Maison de Victor Hugo Paris Overview

Located in the esteemed Place de Vosges in the middle of the Marais district, the Maison de Victor Hugo is the private home of the renowned French writer. This writer lived on the second floor of this mansion from 1832 to 1848, and wrote some of his most fundamental works in this mansion, including the Les Misérables. Thus, this mansion showcases the significant stages of his life as a renowned novelist.

Maison de Victor Hugo is a family apartment of the famous French poet and novelist who created remarkable works, like the Les Miserables and The Hunchback of Notre Dam. This mansion is transformed into a museum to pay tribute to his remarkable life and works. The museum showcases his life in three fundamental stages, i.e., before, during, and after his self-imposed exile to Guernsey. Every stage of his life is presented in the form of furniture, souvenirs, and mesmerizing interior design. It is filled with innumerable drawings, 19th-century furniture, mementos, and much more. Visit these amazing historical structures and more with the best Europe packages.

Visitors can take a tour of the rooms in Maison de Victor Hugo that were voluntarily decorated by Hugo himself. The mansion features manuscripts, correspondence, and some first editions of his work. On the first floor of the mansion, you will find temporary exhibitions that display his drawings and illustrations of his literary works. The museum also hosts conference visits in the apartments of Victor Hugo and workshops for children. You will also find a giant public library in the museum that is open to the public only by appointment. You can view the deathbed on which he passed away from pneumonia. The Maison de Victor Hugo is indeed a retreat for people interested in literature.

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• Maison de Victor Hugo is a private home of the famous French writer and novelist and it was built to pay tribute to some of his fundamental works.
• Walk into the rooms of the mansion and get a chance to witness the fundamental stages of the life of the French novelist, i.e., before, during, and after his exile to Guernsey.
• Each stage of his life is depicted in the form of furniture, souvenirs, and wonderful interior design.
• The mansion also provides visitors with a chance to see the numerous drawings, mementos, 19th-century furniture, and much more.
• Visit the giant public library upon appointment and explore the other literary works of the writer.
• Watch the exhibits displayed in the temporary exhibitions and workshops inside the Maison de Victor Hugo.
• View the bed on which the writer took his final breath due to pneumonia.
• Get a chance to observe the first editions of his work, including Les Miserables and The Hunchback of Notre Dam.Recommended Read: Best Things To Do In Paris In WinterCheck out for Best Offers : Seine River Cruise

How To Reach

By Metro: Metro is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach Maison de Victor Hugo. You need to take metro lines 1, 5, or 8 to the Bastille stop, from where you can take a 5 minutes walk to Maison de Victor Hugo.

By Car: You can also drive your own car to Maison de Victor Hugo. Parking spaces are available at the mansion for disabled people.  

By Bus: If commuting by a bus, you can board the following bus numbers, 20, 29, 65, 69 and 96.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Maison de Victor Hugo remains throughout the year, except for Mondays and French holidays. If you have an interest in witnessing the temporary exhibits or talks and workshops, you can check the official website of the attraction for the special events that are taking place in the museum during your visit.

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Other Essential Information

  • The Maison de Victor Hugo is one of the must-visit attractions for literary buffs in Paris and for the Les Miserables fans. 
  • There are no entry fees to visit the Maison de Victor Hugo, but you need to pay charges for temporary exhibits.
  • The museum has wheelchair accessibility, and you can rent one from the reception area.
  • People with impaired sight or hearing can also access the museum effortlessly.

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Point of Interest for Maison de Victor Hugo Paris


The Maison de Victor Hugo has been transformed into a museum that displays the rich and varied collection of the famous French novelist’s works. The museum features two books from its collections, including more than 18000 handwritten letters and correspondence. Apart from this, the museum gives you an account of the private life of the greatest man that has delivered wonderful literary works to the world.

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The library is the center of attraction of the Maison de Victor Hugo. This library is a documentation center of the renowned poet’s numerous and precious printed works and the collections of archives, letters, documents, and manuscripts. The entry to the library is accessible only after permission from the authorities.

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The Maison de Victor Hugo organizes temporary exhibitions to display some of the authentic and less-seen works of Victor Hugo. These exhibitions portray over 190 preserved works of the writer, and it is one of the best places to pay homage to his remarkable creations.

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The Maison de Victor Hugo also hosts several workshops and events throughout the year. These workshops can be accessible by anyone, no matter whether you are traveling alone or in a group. This workshop is definitely a must thing to do on your visit to the Maison de Victor Hugo.

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