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Blessed with some of the fierce and high current rivers Guwahati makes up for the perfect destination to go boating. Sailing in the houseboats, lazing in the honeymoon suites or racing over the waters for a fun activity in the season’s swing, boating tours in Guwahati can be your answer to almost any excuse for adventure. Boating on the Brahmaputra River offers some of the scenic landscapes rich with diverse ecosystem witnessed by its travelers. One encounters the feeling of gliding over the waters in a moving paradise. With the calm ambiance of the dense forests and the silence away from all civilization, it promises to help you find your inner peace while the boats take you on a stroll on the rivers of Guwahati. The boating tours in Guwahati can be for a few hours or even a day or two to fulfill their guest’s desires.


Many tours organized are also for the purpose of sightseeing and exploring the livelihood and culture of the people residing on either side of the banks. Attending the boat races on the rivers of Guwahati is a splendid way to use your time during your stay in this exuberant city. The people full of life and cheerfulness come to watch and show their utmost support while the sailors battle it out on the waves. The race is very similar to that of Kerala; the type of boats used in the race though differs. If you cannot make it during the festivities, no need to lose heart. The Boat race being an auspicious event during their cultural events, sailors living by the banks often found conducting practices to prepare for the race. You may not have the opportunity to watch it in its full zest but you can leave it to your imagination to paint greater pictures. Check out the best boating tours in Guwahati and have a fun and enjoyable time.

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The awesome tour we had in Assam & Meghalaya, The place culture, traditions, history, people & sightseeing were big WOW... We saw awesome waterfalls, valley, mountains, animals, peak, lake, rivers and lots more... Everything was well-arranged and organized... LOVE IT
Superb experience, The live music, and the dance show were really good the performers were very talented and it was really entertained us, The mocktail drinks were good and all the 3-course meals were super delicious the staff served it very professionally we check and order from the A-La-Carte Menu the price was fair. The cruise was clean and spacious too. Everything went great and definitely we had a wonderful time there we took many pictures for a lifetime memory.
2-hours dinner cruise was great, we get as we expected, Great-traditional music and folk-dance, great-service, and great-foods. An unforgettable experience.
Amazing sailing experience at the cruise in Brahmaputra river, 2-hours spend was truly worth it, as the package we booked from Thrillophilia was fulfilling as the package included with 1-mock-tail and 1-veg-snacks upon arrival, and followed with the 3-course meals. All were tasted good and fresh. The live show was entertaining. Love everything in this experience would always be remembered.
The most stunning tour I ever had! The tour destinations were mind-blowing. Nice arrangements and the tour was thoughtfully organized.
Folk-dance and the band performance was really nice, the seating arrangement was good, the foods were delicious and the views at night from the cruise was mesmerizing. My friends and I definitely enjoyed the evening and totally worth the money.
Fantastic tour for sure... Guwahati & Shillong sound pretty cool... On the way to Shillong, there are lots of sceneries on the roadsides... Cherrapunjee is very famous which has unbelievable attractions also will bring you close to nature... Guwahati has lots of flora & fauna and a stunning Brahmaputra river... Awesome stay, foods, and transfers...A very beautiful experience for sure.