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Jodhpur Camping Packages

Duration Price
Camping in Jodhpur with Camel Safari1 day
INR 2,850

Camping in Jodhpur

Camping in Jodhpur is a surreal experience that will allow you to enjoy the desert culture of Rajasthan. There are various types of camps that you can choose from. Some are located near the cities while some offer privacy, and are situated amidst the dunes. You can opt for budget-friendly campsites, but if you want to taste luxury, there are several options available.

The inclusions in the desert camps in Jodhpur are delicious local delicacies, an alluring view of the sunset amidst the golden sands, and various cultural shows. In the daytime, you can opt for the camel or jeep safaris and explore the rural culture of Rajasthan. And, in the evening, you can sip some cocktails and taste sumptuous appetizers while enjoying the folk singers and dancers around the bonfire.

There are various places that offer exquisite camping near Jodhpur. One such place is Osian. When you opt for a campsite in Osian, you get the opportunity to have temple and village tours. You can interact with the tribal people and understand their culture. Moreover, some camps also have resorts on their premises. So, you can enjoy a spa, swimming pool, sun terrace, rooftop bars, Wi-Fi, gardens, and much more.
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Jodhpur Camping FAQs

Which are the best camps in Jodhpur?

Jodhpur is renowned for giving its tourists a fun-filled trip that is a perfect blend of everything. Some of the famous camping sites in Jodhpur are:

1. Camp Thar: Ever relaxed in a swimming pool set amid the sandy desert underneath the clear sky? This is your chance! Camp Thar is amongst the eminent camps in Jodhpur with a flawless combination of traditional food, camp stay feeling with swiss tents, camel safari, jeep safari and cultural activities to name a few.

Step out of your cottage or tent and witness the mesmerising sunrise every morning as never before. This private space of your own is locked with net keeping the flies at bay, but yet allowing you to smell the aura of the vicinity. Riding the ATV bike on the uneven dunes might be an exhilarating experience that you will cherish forever.

2. Samsara Desert Camp & Resort: Apart from offering a spell-binding camping experience, this is one amongst the few with a Desert Lounge that brings in the ‘aha’ feeling. Spread across huge acres of land is Samsara Desert Camp & Resort that basks in lavishness.

The dining affair is something to look out for since it gives you the privilege of relishing your meal beneath the twinkling skies. Evening bonfires and traditional folk dances leave people from around the world amused. Their tents redefine camping and luxury simultaneously.

3. Manvar Desert Camp & Resort: Camping in Jodhpur just got classier with a royal interior in primitive swiss tents at Manvar Desert Camp & Resort. Spread out on the desi ‘gaddas’ as you enjoy the in-house cultural show.

Their private camp set up with just one tent amidst the sand is their speciality, which is a perfect getaway space for honeymooners. Although, the deluxe campsite with about ten tents is an amazing option for your entire gang. The interiors of the tent with majestically designed cloth walls might confuse one with a kingly room.

4. Natural Trail Camps and Homestay: Live in the gardens in the homely tents that cuddle you into relaxation. This budget camping site has people coming back regularly as an appreciation of their cordiality. With all basic amenities that make a stay a comfortable one is a bonus with being attended by hospitable staffs.

5. Hariyali Dhani Camps and Resort: This quintessential camp in Jodhpur comes with the rustic feel of living in tents, with a modern touch of amenities. It has a plethora of facilities to offer to its visitors like village walk, sightseeing, camel & jeep safari, etc. Since they also run a resort in the same premise, you may slip away into the spa or swimming pool to get a complete holiday experience. It is surely one of the luxurious camps in Jodhpur.

6. Bishnoi Village Camp & Resort: Live in thatched-roofed huts styled to impress with world-class conveniences that you wouldn’t expect from a camp stay. Desert excursion, camel trek, village walk and crane spotting are their specialities. Get your hands on traditional Rajasthani dishes while you sit under a ‘chappar’ after a long camping day.

7. Royal Jodhpur Camp: Simple looking tents on the outside, transform into magnificent and royal accommodations inside at Royal Jodhpur Camp. It is suggested to visit this campsite in the months of January-February when they celebrate the annual fair. World Sufi Spirit Festival and Jodhpur Folk Music Festival are celebrated every year in this premise. The Royal Horse Safari is a forte of this Jodhpur Camp.

8. Osian Sand Dunes Camps and Resorts: If you are taking a group along, then Osian Sand Dunes and Resorts is a good pick since it has limited tents where you can make a community of your people when there.

Starting from your welcome in the tents, to the camel ride and delicious dinner by folk music, everything here is what you have imagined! This camp in Jodhpur attracts many couples who visit the place for elegant pre-wedding shoots.

9. Desert Haveli Resort & Camp: This artsy campsite is built right in the desert to ensure that one does not miss out of the fort feeling that Rajasthan has to offer. The private patio with the tents add to their charm while the morning breakfast buffet succeeds to impress its visitors.

10. Shivam Village Huts: Just 8kms from the Sacchiyai Mata Mandir, Shivam Village Huts allows you to dwell in a village like camp stay which will bring out the poet in you. The evening lamp lights reflect with the wide-spread dunes that connect you with your deepest thoughts. All the tents are well-furnished and have all necessities in their well-done bathrooms.

11. Camp Dera Eco: If you are looking for a less crowded and budget camp stay in Jodhpur, then Camp Dera Eco is the place for you. Their home-cooked vegetarian food is appreciated by guests along with the eco-friendly resources used to make one’s stay a convenient one.

The in-house camels take one on a desert safari whenever in the mood for it. A rich diversity surrounds this campsite. Tourists who stay here often spot some black bucks around this homely set-up.

12. Fun World: You might not have imagined staying in a water park and be wowed by the hospitality that Jodhpur offers; here’s a chance to live this fantasy. Live in furnished cottages that are neatly built in the campsite in the Fun World premise. This resort campsite welcomes people with a paramount experience for conducting personal functions amidst the amusement.

Which are the best camps in Osian, Jodhpur?

1. Reggie's Camel Camp Osian: Reggie's Camel Camp offers the traditional desert experience. The camp overlooks the Osian town and the marvelous Thar Desert. You can explore the rural villages, understand the culture, and admire the magnificent beauty of the desert. On these trips, you will also come across several diversified wildlife like gazelles, peacocks, blue bulls, etc.

Location: Khetasar - Osian Rd, Rajasthan.
Amenities: Pool, safari bar, cabana area, dining areas, camel safari, jeep safari, desert excursion, temple tour, in-house troupe.
Price: For one night stay, 12,000 INR for a single tent and 13,000 INR for a double tent.

2. Safari camp Osian: 
The Safari Camp Osian is one of the permanent camps near the Osian Village. With the best camping near Jodhpur located amidst the dunes, you get the opportunity to witness the beautiful starry skies.

You can also admire the magnificent sunrise and sunset across the golden sands of the desert. The camp offers comfortable tents with local artisan decorating the interiors. These are equipped with toilets, modern amenities, and cold and hot showers.

Location: Pratap Nagar khasra no 808, Osian, Rajasthan.
Amenities: Meals, cocktails, jeep safari, camel safari, temple tours, and cultural entertainment.
Price: Starts from 1000 INR (Overnight camping).

3. Osian Sand Dunes Camps and Resort: 
Osian Sand Dunes Resort Camps offer private camps, deluxe rooms, and swiss tents. The tents are fitted with basic amenities, including a toilet and proper bedding.

You can also taste the authentic Rajasthani meals here. The evenings become even more memorable when you sit by the campfire and enjoy the cultural activities. It is the perfect escapade from the hustle of the cities.

Location: Khetasar - Osian Rd, Pratapnagar, Osian, Rajasthan.
Amenities: Room service, doctor on call, hot water bottles, backup generator, free parking, traditional restaurant, sightseeing, camel safari, campfire, village safari, and jeep safari.
Price: Provided on inquiry.

4. Camp Thar: 
Camp Thar provides the perfect opportunity to have an authentic desert experience. The friendly and experienced staff welcomes the guests and ensures that your stay is memorable and comfortable.

You can choose from several tent accommodations – Swiss, royal, or luxury. If you want, you can also opt for the luxury Dhani cottages. Delicious local delicacies are served in this camping near Jodhpur stay.

Location: Pratap Nagar Road, Jodhpur District, Osian, Rajasthan.
Amenities: Camel safari, jeep safari, ATV rides, cultural activities, free parking, on-site restaurant, Wi-Fi, free breakfast, swimming pool, and rooftop canopy bar.

5. Rohida Camp Osian: 
Surrounded by the mesmerizing Thar Desert and the dense Rohida trees, this camp offers adventure amidst the tranquility of nature. You can explore the stunning sand dunes and participate in various thrill-inducing activities. Enjoy the authentic meals and know more about the local culture.

Location: Rohida Camp, Pratap Nagar, Khetasar - Osian Rd, Osian, Rajasthan.
Amenities: Activities for the children, free parking, free breakfast, free internet, airport transportation, walking tour, jeep safari, camel safari, air conditioning and a business center with access to the internet.
Price: Starts from INR 6200 per person per night.

6. Thar Utsav Camp: 
The best way to explore the stunning desert of Rajasthan is to opt for the Thar Utsav Camp. It is the perfect blend of luxury and comfort. The location ensures that you can have a life-changing experience amidst nature. It is 55 km from the hustling Jodhpur city and offers the calming solace of nature around.

Location: Old Phalodi Road, After Railway Crossing, Osian – 342303, Jodhpur, Rajasthan.
Amenities: Various types of accommodations, traditional welcome ceremony, swiss tents, gala evenings, camel safari, jeep safari, sand dune dinners, cultural programs, and theme weddings location. 
Price: Starts from INR 8500 per person per night.

Which are the best desert camps in Jodhpur?

1. Manvar Desert Camp & Resort: The royal interior, cultural programs, and the availability of modern amenities contribute to it being the best desert camp in Jodhpur. The privacy afforded by the private camp makes it even more popular among couples.

2. Hariyali Dhani Camps and Resort: If you want to truly experience rural Rajasthan, then a stay in this camp is a must. You can also indulge in sightseeing, jeep safari, village exploration, camel safari, etc.

3. Prince Desert Camp: Swiss tents, buffet-style Rajasthani meals, and cultural shows make Prince Desert Camp the best desert camp in Jodhpur. The tent oversees the Sam Sand Dunes, and you can admire the panoramic sunrise from the dunes or your tent.

4. Sand Voyages Camp: Equipped with modern amenities, the tents are decorated in the traditional Rajasthani style. You can taste the local delicacies and enjoy jeep and camel safaris along with village walks and temple tours.

Which are the best luxury camps in Jodhpur?

1. Damodra Desert Camp: Privacy, hospitality, and comfort seem to be the highlight of this luxury camp. Authentic Rajasthani cuisine, traditional entertainment shows, camel safaris, camel trek, and dune experience, etc. are offered to the guests.

2. Royal Jodhpur Camp: With royal accommodations and friendly staff, the Royal Jodhpur Camp is easily one of the best places for camping in Jodhpur. You can also witness the celebration of the Jodhpur Folk Music Festival and the World Sufi Spirit Festival here.

3. Exotic Luxury Camps: The camp boasts of luxury tents, antique furniture, and hospitality. You can also enjoy the traditional programs in the evening by the bonfire, buffet meals, and camel rides.

4. SUJÁN The Serai: With private gardens and heated pools, the property re-defines luxury. You can relax for an Ayurvedic massage or attend a workshop during the day, and for the evening, you can enjoy the traditional Manganiyar singers around the bonfire.

What facilities will I get in camping in Jodhpur?

- Air conditioner inside the tents
- 24-hour front desk
- Swimming pool
- Barbecue
- Authentic Rajasthani cuisine
- International and continental cuisine
- Buffet breakfasts
- Bar.

What activities can we do while camping in Jodhpur?

- Dune bashing
- Camel safari
- Jeep Safari
- Live cultural programs across the bonfire
- Traditional singing shows
- Kalbelia dance performance
- Quad biking
- ATV rides
- Overnight camel safari (for sunset)
- Themed dinner nights.

What is the best time for camping in Jodhpur?

The best time for camping in Jodhpur is the winter season. It includes the months between October to February.

It is best to avoid the summer season as the temperature can get really high, and camping can become relatively uncomfortable. Also, you will face challenges in participating in adventurous activities. Moreover, the monsoon season makes the dunes messy.

Is Jodhpur worth visiting for camping?

Yes, Jodhpur is worth visiting for camping. It offers a unique experience and makes you appreciate the magnificent beauty of the Thar Desert.

Moreover, you can also avail of the opportunity to book a desert safari. Camel and jeep rides are the most common activities. You can also explore the tribal villages and know more about the local culture.

How much does camping in Jodhpur cost?

The cost of camping in Jodhpur differs. It depends on the camp you have selected. You will find a wide range of prices with the lowest being 900 INR and the most luxurious being 30,000 per tent.

Also, the activities and amenities that the camp offers can influence the price. However, most camps include accommodations, meals, bonfires, entertainment programs, etc.

Can we do camel safari along with camping in Jodhpur?

Yes, you can choose Camel safari along with camping in Jodhpur. Most of the camps offer the camel safari as part of their activities listed.

If it is not included in the package, you can book one separately. It is vital that you indulge in this particular adventurous activity to truly enjoy the golden desert.

Can we smoke & drink while camping in Jodhpur?

Whether you can smoke & drink while camping in Jodhpur depends on the camp. There are some luxurious tents which allow both smoking and drinking. But, there are also some campsites that allow neither.

The closeness of the tents can cause a nuisance to others. However, there are some camps that have a bar. It means you can drink, but you can't smoke. You must take a look at these details before booking.

How to Reach Jodhpur?

Jodhpur is the second largest metropolitan city in Rajasthan with an airport of its own. There are frequent flights that descend at this city flying from Delhi or Mumbai. That said, Delhi is closest to Jodhpur to travel by air and is more cost effective too.

The city is also well connected by rail with cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi. This affordable option to reach Jodhpur is available on practically all days a week, but for a few trains from certain cities.

Public transport buses are also connected with quite some cities, but Gujarat and Delhi are most convenient since the travel distance is adaptable.

Driving to Jodhpur is a delight owing to connecting and large roads from other internal cities in Rajasthan like Jaipur, Udaipur & Jaisalmer, as well as from Mount Abu. You can even drive down from Delhi if you can take a halt one night in-between.

Jodhpur Camping Reviews

Reviewed: 05 Nov 2019
It is a great deal. Beautiful place to stay. Owner Mr. Mahaveer is very humble and helpful person. Food was tasty & ample. The provided unlimited mineral water for us as and when required. Camel safari was also good & enjoyable. We enjoyed true Rajasthani folk cultural program at night. It was diwal... Read More
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Amit Ghosh
Reviewed: 02 Mar 2020
It was an amazing stay. The booking through Thrillophilia was super smooth. The owner of the place Mr. Mahaveer is very helpful and welcoming person. All staffs of this place are very very well behaved and courteous. They served us all inclusions, written in booking voucher. The Camel Safari, Rajast... Read More
Amit Ghosh
Amit Ghosh
Amit Ghosh
Amit Ghosh
Devagya Verma
Reviewed: 18 Dec 2018
This was a unique blend of both a desert and green surrounding and the place setting couldn’t have been more perfect. The stay was delightful, and not only did the package include some authentic Rajasthani food, but it also had a camel safari, and an end of the say classical folk performance, with d... Read More
Devagya Verma
Devagya Verma
Devagya Verma
Devagya Verma
Anshul Garg
Reviewed: 05 Feb 2020
"Experience was awesome...????... never thought such experience as I kept expectations low and then what I saw n feel over there was some different level and full of excitement.\nrecommend to everyone. with or without family... doesn't matter."
Drsumit Chourasiya
Reviewed: 30 Dec 2019
Owner Mr. Mahaveer is very humble and helpful, great experience of my life, they provide high class service. Tent is very comfortable. Cultural program is Osm. Food is very tasty and yummy. Thank you mahaveer ji ????
Vivek Vivek
Reviewed: 07 Oct 2019
"It was an awesome experience .Mahaveer was very cooperative and friendly .I would reco.mend anytime to have a stay and experience the stay here."

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