Palace of Versailles, Paris: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips
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Palace of Versailles Tours & Activities

About Palace of Versailles

The palace of Versailles happens to be a lavish complex and a former residence of the royal kingdom outside the city of Paris. The palace of Versailles is located at a distance of 10 Km from the city centre of Paris.  The structure has deep connections with the political history of Paris as it represents an age in the history of French's rise as a power and fashion centre in the world.

This place has also deep connections with the French Revolution as it happened to be one of the largest urban centres in France.The palace of Versailles in the initial days was primarily used as a hunting lodge where the royal family used to spend the night if they were not able to return to Paris. With time nearby lands were bought and the construction of other expansions began under the reign of Louis XII. 

With a blend of various architectural designs, this palace had been constructed in a futuristic style with most of the imported raw materials. Palace of Versailles casts its magical spell on the visitors by its halls of mirrors fashioned with 357 mirrors bought from Venice, the royal garden ornamented with statues and flowery plants, and the royal chapel that was a torchbearer of many European church designs.

How to Reach Palace of Versailles

Credits:- Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

1. By Metro
The Palace of Versailles can be reached by the metro trains connecting every single part of the city. You can take the RER C train which will directly take you to the Le Château de Versailles.

2. By Bus
You can also reach the Palace of Versailles by the local bus service. It takes about 35 mins to reach the palace from the Paris city centre.

3. By Bike/Car
If you are familiar with the routes of Paris, then it would be better to drive down to the palace in your private or rental vehicle. You will have the liberty to stopover in between them to make the most out of the city tours as well. 

Best Time to Visit Palace of Versailles

Credits:- Image from Pixabay

The best time to visit the Palace of Versailles in France is in the course of the spring season that lasts from the month of March to the month of May and again in the course of the autumn season which lasts from the month of September to the month of November.

It is the best time to visit to come over to the Palace of Versailles and spend time witnessing its artistic marvels and architectural marvels as the prices of accommodation happen to be a bit less compared to the rest of the year. This is also the time when you will find very less number of tourists.

1. Winter Season

The winter season lasts for a couple of months making the surrounding cold and wet with continuous snowfall. It can also be a good time to come over to France and visit a number of other tourist attractions.

2. Summer season
The Palace of Versailles receives a huge number of tourists in the summer season and you will not be able to spend good time at the palace because of its crowded surroundings. It is also very hot and expensive to stay in.

The best time to visit the Palace of Versailles in a day would be in the afternoon hours. The Palace is usually crowded in the morning hours and it would not be a good time to explore the museum. Come In the afternoon hours to create and capture memoirs. 

What Not to Miss at Palace of Versailles

Credits:- Image by Ninascreativecorner from Pixabay

Check out some of the must-visit places in the Palace of Versailles:

1. The palace
The palace has been conferred with the status of being a UNESCO world heritage site for more than 30 years. It has been standing tall for years as a testament to the past glory of the royal family and also a stunning example of 18th- century art of France.

The best part of the palace is the adoration of the gold crystal and many other precious and valuable gemstones. The palace has been very well preserved by the administration so that it will entice visitors from all over the world to come over to France.

2. The Garden
The Garden of Versailles is a perfect accompaniment to the magnificent palace. The garden is spread over an area close to almost 800 hectares and is decorated with a wide range of statues, sculptures, flowers gardens, and vivid lush greenery all around.

The garden is also well maintained by the administration and the lawns are meticulously manicured from time to time. visitors love to spend time and capture memories in these gardens. Every evening water shows are also performed, which perfectly complement the plushness of the gardens. The best time to visit these gardens is in the afternoon hours after exploring the palace from corner to corner.

3. Hall of mirrors
The hall of mirrors can be considered as the most gorgeous part of the palace that casts a glittering spell on the visitors.  The interiors of this hall are completely decorated by a wide range of specially designed mirrors and also ornamented by various gemstones to complement the mirrors.

This palace used to serve the meeting area for the royal family and it also connects the apartments of the king and queen. There are more than 350 mirrors in the hall that are coupled with various arches and arcades of the windows. The hall makes for a great sight of the magnificent work of gold and various rare crystals.

4. Royal Chapel
The royal chapel is situated in the Palace of Versailles and has been an inspiration for a number of other European churches. It was constructed in the year 1689 and the marble flooring at that point of time happened to be its most exciting factor. The royal chapel is decorated with various large sculptures, illustrations, and mosaic arts.

At the present time, the chapel is used as a venue that hosts various musical concerts and private events.  However, the monumental pillars and exquisite altarpieces all express a divine atmosphere which will surely enthral all the visitors.

Other Essential Information About Palace of Versailles

Credits:- Image by Veryverte from Pixabay

The famous Palace of Versailles is located at Place d'Armes, 78000 Versailles, France. 

There is no entry fee for pedestrians at the Palace of Versailles. However, if you are coming in a vehicle, then you would need to pay €3 for a motorcycle, €6 for a car, and €30 for a bus. In addition, if you are opting for a guided tour of the palace, then you would also need to pay €7 for adults.

The Palace of Versailles remains open from 9 AM in the morning to 5:30 PM in the evening on all days except Monday. Monday is the weekly holiday and all maintenance and cleaning work are scheduled on the same day. 

Secrets from The Palace of Versailles

Credits:- Image by Iankelsall1 from Pixabay

Here are some secrets about the Palace of Versailles that will surprise you:

1. The Palace of Versailles happened to be a hunting lodge for the royal family
Louis XIII bought a piece of land and constructed a chateau on it as he loved hunting. He used to stay in the hunting lodge at the nighttime if he had insufficient time to return to Paris or Saint Germain en Laye for darkness.

The chateau was again subjected to further expansion with the purchase of new land close to it and which paved the path for Louis XIV to convert the hunting lodge into a wonderful palace. The same palace was also in use as the government offices of the French government and also as courtrooms.

2. The essence from the garden of the Palace of Versailles made visitors fall ill
The gardens at the palace happen to be one of the largest and most spectacular lush green gardens in the world. It is jam-packed with more than 372 statues, 20 miles of water pipes, and 600 fountains which all together cast a magical charm.

Being home to a large variety of plants, the smell from some of the trees were too overpowering in the 17th century that made a number of guests fall ill.

3. Mirrors were stolen from Venice to construct the hall of mirrors
The construction of the hall of mirrors in the Palace of Versailles started in the year 1678 and to make it one of the most remarkable parts of the palace, more than 357 mirrors were used. At that point in time, Venice had the monopoly of making mirrors.

France was however successful in persuading the mirror makers to come over to this place and create some special mirrors for the palace. Venetian government at that point of time that imposed strict rules on the movement of its artisans. If any violation of the law was found, then the death penalty was given. 

Travellers' tip before visiting the Palace of Versailles

Credits:- Image by Vikol009 from Pixabay

1. Here are some of the traveller's tips that you should keep in mind before visiting the Palace of Versailles:

This place is visited by a large number of tourists every single day. If you don’t want to waste your time waiting in the long queues, then you should go ahead with booking your tickets from the online portal. 

You should make sure to reach the palace by 9 AM so that you can complete exploring the whole palace by lunchtime. After having lunch, you can spend time in the lush garden of the palace which is home to countless types of decorative trees and flowers. 

You should not forget all the necessities of yours like light snacks, sunscreen lotions, and water bottles. 
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People Also Ask About Palace of Versailles

  1. Can I bring bulky items into the palace?

    No, you are not allowed to bring any kind of bulky item into the palace. If you have brought any bulky item, then you need to store it in the designated luggage storage area before getting an entry into the palace.
  2. Are pushchairs allowed inside the palace?

    No, pushchairs are not allowed inside the palace premises in order to keep all the exhibits protected from any kind of damage. Not only pushchairs, but even metal baby carriers, crutches, umbrellas, walking sticks and bulky luggage also are not allowed to take into the rooms of the exhibition halls. You would need to deposit all the things in the designated cloakroom at the entrance of the palace.
  3. Are we allowed to take pictures inside the palace?

    No, you are not allowed to capture photographs inside the premises of the palace. However, you can click pictures in the garden of the palace. In most places, usage of the flashlight is strictly prohibited and in some complete prohibition of photography is imposed. It is better to read all the rules and regulations before clicking pictures with your camera so that you don't get into sort of trouble later.
  4. How much gold is in the Palace of Versailles?

    As per the estimates, about 100,000 gold leaves have been crafted into the shape of fleur de Lys, marks of Apollo, crowns, cornucopias, and the famous cross capital Ls representing the sun king.
  5. Why was the palace of Versailles built?

    The palace was initially constructed as a hunting lodge. Hunting at that point of time happened to be one of the most prolific games that enticed all the royal kings to take part. King Louis VII bought the land and constructed a chateau and went for hunting trips. It was also used as a private retreat for the royal family.
  6. How long did it take to build the Palace of Versailles?

    The palace of Versailles was constructed in three different stages. The construction was started in the year 1623 and it was opened for public in the year 1634 with complete construction of less extravagant hunting lodge. The very first expansion took place from the year 1661 to the year 1678 and the second expansion was started from the year 1678 to the year 1715.

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