Tuileries Garden, Paris - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)

About Tuileries Garden

Jardin des Tuileries seated between Place de la Concorde and Louvre Museum was the first picturesque garden to be opened in Paris for the commoners. It’s still one of the most coveted parks in the city, the construction of which was commissioned by the queen consort of Henry II, Catherine de Medici. The magnificent palace and the verdant garden was named after Tuileries. Tuileries were the tile-making factories or workshops situated within the palace grounds. 

Today, the garden is a public park where many tourists and locals take leisurely strolls down its beautiful tree-lined paths. Travellers from all parts of the world visiting Tuileries Garden find some peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The park is also a perfect place to sit on one of its benches and sunbathe. 

Tuileries Garden is a must-visit tourist destination in Paris and highly recommended not solely for its picturesque landscape but also because of its strategic location. If you are looking for a verdant oasis, sculptures, and fountains in the middle of the city, this is the place to be.

How to Reach Tuileries Garden

You can get to Tuileries Garden, Paris by metro, bus, RER, light rail, and train. Reaching the place is easy with public transportation conveniently available in Paris. The routes and rails close to the garden are:

- Metro
: 6 and 9
- Bus: 42, 72, 82, and DIRECT 1
- RER: C
- Train: J, L, and N

What Not to Miss at Tuileries Garden

Places to Visit Around Tuileries Garden

There are many places to explore near Tuileries Garden including: 

1. Place de la Concorde- 
Visit Place de la Concorde, the city’s most coveted and impressive public squares close to the Tuileries Garden, known for its history and tumultuous past. The square was built during 1757-1779, christened after Place Louis XV. The equestrian statue of the king was built in the centre to commemorate his good health after a long period of illness. 

Witness the huge 3,000-years old tapering Egyptian obelisk in the middle of the square, which was provided by an Egyptian Khedive. You will also find two sea-themed and river-themed mountains inspired by Roman-style fountains. 
Enjoy the splendid view of Paris right from the obelisk with the Tuileries Garden on one side, while the Louvre Museum in the backdrop. 

2. Louvre Museum- 
The museum also called Great Louvre, or French Grand Louvre is a national museum as well as an art gallery housed in a huge palace in the city of Paris, France. The place exhibits works of art dating back to primordial civilizations until the middle of the 19th century. 

The Louvre Museum is popular for its rich collection of paintings around the world, including magnum opuses by the Italian painter Leonardo da Vinci’s
Mona Lisa as well as remarkable works by Dutch and Flemish artists of the Baroque age. 

3. Place Vendôme- 
This impressive square situated in the first administrative district of Paris was built as a memorial in the glory of the Sun King Louis XIV’s armies. Today, Place Vendôme operates as abodes and retail outlets, which includes popular dress designers and two renowned jewelers. You will find the highly exorbitant and luxurious. Hotel Ritz as well as Hotel Vendôme in this particular square. 

4. Luxor Obelisk- 
Take in the beauty of this ancient monument of Paris standing over 22 metres in height and weighing approx 250 tons. Initially, it was one of a pair of tapered obelisk placed outside the famous Luxor Temple, Egypt, and within Thebes, which is now known as the city of Luxor. 

A pyramidion on the monolith top made of gold leaf, silver, and measuring three metres, was integrated into the Luxor Obelisk in May 1998. The monolith was set up to commemorate and mark the Franco and Egyptian alliance. 

5. Domaine National du Palais Royal- 
The Palais Royal is just a short walk from the famous Louvre Museum in Paris. It housed the royal members of the family until that time the Palace of Versailles was constructed. 

Explore this impressive place and its quiet gardens encircled by magnificent, innovative architecture and modern sculptures by Bury and Buren. If you love history and architectural wonders, then the 206 black-white and striped octagonal columns are a must-see while you are vacationing in Paris. 

Things to Do in and around Tuileries Garden

There are activities galore in and around Tuileries Garden. These include: 

1. Have your portrait drawn by a local artist- 
Besides appreciating the lush, colorful Tuileries Garden in Paris, you can also get your portrait drawn by one of the local artists in the park. Choose your artist carefully and always bargain about the price. You can pose in front of impressive walkways, water features, and get your portrait drawn to perfection!

These talented artists make splendid pencil drawings of yours. Treasure it as an excellent work of art and take it home as a keepsake. You can also have your family member’s hand-drawn portraits drawn amidst the backdrop of stunning landscapes, tree-lined paths, and water bodies. Portrait drawing in the garden is an amusing activity for adults and kids alike. 

2. Shop at the bookstore located inside- 
If you are a bookworm, then visit the bookstore inside Tuileries Garden, Paris. You can shop at this gift and specialty store to your heart’s content, which is located right inside the gardens. The store operates from 7 am to 9.30 pm. 

You will find numerous books on gardens and gardening in English, French, and other languages. You can buy the book by Alain Baraton’s in English, who was the head gardener in chief of Versailles. Read about Paris public parks and garden overviews in the books. If you love traditional books on roses, you will get those too in this bookstore.

3. Visit the Musée de l’Orangerie displaying paintings by Claude Monet- 
Explore this art gallery and museum, housing rich paintings of impressionist and post-impressionist era.  It’s situated towards the west corner of the Tuileries Garden, close to the Place de la Concorde, Paris.

Visit this museum to see the works of the renowned French impressionist painter Claude Monet. The special exhibits are a couple of his magnum opus, particularly the water lilies. 
You can also take delight in seeing some of the outstanding paintings of the masters like Modigliani, Matisse, Renoir, and Cezanne.  

4. Stroll around the garden- 
Whether it’s the Louvre Museum or Place de la Concorde, a stroll around Tuileries Garden will give you an opportunity to see some of the famous landmarks in Paris and must-visit attractions. In the path, you will get a splendid view of the Arc de Triomphe, Obelisk, as well as the business area of the city in the distance. Experience and witness how the rich history has shaped the city of Paris, from the royal Le Louvre to the sky-high buildings of La Defense. 

5. Grab a scoop of delicious ice cream at one of the many vendors- 
You will find plenty of vendors selling ice cream in Tuileries Garden, Paris. Grab a delicious scoop and choose from a variety of tempting flavors, especially the Amorino ice cream van by the pond in this beautiful garden. 

The mouthwatering flavors include mango, Madagascan vanilla, coffee, speculoos, lemon, hazelnut, and passion fruit. You can choose from cups or cones and try different flavors in a single visit. Besides ice creams, you can also try the milkshakes, sorbets, and hot and cold beverages. Though the queue is long, yet efficient and trained staff will get through the crowd in no time.

6. Feed the ducks- 
Tourists looking for some peace or a quiet place to unwind with their loved ones must visit the Tuileries Garden in Paris. Take delight in the lush gardens, colorful plants, and water bodies in this public park. The garden boasts of two stunning ponds with water fountains in the centre. 

You will find many tourists sitting around the water bodies, enjoying, and feeding the ducks. Let your kids feed these aquatic animals and have their share of fun. You can also take photos of your kiddos feeding the ducks. 

Other Essential Information About Tuileries Garden

Interesting Facts about Tuileries Garden

There are numerous interesting facts about Tuileries Garden that make it the most coveted place for tourists vacationing in Paris. These are: 

1. The garden is part of the Tuileries Palace
: Tuileries Garden is part of the royal palace that served as a residence of the majority of the French kings. During the construction of Versailles Palace, King Louis XIV chose to shift to the Tuileries Palace. Louis XIV was the longest-ruling king of a European nation. 

2. Stunning landscaping
: André Le Nôtre, the famous landscape architect was responsible for the major landscaping of Tuileries Garden in the year 1664, transforming it into a verdant garden full of colorful plants and greenery, what you see today. 

3. Two museums within the garden
: You will find two museums within Tuileries Garden, featuring modern visual art. Musée de l’Orangerie is a stunning art gallery housing rich impressionist as well as post-impressionist paintings, and Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume boasts of some of the best contemporary and post-contemporary media and photography. 

4. Garden owned by a nine-year-old kid once
: Louis XIII of France became the natural heir and owned this garden after the killing of Henry IV, at the tender age of nine. Eventually, this young boy transformed Tuileries Garden into his personal play area, using the garden for hunting and kept a collection of wild animals he confined. 

5. An amazing collection of numerous sculptures:
With the completion of the construction of Tuileries Garden, Bernard de Carnesse, an eminent landscape architect was responsible to transform this beautiful garden into Italian renaissance. Carnesse incorporated a labyrinth, fountains, sculptures, plant and animal images, and a grotto to render a magnificent dimension to the garden.

Places to Eat near Tuileries Garden

Among places to eat near Tuileries Garden, here are a few worth mentioning: 

1. Café des Marronniers- 
Located in a strategic and most privileged spot, this restaurant welcomes you daily, providing catering services all through the day. Enjoy your food at the outdoor seating under the shade of chestnut trees, while experiencing the charm and serenity of the garden. Savour your taste buds with grand Parisian lunch, dinner, and snacks.

The mouthwatering delicacies include crispy chicken and shrimp, fries, veggies, tarter and chili sauce, old-fashioned country terrine, bread and butter, serrano ham, dry sausages, pickles, fig chutney, cream of mushroom, roasted salmon steak on skin, chicken supreme, and a range of desserts and pancakes. 

2. La Terrasse de Pomone- 
Enjoy your food here just beside a decorative pond in Tuileries Garden if you are looking for an open-air crêperie, brasserie, and ice cream parlor with stunning views of the Louvre Palace. The menu includes homemade delicacies, fresh produce, a range of sandwiches, hard-boiled eggs, delicious ice cream, and pancakes. 

3. Le Soufflé- 
This restaurant serves scrumptious and traditional French delicacies including small Roquefort soufflé and caramelized pears and green salad, small cheese soufflé, grilled salmon steak, vegetables and baby spinach soufflé, duck breast with citrus and grilled beef fillet and straw potatoes to name a few. 

4. Happy Caffé- 
The restaurant is just down the street from the Tuileries Garden between Place de la Concorde and the Louvre. You will find no seat and therefore, it is more of a bakery than a café. Savor homemade sandwiches, fries, crepes, desserts, canned drinks such as beer. You can hang around with your family and friends to enjoy some fresh, homemade food at Happy Caffé. 

Places to Stay near Tuileries Garden

Among the places to visit near Tuileries Garden, the popular ones include: 

1. The Westin Paris Vendôme- 
Feel the vibes of the city right from the historic environment of this hotel located in central Paris, across Tuileries Garden. Relax in the sophisticated rooms and suites of the Westin Paris – Vendôme with all modern amenities, enjoying the sweeping views of the city from the hotel windows. Take delight in French and international cuisines, unwind in the spa, sweat out in the 24-hour gym, or just relax in the hotel’s plush lobby. The property also boasts of splendid venues and ballrooms for weddings, fashion parties, and corporate events.

2. Hotel Ritz Paris- 
Ritz Paris is located in the heart of the city featuring luxurious rooms with flat-screen  TVs, sitting areas, a terrace or balcony, a private bathroom, and a mini-bar. The hotel also features bars and restaurants, fitness centre, spa, sauna, pool, and massage facilities. You will also find a business centre and garden at the Hotel Ritz Paris. Tuileries Garden and the Orsay Museum are just 500 metres and 901 metres respectively from this hotel. 

3. Hotel de Crillon- 
The hotel is just 300 metres from Tuileries Garden and 0.9 miles from the Louvre Museum and located in the centre of Paris. Each room features modern beds, French Drouault pillows, Rivolta Carmignani Italian linen, as well as duvets.

The marble bathrooms in all rooms have under-floor heating, special toiletries, bathroom mirror with inset TV, as well as a walk-in rain shower. 
Hotel de Crillon also boasts of an indoor swimming pool, fireplace, spa and massage centre, and gym at an additional cost. The hotel features two restaurants serving buffet breakfast, gastronomic meals, and afternoon tea. 

4. Le Meurice- 
Located in central Paris, Le Meurice features plush AC and soundproof rooms with classy 18th-century décor with a modern twist, as well as marble bathrooms. The special amenities include a 2-star restaurant, fitness and spa centre with massage facilities. Enjoy gourmet French cuisines served in the magnificent dining zone. Besides meals, Bar 228 serves 300 types of drinks including cocktails and plays live jazz music each evening. 

Traveler's Tips before Visiting Tuileries Garden

You must know about a couple of things before visiting Tuileries Garden. These are: 

1. Tuileries Garden is unspoiled and clean. You’re not allowed to sit on the grass. That is the reason why the park is so spick and span as well as appealing to tourists. 

2. Take in the beauty of the park at your own pace. Art lovers can see numerous sculptures around, taking their time. 

3. Sit on the green chairs, eat a pastry, and grab a sandwich and coffee in one of the cafes in the park.

4. Do not litter and keep the park clean. 

5. Exchange pleasantries when entering any café or restaurant in the park.

6. Speak in a low voice, as the French murmur indistinctly. 

7. Learn at least a bit of French because people do not speak English right away in Paris. Speak in French first, and then you can talk in English later. 

8. Avoid hugging. Instead, follow the common gesture of an air kiss on the cheek for men and women while greeting each other in public places. 

9. Keep some Euros in your wallet if you want to shop around the park.
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People Also Ask About Tuileries Garden

  1. What is Tuileries Garden famous for?

    Tuileries Garden is a famous public park for locals and foreigners, covering approximately 63 acres of land. The public park is known for its carefully designed terraces and artificial ponds. The garden has two big lakes too, the Bassin Rond and the Bassin Octogonal. Eminent artists, like Jean Dubuffet, Giacometti, Rodin, and Coysevox, adorned the Tuileries Garden with sculptures and fountains.

    The museum Musée de l’Orangerie is located in the southwest of this park and houses Claude Monet’s renowned Nymphéas paintings as well as an amazing collection of artwork by Picasso, Renoir, Matisse, and Cézanne. Tuileries Garden is now a World Heritage site declared by UNESCO because of its beauty and rich history.
  2. Why was the Tuileries garden built?

    The main reason Queen Catherine commissioned the construction for the huge and splendid Florentine garden was to host palatial soirees and banquets for the elite in the Parisian society of that period.
  3. How big is the Tuileries Gardens?

    The Tuileries Garden, which is the most important popular landmark in Paris, extends for more than 22.4 hectares. Again, the 6.2-hectare Carrousel Garden is seated between the arms of the famous Louvre. The Louvre, as well as the Tuileries National Estate, has many gardens, covering an area of approx 30 hectares.

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