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France Honeymoon Packages

Browse through a wide range of France honeymoon tour with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized France honeymoon tour packages with exciting deals & offers.

France honeymoon packages include endless gorgeous destination that you will fall in love with. The vibrant country has many wonders scattered around like rustic vineyards, exclusive beach resorts, culinary gems, a cultural treasure, quaint and quirky country retreats. France is the dream destination of many people and considered one of the most romantic places worldwide. There is something magical about this place that makes you feel like you are in a novel.

People mostly find this country incredibly beautiful because of the diversity of its landscape. This includes sun-drenched beaches, remarkable cultural heritage, rough alpine peaks and spectacularly highlighted palaces. Moreover, there are tons of incredible France honeymoon places filled with romantic vibes like the streets of Paris and the surroundings of Lake Annecy. With its chic café terraces, luxe bistros, and roadside restaurants, France makes sure that every couple enjoys a sumptuous dining experience.

Furthermore, when you plan to select the ultimate Honeymoon destination in France, don't forget to miss the smallest medieval village Eze with some fantastic breath-taking panorama views. Also, visit the beautiful hilltop town Gordes which is the most enchanting place in France, and The Camargue, the perfect getaway for people. Apart from visiting these serene places, you also get to hear their lovely language.
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Lucerne and Paris Honeymoon Package



Hotel pickup
Meals Included
With this thrilling Lucerne and Paris Honeymoon Package, embark on an unforgettable journey to see the best of Europe! As you visit each city's iconic landmarks, attractions, and sights, learn about its rich history and culture. With the tour's various lengths and itinerary choices for adventure, you can choose how long you want to spend exploring.During a relaxing sightseeing Lucerne and Paris Honeymoon Package, admire the city's landmark Chapel Bridge, Water Tower, and Baroque and Gothic architecture. During stops in the busy cities, take in the exciting atmosphere of the popular Italian cities of Milan, Venice, and Rome. Tour St Peter's Basilica and the Sistine Chapel to learn about the Roman Catholic church's rituals and legends.

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24 Ratings

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Europe Honeymoon Package from India



- The world’s most visited destination, Europe is an exuberant getaway that is known popularly for its deep-rooted culture, glorious history, unmatched fashion, and tempting culinary experiences. This enthralling land has always attracted couples in love owing to its photogenic spots, colourful streets, magnificent monuments, and a plethora of romantic activities. Thrillophilia’s Europe honeymoon packages from India are crafted to let the newlyweds celebrate their love in the land of romance, as they explore the alluring destinations of Paris, Amsterdam, and Brussels.

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119 Ratings

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7 Days France Honeymoon Package



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People Also Ask About Honeymoon in France

  1. What are the most romantic places to visit in France?

    1. EZE, French Riviera: EZE is a cute little medieval village located on the French Riviera and is famous for its authentic charm, poetic beauty and awe-inspiring blue Mediterranean Sea. The town perches on the top of the lush green mountain from where you can see many picturesque spots.
    Even though the village is small in size, it has the most lovable cobblestone street that leaves all tourists mesmerized. Many celebrities also get attracted to the place, including Walt Disney, who spent a significant part of his life here. So make sure you add this one to your France Honeymoon Packages.

    - Location: Eze, 06260, France

    2. Pont des Arts: Pont des Arts come under one of the most photogenic bridges located in Paris and among the top France honeymoon places. Moreover, it has been acclaimed as the bridge of romance that the newly met couple loves to explore. It was constructed between 1802 and 1804 and was the first metal bridge ever built in Paris.
    You can get tons of magnificent photos with illuminating building lights reflecting on the river water as a background. It is not only an attractive place for photographers but is also attractive for passionate painters who like to paint live scenes. The bridge serves a perfect picnic spot for many couples who would love to spend some quality time in private.

    - Location: Pont des Arts, 75006 Paris

    3. Tupai Island: Tupai Island is another famous honeymoon destination in France that you must visit. It is an attractive spot to couples mainly because of two things, one because of its almost perfect heart shape that you can discover while you are flying above it.
    Second, because of its double lagoon and mesmerizing shades of the colour blue which is a perfect background for your romantic day. It is a magical and fearless place where birds build their nest on grounds and sea turtles come on the pristine white sand beaches to lay their eggs. Plus, the site is filled with coconut plantation, which makes the island mysteriously wild, enchanting and irresistible.

    4. Carcassonne: It is the second most famous tourist place after the Eiffel Tower. This medieval place is tremendously impressive. This fortified city is very different from all the other cities in Europe in terms of its size and extent of preservation. It is hilltop heaven and the perfect honeymoon destination in France.
    It is famed chiefly because of its ever-rising citadel and watchtowers. Here, you will find plenty of excellent restaurants, lots of myths and history to discover. Moreover, if you are a couple who love to explore the history of places together then this is the town for you.

    - Location: Carcassonne 11000, France

    5. Château de Villandry: Château de Villandry, back in the 17th century, was also known as the temple of love is one of France's impressive fortresses. By looking at this towering white façade, you will definitely witness royalty, perfectly depicting the past.
    People come here from different parts of the world to renew their wedding vows and to propose to each other in a royal and romantic way. Moreover, people here believe that if you share a kiss at the centre of the temple then your love will grow even stronger. So make sure you add this well-kept place to your France Honeymoon package.

    6. The Camargue: THE CAMARGUE is another breathtaking France honeymoon place to visit in France, located between the Rhone River and the Mediterranean. It is a vast wetland considered as the biosphere reserve by UNESCO.
    Moreover, the wilderness is classified into three separate zones: Cultivation in the north delta, lagoons in the south, and salt banks in the west. Furthermore, people who come here witness the world's oldest living breed of horses. Even though they are wild but living amicably among humans, which makes the visitors curious and awe-struck.

    7. The Iles Sanguinaires: The Iles Sanguinaires has an inquisitive second name, i.e. The Blood Island. The title intrigues the visitors of the fascinating history and beauty of the place. It is an archipelago comprising four porphyry islets, dark red in colour, which is why it is known as The Blood Island.
    Another remarkable feature about the place is that it is constructed on the Large Island's highest point, The Grande Ile. Here, you also get to witness the awe-inspiring Sanguinaires lighthouse located at one side of the reddish island. Moreover, the large rocks swirl of sea birds upon your head, wild goats and small Corsican horses will not give you a moment to put your camera down.

    8. Rocamadour, Dordogne: ROCAMADOUR is a holy city resting on the gorge of the Alzou River. The small village has a population of as less as 600 people. But it is always filled with 1.5 million all year round. People from different parts come to explore mainly three-place one is the gorgeous town settling against a vast limestone cliff; it basically depicts pure beauty.
    Second is the pre-medieval architecture of ROCAMADOUR, which contains origin from the back of almost 1000 years. Lastly, the village which inhabits the primordial origins of French Christianity. It is a must-go destination among all the Honeymoon destination in France.

    9. Chambord: CHAMBORD is a fascinating place in France, and the whole valley is dotted with hundreds of elegant castles. It is a dreamland where there are perfectly balanced traditional elements borrowed from Medieval French architecture and the Italian Renaissance.
    People find this dual inspiration commendable and perfect to sing the praise of the king. One remarkable fact about the castle is that there are 60 rooms to visit with a collection of around 4500 objects. Moreover, it has a park as big as inner Paris. It is the best France Honeymoon place that no matter what you should visit.

    10. Giverny: Claude Monet, the world-famous painter, lived here for 40 years. It is a beautiful Honeymoon destination in France with a fascinating mixture of a flower garden and a water garden. You get a surprisingly lovely vibe as you walk through the riverside, romantic garden and the pastel pink house with your partner.
    Also, the famous green Japanese bridge is one where most visitors feel loved. Moreover, the atmosphere gives a very positive vibe to all the couple. Plus, it contains a beautiful set of water lilies, floral composition as well as nymphs and provides a great source of inspiration to painters.

    11. The Calanques: THE CALANQUES is a beautiful series of majestic cliffs, stunning fjords, and rocky promontories and brilliantly turquoise water that will convince you to dive in emotionally. The place stretches over the coastline of the towns of Cassis and Marseille. You will also find lush pine trees clinging to the shimmering rock.
    The tourist also gets the option of kayaking in the small idyllic beach, adding further drama and dreamy scenery to your trip. Moreover, the place has been nominated as the Calanques National Park, one of the seven national parks situated on mainland France. Here, you can also satisfy your thrust of hiking under the shining bright sun.

    12. Mont Saint Michel: It is an island village that seems to have been plucked straight from a fairy tale. It is basically the best Honeymoon destination in France. The place is a part legendary castle and part holy shrine. Moreover, it contains many of the middle age's most famous buildings and recognizable monuments.
    The site is a mythical destination of innumerable pilgrims that is over a thousand-year-old. The couple also enjoy the picturesque village surrounding the abbey, filled with inexplicable cafes and boutiques.

    Click Here To Book: Abbey of Mont Saint Michel Tickets

    13. Colmar: COLMAR is another romantic place that you must include in your France Honeymoon Packages. It comes under famous canal-side cities like Bruges, Annecy, Amsterdam and Venice. Moreover, it is seen as a real inspiration for the movie Beauty and the Beast. And in no time you will also notice why as soon as you visit it.
    When you walk through the streets of COLMAR with your partner, it will seem like your fairy tale has come through. Moreover, there is also a wooden turret from Rapunzel used to let her hair down. Plus, the tiny cottages seem like an ideal home for the seven dwarfs.

    14. Gordes: GORDES is one of the most beautiful places in France and is a must-go France Honeymoon place. Many movie stars and famous artists have also built their home here. The village is filled with beautiful white and grey stone houses soaring up high in spiral round rock.
    Moreover, while you are strolling through the tiny street of GORDES with your partner, you will discover old doorways, walls of stone, and arcades. Furthermore, you will also witness the beautiful panorama of the mountains and valley.

    15. Les Saintes: Les Saintes is a small archipelago consisting of 9 islands and is considered the most beautiful bay of Anse du Bourg. Plus, the coastline is dotted with charming houses with red roofs, giving a breathtaking view to nature enthusiasts.
    Moreover, the amiable island with steep terrains serves as a warm welcome to all the tourists who have stepped foot on this little archipelago for the first time. Here, you can also take your partner to witness the exotic cactus garden or the museum dedicated to the arts and tradition of Les Saintes built in the 19th century.

  2. What are the most romantic things to do in France?

    1. Schedule Picnic at the Luxembourg Palace and Gardens: Luxembourg Garden is one of the most romantic France Honeymoon places you should take your partner to. The site has a stunning verdant collection of tree-lined promenades, orange trees, orchids, rose flower beds, and apple orchards.
    The background is perfect for a close and romantic picnic. You will also find wrought-iron gates and 17th-century statues around the place where you can click some amazing photos as a memory.

    2. Watch a Classic Film at Le Champo: Art Deco Le Champo has been famous for arthouse cinema since it was first inaugurated back in the year 1938. It is a very romantic place where you and your partner can spend some quality time watching classic flicks from creative filmmakers like Alfred Hitchcock, Federico Fellini, and Edouard Molinaro. So make sure to includes this absolute romantic package in your France Honeymoon packages.

    3. Have dinner at Hotel Plaza Athenee: Nothing is more fancy and romantic than taking your loved one for a haute cuisine at Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee so make sure to add it in your France Honeymoon Packages. It is a true emblem of Parisian glamour situated very close to the Eiffel Tower and Champs-Elysees on Avenue Montaigne.
    The place also hosts many royalties, politicians and celebrities, so if you are lucky enough, you may find your favourite star present there. This place can be a great addition to your France Honeymoon Packages.

    4. Book a Sunset Cruise along the Seine: If you want to give your loved one a super romantic surprise, grab your partner and go for a Bateaux Mouches ride. It is the perfect France Honeymoon place to take your partner to. There is nothing you would want to do than to gaze at the beautiful city as the sun sets and the building starts lighting up.
    While on the hour-long open-air cruise, you get to witness the monuments of love like the Eiffel Tower, Musee d'Orsay, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Pont Alexandre III, and Pont Neuf. Also, don't forget to lean on and kiss your partner under the Pont-Marie bridge; it is like a tradition.

    Click Here To Book: Seine River Dinner Cruise

    5. Private photoshoot along the Winding Street: There is no shortage of places in Paris where you can take romantic photos with your loved ones. Among those photogenic places, the winding street is one where you get the opportunity to hire a professional photographer to create a memory for a lifetime.
    Winding street is a small yet lovely street packed with charm and nostalgia. It is full of history, greenery, vines abound and colourful flowers. So make sure to include this activity in your France Honeymoon packages; it will definitely surprise your partner.

    6. Stroll around the Temple of Love: Your France Honeymoon package is incomplete if you did not take your partner to the Temple de I'Amour. It is one of the biggest parks in Paris and is less frequented by tourists so you can have the perfect cosy time with your partner there. Moreover, people believe that if a couple kisses here, it deepens their love even more.

    - Location: Château de Versailles
    - Timing: 6 am to 6 pm

    7. Get lost with your partner in the backstreets of Montmartre: Montmartre is the most charming place frequently visited by neighbours. Here, you can take a stroll with your partner and discover lovely restaurants, quaint cafes, and picturesque squares. Also, make sure you visit the Sacre-Coeur, the famous Church of the Sacred Heart.
    This romantic Roman-style church is located on the top of the hill and has the perfect picturesque spot. Moreover, in the Square des Abbesses in Montmartre, you will find an I Love You mural, where I love you, is written in more than 300 languages.

    8. Witness view from the top of the Eiffel Tower: When talking about the romantic place, how can we miss Eiffel Tower? Make sure you take your better half at the top of the Eiffel tower to witness the sunset or at night when you can enjoy the beautiful view of the City of Light.
    From the top you will see the beautiful Seine river branching into two parts from the base of the tower. Moreover, at the other bank of the river you will find a beautiful garden which will make you wander around. Also, the tips of citadels, towers and monuments are just breathtaking. So, make sure you do not miss it.

    - Timing: 10:30 am to 6:30pm
    - Price: 19,90 euro

    Click Here To Book: Eiffel Tower Top Floor Tickets

  3. What is the best time to visit France for a Honeymoon?

    May, June, September and October are the best months to visit France for a Honeymoon. This is because, at this time, you will find fewer crowds giving you more privacy, pleasant weather, and discounted hotel rates.

  4. How can I reach France?

    - By Air: You can land at Charles de Gaulle airport situated in Paris which is the most iconic international airport that connects different parts of the world. The next option where you can land is Orly.

    - By Rail: There are international trains that you can take from the channel ports. For applying for such service you can consider the service from Eurostar.

    - By Road: If you live in the neighbouring country you can also reach France by road. For this, you can take Eurotunnel shuttles, motorcycles, bicycles, cars, minibuses and campervans.

  5. What is special about France?

    Everything is special about France, the people, festivals, landmarks, restaurants, parks and even the language. However, the most remarkable thing is the Eiffel Tower, The Palace of Versailles, Disneyland Paris, Fashion, Fine wine and Football. This stunning country is the hottest tourist spot that attracts tons of people.

  6. Is a passport required for France?

    It is essential to have a valid US passport, as stated by the France government. Moreover, the passport must have one blank page for putting down an entry stamp and validity of three months beyond the departure date.

  7. Is France expensive for tourists?

    France is a bit expensive when compared to other tourist places. Here you will need an average daily budget of $200. The meal can cost you somewhere between $28 to $30 on a per-day basis. Moreover, the public transport cost may vary around $25. As for the price of the hotel, it mainly depends on the season you are going. However, on average, a double room is priced around $270. So to round up all these into a week’s budget, it will come around $2600.

  8. Is France safe for Couples?

    Overall speaking, France is a safe place to travel to. The government has increased its safety measure a lot. It now has a very low violent crime rate and is always filled with millions of tourists round the year. Just be careful of your surroundings and don’t wander alone at night.

  9. What is France's famous food?

    Some of the most famous food that you don’t want to miss out while visiting to France are: Soupe à l'oignon, Coq au vin, Cassoulet, Boeuf bourguignon, Chocolate soufflé, Flamiche, Confit de canard, and Ratatouille.

  10. Is France good for a honeymoon?

    France is full of dreamy destinations that are perfect for exploring on your Honeymoon. One of the most famous is Paris which is already called the City of Love. The country's every corner seems specifically designed for lovers, including romantic rendezvous, Foursquare city, and many more places.

  11. What language is spoken in France?

    French is the official language of France that is spoken by around 88% of the population. Moreover, the people who speak minority languages also speak French.

  12. What are the best ways to commute around France?

    The easiest and cheapest way to commute around France is train travel. The TGV line can be costly, but it can save you a lot of your money if you travel through the slow train.

  13. What are the best adventure activities which we can do in France?

    1. Parasailing: The most incredible adventure you can include in your France Honeymoon Package is parasailing. Through this activity, you can glide over the alps and witness the mesmerizing snow capped mountains.

    2. Kayaking: Kayaking is another thrilling activity which lets you experience the awe-inspiring surrounding of the place.

    3. Skydiving: For an absolute adrenaline rush, you can try diving from feet of 4000 metres. Before diving, you will get instructed by a professional and a camera operator will follow you throughout the activity so you can capture the memory forever.

    4. Bike tour: It is a very famous activity to try which lasts up to 3 hours and covers areas like the City Hall, the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral and many more.

    5. Indoor Free-fall Simulator: If you are afraid of height but still want to experience skydiving, then you can consider an Indoor Free-fall simulator.

  14. What kind of nightlife can I experience in France?

    1. Rex Clubs: This place features open dance floors with heavy bass music and electronica. People come to these big techno-grunge clubs for a mood-altering experience. So make sure to hit it.

    2. Showcase: Showcase is another fantastic club with a stylish crowd, live bands, fun DJ, and champagne bottle at hand. The DJ mostly sticks to disco beats, sets of house, and electro for cheering its crowd. So if you are a fan of such a music genre, you must visit this club.

    3. Chez Moune: Another attractive nightclub that features a low ceiling, tiled walls, and mirrored surroundings. It depicts the 1930s style of decor with DJ playing spin trendy electro-rock beats all night.

    4. Le Truskel: Here, you get to enjoy punk music and indie electro-pop beats all night till 5 am. The ambiance is exceptionally cramped and cozy for a perfect night out.

  15. Which are the best Eiffel Tower Tours to book from Thrillophilia?

  16. Which are the some of the best Paris attraction tickets that I can book at Thrillophilia?

  17. Which are some of the best Paris city tours to book from Thrillophilia?

Newly Added France Experience
It's a wonderful, unforgettable, and joyous trip to Europe thanks alot for making my honeymoon an awesome one which was once in a lifetime experience and you make it memorable. All arrangements and plans are well implemented without any lies and all the hotels were too good at a good location with a calm ambiance, great hospitalities, and on-time service. All the vehicles arranged for an airport and city tours were excellent along with a skillful driver's this is really great. Loved everything on this tour. I recommend Thrillophilia to book for any tour. Lots of blessings to the team.
Best of the best trip ever... worth given a 5/5 rating. My partner and I were very happy that Thrillophilia made our honeymoon trip so perfect. The team who was looking for our trip made sure that all requirements were met and as well as updated on-time with minor details. The arrangement of hotels was top-class, transportation provided to us the whole tour was very good. After all, we travel from one place to the other but still, we did not face any problem at all. By the way, We totally enjoyed our honeymoon trip with lots of memories.
The best destinations for a honeymoon, My partner and I recently we had this honeymoon trip, let me tell you that this trip was very well-planned and very well-executed, Everything stated in the itinerary was very fulfilling which we miss not even a single thing from it... The places we covered were truly amazing and beautiful with its people, culture, history, and heritage site... We had the most romantic tours in Switzerland as the place has many natural beauties... We had the most fun tours in Disneyland Paris which we enjoyed the rides, roller-coasters, attend events, theme activities, shows, foods, and souvenirs overloaded fun there with my partner... Overall all the places we covered were breathtaking... The arrangements of hotels, transport, and candlelight dinner for us was excellent and we love it... I would like to suggest this package to all the couples who plan for their successful honeymoon trip...
Such an amazing honeymoon trip!!! On this trip, we covered the amazing and famous country on earth like Rome, Switzerland, and Paris... We had a great experience at each with many photographs we took, The tours were organized very well and they even provided a great service at any time we need any helps, They already arranged everything for us which we never faced any problems at all the entire trip... It was a special and memorable trip for us...
It was our first trip and it was amazing. Everything was planned and people with us were really supportive. Thanks for making our trip memorable.
Everything was perfectly arranged for us, Thrillophilia helped us in all ways wherever we needed
It was a nice experience traveling with Thrillophilia, This is my first expereince with this company...I took my honeymoon trip with them it was such a great decision I've made even my better-half too was happy with this trip we had, the service throughout the trip was truly amazing, the arrangements and all were tip-top, The sightseeing tours in a hop-on-hop-off bus in Rome was interesting, we had a great time in Paris witnesses all the major sightseeing of the place and as well in Switzerland... Overall we had a beautiful honeymoon trip...Thanks to Thrillophilia for making our trip memorable.....
A perfect destination for a honeymoon or for a family, friends, or any type of a group for a perfect vacations once in a lifetime. We booked this with Thrillophilia the price they offeres was going well with the experience we had. This platform gave full guidance 24/7 which we really enjoyed the tour without any issues at all... Well-planned and well-executed tour... We were very happy with our experience. Don't think twice this is a succeded honeymoon tour.
Had an amazing 7-days tour to Europe all because of this well-planned tour. We were very happy with the arrangements made. We had a great time in Paris, Amsterdam, and Brussel... All the places we visited were truly beautiful but if we are talking about fun a 1-day visit to Disneyland was loaded with joy, laughter, and fun throughout... Overall this whole trip was well-organized... We enjoyed the tour thouroughly... Special thanks to all the team for this perfect tour.

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