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What You Should Know More About Athens

  • Q. Travel Advice

    •      Respect the Greek language, heritage, and local traditions.
    •      Do not make fun of Greek superstitions.
    •      Learn local traditions and a few phrases in the local language.
    •      Do not use harsh speech. Locals are traditional and friendly people.
    •      Do not be too detached.
    •      Always give gifts when you visit anyone.
    •      Mind your manners at the dining table.
    •      Dress moderately even on beaches.
    •      Try their local cuisine and ingredients.

  • Q. Drinking Law

    The legal drinking age in Athens is 18 years and above.

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Landmarks and parks

    The Acropolis is a heritage site and an ancient town that dates back to the Bronze Age. There are many classical buildings, Parthenons, temples, and historical sites that symbolize the culture and tradition of Greece. The Ancient Agora is an ancient site that gives a beautiful view of Acropolis. Here you can visit the Temple of Hephaestus, which is a well preserved Greek temple. Syntagma Square is the Parliament building and make sure you stand only on the right side here. The Kerameikos is a cemetery and has a museum that showcases many archaeological items.

    The Temple of Olympian Zeus is now in ruins. Panathinaiko Stadium is in a horseshoe shape.  Lycabettus Hill is good for taking walking tours and gives a good view of the sea. Parnitha National Park has gorges, springs, caves, and paths. This is a good site for hiking, mountain biking, and many other outdoor activities. The National Garden of Athens is a beautiful park and has rich vegetation, flowers, and duck ponds. It has a small zoo and children’s play area.

    Museums and galleries

     The National Art Gallery has paintings and art works from the best of Greek and European artists. The City of Athens Technopolis is an industrial museum that depicts the cultural history of the city. 

  • Q. What you will like there?

    Places to visit for sightseeing

    Parthenon is entirely made in marble and used to be the main temple in Athena in ancient times. This was a popular religious centre. Acropolis is great for hiking along the ruins and theatre of this town. Kifissias Park is a good place to relax and taste the local wine and snacks. The Agora is an ancient ruin that you can explore. The National Archaeological Museum has collections of pottery, jewellery, shipwreck, and a computer that is 2000 year old.

    The Agora-Athens Central Market is good for buying local produce and fish. Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon are one of the ancient sites in Athens that are well preserved. Kanellopoulos Museum has collections of jewellery, weapons, vases made in clay and stone, figurines, and many items that belonged to the Kanellopoulos family. Tower of the Winds was built in 1st BC.  It was a sundial in ancient times and a compass. Easter Vigil is a procession not to be missed if you visit Athens during Easter. Parnitha National Park has a landscape view, caves, forges, springs, and paths that are clear and well marked. Anafiotika is great for taking walking trails amidst the flowers and walls. Lycabettus is a great hike and the peak is more than 200 meter high.

    There are more than 20 beaches in Attica where you can visit for its view and relax there. 

  • Q. Recommended reads for destination (govt. websites, travel forum articles)?
  • Q. Books

    Lonely Planet Pocket Athens (Travel Guide) by Lonely Planet and Alexis Averbuck

  • Q. When is the best time to visit Athens?

    The best time span to travel Athens is in between the months March to May and in between the months September to November. The weather during this time is pretty much fair with happy sunshine lighting up the mood of the visitors. Not to forget, the airfare and hotel deals are simpler to crack and the throngs are thinner during this season of summer. Also, the months between December to February call to be the best visiting months. Though, chilly the winter at Athens is relatively mild and moderate. Between the months June to August, it is extremely hot heating up the place to extremes. Therefore, during this time span, visitors are a little uncomfortable visiting Athens.           

    Segregation of the Months Depending Upon the Best Time to Visit Athens:

    • March to May

    During the months in between March to May, it is spring. This season is considered the best time to pay a visit to Athens because the flight accommodations are cheap and affordable. The places like Acropolis and Ancient Agora are visited the most during the summertime. Only the travelers must keep in mind that Athens is ten miles away from the coastal line of Greece, therefore you must carry a light cardigan or jacket to protect yourself from the weather.

    • June to August

    Many Athenians in between the months June to August head to the wonderful beaches or hamlets to escape the warmth in the temperature. At this time, few local businesses are closed – meaning that you might experience a tough time finding a place to grab on good food during summertime. However, on a positive note, during this time a large number of festoons and festivals are arranged where you can participate and experience the best.

    • September to November

    The months in between September to November is pleasantly warm making the hotel rooms to experience a downfall in the cost. The temperature at the daytime is recorded to be between the mid-60s and 80s while in general at night the temperature falls to 40s. At this time, you also get the advantage to visit various clubs, shops, and restaurants.

    • December to February

    Months in between December to February is the best if you are planning a winter trip. You must make sure that you pack an umbrella along as December is considered to be the wettest months of the whole year. You are sure to endeavor the best hotel room price if you have no trouble brisling through in this weather with lack or inconsistent sunshine awaiting your way.

  • Q. How to reach Athens?

    You can reach Athens by the following way:

    • Air

    The Athens International Airport is considered to be one of the main hubs for the South-Eastern Europe for all major budget and international proven airlines operating from various routes.

  • Q. Which are the major tourist attractions in Athens?

    The major tourist attractions in Athens are as follows:

    •    Acropolis
    • Ermou Street
    •    Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens
    • Psiri
    •    Kerameikos Cemetery
    • Open Air Cinema
    • Arch of Hadrian (Pili tou Adrianou)
    • Roman Agora
    • Hellenic Parliament
    • Stoa of Attalos
    • Adrianou Street
    • Syntagma Station
    • Theater of Dionysus
    • Church of Kapnikarea
    • Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
    • Plateia Syntagmatos
    •    Areopagus
    • Temple of Olympian Zeus
    •    Monastiraki
    • Temple of Athena Nike
    •    Philopappos Hill
    • Ancient Agora of Athens
    •    Panathenaic Stadium
    •    Anafiotika
    • Herod Atticus Odeon
    •    Erechtheion
    • Plaka District
    • Athens Walking Tours
    • Temple of Hephaestus
    •    Parthenon
    • Kolonaki Square
    •    Kaisariani Monastery (Kessariani)
    •    Apostolos Nikolaidis Stadium
    • Dromeas
    • Church of Saint Isidore
    •    Panathenaic Way
    •    Philopappos Monument
    • Athens City Museum
    •    Tzisdarakis Mosque
    •    Microlimano
    • Kotzia Square
    •    Agia Irini Church
    • Church of the Holy Apostles
    • Prison of Socrates
    • School Life and Education Museum
    • The Monastery of Daphni
    • First Cemetery of Athens

  • Q. What are the things to do in Athens?

    The things to do in Athens are as follows:

    • Clamber up the peak of Lycabettus Hill
    • Have meal at Cretan Restaurant
    • Feed the hungry birds and pigeons at Syntagma square
    • In the city center swaddle and stroll through your way
    • Relish in Alloul FunPark
    • Attend a Greek dance class
    • From Vrahakia relish the sunset
    • Visit Acropolis Museum
    • With an Evzone, take a snap
    • Walk your way through Philopappou hill
    • Visit the beaches at Athens
    • Relish the long and happening night outs
    • Walk through Pittaki St.
    • Go to the Central Market of Athens for shopping
    • Enjoy the Greek Wine tasting festival
    • Shop along with friends and family in Kilo Shop
    • Stride you way to the National Garden of Athens
    • Visit the neighborhood of Anafiotika
    • Guzzle loukoumades at Krinos
    • Attend a happening concert at Megaron
    • Go to Mt. Parnitha for hiking
    • Shop at Golden and Athens Mall
    • Try a traditional dish of Greece
    • Relish Greek’s traditional coffee
    • Visit Flisvos Marina

  • Q. What is the local food of Athens? Which are the best places to taste this food?

    • The local food of Athens are as follows:
    •    Horiatiki Salata – Greek Salad
    • Saganaki
    • Fava
    •    Tomatokeftedes – Tomato Balls
    •    Moussaka
    •    Pastitsio
    •    Spanakopita – Spinach Pie
    • Gemista
    • Fish Soup
    • Capari Salata
    • Lakanika
    • Tiro Salata
    • Keftedes
    •    Melitzana Salata
    • Stifado

    The best places to taste the food of Athens are as follows:

    • Cinque Wine & Deli Bar
    • Mama Tierra
    • Sfika
    • GB Roof Garden
    • Sin Athina
    • Indian Haveli
    • Mani Mani
    • Avocado
    • Point a Bar and Restaurant
    • Makalo
    • All That Jatz
    • Atitamos
    • Liondi Traditional Greek Restaurant
    • iFeel Cafe Restaurant
    • Royal Indian Chef
    • Dio Dekares i Oka
    • Arcadia Restaurant
    • Gostijo
    • Scala Vinoteca
    • Oineas
    • Balcony Restaurant & Bar
    • Namaste Indian Restaurant
    • Lithos
    • Ta Karamanlidika tou Fani
    • Oroscopo
    • Funky Gourmet
    • Aleria
    • A Little Taste of Home
    • Feyrouz
    • Dinner in the Sky

  • Q. What is the best public transport to commute around Athens?

    The best public transport to commute around in Athens are:

    • Bus & Trolleybus
    • Piraeus Buses
    • Metro
    • Train
    • Tram

  • Q. What is the local language in Athens and which are the most commonly used greetings?

    Greek is the official language of Athens which is spoken by ninety-nine percent of the Greek population. Also, there are a number of official languages spoken in Greece. Few of the dialects that are spoken are English, Italian, German and French.

    Greetings in Athens are as follows:

    • Geia – Hello
    • Kalimera – Good morning
    •    Kalispera - Good afternoon
    • Kalinita - Good evening
    • Antio – Goodbye

  • Q. Which are the best shopping places in Athens and what are they famous for?

    Best shopping places in Athens along with its specialty are as follows:

    • Ermou Street, a.k.a. Hermes Street – Best market to visit if you are looking for apparel, costume jewelry, off-brand items or souvenirs.
    •    Monastiraki – This is a notable place to buy music and movies
    • Plaka – It is the best place if you endeavor for designer knockouts, paintings and art, clothing and musical instruments.

  • Q. Which are the famous historic monuments to visit in Athens?

    The famous historical monuments to visit in Athens are as follows:

    • The Acropolis
    • Syntagma Square
    • The Agora
    • The Plaka
    • The Temple of Poseidon
    • Cape Souniou
    • National Archeological Museum
    • The Parthenon

  • Q. What are the best places to enjoy adventure activities in Athens?

    The best places to enjoy the adventurous activities are as follows:

    The best places to relish and enjoy the adventure activities in Athens are:

    • Athens Running Tour
    • Biking in Athens
    • Sailing through the luxurious Catarmaran at Athens
    • Sole bike riding in Athens
    •    Skydiving in Athens
    • Hoping around and Sightseeing in Athens
    • Birding and sightseeing in Athens
    • Sail in Yachts across the blue water
    • Trekking and hiking in Athens
    • Striding and relishing in the Voula Beach
    • Sailing across the Greek Waters

  • Q. Which are the famous wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in Athens?

    Famous wildlife and national parks of Athens are as follows:

    • Ainos National Park
    • Alonnisos Marine Park
    • Oeta National Park
    • Olympus National Park
    • Zakynthos National Marine Park
    • Vikos–Aoös National Park
    • Sounio National Park
    • Samaria National Park
    • Prespes National Park
    • Pindus National Park
    • Parnitha National Park
    • Parnassos National Park