Dali Paris Overview

Enter the surreal world of famed artist Salvador Dali at Dali Paris, a museum which is home to the largest private collection of the 20th century Spanish artist. Witness more than 300 spectacular works of art acquired by Dali and other art collectors, from paintings and sculptures, to etchings as well as furniture, along with Dalinian engravings, among other things.

A place perfect for Dali aficionados and surrealism enthusiasts, Dali Paris Museum is also the spot where one can witness the largest private collection, along with a unique permanent exhibition of the art of Salvador Dali. Located next to the beautiful Place du Tertre in the Montmartre area of Paris, Dali Paris houses more than 300 original works of this famed 20th century Spanish artist, in addition to having the largest collection of Dalinian sculptures and engravings in all of France. 

It is here, in Dali Paris, where you can admire his works of art that highlight a wide array of major themes, from universal literature and mythology, to history and religion, among others during your Europe Tour. Furthermore, the museum also displays some of the most famous surrealist masterpieces of the artist, including his sculptures and illustrations, like Space Elephant, Alice in Wonderland, The Monkey and the Leopard and more. 

At Dali Paris, you can also find a selection of rare graphic artworks, all hand-signed by Dali himself. Apart from the magnificent sculptures, the entire exhibition space of Dali Paris also boasts of a collection of photographs, glass works, drawings, etchings, prints and other paintings. While some of these are more unsettling than others, it is beyond a doubt that everything displayed inside Dali Paris is quite intriguing, and undeniably a reflection of Salvador Dali.

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• Pay a visit to Dali Paris, and get a chance to witness the largest private collection of Spanish artist Salvador Dali here, in addition to learning about surrealism and the work of Dali
• Enjoy seeing a permanent collection of 300 works of Dali here, along with the largest French collection of sculptures, engravings as well as lithographs by this 20th century artist
• Explore Dali Paris and marvel at the exhibits of tables here, which represent the different themes that were important to Dali, such as the sciences, immortality, love, the subconscious, or the optical illusion
• Get a chance to gain deeper insights about surrealism during your visit to Dali Paris, an idea that is impeccably highlighted in the many works of art here
• Don’t miss out on some of the other underrated works by Dali here, such as the soft watches, deformed furniture as well as large stilt walkers, among other thingsMust Read: 15 Unusual Places To Visit In ParisAlso Check : Paris Museums

How To Reach

By Metro: You can reach Dali Paris by availing the metro, and getting off at either the Abbesses Station or the Lamarck-Caulaincourt Station, both of which are located at a short walking distance from the museum. 

By Subway: You can also take a ride on the subway. You can either take a train on Line 2 and get off at the Anvers Station, or take a train on Line 12 and get off at Abbesses or Lamarck-Caulaincourt Station and walk to Dali Paris. 

By Bus: Alternatively, you can also avail the Montmartrobus, or bus numbers 54 or 80, which stop near Dali Paris. 

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Dali Paris is during the first half of the day, around 10:00 a.m., when the museum opens doors to visitors. This is when you can expect a relatively lesser rush at the museum, and thereafter spend your own sweet time marvelling at the masterpieces inside.

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Other Essential Information

  • Plan your visit to Dali Paris after reviewing the schedule of any temporary exhibitions, or events here
  • Pre book your tickets to Dali Paris online to save on time, money as well as your energy
  • Don’t miss out on visiting the gallery room inside Dali Paris, which is where you can purchase the artist’s original artwork for sale
  • Before visiting Dali Paris, make sure that the museum is open on that day, since it closes at 06:00 p.m. every day, and remains closed on certain national holidays in France

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Day Wise Timings
Open Today
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Point of Interest for Dali Paris
The Space Elephant

The Space Elephant

Made by Salvador Dali in 1980, the sculpture of the Space Elephant is one of the top attractions in Dali Paris. It is the embodiment of the Dalinian symbol of 1946, which is when the artists painted “The Temptation of St. Anthony.” Taking his inspiration from the painting, Dali made this sculpture, which shows an elephant with almost invisible spindle-like legs. These show the contrast between fragility and strength. It shows the creature moving through space towards heaven, thereby symbolising a flight of fantasy.

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The Persistence of Memory

The Persistence of Memory

Made in 1931 by the artist, The Persistence of Memory is another popular attraction at Dali Paris. It is also one of the most notable and famous works of surrealism, and has been influenced by Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights.

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The Different Sculptures

The Different Sculptures

At Dali Paris, you can find an extensive collection of Dali’s sculptures, which also make up for a rather important part of artworks here. These sculptures also offer visitors a three-dimensional experience and overview of the artist’s surrealist and classical visions of art. From soft and seemingly melted bronze watches, to unique animals with long, spindle-like legs, and even drawers are some of the popular sculptures here.

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