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  • A serene and tranquil hamlet in the Malvan region of Maharashtra; in Sindhudurg district, Tarkarli is one such place that can easily soothe your mind and relax your soul. The peace and tranquillity that exist in every bit of this charming village is a unique and unmatchable in its own ways.

    A growing hub among the visitors, Tarkarli promises several natural wonders and marvels. Bestowed with the Konkan Coastal lines, this gorgeous village is a treasure trove for the beach lovers. The untouched and secluded beauty of the vicinity also makes it a must visit place for the nature lovers. The leisure seekers can also indulge in several exciting activities and keep themselves engrosses in never-ending fun-frolic moments.

    When it comes to things to do in Tarkarli, the list just keep on going. And to add more to this, Thrillophilia lists out some of the must to do things that will never let the fun and excitement stop while you are enjoying your vacation in Tarkarli:

  • 01Snorkelling


    Do you know that Tarkarli in Malvan, Maharashtra is only place where you can delve deep into the mesmeric world of marine life and witness its magical beauty? Well, if no, you must plan a trip to the scenic and groovy Tarkarli Beach as soon as possible.

    Located on the Konkan Coastline and embraced by the Arabian Sea, Tarkarli'sunderwater life is poised with a range of rare and exotic marine species. Clear water, pleasant and favourable waves, diverse range of coral reefs, plenitude of exotic fishes and others make this hamlet a must visit place for the marine life lovers. Also, since snorkelling involves diving in shallow and clear waters, it can also be rated as one of the must things to do in Tarkarli with kids as well.

    Visit Tarkarli and indulge in snorkelling with your family and friends! Plunge in into its charismatic marine world and be a witness to its enchanting beauty.

  • 02Scuba Diving

    Scuba Diving

    Take your Tarkarli trip to another level of excitement and dive deep into the turquoise sea water! Witness and discover the opulent beauty of the underwater, spot exotic coral reefs, swim along rare species of fishes and bring home an array of unforgettable memories!

    One of the most amazing things that can be enjoyed in Tarkarli, scuba diving not only introduces you with the mesmeric charm of the marine life, but also make you aware about its importance and conservation. While the presence of expert and certified scuba instructors along with proper safety equipment makes diving much more exciting, the ample of marine life adds more to the experience here. Also, several scuba camps and training centres in and around Tarkarli makes it one of the most ideal destinations to undertake these dives and unravel the astounding underwater beauty of the Arabian Sea.

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  • 03Stay in a House Boat

    Stay in a House Boat

    The serenity and calmness that exists in Tarkarli can be best enjoyed while staying in a houseboat. Though one of the new initiatives, these stays are now gaining enormous popularity among the tourists to this region.

    As the region is blessed with the silent backwaters of the Karli River, houseboat stays proves to be an ideal way to stay afloat and have a tryst with the peace and tranquillity that makes Tarkarli a must to visit spot in the entire of Maharashtra. Adding more to these stays, there is the pleasant weather and the scenic beauty that will surely make you crave for more! Also, as the houseboats come with almost all luxury amenities and comforting facilities, you will be promised with a contended holiday experience within them.

    Among the various things to do, houseboat stay is one such experience that can be enjoyed with family members and friends as well. The fun level and safety measures associated with the houseboats also make it one of the best things to do in Tarkarli with kids.

  • 04Parasailing


    How often do you wish to fly high above the ground and witness the world with a bird's eye? Well, when you will be visiting Tarkarli and its magical beaches, you will definitely find it hard to resist this temptation of yours! The reason is simple; the amazing beauty, pleasant climate and the vast seafronts in Tarkarli will lure you to indulge in parasailing and witness their enchanting beauty from high above the ground.

    One of the most popular and best things to do in Tarkarli, parasailing involves floating above the turquoise waters of the sea on a safety parachute that remains harnessed to a powerful boat. As the boat makes its move on the water, it pulls the parachute above the ground and takes you higher within just a few seconds. Sounds amazing, right? Make a plan to Tarkarli and let all your senses get pleasantly lost while witnessing the mesmeric beauty of Tarkarli and its pristine beaches.

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  • 05Sightseeing in Tarkarli

    Sightseeing in Tarkarli

    While meandering around the scenic locales of Tarkarli, you might find yourself getting lost amidst an array of places to visit along with a long list of things that can be done in Tarkarli. However, if you spent a bit of your time and make a proper plan beforehand, you will not only save a lot of time, but will also get an amazing opportunity to unravel the hidden and untouched beauty of this quaint village.

    And in case, you want more, here are some of the must to visit places or sightseeing places in this beach hamlet. For the pious visitors, they can enjoy sightseeing around temples like Mahapurush, KhalchaMahapurush, Witthal and Kunkeshwar. Those who yearns for fun and lesiure moments, can visit beaches like Tarkarli and Nivti, enjoy sightseeing around Sangam point where the Arabian Sea meets the Karli River, Rock Garden, Malvan Market and several other places. And for those who seek pleasant and silent moments, they can enjoy sightseeing while staying in a houseboat.

  • 06Visit Bison National Park in Dajipur

    Visit Bison National Park in Dajipur

    Among the various frolic things to do while in Tarkarli, wildlife spotting is one of the most exciting options to get introduced with the region's lush and diverse wildlife. An abode of many different exotic wildlife species, Dajipur along the border of Sindhudurg and Kolhapur districts of Maharashtra proves to be an ideal destination for the wildlife lovers. The Bison National Park within the limits of Dajipur is the home to several endangered and exotic wildlife species.

    Located around 1,200m above the sea level amidst exhilarating mountains, and cossetted by dense and evergreen thickets, this park is still free from the hands of commercialisation and has retained its untouched beauty in the most alluring ways. On a tour to Dajipur, you can easily spot bison, wild deer, chital, gawa and several others. Bird watchers can also spend amazing time while spotting a wide range of avifauna within this park.

  • 07Tarkarli Beach

    Tarkarli Beach

    A visit to the picturesque Tarkarli Beach is a must while on a trip to Tarkarli village. The abode of the most captivating white sands in the entire region, this sandy retreat is known for its gracious beauty and alluring charm. Whether you are a beach person or not, this untouched beach will surely behold all your senses and urge you to spend quality time over here.

    Irrespective of with whom you are planning your visit, a visit to this beach should be in your list of things to do around Tarkarli. Visit this sandy paradise, enjoy the tepidness of its playful sands, feel the pleasant breezes and listen to the hymns of the rolling sea waves along with participating in several water sports.

  • 08Sindhudurg Fort

    Sindhudurg Fort

    A reminiscent of Malvan's rich history and past, Sindhudurg Fort stands strong on a small island in the majestic Arabian Sea. A symbol Maratha Empire's valour, this glorious fort was built by ShivajiMaharaj in the late 1656s.

    An architectural marvel in its own period, it is one of the most fascinating sea-forts in the country and was built to safeguard the Maratha Empire from the enemies. The fortifying walls and the revolutionary layout of the fort justifies the fact that it was among the brilliant structures built during the Maratha regime in Maharashtra.

    Visit this ancient fort in Sindhudurg and find a way to revisit its golden history. Explore the surroundings and marvel at the architectural brilliance of the past along with enjoying panoramic views of the Arabian Sea.

  • 09Dolphin Spotting

    Dolphin Spotting

    One of the most charismatic dwellers of the sea, dolphins are a pure delight to watch! For those who are looking out for some of the extremely fun-filled and exciting things to do in Tarkarli, can indulge in dolphin spotting around several beaches in this region and satiate all their yearnings.

    Achara and Nivati beaches in Tarkarli are some of the most popular places where one can easily spot these lively creatures. Pleasant climate, gentle waves and less human intervene favours the large number of dolphin population in and around these beaches. Visit these two sandy retreats in Tarkarli on a bright sunny day, take a boat ride and make it to the sea. Spot these lively creatures swimming along the beaches or in the deep sea and witness them searching for food; make sure you are all prepared to capture them on your lenses and make your dolphin cruise more exciting and memorable!

  • 10Banana & Bumper Boat Rides in Tarkarli

    Banana & Bumper Boat Rides in Tarkarli

    Fringed with a myriad list of stunning beaches, Tarkarli entices mainly the beach or the leisure seekers. While these sandy delights offers a tranquil and soothing experience to the visitors, the azure and turquoise water engulfing them offers a wide range of options for several water sports.

    However, keeping in mind about the choice of the individuals, beaches in Tarkarli offers several variants of the water sports. For example, not everyone among the water sport enthusiasts prefer extreme sports. And for such visitors, they can hop into the banana or bumper boats, and manoeuvre across the pleasant waves.

    These boats are harnessed to a speed boat and are dragged by the same. With an accommodation capacity of around 2-6 members, these boat rides prove to be a delightful and safer way to enjoy the grooviness of the sea. Some of the popular destinations for these rides include Tarkarli Beach and Tsunami Island; the latter is the hub of all water sports in the vicinity.

  • 11Jet Skiing in Tarkarli

    Jet Skiing in Tarkarli

    If you are among the ones who is driven by thrill and adventure on the azure water, Tsunami Island near Tarkarli is the place to be! Accessible by only boat rides, this is the most sought after spot for the water sport lovers. Gentle sea breeze, amazing waves, clear sand and water around this islet make it a hub for several water activities.

    Take a boat ride to Tsunami Island and indulge in enthralling sports like jet skiing! Ride these powerful watercraft that holds an amazing capacity to take you through the waves at higher speeds, and showcase your cruising skills. Come in a group, indulge in this thrilling sport, have a tryst with the sea and the fascinating waves!

  • 12Sunset at Tarkarli Beach

    Sunset at Tarkarli Beach

    The bucolic setting and untouched beauty of Tarkarli makes it a perfect destination to enjoy all the bounties of nature! Be it the clear or tepid sand, playful waves or evergreen surroundings, captivating hills and mountains or the exciting list of water sports, this beach destination has all of them. Offering pleasant and delightful moments to the travel itinerary, this quaint hamlet in Maharashtra is also known for the surreal beauty that engulf every bit of it during the sunset.

    It is the time of the day, Tarkarli Beach gets painted by the golden rays of the setting sun and showcases a magical spell on the spectators. Visit this beach during the evenings; when the sun is about to make its way down, and be a witness to how the ambience changes its colour and the waves play with the shimmering rays of the sun!

  • 13Other Beaches around Tarkarli

    Other Beaches around Tarkarli

    Among all the things to do around Tarkarli, beach visits or tours are the most popular. In addition to the gorgeous Tarkarli Beach, one can find several other beaches in and around the region. While most of them promises pleasant and candid moments to their visitors, some of them also offers a unique experience that cannot be found in or around the other beaches.

    As Malvan region is blessed with some virgin beaches, you can expect total silent and tranquil moments on these sandy retreats. Some of them are ideal for swimming and other exciting water sports. And while searching for things to do in Tarkarli,one should not miss Tsunami Island, Devbaugh Beach, Chivla Beach, Vengurla Beach, Nivati Beach, Sagareshwar Beach, Achara Beach, Kunkeshwar Beach, Mochemad Beach and Paradise Beach.

  • 14Stay in a Tarkarli Resort

    Stay in a Tarkarli Resort

    Well, after going through such an exciting list of things to do in Tarkarli, a blissful stay amidst the heart-warming locales of the vicinity is a must for you! Jotted with several amazing resorts, the entire of Malvan welcomes and serves its visitors with an open heart and introduces them to the untouched beauty of the nature, grooviness of the sea and the liveliness of the beaches.

    Whether travelling with family or friends, your better half or even with the larger group of your colleagues, you can always find a stay in this region that will match your requirement while fitting in your budget. Some of the most popular resorts or stay options are Darya Sarang Resort, DevbagKinara Resort, Fantasea Beach Resort, MTDC Resort, Golden Sandhya Beach Resort, Shree Ganesh Beach Resort, Siddhivinayak Beach Resort, Silica Beach Resort, Tian Beach Resort and several others.

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