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Tried this tour out with some of my college friends, and we loved the way the guide, Babu, made the entire experience safe and fun for us girls!
I have been on walking and car tours before, but this was a first for me, and actually a very convenient way to tour a city, avoiding the traffic and getting some good exercise too! Our guide,Manoj, wasn't too fast and we kept up with him pretty well. The bikes were safe and were good quality, and we had no complaints there either. The best part was getting to skip all those long queues and ticket counters.
Met Arun at the famous Clock Tower in Jodhpur. There were 12 people in total including the leader. It was a totally different adventure riding our bikes through the narrow lanes. One unique way to explore Jodhpur.
Cycled through the narrow lanes of Jodhpur. Really enjoyed the tour, will definitely recommend to all the cyclists and even non-cyclists.
Cycling through Jodhpur and this tour= Just perfect. Saw so many places and my guide Harish was very cooperative and knew all about the different places. This tour is nice if you are interested in sightseeing and photography.
I've been on walking tours before, but this was the first time I had the opportunity to be a part of a cycling tour. I must say that the condition of the cycles was really good, the guide Farhan was a great storyteller, and it was a nice touch of the team to provide refreshments on the tour.