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Mont Saint Michel Abbey Tickets highlights

  • Visit the Abbey of Mont Saint Michel, also known as 'The Wonder of the Western World', and get to know about the rich history of France.

  • Get to know about the historical importance of this place and admire the beautiful architecture of the Abbey church, the Lace staircase and much more.

  • Roam around this famous medieval fortress and enjoy exploring its 20 rooms, spires, and beautiful gardens.

  • Be amazed by the panoramic views of the beautiful surroundings as you reach the summit of the Abbey and get amazed by the stunning views of tidal variations.

  • Stroll through the 8th-century religious compound and get to know about the place where the worship of Archangel Michel was done since 708 AD.


Abbaye du Mont-Saint-Michel
50170 Mont Saint-Michel, France

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Mont Saint Michel Abbey Tickets overview

About Mont Saint Michel Abbey:

The Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel envisioned in 708 AD by Saint Aubert, the Bishop of Avranches, is situated on the top of a rocky islet in Normandy, France. It is one of the first sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and it also features a blend of Romanesque and Gothic architecture, reflecting centuries of construction and expansion. Accessible by a causeway at low tide, the Abbey's spires dominate the skyline and attract millions of visitors annually. Visitors can explore chapels, cloisters, and a refectory within its walls, immersing themselves in its rich history and spiritual ambience.

About Mont Saint Michel Abbey Tickets:

  • Visit one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites that dates back to 708 AD in Normandy, France, and experience the rich cultural heritage of France.
  • Stroll through the medieval fortress, resting on a rocky island, and see the fortified walls, towers, & spires.
  • Gain some insights into secrets & stories hidden within the Abbey's walls as you roam around over 20 fascinating rooms in the ancient Abbey.
  • Take a leisurely walk in the stunning gardens around the Abbey and spend a peaceful time in the tranquil ambience of nature.
  • See the place of pilgrimage of Archangel Michel and learn about the religious significance of this medieval fortress.
  • Admire the wonderful architecture & intricate stone carvings while roaming around various grand halls in the fortress.
  • See Europe's highest tidal variations at Le Mont Saint-Michel and be amazed by the tides that can rise and fall by as much as 15 meters in just six hours.
  • Explore the 8th-century religious compound which is situated in a small island commune in Normandy.

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Mont Saint Michel Abbey Tickets faqs

What is Mont Saint Michel famous for?

The Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel is well-known for drawing some of Europe's best thinkers and manuscript illuminators due to its reputation as a learning hotspot. And today, with the Mont Saint Michel Abbey Tickets you can get awestruck by this stunning Gothic monument, a treasure of mediaeval architecture that looms over a beautiful shoreline when you visit this European historic site.

What are the tips to visit Mont Saint Michel?

- The Mont Saint-Michel can be reached by day excursion from Paris, although it is a lengthy and gruelling journey. Instead, make a point of staying at least one night.

- Mont Saint-Michel takes on a bizarre appearance during high tide, appearing to float over the lake and reflecting light like a mirror. To get a fresh perspective, guests can walk around and around the commune at low tide. A skilled guide who knows the Channel's temperamental ways will secure your safety if you're interested in this.

- When you visit Mont Saint-Michel, remember that it is a real place inhabited by 44 people, including the monks and nuns who live in the Abbey. Thus don't take pictures of the inhabitants, especially at religious events, unless it's really necessary.

- Stairs are also involved, especially if you plan on climbing to the Abbey. As a result, don't forget to pack comfortable walking shoes.

- Reserve a table ahead of time to avoid the long wait and spend at least 28 EUR for a typical omelette.

- Walk around the Abbey walls from the Porte Échauguette, located on the main entrance gate’s left side, for excellent coastal views.

What time does Mont St Michel open?

The Mont St Michel remains open from Friday to Sunday between 09:30 am to 06:00 pm only. The place remains closed between Monday to Thursday.

How much time do you need in Mont St Michel?

To get the most out of Mont Saint-Michel, you just need 3-5 hours. In order to make the most of your stay in Mont Saint Michel, you'll want to make sure you have your Mont Saint Michel Abbey Tickets ready before you arrive. A little extra time can be allotted for other activities, such as dining out or exploring the beach on a sandbank.

How many steps are there to get to the top of the Mont Saint Michel mountain?

To reach the summit of Mont Saint-Michel, you must ascend a total of 350 steps, including roughly 200 at the Grande Rue and another 150 inside the Abbey. With Mont Saint Michel Abbey Tickets you can cut your ascent in half if you use the Finals entrance.

Which are the best restaurants to dine in at Mont Saint Michel?

1. La Sirène: La Sirène, a quaint little crêperie tucked away behind a souvenir shop, is worth the trip up the 15th-century stairwell to hear the sirens sing. Cheese, ham, salmon, eggs, veggies, and more can all be found as fillings for a savoury Breton galette (a buckwheat pancake). Crêpes are filled with fruit, chocolate, almonds, cream, or caramel, depending on your sweet tooth.

2. Du Gueslin: Dining at the Hotel Du Guesclin means enjoying regional dishes while taking in views of the surrounding countryside. Guests can choose from three set menus to fit their dietary preferences and budgets. You'll discover dishes like chicken with Valée d'Auge sauce and fish fillet with Saint-Malo sauce on these menus, as well as another delicacy unique to Brittany: a prune and raisin custard pudding cake.

3. Le Mouton Blanc: The building in which this venue is housed dates back to the 14th century, and the timber rafters and exposed masonry give the space the air of a Norman inn from a bygone age. Le Mouton Blanc (The White Sheep) is one of the few crêperies in Le Mont-Saint-Michel that specialises in the dish's preparation with roast lamb casserole and rack of lamb being two of its best recipes.

4. La Mère Poulard: For almost a century, La Mère Poulard has been serving up authenticated portraits of its customers. The presence of such luminaries as Ernest Hemingway and Yves Saint Laurent on the premises serves as a tribute to its high calibre. The omelettes of La Mère Poulard are legendary, but the restaurant is also recognised for its star-studded clientele.