Place Des Vosges, Paris: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips
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About Place Des Vosges

Place des Vosges is a perfectly symmetrical public square in Paris, constructed way back between the years 1605 and 1612. Located in the Marais district of Paris, right between the 3rd and 4th arrondissements, this public square is famous for being perfectly symmetrical- a neat 140 m by 140 m!

It is also the oldest planned square in the city of Paris and is built around a number of classical French pavilions and neatly trimmed gardens. The square was initially named Place Royale, but the name was changed to its present one after the French Revolution. 

What really stands out about this square is the 17th-century French architecture or the famous Louis Xiii architecture.  The square was actually built around a couple of pavilions- the Queen’s pavilion to the north and the King’s pavilion to the south.

However, both of these majestic structures are out of bounds for the public and can be viewed from the outside. The public structure that you can visit in this square is the municipal museum, which unbeknownst to many, is of high literary importance. It was once home to Victor Hugo, the author of the famous French novel Les Miserables.

How to Reach Place Des Vosges

You can travel from the Paris airport to Place des Vosges in three primary ways- by bus, train or by car.

By Train:
Take the train from Charles de Gaulle airport terminal 2 to the Saint Michel Notre Dame station. From here, hop on to Bus No 96 to reach the Saint Germain bus station near Place des Vosges. This is the preferred way to reach from the airport to the destination and takes 58 minutes.

- Cost: 1000 INR approx

By Bus:
Take the bus from Paris Aeroport Roissy CDG T2 A/C/D to Paris Gare de Lyon. The whole journey takes about an hour, and this is the cheapest way to travel from the airport to Place des Vosges.

- Cost: 700 INR approx

By Taxi:
This is the fastest and most expensive route, taking only 29 minutes to reach. If you rent a car and drive yourself or call an Uber, the prices will shoot up even more. The distance between the two is merely 31 km.

- Cost: 1500 INR.

Best Time to Visit Place Des Vosges

The Paris tourist season may be divided into three parts.

- The best season to visit is undoubtedly between March and May and then again from October to November. During this period of time, the weather is still pleasant, and you can take a stroll around this historical square. You do not even have to wait in long queues at all the monuments and tourist attractions close by.

- Between December and February, the weather is too cold and there may be rain. However, this is when the tickets are at their cheapest!

- June to September is the peak season when the prices are skyrocketing, and there are crowds and queues everywhere. The weather is, however, quite pleasant, and you could take a walk around the park in the evening breeze!

What Not to Miss at Place Des Vosges

Here are some of the best things to do in Place Des Vouges:

1. Visit the home of Victor Hugo
This great man was a French poet, writer, and in later life, a politician as well. He gave children one of the most favored books- The Hunchback of Notre Dame and adults the acclaimed French historical novel - Les Miserables.

He lived here, wrote here, and died here. The place has now been turned into a municipal museum, but most of it has been kept exactly how it was when he died. You get a peek into his bedroom, his living room, teeming with old furniture and a dining room of Chinese theme.

2. Give yourself a treat at L’Ambroisie
This Michelin star restaurant is the ultimate luxury in the city of love! It has a regal decor and an exquisite collection of cuisines. The setting of the restaurant is quite lively, and special musical performances are organized every Saturday.

3. Visit the high-end art galleries and boutiques
The ground floor of all the mansions in Place des Vosges is rented out to high-end art galleries and boutique shops! If you have the resources, you could go in to shop, or you could just window shop from outside! The Art Symbol Gallery here showcases the top abstract art of the world, and Modus Gallery showcases pieces by contemporary artists.

4. Drop into a restaurant on the terrace
The terrace restaurants like L'Ambroisie, are a real treat for the visitors as they offer magnificent views as well as tantalizing food. Another Restaurant, named Anne, offers great mocktails and live music.

5. Layout the mat and have a fun picnic on the ground
For the ultimate feel of Paris, go for a fun picnic on the grounds with your family! This is the most Parisian thing to do here and yet the cheapest! The best time for a picnic here is in spring and summer! Pick up some fare from the French bakeries nearby or a good falafel, take a bottle of wine and settle down on the grass!

Places to visit near Place des Vosges

1. Musee Carnavalet
It is a museum that highlights the epic history of the city of Paris. Stage by stage, year by year, the exhibits in this museum depict the good and bad of Paris and explicitly show how this great city became what it is at present!

2. Place de la Bastille
This is the most historically significant place in the neighborhood, and this square has a more somber history than Place des Vosges. This is where the notorious French prison of Bastille stood, and the French Revolution of 1789 began, with a revolt among the prisoners and firing of the guards. It has a 51 m high column in its center called the Colonne de Juillet or the July Column, which is commemorative of the Revolution of 1830.

3. Rue Charlot
Take a walk along Rue Charlot, which houses the collection of boutique designers who have set up shops over here! These high-end shops are all set up on the ground floors of 18th-century mansions, and this gives the whole place an aesthetic feel.

4. Rue des Rosiers
This is one of the top places to explore in the neighborhood of Place des Vosges, and the whole street is a personification of Jewish culture. The walls in the street have Hebrew and French carved into them, and the street itself is lined with authentic Jewish bakeries and falafel carts.

There is a commemorative plaque standing outside a boys’ school here, as a reminder of the 165 little boys who were picked up from the school and shipped to concentration camps.

5. Rue des Francs-Bourgeois
This beautiful street doubles as a shopping arcade and an exhibit for Renaissance architecture. All the buildings on this street date back to the 18th century and yet very few people look up because designer brands occupy the ground floors!

6. Saint Paul Saint Louis Church
It was commissioned by Louis XIII and built on the model of Jesuit architecture. It was inspired heavily by the Gesu Church in Rome and, as a result, has similar Corinthian pillars and ornamentation.

Other Essential Information About Place Des Vosges

History of Place des Vosges

The square was the oldest public square designed in Paris and was originally called the Place Royale. It was commissioned between the years 1605 and 1612 by King Henri IV. It was built on the site of an erstwhile royal palace called the Hotel des Tournelles.

When Henri II died here, the palace was raised to the ground. It was purposely made of classical French architecture as a blueprint for future similar projects all over Europe. It was inaugurated in 1612 for announcing the engagement of Louis XII and Anne of Austria.

But this square was unique concerning all the house fronts. They were symmetrical in shape and design, were made of red bricks, and had vaulted arches along the way! Though the two pavilions in the north and south were created for the monarchs, no monarch actually lived here except Anne of Austria.

The terrace of the square was earlier used for equestrian purposes and had a statue of Louis XIII in the center. When the monarch was thrown out in 1792, this bust was taken down and a fountain built in the place.

Tips for visiting Place des Vosges

Visit between the months of March and June, when the crowds are less, and the weather is still pleasant. However, be sure to carry an umbrella to brace yourselves for unexpected rain.

Instead of opting for over-priced food on the terrace of Place des Vosges, go for a picnic on the grass. There are a number of top-notch Jewish bakeries in the neighborhood who sell excellent food for a reasonable price. Pick something up from these for the picnic.

Make sure to keep some time for a walk around the neighborhood. The square itself is beautiful, but the surroundings have a lot of unique architecture, famous cobbled streets, and designer shops there. The Rosais street is a must-visit for a crash course in the Jewish culture and authentic Jewish cuisine.
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People Also Ask About Place Des Vosges

  1. What does Place des Vosges mean?

    Place des Vosges means Square of Vosges. Vosges is a small town to the northeast of the country, and it shares a border with Germany and Luxembourg. This square was renamed from Place Royale to Place des Vosges to commemorate the small town, which was the first to pay tax to the new government after the French Revolution.
  2. How old is Place des Vosges?

    Place des Vosges is 408 years old. It was commissioned in 1605 by King Henri IV and was finished in 1612.
  3. When was Place des Vosges built?

    It was commissioned in 1605 by King Henri IV and was completed in 1612. It was inaugurated in 1612 to celebrate the engagement of Louis XIII and Anne of Austria.

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