20 Places To Visit In Thane For Couples - 2024 Updated

Tourist places for Couples in Thane

Upvan Lake, Ovalekar Wadi Butterfly Garden, Suraj Water Park, Korum Mall, Kelva Beach, Talao Pali Lake, Elvis Butterfly Garden, Kachrali Talav, Tansa Dam, Yeoor Hills, St. John the Baptist Church, Gorakhgad Fort, Mumbra, Tungareshwar Waterfall, Vardhaman Fantasy Amusement Park and many more.

In essence, there are several exotic places for couples in Thane where you should visit to savor an amorous evening with your loved one. If you are all about having some privacy amidst natural tranquility, then Upvan Lake should be an ideal place for you. You can either take a stroll here around the lake or you can also sit somewhere and talk your hearts out! However, if you and your other half are both shopping aficionados, then checking out the Korum Mall should be your go-to option.

However, if you want to visit some of the underrated places to visit in Thane for couples, then opting for the St. John the Baptist Church can be excellent as well. Kelva Beach is yet another place, which would attract those people who love swimming or indulging in water sports. You can also take a stroll here during the evening to make your life a little more blissful.

Here is the list of best places for couples in Thane:

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Upvan Lake

A picturesque lake situated amidst the eventful Ghodbunder Road, Upvan Lake is mostly admired by couples due to its unparalleled serenity. There are several secluded spaces available here, where you can take some time off with your partner.

Or, you can also come here with your loved one to cherish the essence of the Sanskruti Arts Festival. Aside from strolling here and there, you can also indulge in boating with your other half amid the eye-catching setting.

Location: Upvan Lake Road, End of 1st and 2nd Pokhran Rd, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra

Ovalekar Wadi Butterfly Garden

If you are looking for one of the most exotic places for couples in Thane, then the Ovalekar Wadi Butterfly Garden should be your go-to option! Its tranquil and peaceful surroundings can provide you with the exact vibe to have some amorous moments with your loved one.

Besides sitting or walking aimlessly, you can also opt for a guided tour here to learn more about species available in the garden and their life cycle.

Location: Ovalekar Wadi, Owala Village, Takkarda Road, Ghodbunder Road, Thane, India, Thane, Maharashtra

Timing: 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM (Open only on Sundays)

Entry Fees: INR 100 – Adults, INR 50 – Children

Suraj Water Park

Image Credit : surajwaterpark.com

If you are finding a place for couples in Thane for an adventurous day out with your partner, you can consider Suraj Water Park. You can find seven different slides in the park; they are all vertical slides. Some of them stretch to about 350 feet and are 100 feet tall.

You can also enjoy a romantic dance zone with rain like drizzle in the 'Rim Jhim Barish Hall.' You can either enjoy lazy moments in Lazy River or can take an exciting ride in Crazy River. 

Location: MH SH 42, Dongripada, Thane West, Maharashtra 

Timing: 10 am to 6 pm

Entry fees:  Kids above 3.6 inches INR 650, Adults above 4.6 inches INR 800

Korum Mall

Suppose you want to spend a sweet and enjoyable time with your loved ones, visit the Korum mall. The mall contains various stores where you can pamper your partner with lots of shopping. It has the best food court with lots of good food options.

However, if you want to enjoy fine dining with soothing music, there are multiple cuisine options. You can also enjoy the game option if your partner is much into a fun activity or gaming. Many people find it the best place to visit in Thane for couples. 

Location: Eastern Express Hwy, Samata Nagar, West Thane, Maharashtra

Timing: 10 am to 9 pm


Kelva Beach

When you plan a beautiful beach trip with your partner, what can be a better choice than Kelva beach? It is the most beautiful getaway spot in Thane. From enjoying the first kiss of sun rays on your face to a romantic evening stroll with your partner along the sea, this is the best spot.

The perfect view of settling sun and calming sound of sea helps revive your senses.

Location: Palghar, Maharashtra.

Talao Pali Lake

When searching for places to visit in Thane for couples, you will find Talao Pali Lake in the top results. It has the most settling and romantic environment to enjoy cozy moments with your loved ones. You can do many activities in the park-like riding an adventurous scooter, bird watching, enjoying delicious food, etc.

There are small food stalls near the place offering some lip-smacking Mumbai specials like Vada Pao, Bhelpuri, and Misal Pav.

Location: Ganeshwadi, Thane West, Maharashtra 400601.

Elvis Butterfly Garden

One of the unique features of the place is that it is an open-air butterfly garden. Moreover, it contains around 132 species of butterflies. This place stands out to be a superior result for the best place for couples in Thane. You and your partner can enjoy the beautiful moment of a butterfly's life, how it turns from egg to pupa.

The garden is full of winged creatures without any enclosure so that you can enjoy the real beauty. As soon as you enter this garden, you will get spellbound in its beauty.

Location: Ward. No 1, Village Road, Gowniwada, Owale, Thane, Maharashtra 400615.

Timing: 8 am to 12 pm open only on Sunday.


Kachrali Talav

When planning an outing with your partner, you can go to Kachrali Lake, Thane. Many couples visit this place for some tranquil moment. Here you can sit beside the lake and enjoy each other's company. Many people also come here early morning for jogging in a properly led down jogging track.

So if both you and your partner are gym enthusiasts you can find this place perfect. There is also a boating facility in the lake, or where you can find people fishing. The beautiful scenery around the lake gives a dynamic surrounding to the couples.

Location: Opposite TMC Building, Thane.

Timing: 6 am to 10 pm


Tansa Dam

Tansa Dam is the perfect place for couples in Thane. The lovey-dovey surrounding site is best to spend some quality time with your partner. Many people find the evening time most appropriate to visit the place as you get a wonderful environment while sitting beside the lake.

The serene and soothing atmosphere with the settling sun below the horizon serves as the perfect view. It has the ideal picturesque environment with a blessing of diversity in flora and fauna.

Location: 6 km from Asangaon Railway Station, Thane

Yeoor Hills

If you want to enjoy the first rainfall from the monsoon wind with your partner, Yeoor hill is the perfect spot. When the first drop of rain kisses the ground, the surrounding feels more refreshing and vibrant. It is the number one place to visit in Thane for couples and a perfect getaway for escaping the city's chaos.

You can do many activities like walking, trekking, bird watching, or enjoying the prominent peak.

Location: Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra.

Timing: 8 am to 7 pm

Entry fees: INR 30


St. John the Baptist Church

Those people who like to bathe in divineness find this place perfectly fitting. This place is the perfect spiritual escape from the metropolitan and never fails to give you a blissful experience. It is surrounded by a magnificent lake, Masunda Lake, which has the perfect picturesque view of the metropolitan.

The church has a rich culture and architectural beauty. Many couples find their true meaning of life by visiting this church, and many realize each other's importance in their lives.

Location: Ahilyadevi Holkar Road, Thane 400601 

Timing: 6 am to 9 pm


Gorakhgad Fort

Among many places to visit in Thane for couples, Gorakhgad fort can be an excellent spot. It is just a one day trip from Mumbai. You get to enjoy trekking and rock climbing here with your partner. The scenery with a steep ascending hill and shrine at the mid-level is just so graceful.

You can spend time with your loved ones while enjoying the magnificent view of the valley. The Gorakhgad Fort reaches upto 2137 feet tall, and the whole area is surrounded by dense forest.

Location: Dehri Village, Murbad, Thane 400004.

Entry Fees: Rs 1500/ person



Mumbra is a beautiful town of Maharashtra, which is a perfect place for couples in Thane. But before reaching Mumbra, you and your partner need to prepare a whole lot of bucket lists containing things to do. You can go trekking, visit the beach, explore the wax museum, shopping, and much more.

The village is filled with effervescent culture that depicts history, diversity, and secularism. You can even enjoy tarot card reading with your partner. 

Location: Mumbra, Thane, Maharashtra, 400612.


Tungareshwar Waterfall

You will find Tungareshwar waterfall within the premises of Tunganeshwar wildlife sanctuary. It is a gorgeous waterfall where the couples can enjoy the soothing music of water thrashing the rock. It will serve as the perfect picnic spot with your loved ones with a scenery view of greenery and seasonal birds.

The tranquil setting of the waterfall gives you the goo-goo moment with your partner. In the pathway, you will also enjoy sweet corn, cucumber with chili and salt, tamarind, raw mango, etc. So, this can be an excellent place for couples in Thane.

Location: Sativli, Maharashtra 401303


Vardhaman Fantasy Amusement Park

There are seven charming zones in this amusement park where you can take your partner to. These zones include Greek village, Texas Cowboy, Wonders of the world, Colo Theatrum, Viva Las Vegas, Lake Venetia, and Spanish food. You can enjoy many thrilling rides with your partner besides the delicious food in the massive food court.

The amusement also has an international theme for entertaining and fun activities. So you can count this place as an option under places for couples in Thane.

Location: Shivar Garden, Mira Rd, Mumbai, Maharashtra 401107.

Timing: 9 am to 9 pm

Entry fees: INR 2, rides charge extra.


Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary

You can easily spend 1-2 hours of quality time with your partner here. The place is enriched in flora and fauna. It also has a variety of species of plants, animals, and birds. The site also has a magnificent lake surrounding the region, which holds up to 3 million water gallons.

It is a real paradise for wildlife lovers and who love gazing at seasonal birds and unique animals. Hence, perfectly fit under the best place to visit in Thane for couples. Moreover, it is also perfect for escaping the hectic city life with your loved ones.

Location: Shahpur Wada, Nashik Hwy, Thane.

Timing: 7 am to 6 pm

Entry Fees: INR 650


Chaubara 601

Chaubara 601 is a fine restaurant with a pleasant and enjoyable environment where you can take your partner to dinner. Most couples love live music and the collection of music they play. They are different sections or zones where you can sit comfortably and have your privacy.

There is no issue with the place getting over-crowded as the restaurant is huge. You can even enjoy a roof-top ambiance if you like an open air setting.

Location: Naupada, Thane West.

Timing: 5:30 – 11:30


Sargam Water Park

Image Credit : sargamwaterpark.com

It is the must-visit place for couples in Thane. The exciting water park located amid a beautiful mango orchard is everyone's top thing on their list. You can find serene surroundings and picturesque beauty for an extravagantly relaxing day with your partner.

The water rides in the park are risk-free yet super exciting. The park's security guards take care of the safety and precaution, so you don't miss any moment with your partner.

Location: 24 km away from Thane.

Timing: 9 am to 6 pm

Entry Fees: INR 400 to 700


Thane Pub Exchange

When searching for the perfect place to visit in Thane for couples, how can you miss out on the Thane pub exchange? You will find the ambiance perfect for your special outing with a fancy crowd, live music and a good vibe. If your partner loves bowling, he/she is going to love it here.

You can also take out your partner for brunch here; it serves the most delicious food. The pub has a lot of space so that you can enjoy your moment. 

Location: Korum Mall, Eastern Expressway, Thane.

Timing: 12 noon to 11:30pm


Kalibari Temple

If you want to take your partner into a holistic place, there can be no better place than Kalibari Temple. It is a famous sacred spot in Mumbai where people worship the Goddess Kali. The Bengali couple will especially love the area as the temple has the most gorgeous and exquisite black statue of Goddess kali.

The bright background with colorful lights and flower garlands enhances and purifies the atmosphere with spirituality. You can find this place a sacred place for couples in Thane.

Location: Nh 48 Gaimukh Gaon, Thane 400615

Timing: 6 am to 1 pm then 5 pm to 9:30 pm

People Also Ask About Thane

  1. What are the romantic things to do in Thane?

    1. Visit Upvan Lake: Widely considered as one of the best places for couples in Thane, Upvan Lake is particularly popular for its serene atmosphere and an authentic vibe of privacy.

    2. Take a Stroll in Kelva Beach: Kelva Beach, one of the largest beaches in Thane, can offer an amazing strolling experience, especially during the nighttime. You and your beloved can also savor the true essence of sunrise and sunset here!

    3. An Outing in the Yeoor Hills: Yeoor Hills is yet another place where you can simply blow your steam off and have an amorous stroll with your other half.

    4. Naneghat Hills: If you and your better half are both nature aficionados and have a dream of getting amidst greenery, then Naneghat Hills would be the perfect place for you!

    5. Thane Creek: Do you want to sit together and enjoy the beautiful chirping melody of the birds? Then, be sure to visit Thane Creek at least once while you are traversing in the city.
  2. Which are the best places to visit near Thane for couples in monsoon?

    1. Karnala: During the trip to Karnala in the mystic season of monsoon, you will get to savor a majestic view of the beautiful Sahyadri Ranges. You can also enjoy a burst of greenery and grandiose while traveling.

    2. Khandala: The small village of Khandala is filled with lush greenery and brimming lakes, which become even more beautiful, especially during the monsoon.

    3. Matheran: Broadly admired as the most exotic places to visit in Thane for couples, Matheran offers the ideal escapade from the boisterous city life.

    4. Alibaug: If you want to experience something classic and exciting, then be sure to visit the Alibaug Fort during monsoon season. The already regal piece of construction looks much more enthralling and eye-catching during this period.

    5. Lonavala:  The weather of Lonavala stays pleasant throughout the whole year, which, in turn, makes it an ideal place for traveling. However, during the season of monsoon, it becomes much greener and eye-pleasing as well!
  3. Which are the famous places for couples near Thane in December?

    1. Manas Mandir: If you are in the mood for some soul-searching and seek a peaceful ambiance with your partner, visiting the Manas Mandir, also known as the Shri Bhuvan Bhanu Jain Manas Mandir Tirtha will do the trick. Here, you will find a huge statue of the esteemed Lord Mahavir and be awed by the architecture and splendor of the temple.

    2. Mahuli Fort: Located at an altitude of about 2815 feet, the Mahuli Fort is a highly sought-after trekking destination and is heavily frequented by rock climbers. Built by the Mughals and then re-taken by the Marathas, the Fort is a witness to numerous historical events and will please the history-loving spirit of your partner.

    3. Naneghat Hills: If you and your partner have a penchant for adventure and love admiring nature, then trekking in the Naneghat hills will be an absolute thriller. Apart from the splendor nature, you will also come across water reservoirs and caves with Brahmi inscriptions carved on them.

    4. Tansa Lake: Though an artificial lake, the beauty surrounding the Tansa Lake can hardly be denied. The forest area encompassing it is actually a wildlife sanctuary boasting of numerous flora and fauna.
  4. What is the best time to visit Thane?

    If you want to go to the best places to visit in Thane for couples, then we would ask you to come here during winter. In this season, the weather of this place stays quite calm and serene, which, in turn, should be ideal for an amazing traveling experience.
  5. Which are the best resorts to stay in Thane for couples?

    1. Chene Creek Resort: A resort with a mesmerizing view of nature, the Chene Creek Resort can be an ideal option for those who are looking for something serene and snuggly. There is also a cricket field and putting ground available on its premises, which should give the sports aficionados a treat to their life!

    2. Greenarth Lakeview Resort: Sprawling gardens, lake-facing rooms, and swimming, the Greenarth Lakeview Resort has it all to make your life even more cheerful and elegant!

    3. Wildcamp Resort: If you are looking for a one-day-stay resort, then the Wildcamp Resort should be an ideal option for you! It is perfect for indulging in safari, campfire, and trekking tours.

    4. La Shimmer Resort: The La Shimmer Resort is yet another piece of gem sitting amidst the heavenly surrounding of Thane. There is a barbecue section available on the premises where you can enjoy almost anything and everything.

    5. Kalyani Village Resort: Located at the banks of the Tansa River, the Kalyani Village Resort offers an otherworldly staying experience to all the couples. Aside from its exquisite surroundings, it offers open dining, a river promenade, and cabanas! 
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Places To Visit In Thane
Kirti Achari Camping In Vasind
Clean and nice everywhere! the arrangement was good with good services, we liked all the fun activities and the meals, we truly enjoyed fishing in the river whereas the other enjoyed the other activity. It was truly a great experience. The veg bbq was tasted good and the walk towards the forest was simply-amazing with the fresh air in the morning, the guide was nice to tell us the story of the place and even shared the experience with us.
Chaitan Mukhopadhyay Kurungwadi Camping
It was my first time in this experience. Superb place, well-organized tour with good facilities. Amazing water sport activities and we enjoyed the sunset views. The bonfire and stargazing were awesome. Good meals provided to us during the stay. The vendor was very approachable and has a good staff to take care of us. Nice photos with an awesome experience.
Vidur Banerjee Mahuli Fort Trek
The expertise was nice and professional leads the group with perfections. We had a very comfortable walk with good directions. The place really is beautiful and full of greenery. At the top of the Mahuli Fort, it gave an outstanding view. The refreshment served to us was very fresh and tasty. I would love to come back again real soon.
Bhargavi Dutta Mahuli Fort Trek
The local operator was nice and very supportive provide us with a very good and friendly guide who assist us the entire journey ultimate. We had an amazing trekking experience at this place with good and sweet memories to cherish.
Bhramar Acharya Paradise Resort Mumbai
Online!!! it was very much cheaper than buying at the resort counter plus hassle-free, the place was well-maintained and super clean and also has good staff who always available nearby the activity zone to watch for the kids and everyone safety. Good facilities and enough activity to have fun. Great place to have fun with your family, friends, and corporate.
Chandraayan Bharadwaj Kurungwadi Camping
The location looks nice with good views, the tent provided to us was good and spacious and it was nicer as it was just nearby the lake, felt special. The activities were fun. At night we had a wonderful time the campfire and along with good music was just amazing... we meet new friends...in the morning some they enjoyed the water activity but I spend my leisure time sitting beside the lake and enjoyed the beauty of nature. Excellent service
Lakshminath Chaturvedi Mahuli Fort Trek
On-time picks-up with a very comfortable vehicle in which we join the other co-traveler. From the starting of the trek, it was nice and fun this trek suitable for all ages because it was a very easy and interesting one. The guide was very informative and accommodating share with us the history of the place, The fort was absolutely amazing, This place also best for those who love thrill adventure like rock climbing. Nice experience with my family and friends.
Dharani Pandey Paradise Resort Mumbai
The location was easy to reach, once enter the resort we were amazed by it when we think about the price as everything included like breakfast, lunch, evening-snacks and light dinner we thought that might be the place was not good but we were wrong the place look stunning with a number of slides especially kids would love it for sure, well-built, well-arranged and good employee everything looks perfect. We had great fun in the pools and all the activities. One thing to be noted was that the meals were truly delicious. We truly recommended this place to all families...
Brajesh Mehrotra Camping In Vasind
A warm welcome was received from the staff, we felt so special by that time, We walked all over the areas were nice with good views of the places and so greenery, the tents area was just close to the riverside was cool and plus it looks clean and spacious too which fit us in and very comfortable, necessary things provided to us, All the fun activity was very great and the staff was very polite arranged a bonfire session for us with good bbq facilities to enjoy the evening with some good music and stargazing. A very precious moment.
Anuja Achari Paradise Resort Mumbai
I would come again for sure, my kids love this place so much and they had very good fun that day with all the other children. The staff were aware of everyone's safety... this resort provided good facilities and good sanitation. The management was very good, the meals taste good, with lots of fun activities. The place looks stunning, big, and well-maintained so clean and spacious. Everything went so well. At a low price but we had so much fun.

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