Pont Neuf Overview

The Pont Neuf is one of the iconic bridges in Paris that spans the Seine River and links the first and sixth arrondissements with a total length of 232 metres. Due to its rich history and exquisite architecture, the Pont Neuf is a well-known landmark in Paris. The Pont Neuf has had a special status in France since 1889, guaranteeing its conservation as a Historical Monument. Along with the banks of the Seine River, the bridge has been recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site since 1991.

Pont Neuf is the third longest and the oldest standing bridge in Paris. Situated on the banks of the river Seine, the historical bridge is ornate with 381 stone sculptures of mascarons, magnificent arches and the remarkable bronze statue of Henry IV.

The architectural beauty of the bridge is truly exceptional, with five of its arches connecting the Ile de la Cite to the left bank of the River Seine, while the remaining arches link the natural island to the right bank of the river. Pont Neuf holds the prestigious distinction of being listed among UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Moreover, this iconic bridge has served as a captivating backdrop for numerous Hollywood films, adding to its allure for travelers seeking unforgettable experiences with Europe Tour Packages.

It is also considered as one of the most luxurious and romantic locations in Paris. Due to its historical significance and artistic beauty, Pont Neuf is a photographer’s delight. Pont Neuf is open 24 hours, but the best time to visit the bridge is between 5 PM and 7 PM. It takes approximately 2 hours to complete the end to end tour of the bridge.

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• The bridge turned out to be crucial to the movement of traffic through Paris. Before the Pont Neuf, reaching the Louvre from the Left Bank required the use of two bridges and a significant amount of walking on each side for anyone who wasn't affluent enough to have a boat ready to take them across.
• The Seine was first completely crossed by the Pont Neuf.
• The Pont-Neuf was the first bridge to be constructed entirely of stone and devoid of any housing. Additionally, it was the only bridge that allowed people to see the Seine River, which was a significant change at the time.
• The Pont Neuf's architecture and the supporting arches have a Romanesque feel to it. The pedestrian walkways of the bridge were modelled after Roman streetsSuggested Read: Most Popular Palaces In ParisCheckout & Book : Seine River Cruise

How To Reach

1. By Metro: The nearest metro station is Pont Neuf (line 7) which has an exit to the bridge. The other metro stations are Metro Cite and Saint-Michel, situated at a walking distance from the bridge.

2. By Bus: The bus lines that stop near Pont Neuf are numbers 24, 27, 38, 58 and 81.

3. By Car/Bike: You can either rent a car or ride your car or bike to reach the bridge. Parking facilities are available near the bridge where you can easily book your space and wall towards the bridge.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit would be from 5 PM - 7 PM as you will get a chance to enjoy the stunning views of the setting sun as well as enjoy the bustling atmosphere. If you are planning a trip, then you should make sure that you visit Paris from the month of October to the month of April. 

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Other Essential Information

Interesting Facts about Pont Neuf

1. The name “Pont Neuf” is a French word which means New Bridge in English. But it is the oldest standing bridge in France. The reason for calling it a new bridge is because of its unique architectural design in contrast with the other old bridges in Paris.

2. Constructed with stone, Pont Neuf is the first fire proof bridge in Paris. Before its creation, the other bridges in Paris were made out of wood, which made them vulnerable to fire.

3. Earlier the walk from the Louvre till the left bank of the river Seine was a long one, where people need to cross 2 bridges and a walk across the river side. Pont Neuf facilitated the walk in a single span from the right bank of the river to the left bank.

4. Pont Neuf was the first bridge in Paris with sidewalks for pedestrians to walk comfortably.

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Places to Eat near Pont Neuf

1. Relais du Pont Neuf: The restaurant has French cuisine and special vegetarian dishes. It is situated in 18 Quai du Louvre in Paris. It serves 4 meal courses - lunch, brunch, breakfast, and dinner. The dishes are delicious with good quality and taste. The prices of the delicacies are reasonable. The staff is quite friendly and helpful.

2. Sequana: The restaurant has French and European cuisines and special vegan and vegetarian dishes. It is situated in 72, Quai des Orfèvres in Paris. It serves meals for lunch and dinner. Located on the banks of the river Seine, it offers an excellent ambiance for the guests. The unique feature of the restaurant is the use of seasonal ingredients and products for preparing the French menus.

3. Le Caveau du Palais: The restaurant has French and European cuisines and special gluten free and vegetarian dishes. It is situated in 19 Place Dauphine in Paris. It serves meals for lunch, dinner and after-hours drinks too. The food taste and quality are splendid and outstanding. The restaurant is well-maintained with a pleasant ambiance.

4. La Rose de France: The restaurant has French and European cuisines and special vegetarian dishes. It is situated in 24 Place Dauphine in Paris. It serves meals for lunch and dinner. The food is excellent and the price is also reasonable. The restaurant is located in a quiet environment, offering a relaxed and pleasant experience.

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Places to Stay near Place de la Bastille

1. Maison Albar Hôtels Le Pont-Neuf: It is a 5-star hotel, situated in 23-25 Rue du Pont Neuf in Paris. All the rooms of the hotel offer either courtyard or street views. The hotel is very fashionable, providing all the basic amenities to the guests. The hotel staff is friendly and professional. The rooms are clean and well maintained.

2. HÙtel du Pont Neuf: The hotel is located at 20 Rue du Roule in the heart of Paris. The rooms are simple, with reasonable rates. Continental breakfast can be ordered at the hotel with a certain amount of surcharge. The rooms provide all the basic amenities with free Wi-Fi. There are several shopping centers near the hotel for the guests.

3. HÙtel d'Aubusson: It is a boutique hotel, housed inside an authentic historical mansion. Situated at 33 Rue Dauphine, it is one of the prominent luxurious hotels in Paris. It offers a buffet breakfast from 7:00 AM till 11:30 AM at its wonderful patio. The rooms are extremely cozy and comfortable. The staff is extremely friendly and professional.

4. Hotel Novotel Paris Les Halles: It is a 4-star hotel, situated in 8 Place Marguerite de Navarre in Paris. The hotel has an open terrace and a garden. It offers all the basic amenities to the guests including free Wi-Fi.

The rooms are quite large, clean and well maintained. The staff is friendly and professional, offering assistance to the guests whenever needed.

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Point of Interest for Pont Neuf
Enjoy a romantic walk

Enjoy a romantic walk

The entire stretch of Pont Neuf is a charming and beautiful place to stroll. As the sun sinks below the horizon, you will be mesmerized by the Eiffel Tower's sparkling lights. A beautiful enchantment is cast by the sun's shining beams as they reflect off the river's immaculately clear waters. The breathtaking scenery can renew your spirit and revitalize your thoughts.

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Admire the scenic view of the Seine River

Admire the scenic view of the Seine River

Visitors are drawn in by the breathtaking views on both banks of the Seine River and the island of Ile de la Cite. The famed Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Tuileries, and the Institut de France are some of the top sights. Another fantastic location close to the Pont Neuf bridge is the lovely walking path of Pont des Arts. The enormous shopping centre La Samaritaine is another impressive structure on the island.

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Experience the Eiffel tower's beauty

Experience the Eiffel tower's beauty

You can snap the breathtaking views of the famous Eiffel tower while strolling along the Pont Neuf during your visit. You will undoubtedly be able to take some fantastic pictures while admiring the views from the bridge, which are unbroken.

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Pont Neuf FAQs

Why is Pont Neuf famous?

Pont Neuf, one of the famous wonders of the world, is the oldest standing stone bridge that had no lining of houses at its side unlike other bridges in Paris. The fireproof bridge offers a comfortable walk for pedestrians along its pristine pathway. It is the longest bridge in Paris, constructed over the river Seine connecting the left and right banks of the river. Its architectural beauty is outstanding hosting 381 stone masks and the historical bronze statue of King Henry VI. There are 12 arches adorning the bridge connecting the left and right banks of the river to the island Ile de la Cite.

How old is the Pont Neuf bridge?

The Pont Neuf bridge is almost 412 years old. In 1578, Henry III started the construction of the bridge. But the work was delayed due to political unrest in France. In 1599, the construction was resumed by King Henry VI and completed in July 1606. Pont Neuf was finally inaugurated by him in 1607 and opened to the general public.

How long is Pont Neuf?

The length of the Pont Neuf bridge is 238 meters. Its width is 20.50 meters which include pavements measuring 4.50 meters each and a causeway with a length of 11.50 meters.

Why was Pont Neuf built?

The Pont Neuf was built to ease getting to the Louvre from the Left Bank as it had been a very hectic process. Before the construction of the bridge, people would have used the ferry means and it also involved the use of two bridges and a significant amount of walking on each side.

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