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What You Should Know More About Greece

  • Travel Advice

    • Taxi drivers of the Greece are very smart. They have a habit of overcharging you. So, make sure you get a fair idea about the fare that you have to pay for traveling from one destination to another. This will prevent any chance or argument.

    • Thefts are a common site here. It is good to guard your cash and valuables. Do not flash your important stuff in the public. This can be an invitation for the pickpockets to cheat you.

    • If you are traveling via public transportation in Greece, you might experience traffic. So, do get yourself some patience!

    • If you have rented a vehicle here, make sure you know about the local rules.

    • Be wary of the touts.

    • Keep away from the drugs. If you are a tourist, you must particularly avoid landing up in a legal hassle because of the drugs.

    • Make sure you carry with you a copy of your passport, visa and license.

    • Check for the quality before you eat any street food. 

  • Drinking Law

    There is no legal age for drinking in Greece. However, you need to be at least 18 years old to purchase alcohol.

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    Mount Athos

    Northern Greece has some amazing tourist places and one such interesting location is Mount Athos. This largest section of Halkidiki peninsula is home to 1,400 monks present in orthodox monasteries. The natural scenery present around Mount Athos is admired by tourists from different parts of the world. Entry in this region is strictly guarded and only males are allowed.


    Among the popular tourist resorts in Greece Lindos has its unique importance. It is basically a medieval village which is situated on the island of Rhodes. The whitewashed houses and cobbled streets present in this area will surely impress you. Lindos is quite fascinating due to the blue-green waters which attract numerous travelers. You can visit the harbors and other coastal sections in Lindos that are very majestic. Saint Pauls beach and Lindos beach can be easily reached after crossing the town.

    Mytros Beach

    Greece is a marvelous land for sightseeing but certain locations will entice you to the core. You can travel to the north-west of Kefalonia for reaching Myrtos Beach. This destination is world-famous for the magical blue and turquoise colors of the sea. The marble pebbles are very alluring which makes Mytros Beach truly exquisite. You will fall in love with the steep mountains and high cliffs present in the background. This beach has been officially awarded as the best beach in Greece for 12 times!

    Delphi Theatre  

    Delphi Theatre is one of the most amazing places to see in Greece. During the ancient era Delphi was valued as an important site for Greek religion.  It was the prime base to the oracle and sanctuary of Apollo. The ancient theatre of Delphi was constructed over a hill so that the spectators can view the sanctuary and other astonishing landscapes below. Originally built in the 4th century this theatre could easily accommodate 5,000 spectators.


    Metéora meaning ‘suspended in the air’ is situated in central Greece. This landmark is basically a collection of six monasteries which are located on top of different rock pillars. Such a structure is simply mind boggling. The very first monastery in Metéora was established in the 14th century. Reaching these monasteries is quite an adventure. In the past, people use to take the help of long ladders or nets for climbing up.


    Mykonos is a renowned cosmopolitan region present among the Greek islands. You can tag it as one of the most recognized tourist spots in Greece. This town has amusing whitewashed houses and lanes which make the whole area appear artistic. The sandy beaches of Mykonos are also liked by locals as well as tourists. You will be shocked to know that, the nightlife of Mykonos keeps the people excited and charged up.


    Santorini being a volcanic island among the famous Greek islands is famous for its dramatic sunsets and serene views. You can check out the white-washed houses which add more beauty to this destination. The capital of Santorini, Fira is a classic location for examining several marvels that possess Cycladic and Venetian architecture. Tourists prefer accessing the streets which consist of tavernas, shops and cafes. You can plan your stay in any of the gorgeous hotels present in Santorini.

    Parthenon, Acropolis

    The Parthenon is located on the top of Acropolis and is one of exotic tourist places to visit in Greece. Travelers shouldn’t miss a chance to explore this temple on their way to Athens. The construction of this important structure began in 447 BC and was completed in 432 BC. This landmark has served different roles such as a temple, a church, a mosque and even a fortress.

    Samaria Gorge

    The Samariá Gorge is a naturally-rich area which is majorly accessed by tourists and adventure lovers. It is basically a 16 km long canyon situated in southwest Crete. The walk through this canyon is extremely popular and around quarter million tourists access this trip every year. It takes almost 4 to 7 hours for the completion of this route. You will have to cross forests filled with pines and cypresses. The patch close to the vertical cliffs covering the mountains is very exciting.  This walk will lead you to Agia Roumeli which is located on the Libyan sea.

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    Refreshing Food Items

    Greece is an excellent place for trying out new dishes. The food & pastries offered in this land are high on taste and flavors. Do not miss a chance to try the freshly-caught seafood, roasted lamb with potatoes, a REAL gyro with tzatziki and varieties of goat cheeses combined with wine. This country is famous for vibrant fruits which are very sweet and riper. Figs, watermelon, grapes and pomegranates should be tried when visiting different regions. What more? Greek cuisine is incomplete without the dessert! Try out Greek iced Frappé with kataïfi or a baklava which is supremely delicious. This food exploration should be on every tourist’s ‘Things-to-do’ list.

    Charming Nightlife

    Greek people are fun loving and high on life.  They love to celebrate and this is quite evident through their nightlife culture. Visit Athens, and check out “bouzoukia” that are large concert halls which are basically the playgrounds for various artists.  You need to dress up glamorously so as to hit the dance floor and shake your body off until the wee hours of the morning. The beach bars or nightclubs are the perfect centers for jam sessions and dancing all night.

    Scenic Glory

    Greece is filled with architectural as well as natural greatness. The rugged mountains, olive groves, rolling hills and tranquil beaches are all part of this splendid country. Numerous bloggers and fashion enthusiasts access the Greek islands as part of their creative work. The geographical diversity in Greece is very sharp. You will get to check out the ancient regions that suddenly merge into the cosmopolitan cities like Athens, Heraklion and Thessaloniki. Greece is indeed a dream destination that will help you tour to beach-filled islands and agricultural plains loaded with fig trees. One must plan a longer stay in this country for unfolding some marvelous shades that are truly inspiring.

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Traveller Tales from Greece


Bhagvan Varman

21 September 2017

I and my wife went on this amazing trip to Greece on our honeymoon in August 2017 and it was the best. Very well organized tour and you will find everything like they have mentioned. Great service and very well managed. We were escorted from the Athens airport with garlands and then transferred to our hotel. The beach at Mykonos was really beautiful. We did some ATV ride on the island and then went on a quiet dinner at Little Venice, just the two of us which was really perfect. We also did some adventure activities like snorkeling, swimming and scuba diving at Frangias beach. But the best part of the whole trip was our cable car ride up the mountain. It was so much fun when we went for wine tasting and went to Red beach to do some photo shoot. Food was exotic, the greek salad and the grilled chicken. Just wow. Thanks to these guys, they have really done some good work. I love it.


Anjushri Mehrotra

21 September 2017

Just couldn’t stop talking about my honeymoon trip. It was one of the best with all the arrangements done so well. Food was awesome and so was our accommodation. A good package I would say for the honeymooners.


Purnima Varma

21 September 2017

This was an excellent experience for the both of us. The crew did a good job for our stay and the food was amazing. Perfectly done everything and nice arrangements made for our romantic dinner by Paradise Beach.


Gajbaahu Prajapat

21 September 2017

Loved it, good staff, good food and nice places to explore. Although everything was there with the package, I think the price is a bit high for just 6 days.

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