Pont Des Arts Overview

Popularly known as the Bridge of Love, Lock Bridge or Pont des Arts is a pedestrian bridge in Paris over the Seine River. This bridge attracts a myriad of tourists throughout the year to attach lovelocks or padlocks to the railings to announce their love for their beloved. Not only do the lovers but also the artists are drawn to this attraction for its lovely views of historical buildings and monuments.

Crossing the river Seine, Pont des Arts is one of the most photogenic pedestrian bridges in Paris. It has earned international acclamation as the bridge for romance. Constructed between 1802 and 1804, Pont des Arts is the first metal bridge in Paris. Also known as Passerelle des Arts, it connects the Institut de France with the Louvre museum.

The bridge is a favourite spot for photographers where they can click magnificent photos of the illuminating building lights reflecting on the river waters. It is popular among artists, painters, and photographers for organizing art and photography exhibitions, drawing a large number of crowds. You can also witness the panoramic view of the majestic Eiffel Tower glowing as the sun sets on the horizon, making it an ideal destination for those exploring Europe Tour Packages.

In 1991, Pont des Arts was listed in UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. The bridge also serves as a picnic spot for many locals from the city. Its unique beauty and historical significance have been alluring thousands of visitors every year from all around the world.

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• Tie the lovelocks or padlocks on the Lock Bridge Paris to declare your love for your beloved.
• Relax back and watch the boats floating on the glistening waters of the River Seine.
• Observe the remarkable views of the historical buildings and monuments of Paris from the Lock Bridge Paris.
• Strengthen the bond with your beloved by tying the padlocks on the railings of the bridge and keeping hold of the keys as you would do to your relationship.
• Click plenty of memorable photographs on the Lock Bridge Paris and cherish the moment spent with your loved one for a lifetime.
• Adorn the hanging basket of flowers and benches for relaxing on the Lock Bridge Paris.
• Talk a walk along the Lock Bridge Paris hand in hand with your beloved and watch the sunset over the Seine River.
• Sit on the relaxing benches and watch the couples cherish their bond on the bridge.Suggested Read: Best Museums In Paris 

How To Reach

1. By Metro: The nearest metro stations to Pont des Arts are

  • Pont des Arts – Quai De Conti, situated 80 meters from the bridge and walking time of 2 min
  • Pont des Arts, situated 158 meters from the bridge and walking time of 3 min
  • Pont du Carrousel – Quai Voltaire, 326 meters from the bridge and walking time of 5 min
  • Pont Neuf – Quai Du Louvre, 351 meters from the bridge and walking time of 5 min

2. By Bus: The bus routes that have stops near Pont des Arts are 72, 95, and 75.

3. From Paris Charles De Gaulle airport: You can avail train, cab, shuttle, bus or Towncar from the airport to Pont des Arts. The train takes 49 minutes to reach the nearest station Chatelet Les Halles, 10 min walking distance to the bridge. Buses and cars normally take approximately 30 minutes to reach the bridge.

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Best Time To Visit

Although you can visit the Lock Bridge Paris at any time of the year, the best time to visit the attraction is on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. During these days of the week, the bridge has a lot of visitors making it a really happening place to be at and enjoy the ultimate romantic experience. You can choose to visit the attraction in the early mornings if you are looking for privacy.

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Other Essential Information

History of Pont Des Arts

In the 19th century Napoleon Bonaparte asked his architects and engineers to design and construct a bridge in similar lines as that of the world's first cast iron bridge in England. His vision was to resemble a garden through the creation of the bridge over the river Seine, ornate with beautiful flowers and benches. Pont des Arts is the first lightweight metal bridge in Paris and is one of the architectural marvels in the country.

During the World Wars in the 20th century, the bridge faced several bomb attacks which made it unsafe for the pedestrians. The bridge was finally closed for pedestrians. Further in 1979, the bridge further collapsed and then a decision was taken to dismantle the bridge completely.

Between the years 1981 and 1984, a new bridge was constructed at the same place over the River Seine. The metal used for the new construction was steel, and the design was exactly similar to that of the original Pont des Arts. A small difference however was made, the original nine arches were reduced to seven. This was intentionally done to align the bridge with the neighbouring bridge of Pont Neuf.

Love Locks at Pont Des Arts

Love Locks or PadLocks are one of the famous customs or traditions followed by any romantic couples in Pont des Arts. The couples engrave their names on the locks and attach them to the bridge railings. The keys are then thrown into the River waters to permanently lock their love for each other. It is a belief that love stays immortal forever between couples. The tradition has been followed in Paris in Pont des Arts since 2008.

By February 2014 there has been an estimated 700,000 locks attached to the bridge which turned out to be a safety concern for pedestrians and tourists visiting the bridge. Later in the year it was observed the parapet of the bridge was damaged with the weight of the padlocks. The Mayor's office in Paris is now encouraging people to click selfies instead of tying lovelocks as part of the "Love without locks" campaign.

Their website and social media campaigns are trying their level best to motivate people in expressing their love without the lovelocks. From June 2015 city council workers started cutting down the locks so as to prevent the Historical heritage structure from collapsing which was posing danger to the locals and the tourists. Alternate materials like glass are also being used to replace the metal panels of the bridge so as to prevent the couples from tying the lovelocks.

Places to Eat near Pont des Arts

1. Calife: Calife restaurant is located in 3 Quai Malaquais in Paris, at a 2 min walking distance from Pont des Arts. It has French cuisine serving starters, appetizers, main course and gourmet food for lunch and dinner. The restaurant is hosted inside a replica of a cruise offering a spectacular view of the river Seine.

2. Relais du Pont Neuf: The restaurant has French cuisine and special vegetarian dishes. It is situated in 18 Quai du Louvre in Paris. It serves 4 meal courses - lunch, brunch, breakfast, and dinner. The dishes are delicious with good quality and taste. The prices of the delicacies are reasonable and the staff is also quite friendly and helpful.

3. Guy Savoy: Guy Savoy is located in Monnaie de Paris, 11 Quai de Conti in Paris at a 3 min walking distance from the bridge. It has French, European and special Vegetarian and Vegan cuisines. It is one of the best restaurants offering incredible views of the river Seine, Louvre museum, Pont Neuf bridge, and the Institut de France.

The ambience of the restaurant is excellent and the food quality is incredible.

4. Ze Kitchen Galerie: Ze Kitchen Galerie is situated in 4 Rue des Grands Augustins in Paris, a 3 min walking distance from the bridge. It has French, European, Contemporary, Vegetarian and Vegan cuisines, serving lunch and dinner. The food is amazing with good quality and taste.

The kitchen has large windows from where you can watch the chefs preparing the creative and innovative delicacies for the guests.

Places to Stay near Pont des Arts

1. HÙtel d'Aubusson: It is a boutique hotel, housed inside an authentic historical mansion. Situated at 33 Rue Dauphine, it is one of the prominent luxurious hotels in Paris. It offers a buffet breakfast from 7:00 AM till 11:30 AM at its wonderful patio. The rooms are extremely cozy and comfortable and the staff is extremely friendly and professional.

2. HÙtel Bel Ami: It is a 5-star hotel with all the modern amenities. Situated at 7 rue Saint Benoit 6th Arr in Paris, you will witness an artistically designed Parisian apartment. The rooms and suites possess elegant designs and décor. The staff is friendly and professional and speaks almost 13 languages.

3. Citadines Saint-Germain-des-PrÉs Paris: The hotel is located in 53 ter Quai des Grands Augustins in Paris, a 3 min walking distance from the bridge. The rooms are designed with classic furnishings and all basic amenities. There are studios with kitchenettes, rooms with river views and one-bedroom apartment inside the hotel.

4. Best Western Premier Ducs de Bourgogne: It is a 4-star hotel, situated in 19 rue du Pont Neuf 1st Arr in Paris. The staff is extremely friendly and professional and speaks English, French, and Spanish. All the rooms are non-smoking and soundproof. The hotel also hosts a nightclub and a DJ for entertaining the guests.

Interesting Facts about Pont des Arts

1. Pont des Arts was the first metal bridge in Paris designed by engineers Louis-Alexandre de Cessart and Jacques Dillon. It was the brainchild of Napoleon Bonaparte who wanted to construct a bridge that resembled a suspended garden over the river Seine with beautiful flowers and benches to sit and relax.

2. The bridge was designated as a historic monument by the Cultural Ministry of the French government in 1975.

3. Due to its structural beauty and historical significance, the bridge has been featured in many television shows and films.

4. The original bridge, made out of cast iron, was dismantled due to damages and was rebuilt with steel. To align with its neighbouring bridge Pont Neuf, the nine arches of the Pont des Arts were reduced to seven.

5. You can enter Pont des Arts anytime in the day with no entry fee.

6. The bridge is famous for the sidewalk cafes selling croissants, bread, pastries, and many other bakery products.

Tips To Visit

  • The Lock Bridge Paris or Pont des Arts connects two fundamental buildings in the city center of Paris, namely the Institut de France and the Louvre Museum.
  • The bridge was commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte in the early 19th century.
  • It was the first metal bridge in the City of Love with 9 arches, which were later reduced to 7 arches to align with the Pont Neuf.
  • The reconstruction of the bridge was nearly completed in the early 1980s after severe damage from the World Wars and boats crashing into the piers.
  • The attachment of lovelocks was permitted only until 2015. Later, it was prohibited as the weight of the locks was causing destruction to the foundation of the bridge.
  • Even though the bridge looks relatively simple, it was not the ideal plan of the architects as they wanted to feature landscaped gardens, countless flower beds, and lines of trees on the bridge.

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Point of Interest for Pont Des Arts
Institut de France

Institut de France

The institute, grouping 5 academies, is a French society housing museums and chateaux amongst 1000 foundations placed inside the building. Created in 1975, the building is an example of French neoclassical architecture.

The 5 academies are mainly the Académie française, the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-lettres, the Académie des Sciences, the Académie des Beaux-arts and the Académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques.

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Musee d’Orsay

Musee d’Orsay

Musee d’Orsay is an iconic museum in Paris hosting several phenomenal paintings, photographs, sculptures and furniture dating back between 1848 and 1914. It is considered to be one of the largest museums in Europe, built adjacent to the banks of the River Seine.

The museum is significant in preserving the fabulous masterpieces of world-famous artists like Van Gogh, Monet, Sisley, Gauguin and many more.

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Pont Neuf

Pont Neuf

Pont Neuf is the third-longest and the oldest standing bridge in Paris. Situated on the banks of the river Seine, the historical bridge is ornate with 381 stone sculptures of mascarons, magnificent arches and the remarkable bronze statue of Henry IV. The bridge is phenomenal in hosting several Hollywood films.

It is also considered as one of the most luxurious and romantic locations in Paris. Due to its historical significance and artistic beauty, Pont Neuf is a photographer’s delight.

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It is a Gothic-style royal chapel situated on Ile de la Cite in River Seine. Built in the 13th century, the historic chapel contains the most extensive glass collections of the world. It houses relics of Jesus Christ, a collection by King Louis IX of France.

The architectural style of the chapel is exemplary with artistic pinnacles, vast windows, decorative facades, and rich textile creations. The main attraction of Sainte-Chapelle is 15 majestic windows intricately made with glass pieces, adorning the western wall of the chapel.

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Square du Vert-Galant

Square du Vert-Galant

Created in 1607, Square du Vert-Galant is a small public garden at the west side of the Pont Neuf. The garden derived its name from Le Vert Galant, a nickname of King Henry IV. In 1884 the garden was taken over by the City of Paris and was renovated into an oasis of panoramic beauty with trees and shrubs.

Situated at a 1-minute walking distance from Pont Neuf, the garden offers a relaxing environment amid the shimmering river waters and the lush greenery around. Embellished with its charming flora and fauna, the garden serves as one of the most renowned tourist destinations in France.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Pont Des Arts FAQs

What is Pont des Arts famous for?

Pont des Arts is famous as the Love Lock Bridge in Paris. Thousands of couples had attached padlocks at the bridge panels and immersed the keys in the river Seine as a symbol of their eternal love. The bridge is also renowned for being the first metal bridge in Paris, connecting Institut de France and Louvre Palace. It resembles a garden suspended over the river, adorned with flowers, plants, trees, and benches. The bridge has been serving as art galleries and exhibitions where the artistic creations of prominent artists, photographers and painters are displayed for the tourists.

Can you still put a lock on the bridge in Paris?

The city council of Paris has banned couples from putting padlocks or lovelocks on the bridge railings of Pont des Arts. There were about 700,000 locks on the bridge in 2015 which is equivalent to the weight of 20 elephants. The padlocks are being removed to protect the bridge from collapsing and further damage. The city council in Paris dreads the weight of love locks as a potential cause of danger to the tourists as well as the bridge.

Where do you put a love lock?

As a customary practice, couples walk over the bridge Pont des Arts and place a padlock on the metal fence. The key to the padlock is then hurled into the river Seine, symbolizing eternal love between them.

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