Avenue Des Ternes Overview

Avenue des Ternes is an avenue in the 17th arrondissement in the district of Ternes, it is located between Place des Ternes and boulevard Gouvion-Saint-Cyr. The commercial pathway of the avenue is a hidden paradise in itself where you can find various small shops, fashionable and chic departmental stores as well as the posh restaurants. 

Avenue Des Ternes located in the 17th arrondissement of Paris was originally a village until the road from Paris to St Germain en Laye crossed it. It then turned into a new town which slowly developed into an important place which today has multiple dining and shopping options. The avenue is a very peaceful place and therefore called the “hidden paradise” for all the shopping Europe tour lovers, there are very few places in Paris where an authentic street style shopping experience can be enjoyed. The book stalls, local stores and small shops located on the shaded pathways of the avenue makes it quite perfect for street style shopping.

Along with the amazing experience at the street you could also go on exploring the luxurious side of the avenue at its posh restaurants, cafes and other shopping shops. Some of the famous restaurants and cafes in the Ternes are the Ballon des Ternes, the Maison Pou or the Data which are quite famous amongst the visitors. The Avenue Des Ternes is just a few blocks away from the famous spots of Arc de Triomphe and Avenue des Champs-Elysées. On your visit to the avenue, spare some time at its trendy bars, serene parks and lively villages of Batignolles district which are surely a treat. 

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• Explore various shopping outlets ranging from renowned brands to local stores and choose the best from a fine collection of clothing, accessories and antiques.
• Witness the grandeur and liveliness of Avenue Des Ternes which is the nerve centre of the 17th arrondissement of Paris.
• Visitors can also enjoy the architectural beauty of the renowned buildings located in the avenue which is one of its best features. The Avenue Neil, Rue Pierre Demours and Palace Saint- Ferdinand are some of the buildings with spectacular architecture and beauty.
• You can find major tourist attractions like Arc De Triomphe, the Louvre Museum, the villages of Bastignolles around Avenue Des Ternes
• The vast range of restaurant and cafe options certainly makes a visit to the avenue interesting to explore the numerous culinary options and witness the hospitality of the Parisians.  Also Checkout A Detailed Guide To Visit: Paris and Nice Tour PackageAlso Checkout : Things To Do In Paris This Weekend

How To Reach

By Train: In order to reach Ternes in Paris by train, catch the train running on line number N. It would drop you by Charles de Gaulle- Etoile which is the closest station to stop by. 

By Metro: There are different routes which connect the Avenue Des Ternes to the metro transportation. The closest metro stations to the avenue are Argentine and Charles de Gaulle Etoile which are located on the line number 1 and 6. The avenue is at a distance of 7 km from the stations, so you have to catch a taxi to get there.  

By Bus: You can catch bus number 43 from the nearest station: Gare du Nord, bus no. 92 from nearest station: Porte de Champerret, bus no. 341 from nearest station Charles de Gaulle Etoile and bus no. 73 from the nearest station: La Defense-Metro-Rer-Tarmway. 

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Best Time To Visit

It’s best to go around the avenue in the evening for a stroll with friends or family or even alone in your own company. If you plan to go around solely for shopping, then it’s advisable to choose the morning hours when you’d get more and more stores and collections to explore.

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Other Essential Information

  • Reserve a day or two to stroll around the avenue so that you don’t miss the sightseeings around
  • Practise your bargaining skills as you will be required to do it a lot while street shopping in the local stores of Avenue Des Ternes
  • Make sure to dress up in comfortable clothing as you might be required to walk a bit. 
  • Keep a good amount of cash handy as finding ATMs around the street might be difficult.

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Point of Interest for Avenue Des Ternes


On taking a stroll around the Avenue De Ternes you would get to witness the architectural beauty of the small Batignolles village styled ambience. On the street of the avenue you would find some very old residences which had been designed in the baroque style of architecture. The Port de Ternes (an entry gate on the Avenue De Ternes), Ancient Château des Ternes (a historical landmark) and Paroisse Saint Ferdinand des Ternes (a catholic church) are some of the remnants of the legacy of the architecture of the avenue. 

The other noted architectural marvels in the neighbourhood of Ternes are Avenue Niel, Rue Pierre Demours and Antiques de Ternes Market.

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Rightfully called the shopper’s paradise, the avenue is a must visit place for all the shopping addicts as there is no shortage of options to explore. Right from the collection of street style to numerous outlets of renowned brands like Chanel and Louis Vitton, you will find options in vintage, women’s clothing, accessories, antiques, etc.

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Restaurants & Cafes

Restaurants & Cafes

While strolling around the avenue, try the famous french coffee at some of the renowned cafes like Le Hameau, Dada and Monsieur Madame. There are also some very old dining places which hold their legacy in French cuisines worthy of exploration like Le Ballon des Ternes, Le Bistro where you can also taste the old wines, Tabac des Ternes and many others. 

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Avenue Des Ternes FAQs

What is Avenue Des Ternes famous for?

The Avenue Des Ternes is a hidden paradise for the shopping lovers who would get to explore a range of items ranging from books, household appliances, shoes, luxurious clothing and bags to much more. The delightful scenic and quaint ambience of the avenue makes it the perfect place for evening walks. The spectacular architecture of the places surrounding the venue like the Avenue Neil, Rue Pierre Demours and Palace Saint- Ferdinand would take you back into time with their 18th century style buildings . You can also make a stop by the cafes and restaurants to get a taste of famous french cuisines. 

Is Avenue Des Ternes worth visiting?

Yes, Avenue des Ternes is a highly recommended place to visit for all the shopping and food lovers. On the street of the avenue you’d find amazing book stalls, local stores and small independent businesses dealing with items of luxury as well as daily needs. There are some amazing cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy an evening coffee or dinner while visiting the street of the avenue.

What are the nearby places around Avenue Des Ternes?

The renowned places nearby Avenue Des Ternes which you can discover are Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Arc de Triomphe, Palace of Versailles and many others. All these places are located at a few minutes distance, the Louvre museum has a vast collection of paintings and artefacts while the gardens and architecture of the Palace of Versailles are simply remarkable. 

Why is it called Avenue Des Ternes?

The Avenue Des Ternes got its name in 1863 from the neighbourhood that passes through the Quartier des Ternes. 

What is Avenue Des Ternes?

It’s a commercial avenue located in the 17th arrondissement of Paris which begins at the intersection of number 1, Place des Ternes or number 49, Avenue De Wagram and ends at number 59, Boulevard Gouvion Saint Cyr. 

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