Nightlife in Antalya

Turkey, officially known as the 'Republic of Turkey', is popular across the globe for Antalya’s nightlife. Antalya, the largest coastal town in Turkey, is known for its bars, clubs, and beaches that offer refreshing drinks, lively music, and delicious food. If you’re a night owl thinking about which places in Turkey offer the best nightlife, Antalya is the destination to add to your Turkey tour packages.

If you’re a couple visiting Antalya, you could go on a romantic walk at Konyaalti Beach. Admire the amazing views of the ocean waters, as you walk under the starry skies. Spot the constellations such as the Big Dipper or the Orion’s Belt. In fact, Konyaalti Beach Walk is the most loved nightlife activity among couples visiting Antalya. We highly recommend it as a must-have in your Turkey Honeymoon packages.

Explore the delicious food that the town’s nightlife offers to tourists from across the globe. Visit a local restaurant to try 'raki table', an assortment of hot and cold food served traditionally. You could also try Turkish alcohol, locally known as 'raki', made from grapes and aniseed. Locals usually pair raki with meze and enjoy conversations with their friends and family. Antalya’s nightlife is truly a perfect mix of music, culture, and food that attracts tourists from all over the world.

Things to do in Antalya at Night

1. Explore the Old Town: The Old Town dates back to the Roman period, you can still find ancient city walls and pillars in the area. Go for a walk around the Old Town in Antalya and visit the most popular attractions in the area. Admire the Ottoman-era houses and gardens, Hadrianus Gate, Clock Tower, Castle, Yivli Minaret, and the ancient Roman Harbour.

2. Relax at the Beach: Antalya, which is located on the coast of Turkey, is home to a lot of lovely beaches. Experience the best nightlife in Antalya, at the beachside, enjoying your favourite snacks with a drink. Or you could enjoy grooving to the beats of lively music being played in the background.

3. Indulge in a Delectable Dinner on a Sunset Cruise: You can experience a beautiful sunset cruise that runs along the Turkish Riviera, also known as the Turquoise Coast. Enjoy a delicious meal on the cruise with beautiful scenery all around. You will fall in love with the unmatched beauty of the Antalya skyline as the sun starts to set. Click pictures with your friends and family and capture memories for a lifetime.

4. Sip cocktails at vibrant bars: Antalya's bars offer a great deal of variety to tourists from all over the world. Whether you're into places with loud music, or bars with mellow ambience, Antalya has it all. It's also home to beautiful beachside bars that offer amazing views and delicious food.

5. Experience relaxing Hammam baths: Turkish Baths, locally known as Hammam baths, are steam bathing places, popular among tourists visiting Antalya. The origins of Hammam baths are based on traditional bathhouses from Greece and Rome. These usually have a series of rooms such as cold, warm, and hot rooms. Relax your body and enjoy a Hammam bath as you cleanse and rejuvenate in hot steam.

6. Enjoy a live show at Antalya State Theater: The Antalya State Theatre was built in 1993 and is a hotspot for all art enthusiasts in the country. It showcases outstanding Turkish plays as well as shows suitable for children. We highly recommend the Antalya State Theatre, to all the theater-lovers. Take a deep dive into a world of humour, storytelling, and creative expression.

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Antalya Nightlife FAQs

What are the best nightclubs in Antalya?

  • Soho Club: The Soho Club in Antalya is a symbol of excitement and energy. It offers great music, whether it's from the top charts or classics. You will find both locals and tourists at the club, dancing late into the night.
  • Club Inferno: It is one of the largest clubs in Antalya. It's popular among the locals for its neon lighting and overall energy. It offers live entertainment and dance festivals, late into the night. The club has a dynamic atmosphere with local and global DJs playing the best music.
  • Ally Club: If it is a swanky space you are looking for, Ally Club is the place to go. It is known for its stylish and colourful appearance and offers a wide range of music. This club is the ideal place for a night out with a group of friends.
  • Club 29: Club 29 is one of the most expensive clubs in Antalya. It offers the best-in-class service, catchy music to groove to, and a sophisticated layout. For those who are looking to level up their partying experience, Club 29 is the perfect place.
  • Aura Beach Club: This club is located on the beach of Kemer and is extremely popular among the locals of Antalya. It offers you scenic views and delicious cocktails. If sitting by the beach and enjoying your drink is your kind of party, Aura Beach Club is the perfect choice.

Does Antalya have a good nightlife?

Antalya’s nightlife has something to offer to everybody. Whether it is dancing festivals, live performances, or a traditional drink by the beachside. 

  • The Old Town or Kaleiçi: Walk among the narrow streets of the Old Town popular for the Ottoman-era houses. Enjoy the local food and drinks, at the most popular restaurants in the area.
  • The Harbor Area: Visit the Alanya and Kas Harbor area to experience nightlife at the west coast of the city.
  • Beach Resorts: Enjoy dancing to the latest songs, or enjoy your drink and favorite snacks at a beachside resort with scenic views.
  • Popular Nightclubs: Party with your friends at the most famous nightclubs in the town such as Aura Club, Club Inferno, Soho Club, and more.

Why is Antalya popular?

Antalya is among the most-loved tourist spots across the globe. It is home to splendid beaches such as Phaselis and Cirali. The town has many historic attractions such as Hadrian’s Gate, and Antalya Museum. It is also famous for Turkish Delight, a sweet dish that's believed to be one of the oldest in the world.

Is it safe to go out at night in Antalya?

Yes, it is safe to go out at night in Antalya. That being said, you can experience the best nightlife in Antalya, without having to worry about safety. Tourists can feel free to explore the town and enjoy themselves at the most popular nightclubs. The roads across the city are brightly lit and there is an observable presence of police all around.

Which places provide the best nightlife in Antalya for groups?

Antalya’s nightlife offers a great experience, particularly for groups. You could enjoy karaoke with your friends at the Maren Beach Karaoke Club. Or enjoy drinks with the group at Sheffield Pub, which is known for its old-school ambiance. If you're fond of British-style pubs, Antalya has 'The Rock Bar' for you. Ally Club, and Club 29, are among other places that are equally popular among tourists.

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