crane, honey buzzards, falcons and houbara.

    The tall, heavy and rarely seen Great Indian Bustard is also found in the park among other species of interest.

  13. Which are some famous places to experience art and culture in Jaisalmer?

    Jaisalmer is characterised by its hospitable people, its distinct culture, rich tradition and the grand legacy left behind by the bygone era. The various forts, palaces and monuments of Jaisalmer bear unique decorative work on the walls, ceilings and pillars and are mostly carved out of golden sandstone.

    These historical monuments speak volumes of the rich craftsmanship of the artisans during the olden days. Some famous places to experience art and culture in Jaisalmer are Rajmahal, Jaisalmer Fort, Chandraprabhu Temple, Parsvanath Jain Temple, Salim Singh-ki- Haveli and Nathmal-ki- Haveli. The Desert Festival that is major highlight of Jaisalmer, displays the rich performing arts and unique craft works of the place.

  14. Which are some famous markets to shop in Jaisalmer?

    Shopping in Jaisalmer is a sheer delight for its various markets situated across the city. Sadar Bazaar is a local wholesale and retail market at Jaisalmer which sell almost everything starting fromhandicrafts, paintings, artefacts, souvenirs to gems, jewellery, shawls, carpets and hand embroidered shoes.

    Sonaron ka Baas is the hub of the jewellery shops in town and in Bhatia Bazaar one can pick up exquisite souvenirs and collectible. Pansari Bazaar, Seema Gram and Manak Chowk are among other popular markets in Jaisalmer.

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