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Jodhpur Jeep Safari Packages

Duration Price
Osian Desert Jeep Safari Jodhpur5 hours
INR 950

Jodhpur never disappoints its visitors, when it comes to the ample number of activities which the visitors can engage in. An outing in jeeps and visit to various places, infested with wild animals, is one such activity. People visiting Jodhpur, never miss out an opportunity to explore the city and its wildlife. The sight of black bucks, chinkaras, peacocks, wolves etc. is a precious stone in the treasure trove of memories. Let us focus on some of the best jeep safari tours in Jodhpur. There are lot of places in Jodhpur offering the jeep safari tours such as Jodhpur Village Jeep Safari, Desert Safari tours in Jodhpur, Rajput Cultural Adventures, Desert Safari Camp, Village Safari Day tours and many more.

Rajasthan being a mystical state offers a lot of activities and sightseeing tours for its visitors. For jeep safari tours in Rajasthan, Jaba Wolf Point is also a famous place to spot wild wolves. The jeeps start from Ranakpur Road and allow plenty of photo clicking opportunities en tour. Not only wolves, but the visitors can get to see various other wild animals while in their jeeps. Also, Kicchan bird watching is a unique and lifetime experience. Whether it is an ornithologist, a lover of birds or just a lover of nature, nobody would want to skip a visit to Kicchan bird sanctuary. Birds from all over the world, visit this place. Rare to see varieties like Demoiselle cranes from Eurasia and Mongolia, can also be spotted in Kicchan. Visiting here will give you a lifetime experience.

If you want to explore the life in Jodhpur or enjoy a thrilling view of the sunset, special jeep safaris can be requested for. There are various lodges in Jodhpur that arranges for these special jeep excursions where an ethereal view over the sand dunes could be enjoyed. Romantic safaris can also be arranged for the much in love couples, who want to enjoy the view with a glass of champagne in their hands.If you want to know more about human race, its evolution and sects, you have to know about the Bishnois, who are the world’s old environmentalists. Rajasthan has its unique culture, stories and a great history, of which Jodhpur is a true representative. There are numerous jeep safari tours in Jodhpur which help to know a segment of this rich legacy and pass it down to the younger generations.

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