Jardin Du Luxembourg Garden Overview

Surrounding the palace of Luxembourg, Jardin du Luxembourg Garden is a quite popular tourist spot in Paris especially amongst those who love taking a stroll in gardens. The garden is split into two halves and represent different themes of French and English style, they are separated by a large pond and a geometric forest. As you saunter around the gardens you’d recognise the diverse botanical heritage its creators have maintained over time. Here, you find orchards of forgotten old apple varieties, greenhouses of beautiful orchids and enchanting rose gardens.

Located on the border of the Luxembourg palace, between Saint Germain-des-Pres and the Latin Quarter, Jardin du Luxembourg Garden is inspired by the baroque style of Boboli gardens in Florence. Upon the initiative taken by the Queen Marie de Medici in 1612, Jacques Boyceau designed the garden which was laid down over an area of 25 hectares of land and split into two parts which were designed into French and English style. Explore this popular tourist attractive garden as a part of our Europe tour packages.

The two parts of the gardens are divided by a large pond and geometric forest, the garden also has orchards of apples, an apiary and greenhouses. The gardens of the palace are well decorated by 106 statues and you would find the sculptures like Monument of Delacroix,

Stendhal, Le Triomphe de Silence, Leconte de Lisle, Montesquieu and many other attractive art works. The spirit of the two parts of the Jardin du Luxembourg Garden is connected by the splendorous Medici Fountain, one of the most beautiful and romantic fountains in Paris. The park has a dedicated section for fun and entertaining activities for children like a large fenced playground, tennis courts, play areas and vintage carousel. Currently, the Luxembourg Palace is used by the French Senate.

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• Enjoy some relaxing hours in the quaint and peaceful atmosphere of the large gardens of the Luxembourg Palace.
• Take a stroll around the geometric forests and the Grand Bassin duck pond which are surrounded by the two partisans of the large Jardin du Luxembourg Garden.
• Spend a golden evening in the faded glow of the architecture of the palace and stay mesmerised.
• Try to remember names of the 106 sculptures which have been put everywhere in the garden, exposing the visitors to the rich cultural history of the nation. You would find the statues of the renowned writers, political scientists, queens and other great personalities.
• The beauty of the famous Medici Fountain would surely enchant you, the stream of cool water connecting the two partisans of the garden is covered by the shades of the rows of trees surrounding it.You May Also Like: Paris Honeymoon PackagesSuggested Read Seine River Cruise

How To Reach

By Metro: The closest metro stations to the palace are Cluny- la Sorbonne(line number 10) and Saint Sulpice (line number 4). The Palace is just a few minutes walk from there. 

By Bus: The bus route numbers that pass by Jardin du Luxembourg Garden are 75, 38, 82, 84 and 27. Leave the bus at the bus stations which are nearby the palace like: Pantheon, Luxembourg and Senate.  

By Train: The train lines that make a stop nearby Jardin du Luxembourg Garden are: L, N. You can check their routes and board them from a station near your place. 

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Best Time To Visit

It is highly recommended to visit Jardin du Luxembourg Garden during the spring and autumn season. The months from March to May and from September to December are quite pleasant here. The beauty of Jardin du Luxembourg Garden becomes more remarkable during these months. The seasonal spring flowers make the ambience more serene while in autumn when the trees shed their yellow leaves the hallways become ever more prettier.

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Other Essential Information

  • Plan a few hour trip to the garden, after consulting the opening hours as the timings vary greatly throughout the year. 
  • You find the schedule of seasonal opening hours posted on the entry gates of the palace.
  • Take note that the entry to the garden is free.
  • At the southwest end of the park, you can find a puppet theatre and playground installed for the entertainment of the kids. 
  • The Luxembourg Museum is on the corners of the gardens. You can visit the museum to enjoy exhibits on artists such as Modigliani, Matisse and Vlaminck. 
  • On the northwest end of the park you can also explore temporary exhibits.

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Day Wise Timings
Open Today
Normal Timings:
09:00 AM to 09:30 PM
Normal Timings:
09:00 AM to 09:30 PM
Normal Timings:
09:00 AM to 09:30 PM
Normal Timings:
09:00 AM to 09:30 PM
Normal Timings:
09:00 AM to 09:30 PM
Normal Timings:
09:00 AM to 09:30 PM
Normal Timings:
09:00 AM to 09:30 PM
Point of Interest for Jardin Du Luxembourg Garden


The gardens of the Luxembourg Palace have almost 106 statues that decorate its premises. All these statues are works of famous artists like Rodin, Zadkine, Bartholdi, Bourdelle and Dalou. While strolling around the garden you would be able to spot sculpture of Delacroix, a large bronze monument paying homage to Eugene Delacroix the renowned french painter; Stendhal, designed by Auguste Rodin in honour of the 19th century writer; Le Triomphe de Silène, one of the most famous works in Paris.

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Fontaine Médicis

Fontaine Médicis

It was originally built in the year 1630 when the first phase of the gardens was completed. The beauty of the fountain was breathtaking, it was considered the major highlight of the gardens and was constructed on order by Marie de Medici. Medici had assigned the task to the chief architect Thomas Francini as she liked his work on fountains in the Medici Villas of Florence and Rome.

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Mini sailboats

Mini sailboats

You can find these mini sailboats in the Grand Bassin duck pond, which is located between the two partisans of the Jardin du Luxembourg Garden. These cute little boats are made up of wood with fabric sail and can be rented for two cents from the nearby stores. The tradition of pushing sailboats in the ponds or rivers has been continued since Padeau’s era. Each boat has a unique sail, so that you can find them after the sail. You would get a long stick to guide the direction of your boat and keep it sailing through the pond.

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Jardin Du Luxembourg Garden FAQs

Why is the Jardin du Luxembourg famous?

Jardin du Luxembourg Garden is famous due to the extensive collection of statuary, the iconic Medici Fountain and the spectacular flower beds. There are about 106 statues placed in different corners of the garden, all of which are of the great personalities of french culture. The highlight of the garden is still captured by the Medici Fountain and the activity of sailing mini sailboats in the Grand Bassin pond which is located in the middle of the garden.

Is Jardin du Luxembourg free?

Yes, the entry to Jardin du Luxembourg Garden is free.

Can you picnic in the Luxembourg Gardens?

Yes, you can arrange your own picnic in the gardens of the Luxembourg Palace. Different activities and attractions like sailboats, puppet shows and swings in the playground make the garden a favourable place for a family outing.

Why were the Luxembourg Gardens created?

After the assasination of Henry IV, his wife Maries de Medici, the queen of France had decided to move out of the palace of Louvre because she couldn’t continue to live there with his memories. Thus, when she shifted to the palace of Luxembourg, she initiated the plan of building the gardens similar to that of her childhood home, Palazzo Pitti in Florence. And, it’s how the large and famous gardens of the Luxembourg Palace were created.

Why is it called the Luxembourg Garden?

The garden has got its name from the palace it surrounds, the palace of Luxembourg.

Is Jardin du Luxembourg Garden worth visiting?

Yes, Jardin du Luxembourg Garden is definitely worth your visit. At the garden you’d get to learn about the culture and witness the 106 statues that are installed here. You can also have fun with your friends and family while enjoying activities like sailboats and puppet shows.

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