Dandeli Honeymoon Packages

Dandeli Honeymoon Packages

Duration Price
Dandeli Tour Package from Bangalore3 days & 2 nights
INR 8,999

If you are seeking a dreamy, romantic vacation in the lap of mother nature, the well-planned, fully organized, and absolutely budget-friendly Dandeli honeymoon packages from Thrillophilia will offer you the perfectly crafted tour. Booking these honeymoon packages with Thrillophilia helps you with an amazing itinerary, comfortable pre-booked accommodation, clean vehicle for sightseeing, and other facilities for a convenient tour. Not to forget, you also receive 24/7 travel assistance on the go from the team.

On your trip to Dandeli with these amazing Dandeli packages for couples, you can visit top destinations of this picturesque hill town, such as Dandakaranya Park, Kavala Caves, Kali Tiger Reserve, and Syntheri Rock. You will also get the chance to engage in a plethora of fun and exhilarating activities, including camping, trekking, jungle safari, white water river rafting, kayaking, canoeing, coracle ride, boating, and fishing.

You can select from a wide range of amazing honeymoon packages for Dandeli, based on your needs and budget. You can also avail beautifully customized packages for a more personalized trip to Dandeli. Furthermore, you can also expect excellent deals and offers on your honeymoon package when booking with Thrillophilia.

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Dandeli Honeymoon FAQs

Which are the best places to visit on the Dandeli honeymoon package?

  1. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary: Everything about this place is magical, whether it's the trees that the birds perch on or the plants that are prized for their healing or therapeutic qualities. Being the  second-largest wildlife sanctuary in the state of Karnataka, it has a wide variety of plants and animals in addition to tigers, elephants, deers, and reptiles. It is also home to more than 300 different breeds of birds, making it a birdwatcher's heaven. Because of its diversity,  this place attracts plenty of wildlife lovers and photographers. Couples can take an enjoyable walk through the beautiful sanctuary and click plenty of pictures amidst the wilderness.

  2. Kali River: The breathtaking Kali River is often found in the Dandeli couple package of all adventure enthusiast couples. The river serves as a hotspot for a plethora of fun and thrilling water activities, such as canoeing, white water rafting, kayaking, and much more. This place is also known to offer excellent opportunities for trekking, hiking, nature walks, and birdwatching. Surrounded by lush greenery, the place is also a great destination to unwind and relax with your partner, away from the mundane hustle and bustle of the city life.

  3. Kavala Caves: One of the most off-beat places to include in your Dandeli couple package, the Kavala Caves are breathtaking limestone structures formed by volcanic activities. These caves feature a whooping 375 entrance steps that lead to an ancient natural-made Shivalinga. The caves also have many winding tunnels and are home to a few bats. With the Kali river flowing into the caves from around 40 feet below, these beautiful caves are a treat to the eyes. Couples can spend their time here admiring the phenomenal natural structures and seeking the blessings of Lord Shiva.

  4. Syntheri Rock: Nestled near the Kali river and a part of the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Syntheri Rock happens to be an age-old massive limestone rock formed by volcanic activities. A set of approx. 400 steps lead to the top of this enormous monolithic granite structure, from where you can soak in the beautiful 360 degrees panoramic views of the stunning Dandeli Valley. You can also spend time watching a plethora of interesting species of birds, including pigeons. Couples can also click some great pictures with the mesmerizing vistas serving as the perfect backdrop.

  5. Dandakaranya: One of the most picturesque places to visit in your Dandeli honeymoon packages, Dandakaranya Park is a popular theme park. This beautiful park houses the statues of many iconic fictional characters like that of Motu Patlu, Chotta Bheem, Charlie Chaplin, Avengers, The Simpsons, and The Transformers. The park is well-facilitated with benches for visitors to sit, unwind, and relax. Couples can also enjoy romantic photoshoot sessions in the lush scenic premises of the park.

  6. Kali Tiger Reserve: One of the best places to include in the Dandeli couple package of wildlife enthusiasts, Kali Tiger Reserve is the second largest wildlife sanctuary in the state of Karnataka. Spread across a vast area of a whopping 834.16 sq. km, this wildlife sanctuary is home to not only tigers, but also many other fascinating wildlife including elephants, sloth bears, barking deer, the Malabar Giant Squirrel, and the Indian Pangolin. The park also houses many interesting species of birds including kingfishers, hornbills, and woodpeckers. Couples visiting this park can spend time enjoying jungle safari, trekking, fishing, and white water rafting.

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What are the best things to do on the Dandeli honeymoon package?

  1. Camping: If you and your partner are nature lovers, consider adding a camping experience to your Dandeli packages for couples. There are a myriad of camping sites in Dandeli that offer lush green environs and a quiet atmosphere to spend your romantic night amidst mother nature. The best camping sites are along the Kali river, where you can sleep to the gurgling lullabies of the river and wake up to the sweet chirpings of the colourful jungle birds. You can find many budget as well as luxury jungle lodges and tents in the campsites along the river.

  2. Trekking: The breathtaking woods and deep valleys in this hill town make trekking one of the most recommended adventure activities to include in your Dandeli couple package. There are a plethora of amazing trekking routes in this region that lead hikers through some breathtaking landscapes and let them explore fascinating native wildlife, rolling meadows, and picturesque grasslands. Hikers can also enjoy birding on the trails and rest in a camp after an exhausting day-long trek.

  3. Jeep Safari: If you are a wildlife enthusiast couple, you are recommended to include jeep safari in your Dandeli honeymoon packages. You can take a fun-filled and thrilling jeep safari in the breathtaking Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary and enjoy spotting a myriad of distinct species of animals including leopards, elephants, black panthers, sloth bears, barking deer, the Malabar Giant Squirrel, and the Indian Pangolin. As you move deeper into the sanctuary in an open jeep, you will feel closer to nature. You can also click some amazing pictures with the enthralling landscapes serving as the perfect backdrop.

  4. Water Sports: Dandeli is known across the country as a hotspot of fun and thrilling water sports, thanks to the mighty Kali river. The enormous black boulders and untamed waves of the river make white water river rafting an amazing experience here for both novice and seasonal rafting enthusiasts. People also enjoy kayaking and canoeing in this river because of the clear water and lush green environs. Other fun water activities to enjoy here include coracle ride, boating, and fishing.

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What is the best time to visit Dandeli for a honeymoon?

The best time to visit Dandeli for a honeymoon is during the winter season, between the months of October and February. During this time of the year, the weather of the place is pleasant, which is perfect for sightseeing. Since the river water is cooler during the winters, this is also the perfect time to enjoy various water sports like river rafting, kayaking, and canoeing.

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How many days are required to explore Dandeli?

You need at least two days to explore all the popular tourist hotspots of Dandeli. With your 2 days Dandeli honeymoon packages, you can explore many famous destinations of this quaint hill town, including Dandakaranya Park, Kavala Caves, Kali Tiger Reserve, and Syntheri Rock.

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What is Dandeli known for?

Dandeli is known popularly for its lush green environs, deep picturesque valleys, and the mesmerizing Kali river. This quaint little hill town is also known for its excellent adventure sports opportunities, with the most popular being white water river rafting.

What are the best adventure activities to do in Dandeli?

  1. White water river rafting
  2. Kayaking
  3. Canoeing
  4. Coracle ride
  5. Trekking
  6. Hiking
  7. Fishing
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What are the best ways to reach Dandeli?

  • By Air: The closest airport to Dandeli is at Belgaum, which is well-connected to all cities of the country by flights. Once you reach Belgaum, you can easily take a cab to reach Dandeli.

  • By Rail: The closest railway station to Dandeli is Dharwad railway station which is around 1.9 kms away from the city center. Upon reaching Dharwad, you can easily take a private taxi to reach Dandeli.

  • By Road: You can easily take a direct bus or cab from Bengaluru to reach Dandeli in around 11 hours.

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