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Varanasi Sunrise Boat Tour3 hours
INR 930

Cutting across the vast province of Uttar Pradesh, Ganga is a sight that brings joy to sore eyes. As its sacred waters flow past the cities and villages, it leaves behind a touch of unconquerable and of the everlasting. Most boating tours in Uttar Pradesh take place on Ganga. They are a beautiful way to experience the majesty of this river since they allow you to enjoy the lapping waters in an intimate fashion. The closeness to the water that a boat offers cannot be paralleled by any other means of enjoying Ganga. Engaging in a boating tour in Uttar Pradesh is a fun activity to engage in and provides you with countless opportunities for unique photography and memories. Banaras is a major centre for boating tours in Uttar Pradesh since this is the place where Ganga flourishes into brilliance.


Not only are the waters deep and powerful by the time they reach Banaras, they are also full of interesting activities that can be enjoyed best on a boat. Floating in the Ganga as hundreds of lighted diyas float around you or rowing the boat to all the major sites in the city is a wonderful way to enjoy Banaras. Since the city of Banaras was historically built around the sacred Ganges river, all its important sites are accessible by boat. To experience Banaras by boat is an authentic way of doing so, and should definitely be tried if you are visiting to city. Boating tours of Banaras generally take 4 to 8 hours to complete, so devoting one day of your trip to this activity will pay you back amply in enjoyment.
There are many other places where you can enjoy boating tours in Uttar Pradesh. Most of the cities on the river Ganga or its tributaries offer boating opportunities to eager tourists, so don’t miss out on the chance of enjoying a boat ride in Uttar Pradesh if you get one.

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