7 Water Parks in Thane: Get Upto 35% Off on Tickets

Thane Water Parks

Suraj Water Park, Tikuji ni Wadi, BK Resort and Waterpark, Sargam Water Park, Shangrila Resort and Waterpark and many more.

Water parks in Thane are designed for you to let go of your chaotic and boring lifestyle.  With never-ending water slides, breathtaking roller coasters and thrilling aqua dive, crave for a better experience with your friends and family in these delightful getaways. Dive in the deep chill water during the tedious summers or just sit aside and soak in the vibe of these charming places.

Thane water parks are spreaded across acres of land and are known for their undying spirit to serve their customers. With umpteen thrilling adventures like the petrifying 90° slide, rainbrow and shot drop, these waterparks serve mouth-watering Indian and Chinese cuisines.

Besides these, their service and hospitality keep them an inch ahead of other waterparks in India. From providing necessary safety measures like first aid and life vests to the service of parking and lockers, these water parks in Thane must be in your adventure bucket list. Be ready to bring back the child in you and relish the best time spent with your family.

Here are some of the best water parks in Thane:


Suraj Water Park

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Suraj Water Park in Thane is built across 11 acres of land and is known for its longest fiberglass tunnel in the continent. The theme park is replete with 16 amazing slides, a rainbow slide and Asia's largest artificial waterfall. With a theme village called Surajgarh and a museum with genuine ancient clocks, this Thane water parks will be your best choice for an unimaginable experience.

Suraj Water Park is right in the main road of Dongripada, Thane West. It is around 22km away from Mumbai.

10 am to 6 pm.

Entry Fee:
-INR 800 per person for adults and
-INR 650 per person for children.

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Tikuji ni Wadi

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Tikuji ni Wadi, a resort and a water park is one of the best water parks in Thane District, is an epitome of frolic water adventures. With joyous water rides and wave pools, one can also enjoy its go kart arenas, arcade area and giant wheel. The waterpark is built across an area of 20 acres and rests between serene hills and natural lush greenery. This place marks a perfect getaway and an unforgettable experience for every family.

Tikuji-ni-wadi park is right at the opposite of the Tata Power House. It comes under the locality of Manpada, Chitalsar.

9 am to 6.30 pm.

Entry Fee:
-The entry fee is Rs. 750 for a Regular Package,
-With paid games and food included Rs.1000,
-Moreover, a package of Rs. 4,200 for VIP cottage (available for couples).

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BK Resort and Waterpark

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Known as the cheapest water parks in Thane, BK Resort pulls in the majority of waterpark enthusiasts on the summer weekends. It is not a dedicated waterpark rather it is a waterpark within the resort. Therefore it gets really crowded as the waterpark visitors and the guests in the resorts flock together to enjoy the water slides and large pool.

It is near the Khidkaleshwar Shiv Temple. To be more specific the resort comes under the territory of Kokan Ratna. Kalyan - Shilphata Rd.

10 am to 4 pm.

Entry fees:
-For Adults INR 300,
-For children Rs. 250.

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Sargam Water Park

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Sargam Water park is located amongst the mango orchards in East Vasai of Thane. This amusement park is known for its attractive beauty and extravagant water rides and swimming pools. One of the most visually attractive and exciting Thane water parks for all age groups, this spacious waterpark hosts memorable birthday parties and family get-togethers.

This place ensures regular cleanliness and safety for its tourists to spend a secure and soothing day.

Sargam water park is located at 52, Kaman Bhiwandi Road. And it comes under the Vasai East region of Thane.

9 am to 6 pm.

Entry Fee:
-For adults Rs. 650 and,
-For children Rs. 550.

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Paradise Funland

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Paradise Funland is a gigantic tourist attraction and arguably the most recognizable among all the Water parks in Thane. The Paradise offers steep water slides which are certified, 3 swimming pools, a mushroom pool and fun filled rain dance along with best music.

A Water Playstation has been recently added with merry go round, landscape lawns and express mini trains which will bustle away all your stress. The reasons behind its popularity are the scale, cleanliness, extravagant ambiance as well as the elite aesthetic of this resort waterpark.

Paradise Funland is easy to find as it is Near Pallavi Hotel on Nashik Highway. And it comes under the locality of Bhiwandi, Thane.

9 am to 7 pm.

Entry Fee:
-For adults Rs. 800 and,
-Fro children Rs. 700 (
for children between 3.3 to 4.6 feet).
-Free of cost for children below 3.3ft.

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Shangrila Resort and Waterpark

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Shangrila Resort and water park is built in 15 acres of land filled with water adventures and thrills. Beat the summer under artificial hygienic water- The Great Ever Flowing Waterfall, or immerse under the de-stressing jacuzzi.

It is a 3-star resort with AC restaurant and bar, massage and spa centre and children's park featuring the massive waterpark at a slightly lower price than the former one. Waddle around this alluring place and enjoy the stay with your family as it is one of the best water parks in Thane.

As we mentioned earlier, Shangrila is also on the Mumbai-Nashik Highway. It is about an hour of the driveway away from the main Mumbai. To be more specific, it is in the Bhiwandi ByPass End, Thane.

0 am to 6 am.

Entry Fee:
-For adults Rs. 700 and,
-For children Rs. 650.

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The Great Escape water park

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The great escape park has the largest funnel ride compared to all the other Thane water parks. This Thane water parks greets you with clean water, convenient lockers, as well as pure veg food. Another thing you should keep in mind before visiting this water park is that swimwears is mandatory here.

Great Escape Water Park is in Virar East, Majivali. You can take public transport from Virar station. Or if you intend to drive it is about 46 km away from main Mumbai and there is room for parking.

10 am to 6 am.

Entry Fee:
-For adults Rs. 979 and,
-For children and senior citizens Rs. 779.
(the fee is included of food prices).

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Clean and nice everywhere! the arrangement was good with good services, we liked all the fun activities and the meals, we truly enjoyed fishing in the river whereas the other enjoyed the other activity. It was truly a great experience. The veg bbq was tasted good and the walk towards the forest was simply-amazing with the fresh air in the morning, the guide was nice to tell us the story of the place and even shared the experience with us.
It was my first time in this experience. Superb place, well-organized tour with good facilities. Amazing water sport activities and we enjoyed the sunset views. The bonfire and stargazing were awesome. Good meals provided to us during the stay. The vendor was very approachable and has a good staff to take care of us. Nice photos with an awesome experience.
The expertise was nice and professional leads the group with perfections. We had a very comfortable walk with good directions. The place really is beautiful and full of greenery. At the top of the Mahuli Fort, it gave an outstanding view. The refreshment served to us was very fresh and tasty. I would love to come back again real soon.
The local operator was nice and very supportive provide us with a very good and friendly guide who assist us the entire journey ultimate. We had an amazing trekking experience at this place with good and sweet memories to cherish.
Online!!! it was very much cheaper than buying at the resort counter plus hassle-free, the place was well-maintained and super clean and also has good staff who always available nearby the activity zone to watch for the kids and everyone safety. Good facilities and enough activity to have fun. Great place to have fun with your family, friends, and corporate.
The location looks nice with good views, the tent provided to us was good and spacious and it was nicer as it was just nearby the lake, felt special. The activities were fun. At night we had a wonderful time the campfire and along with good music was just amazing... we meet new friends...in the morning some they enjoyed the water activity but I spend my leisure time sitting beside the lake and enjoyed the beauty of nature. Excellent service
On-time picks-up with a very comfortable vehicle in which we join the other co-traveler. From the starting of the trek, it was nice and fun this trek suitable for all ages because it was a very easy and interesting one. The guide was very informative and accommodating share with us the history of the place, The fort was absolutely amazing, This place also best for those who love thrill adventure like rock climbing. Nice experience with my family and friends.
The location was easy to reach, once enter the resort we were amazed by it when we think about the price as everything included like breakfast, lunch, evening-snacks and light dinner we thought that might be the place was not good but we were wrong the place look stunning with a number of slides especially kids would love it for sure, well-built, well-arranged and good employee everything looks perfect. We had great fun in the pools and all the activities. One thing to be noted was that the meals were truly delicious. We truly recommended this place to all families...
A warm welcome was received from the staff, we felt so special by that time, We walked all over the areas were nice with good views of the places and so greenery, the tents area was just close to the riverside was cool and plus it looks clean and spacious too which fit us in and very comfortable, necessary things provided to us, All the fun activity was very great and the staff was very polite arranged a bonfire session for us with good bbq facilities to enjoy the evening with some good music and stargazing. A very precious moment.
I would come again for sure, my kids love this place so much and they had very good fun that day with all the other children. The staff were aware of everyone's safety... this resort provided good facilities and good sanitation. The management was very good, the meals taste good, with lots of fun activities. The place looks stunning, big, and well-maintained so clean and spacious. Everything went so well. At a low price but we had so much fun.

People Also Ask About Thane

  1. Which are the best water parks in Thane to visit with friends?

    Suraj Water Park: This is one of the best water parks in Thane, where you can beat the heat by enjoying fun water slides and rides. It has Asia’s largest fibreglass tunnel and a village-themed area called Surajgarh. The park also features a museum with ancient clocks, sixteen amazing rides, and Asia’s largest artificial waterfall. 

    The Great Escape water park: If you want to get away from the scorching heat, you must visit The Great Escape water park. It is one of the best Thane water parks with wet slides, bucket machines, water sprays, and swings. It is renowned for its Oxygen Zone, which has around three hundred oxygen-producing trees.

    Tikuji Ni Wadi: This is a resort cum amusement park built across an area of twenty acres where you can enjoy some of the best water adventures. Bring out your inner kid as you make a splash in the wave pools and enjoy the water slides. It is one of the most popular Thane water parks with food courts to devour tempting delicacies

  2. How many slides are there in Suraj Water Park?

    There are around sixteen water slides in Suraj Water Park. Some of them are:

    Ding Dong Sing Song
    It is a vertical slide with great speed and sudden jerks.
    Rainbow Slide
    This is a vertical slide with many colourful pipes in a zig-zag manner.

  3. How do you get to the Great Escape Water Park?

    Escape Water Park is situated close to the RGIA Police Station, Shamshabad. You can reach the water park via the PVNR Express Highway or Outer Ring Road.

  4. Is it allowed to carry outside food to water parks in Thane?

    No outside drinks and food are not allowed in water parks in Thane. There are food stalls and food courts inside the park where you can relish tasty dishes. Baby food and eatables are allowed.

  5. What is the entry fee of Tikuji ni Wadi?

    1. Rs 750 for Unlimited rides and water park
    2. Rs1000 for express entry to the park and food 
    3. Rs 4200 for VIP cottage package per couple.

  6. How can I go to Tikuji Ni Wadi from Thane?

    By Bus: TMT buses frequently run from Thane Station, and MSRT buses run from Western Suburbs to Tikuji Ni Wadi.

    By Cab: You can book a cab from Thane, take Eastern Express Highway, pass the Borivali Ghodbunder Road and turn left to Mandpa village, where Tikuji Ni Wadi is located.

  7. How to reach Thane?

    By Airport: Mumbai airport is the nearest airport to Thane. Domestic flights of GoAir and Indigo frequently run from all the major parts of India to Mumbai. Once you reach Mumbai airport, you can take a bus or cab to reach Thane.

    By Train: Thane is well-connected to all the major Indian cities. You can board a train from any city of India to Thane Railway Station.

    By Bus: Many buses connect Thane to Surat, Ahmedabad, and Vadodara. The roads are well maintained, and you can have a hassle-free journey to Thane.

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