Saint Germain des Pres Paris Overview

Saint Germain Des Pres is an unmissable and artistic street located in the neighborhood of 6th arrondissement in the center of the city of Paris. The street has been a subject of utmost historical importance as it was a meet-up place for famous philosophers, intellectuals, artists, and writers. You can explore different cafes, restaurants, book stores, art galleries, and theaters throughout the street. Most popular monuments of Paris like the Abbey of Saint Germain Des Pres, Square Bell Tower and Cafe des Deux Magots are present in the street.

Saint Germain Des Pres is one of the most happening streets of Paris located in the neighborhood of 6th arrondissement. Lying on the left bank of the Seine River, this street historically represents French culture, heritage, and art. The entire district of Saint Germain Des Pres gives vibes of a real village blended with art and culture through the heart of Paris. This street is so unique that its residents are called by a special name- the ‘Germanopratins’. As you move through Saint Germain Des Pres street, you will find many cafes, restaurants, book stores, antique shops, art galleries, theaters, libraries, and even fashion stores, etc. For years, this street has been popular among visitors from all over the world such that many intellectuals, writers, and philosophers would often host their meetings on this street. Ernest Hemingway, Simone de Beauvoir, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Boris Vian are known to be visiting the street. The popularity of this place reached its peak during the time of the Second World War when writers and artists would meet in the famous Cafe de Flore as a part of the existentialist movement. Saint Germain Des Pres Street, attracting visitors on Europe Tour Packages, encompasses the famous historical monument Cafe des Deux Magots, Church of Saint Germain Des Pres, Square Bell Tower, and Bon Marche, the chic store selling fashion wear.

Discover The Historic Museums Of Paris


• Pay your respect to the Abbey of Saint Germain Des Pres Church, the oldest one in Paris.
• Visit the museums of the Place de Fürstenberg and the Musée Eugène Delacroix to get a dose of literature and romance through love letters and beautiful paintings.
• Explore La Hune to fulfill your quest for literature and art.
• Witness Monnaie de Paris for understanding coin-making processes practiced in France. 
• Take an educational tour through the Institut de France, the prestigious institute comprising a whopping five academies.
• Have a look at the colorful house of Saint Gainsbourg moving through the street of Germain Des Pres.
• Shop the French fashion through Le Bon Marche.
• Watch performances in the historical theater of the Odeon.
• Grab a snack and drink a latte at the historical Cafe des Deux Magots.
• Try the most authentic French cuisine at the luxurious Cafe de Flore. 
• Cross the Pont des Arts bridge to witness the romantic atmosphere of couples moving merrily over the River Seine.Check Out And Book Now: Louvre Museum Tickets

How To Reach

By Bus: You can take bus lines 63, 68, 72, 84, 86, and 95 to reach the nearest bus stations Seine- Buci, Saint Germain Des Pres, and Saint-Andre Des Arts. All of these stations range in walking distance from 2 to 5 minutes respectively.

By Metro: You can take metro lines 10, and 4 to reach the metro stations Mabillon, and Odeon at a walking distance of 3 and 5 minutes.

By Train: You can take train lines L, and N to reach the venue.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Saint Germain des Pres is during the early morning hours around 09:00 AM. This is the most suitable time as this place is vast with so many attractions that require time to be explored. Hence, by visiting early you will be able to check out classic places inside the beautiful street.

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Other Essential Information

  • Saint Germain Des Pres is not located in the 6th arrondissement of Paris but is one out of four neighborhoods of the same.
  • This street is very much accessible by two metro stations present in it.
  • Make sure to visit during early hours as there are a variety of attractions that need to be checked out.
  • You can visit during the spring season to be a part of the Jazz and Blues music festival. 
  • Make sure to handle all the books and pieces of art with care in the literary cafes. 
  • Check your budget quite well as many attractions like 
  • possess luxury items to shop and costly food to eat.

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Point of Interest for Saint Germain des Pres Paris
Abbey of Saint Germain des Pres

Abbey of Saint Germain des Pres

Eglise Saint Germain des Pres is the oldest building in Paris that dates back to the 6th century. Merovingian Emperor Childebert 1 and the bishop of Paris- Saint Germain. This building has witnessed the city’s major events, such as its annexation by the Vikings. This place has served as a Royal resting place with its renovation several times up to the 19th century transforming it into a church.

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Literary Cafes of the boulevard of Saint Germain des Pres

Literary Cafes of the boulevard of Saint Germain des Pres

You can grab a snack at the popular Cafe des Deux Magots. The cafe possesses a retro atmosphere as it has been visited by many famous artists historically. If you want more elegance, you can visit the luxurious cafe of Cafe de Flore for trying out French gourmet. Brasserie Lipp is a listed literary monument decorated with stunning paintings and mosaics showcasing art and culture. La Hune is another such cafe possessing a huge collection of literature and fine arts.

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L'Odeon- Theater de l’Europe

L'Odeon- Theater de l’Europe

The popular museum was a place where King’s entertainers would perform. Built-in the Italian style with a neoclassical facade of the 18th century, this theater lies in the southeastern part of Saint Germain des Pres. Inaugurated in 1782 by Queen Marie-Antoinette, the theater has survived several fires and welcomes performances to date.

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Le Bon Marche

Le Bon Marche

Originally started as a departmental store with a money-back guarantee, this place transformed soon into a Shopping Center located south of Saint Germain des Pres. During the 19th century, it was home to cheap fashion, the first of its kind in Paris. Today, Le Bon Marche is a hub of high-end luxurious fashion houses.

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House of Serge Gainsbourg

House of Serge Gainsbourg

A house with colorful graffiti font, it belongs to the famous artist Serge Gainsbourg. This is indeed a beautiful site to see due to its vibrant colors as fans come here to pay a tribute to him.

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Pont des Arts

Pont des Arts

The enchanting bridge that moves above the river Seine and leads to the Louvre is a popular spot in France. This bridge has been captured beautifully to dust in movies and documentaries as a symbol of love for couples.

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