5 Waterfalls in Matheran: 2020 (Location & Best time to Visit)

Matheran Waterfalls

Dodhani Waterfalls, Pandavkada Falls, Anandwadi waterfall, Tapalwadi waterfall, Madap Waterfall.

If you are looking for a quick getaway amidst the peaceful calm and tranquil serenity of nature, a visit to the waterfall in Matheran is all that you need! This scenic hill station, with its cloudy valleys, lush hillsides and jade-coloured forests, is dotted with some of the most beautiful and intriguing waterfalls in the region. Their location amidst craggy rocks and forests allow for super-exciting activities like rappelling, trekking, rock climbing and so much more.

While some of them are popular tourist spots, there are quite a few
Matheran waterfalls that are still unexplored. These little-known gems of nature are so obscure that not only will you not find them on Google Maps, but even the locals are not aware of their existence. A great thing about these waterfalls is that not only are they stunning enclaves of the raw beauty of nature but they also offer invigorating experiences.

Here is a list of waterfalls in Matheran:

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Waterfall Rappelling at Dodhani Waterfalls
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About the activity :

Adventure is out there and it is calling your name! On your next holiday, head for an enthralling waterfall rappelling experience at Dodhani waterfalls and let the wonders of nature take control over you as you pummel down from ropes strapped to you, with the sounds of your friends cheering you egging you on! Rappelling or Abseiling is a technique used for controlled descending down from a rock patch or slope, with water on all sides of you! The main devices used for rappelling are high quality ropes, descenders, seat harnesses along with gloves and helmets for safety.  This technique has been absorbed by the providers of the activity to increase the level of participation in this recreational adventure activity wherein participants will descend down on a rope under the refreshing flow of water via waterfalls, under the safety and security of experts. Dodhani waterfall is located at the base of Matheran hills and is easily accessible from Panvel by road. Where there is a waterfall rappelling in Dodhani, there lie abundant adventures for you to explore and be a part of!

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Pandavkada Falls

Pandavkada Falls
Image Credit : wikimedia.org

When asked about the most popular waterfall in Matheran, Pandavkada falls top the charts. Borrowing its name from the legend that the Pandavas had stayed near this fall and the fact that the nearby rocks hide tunnels, has led to an increase in the popularity of the place and reverence amongst the locals.

This huge waterfall is located amidst the lush forests of Kharghar Hills and offers the perfect escape into the serene quietude of nature. There is a plunge pool here that allows one to sit back and admire the hues of nature.

Location: Opposite Central Park, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.

Height of the waterfall: Around 107 metres.

Best time:
-Monsoon months of June-September to see the fall from a distance.
However, tourists are not allowed to enter the waters during this time since the current is extremely strong.


Madap Waterfall

Madap Waterfall

This spectacularly scenic and unexplored gem of nature is amongst the most beautiful waterfalls in Matheran. Reachable after a short trek through paddy fields, dirt trails, and cool streams, the waterfall is encased in thickets of lush vegetation. It’s quite an experience seeing the waters being thrown at such great speeds into the plunge pool and is perfect for spending an entire day away from the city.

Location: Khopoli, Maharashtra.

Height of the waterfall: Around 38 metres.

Best time:
-Monsoon months of June-September.


Anandwadi Waterfall

Nestled amidst the lush Western Ghats, Anandwadi Falls offers an amazing escape from the daily monotony of life. This Matheran waterfall may be small, but that takes nothing away from its stunning beauty and the scenic views of misty valleys and miles of the surrounding greenery.

The volume and flow of water here is superb. Since not many people know about these falls, you are in for a tranquil treat with the whole place to yourself. It’s quite an experience taking a long dip in the plunge pool and feeling the misty sprays over yourself.

Location: Near Peb Fort, Neral, Near Matheran Forest Range.

Height of the waterfall: Around 27 metres.

Best time:
-Monsoon months of June-September.
However, one must be careful about shooting stones during this time due to its location.


Tapalwadi Waterfall

Though not a huge waterfall, Tapalwadi fall is loved for its scenic beauty and the super-swift speed with which curtains of waters crash down. Being located far away from the crowded city places, this Matheran waterfall offers quite an escape. The surrounding scenery of stark brown rocks, lush green vegetation, and blue skies make for beautiful photo opportunities.

Location: Neral, Maharashtra.

Height of the waterfall: Around 107 metres.

Best time:
-Monsoon months of June-September.

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People Also Ask About Matheran

  1. What are the adventure activities we can do at waterfalls in Matheran?

    1. Rappelling: The rocky drops and rugged terrain of the waterfall in Matheran allow waterfall rappelling. It’s an amazing experience finding your way on the craggy rocks with sheets of water rushing around you.

    2. Trekking: The location of Matheran waterfall in the Western Ghats is great for enjoying a day of trekking. Passing through varied gradients of rugged trails, acres of paddy fields, and water crossings is quite a thrilling experience.

    3. Rock climbing: There are plenty of great slopes near the waterfall in Matheran that allow you to spend hours in the adrenaline rush that comes with rock climbing.

    4. Swimming: The plunge pools at these waterfalls add quite a bit of thrill to this common activity. It’s a heady experience feeling the misty sprays of cool waters from the thrashing curtains of water amidst open expanses of nature.

    5. Sightseeing: Matheran is the home to several ancient forts like the Peb Fort, dedicated to Lord Ganesha. Situated at an altitude of around 2000 ft., it’s a great experience seeing the erstwhile greenery, huge gates, and watchtower. The summit offers amazing views of the Matheran plateau, Chanderi Fort, Prablagad, and Kalavantin.
  2. How far is Madap Waterfall from Matheran?

    Madap waterfall is located around 20 kilometres from Matheran. The easiest way to reach the waterfall is to take a train to Khopoli, which is the nearest railway station. It is located on the Neral-Matheran Road, Town Hill.
  3. Can we take a bath in Pandavkada Falls?

    The Pandavkada Waterfall is quite tricky. While the fall and its plunge pool are at its voluminous best during monsoons, that makes the place risky too. The rocks and the slopes get very slippery and have seen a few fatal incidents amongst people who tried to get too close to the spot where the water meets the ground.

    The forest department has declared the place as dangerous and is in the process of building a boundary that will allow travellers to enjoy the beauty of the falls from a distance.
  4. How far is Dodhani waterfalls from Matheran?

    Dodhani waterfall is around 3 kilometres from Matheran. The falls can be reached via a short 30-minute trek. By road, they can be reached via Panvel-Matheran road.
  5. What is the height of the Dodhani waterfall?

    The height of the Dodhani waterfall is around 115 ft.

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