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19 January 2020
The best part about the entire experience has to be the Tower, I mean what an excellent piece of architecture it is. I booked the tickets from Thrillophilia not expecting a lot because I had not tried something like this before! They had told me that I don't have to wait in a queue and guess what I did not. I must have saved at least 15 minutes of the entire journey.
20 November 2019
The place offers some of the best views of the beauty of Paris and it was an exhilarating experience, overall. I wanted a way for my family to grab the most iconic view of the entire city and what better way was it than standing on the alpine structure and enjoying the view. If you are visiting Paris with your family, do give Arc De Triomphe a try.
07 November 2019
Overall smooth experience is how I would like to rate it as. To start with, the entire process of buying a ticket was not that difficult and there were a couple of doubts about the place and tickets that I had which were solved by the support team at Thrillophilia. Me and my partner had a lot of fun discovering the place. We took a lot of photos and also enjoyed some time just relaxing in the premise.
What an elegant piece of architecture. Enjoyed various exhibitions that were displayed there. Overall satisfying experience and I definitely recommend it to everyone visiting Paris. Don't forget to carry your sunglasses. The kids can also have a ton of fun here.
10 December 2019
Wow! What a place it is, from the vast entrance to the historic figures. I captured a lot of photos and had a lot of fun exploring everything the place had to offer. I would recommend that everyone gets a ticket like this which can be booked in advance. It makes the entire journey fairly easy.
06 January 2020
I chose the transfer package of the Disneyland Paris tour by Thrillophilia because I had kids with me and I didn't want to wander around in various transport services with them. The pickup and drop service arranged by the team was really comfortable and saved a lot of my time. The trip was hassle-free. My kids had a lot of fun and I was just happy to see them enjoy so much.
13 December 2019
Ekaksh Kakkar Disneyland Paris Tickets
Visiting Disneyland in Paris has always been a dream of mine and I get to thoroughly enjoy it. My idea of pre-booking the tickets was on point. I really didn't want to take any chances. Every moment I spent there was magical and I even got past the queue pretty fast. If you are going to visit Disneyland you better get an advance ticket booked, trust me it really helps.
17 November 2019
The pass that I took was for 2 days pass as I wanted to cover lot of Museum there is in Paris. I think I used less than that time and enjoyed each of my visits thoroughly. Everywhere I went my entry was quick. This allows me to spend less time in the lines and more time enjoying the breathtaking history that each of these museums had to offer.
24 December 2019
I was with my kids on my trip to Paris and we wanted to visit the Eiffel tower. Now, everyone knows how problematic it can get managing two kids while getting a ticket. Keeping that in mind I had pre booked my tickets from Thrillophilia. We got in easily took the entire tour without any issue and also captured a truckload of photos.
I had a gala time taking tons of pictures and just touring around the place. It was really amazing to get on top of the tower at more than 250 meter above the ground and enjoy the panoramic view of the city.