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30 November 2014
I went to Baina beach,Goa especially with my friends to enjoy the water sports activities. These speed boats have the capacity of approximately 4 to 6 people. The fun of this water activity is so much interesting that if anyone rides this, then they will never forget the experience. This amazing activity is not only for the riders but also for the onlookers.
06 March 2014
Upendra Chattopadhyay Speed Boat at Baina Beach, Goa
I have visited Goa several times as it is a place of party, amazing foods and drinks. But I did not know about the water sport activities that one can avail there. Recently I decided to go the Baina Beach, Goa instead of just partying with my friends and staying at lavish villas. This time I decided to do some adventure and the water sports activities at the Baina Beach, Goa including the speed boat ride quenched my thirst and I enjoyed a lot.
13 September 2013
I did the water sports activity of speed boat ride at the Baina Beach, Goa with my family and friends. The facilities that they are providing are really great. You will get the facilities of Lockers, Luggage Room and also cool Beach Umbrellas. Lifeguards and First Aid facilities are also provided for safety purposes, which are well equipped with lifesaving equipment. Swimming knowledge is not at all necessary and life jackets were provided to each of us. I visited this place with my family and enjoyed a lot. You can also visit this place and do such water sports activities to have some fun.
15 September 2014
Beaches in Goa are always known for relaxation, so water sports also play a part of it. I had a thrilling experience of the speed boat
13 May 2014
I just fell in love with Goa. For the first time I did water sports activity at the Baina beach and just loved it a lot. I previously have done paragliding and also skydiving so these water sport activity was not that much daring or tough for me. I enjoyed the Speed Boat ride a lot and am willing tremendously to do it again. If you want some watery adventure then you can do these activities. This was really a memorable and fun filled experience.
13 October 2015
Very Good
Frankly speaking I do not know how to swim yet I love beaches. I went to Goa a couple of weeks ago with my friends but did not want to do the Speed Boat activity at the Baina Beach, Goa. But my friends kept on insisting and I finally had to do it. The great thing was that you do not need to know swimming at all. Life jackets were issued to all of us and the activity was supervised by experiences and ISO certified trainers and operators. My fear transformed into enthusiasm as soon as the boat waved through the sea. Even a Lifeguard is present on the beach in case of any emergency. I am surely going back and I strongly recommend it to everyone. But do follow the safety instructions that are given to you.
25 September 2015
Very Good
I and my family went there with a little bit of concern, in spite of this we went there to make such type of adventure. Though the speed boating is risky, but we didn’t care about it. I suggest if anyone is looking for much more fun than adventure, then no need to think, speed boat ride at Baina Beach, Goa provides you a lot of fun and security and safety.
15 September 2015
If speed is something that gives you an Adrenaline rush, then a Speed Boat charming ride is the best option for you. It is quite popular amongst adventure lovers and when these boats run at a mind blowing speed of 50 MPH, it is something that you will cherish your entire life. At Baina Beach, Goa I did the Speed Boat ride and enjoyed it a lot. Take the ride with full precautions and adhere to the instructions and you will get a memory of a lifetime.
15 July 2015
Very Good
Though I went to the Baina Beach, Goa for speed boating, I felt only the pleasant weather of that beach which was awesome, but I didn’t ride the speed boat as I was worried for the safety concerned with my family. If you want to visit the Baina Beach, Goa you may go there at your own risk, but I recommend everyone to ride the speed boat with full safety and precautions. The tickets are not available for all time, especially during the vacation time.
18 February 2015
I have been to Goa like a hundred times. Amongst all the Water Sport Activities including Speed Boating destination, The Baina Beach is the surely among the most visited spots in Goa. Boats that are available in the Baina Beach, Goa are considerably heavier and also powerful than the rest and have the capacity of having around eight people at a single journey. The summer time is considered to be the most preferable time for Speed Boating. I enjoyed the activity a lot with my friends and am planning for a next trip soon. And just a word of advice to all is that wear light clothes as much as possible so that you can enjoy the ride even more and have a blast with your friends.