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Naneghat Hills

If you are of the belief that no other place can rejuvenate a human soul quite as hills can, Naneghat Hills is the best place to visit in Thane for you. Boasting an elevation of 2600 feet, Naneghat Hills is also popular for being the location of an old fort.

Historically, Naneghat Pass was a major trading route in the region and is now a trekking trail in Thane. Naneghat Hills is also a good place for photography with lush green vistas all around it. Besides, some inscriptions found here are believed to date back to 60 - 70 BC.

Ghatghar, Maharashtra.

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Sudhagad Fort

Believed to date back to the 2nd Century BC, Sudhagad Fort is one of the most recommended weekend getaways near Mumbai. Located at a distance of 10 km from Pali Village, Sudhagad Fort, however, is in ruins now and is popular majorly for its hilltop location that offers a nature retreat.

This fort is also a popular name among adventure junkies looking for trekking near Mumbai. If you are looking for shelter here, a Hindu temple dedicated to Bhorai Devi is your best bet

10 km from Pali.

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Titwala Ganesh Temple

Titwala is a small town located in Thane District, well-known for housing one of the most revered religious sites in the region, Titwala Ganesh Temple. The temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and attracts throngs of devotees all through the year.

The year of construction of the original structure is unknown since it is ancient, but the new structure was built in the year 1966. With a modest structure but grand prominence, Titwala Ganesh Temple is one of the most divine places to visit in Thane.

Ganesh Chowk, Titwala.

5 am to 8 pm

Bassein Fort

If you are interested in historical sites near Mumbai, Bassein Fort is one of the places in Thane that will leave an impression on your memory. This fortress located in Vasai- Virar has been witness to the days of glory and gloom.

Built by the Yadavas of Devagiri in 1184, Bassein Fort or Vasai Fort is also a popular shoot location where scenes of some popular Bollywood movies have been shot. Even though the fort complex is in ruins now, you will have a great time indulging in photography here.

Vasai West, Vasai.

9 am to 6 pm

Entry fee:
INR 10 per person.

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Kelva Beach

This 8 km long beach is a great spot where you can revive your senses with amazing views and soothing sounds. Spend your days basking under the sun and spend your evenings taking strolls along the sea – Kelva Beach is a perfect getaway spot in Thane.

Serving as one of the major tourist places to visit in Thane, Kelva Beach also houses a number of resorts to add a perfect stay experience to your holiday here. Whether you are planning a trip with family or friends, Kelva Beach is one of the popular beaches near Mumbai.

Palghar, Maharashtra.

Thane Creek

One of the most sought after tourist spots in Thane, Thane Creek is an inlet that separates Mumbai from the Indian Mainland. Thane Creek features a captivating landscape worth witnessing during the sunset. A major part of the creek has been declared a bird sanctuary called Thane Creek Flamingo Bird Sanctuary which is a paradise for bird watchers.

Don't forget to bring your camera here to capture some exotic species. This place is ideal for peaceful weekend fun.

Shoreline of Arabian Sea.

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Yazoo Park

If you are looking for a picnic spot near Mumbai that will be fun for your entire family, Yazoo Park is where you need to be. An amusement park featuring a wide range of exciting rides and slides, Yazoo Park is one of the most fun places to visit in Thane.

There are attractions available for all age groups ranging from rock climbing to water zone. Furthermore, the park also has an amphitheater and a food court which makes it a perfect place for a family outing.

Global City, Virar West, Virar.

12 am to 8:30 pm

Entry fee:
INR 45 per person.

Gorakhgad Fort

An unusual treat for history lovers and trekkers in the region, Gorakhgad Fort was once used by hermits for meditation due to its idyllic location. It is a hill fort that couldn't stand the tests of time and is in ruins now.

However, a trekking trail here has maintained the popularity of this fort, attracting locals and outsiders to partake in the adventure that leads them to the spot. So, if you are craving some action while in Thane, you can always opt for Gorakhgad Fort which is ideal even for beginners.

24 km from Murbad, Thane.

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Tansa Lake

If you want to spend your holiday in the company of nature, Tansa Lake is one of the best places to visit in Thane where you can unwind in fresh atmosphere. The popularity of Tansa Lake as a weekend getaway is on a rise with locals and tourists making their way to this picturesque site. 

The lake is artificial and is surrounded by dense forests, so the area has been declared a wildlife sanctuary. The isolated location of the lake ensures regular sightings of endangered species of animals and birds, making it a must-visit destination for wildlife lovers as well.

Location:  6 Km from Asangaon Railway Station, Thane

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Har Har Gange Waterfalls

Since nothing else can match the calm offered by waterfalls, Har Har Gange Waterfalls is among the top tourist places in Thane where one can embrace the feeling of tranquillity. This waterfall located in Suraj Waterpark of Thane is one of the most exquisite artificial waterfalls in India, boasting a height of 24 metres and a width of 26 metres. 

The massive structure from where the water falls is made of steel and concrete, and is a sight to behold. The lush green surroundings make the site all the more refreshing. 

Location: Suraj Waterpark, Thane

Timing: 10 am to 6 pm

Entry Fee: INR 800 per person

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Talao Pali

If you enjoy water sports, Talao Pali is an excellent place for you and your family in Thane. It also popularly known as Masunda Lake. A vast lake with a small island in the middle of its tranquil waters, Talao Pali looks absolutely stunning with its natural charm. 

Since it is centrally located in the city of Thane, Talao Pali is frequented by locals and tourists alike in great numbers to spend some moments of peace. Apart from a children's park, boating experience cannot be availed at Talao Pali.

Location: Ghantali, Thane West, Thane
Korum Mall

A central hub for shoppers and foodies in the city, Korum Mall is a shopping mall in the Thane City of Maharashtra. Whether you are looking for designer clothing range or trendy fashion accessories, you will find everything here. Once you are done with your shopping spree, you can catch the latest film at Inox

Cinema available at the mall. Besides, with a wide range of food outlets serving delicacies from local and international cuisines, this place also becomes a paradise for food lovers.  

Location: Samata Nagar, Thane West

Timing: 10 am to 9:30 pm

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Kachrali Talav

Kachrali Talav is a vast lake located in Thane, serving as a major tourist attraction in the city. The lake is surrounded by a jogging track which ropes in health enthusiasts here on a daily basis, in addition to tourists that visit this place. 

Kachrali Lake features a very soothing atmosphere with surrounding greenery which makes it an ideal getaway from the chaotic and noisy vibes of the city. There is also a small Ganesh Temple by the lake. Do include this lake to your itinerary for Thane, especially if you are travelling with family. 

Location: Opposite TMC Building, Thane

Timing: 4 am to 10 pm
Mahuli Fort

If you are always eager to learn interesting details about the places you visit, Mahuli Fort is among the top tourist places in Thane, ideal for history enthusiasts. The fort was built under the Mughal rule. Located at an altitude of 2815 feet above sea level, this fort is more popular as a trekking destination rather than a place of historical importance. 

So, if you are looking for a thrilling experience in Thane, trekking to Mahuli Fort wouldn't be a bad idea at all. Rock climbing is another popular activity that is organized here.

Location: Asangaon, Maharashtra

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Upvan Lake

Built in the year 1880 by the Thane Municipal Corporation, Upvan Lake is an artificial but eco-friendly lake situated in Thane, Maharashtra. This beautiful lake was actually re-constructed by JK Singhania to supply water to the Raymond Factory.

But what makes the lake popular among the locals and tourists alike is its beauty and the scenic and peaceful surroundings. With the Yeoor Hills as its backdrop, Upvan Lake today is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Thane. It makes for a perfect place to enjoy a picnic with family or take an evening walk to refresh your mind.

It also has jogging tracks for fitness enthusiasts and cool places under the trees where you can sit and read a book. Boating facility is also available for people who wish to see the lake and the greenery that surrounds it.

And should you feel hungry, you can walk over to the small eateries present on the premises to grab a quick snack. Once used as an important source of water supply to Thane, Upvan Lake is now well-known for hosting the Sanskriti Arts Festival and for various other recreational purposes.

Besides the facilities mentioned above, you shall also find a big statue of Lord Shiva in the middle of the lake, a fountain, and a lake-side restaurant that is quite a hit among the locals. There is also a Ganesha temple adjacent to the lake that is pretty popular too. And if you are visiting the lake in the evening, stay back till dusk because Upvan Lake is one of the best places in Thane to catch a mesmerizing view of the sunset. 
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