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  • A divinely beautiful hamlet in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, Tarkarli boasts of its gracious beauty and alluring charm. Embraced by the enchanting beauty of the Konkan Coast, this quaint village is the scenic abode of several pristine beaches that showcase the most untouched form of Mother Nature.

    Located on the confluence point of the majestic Arabian Sea and the gurgling Karli River, most of the Tarkarli beaches are now gaining popularity among the visitors. It is their untouched beauty and alluring charm that are getting them a prominent place in the Maharashtra tourism map. No matter if you are a beach person or not, these sandy delights will surely make you fall for them; and if you find to believe this, scroll down through these amazing beaches in Tarkarli and find out.

    Here are some of the best beaches in Tarkarli:

  • 01Tarkarli Beach

    Tarkarli Beach
    Image Credit : Aditya Pednekar - Flickr

    This gorgeous beach should be the first place to be if you are planning a visit to Tarkarli village! Among all the stunning beaches within the Konkan coastline of the region, Tarkarli Beach has the most captivating white sands. While the tepidness of this sandy retreat serves as an ideal destination to seek for some pleasantly lazy moments, the azure sea and the tranquil backwater of the Karli River add more to the fun and fascination of the day.

    A paradise for the water sport lovers, Tarkarli Beach is a perfect destination to enjoy and witness the grooviness of the majestic sea. Starting from several forms of exciting water rides to the extremely fun-filled parasailing, this amazing beach offers everything!

  • 02Achara Beach

    Achara Beach

    Located only 22km from Malvan, Maharashtra, this beach in Tarkarli is known to be a treasure trove for the anglers, swimmers and also for those who loves basking the warmth of the sun and the sands! The pleasant waves and the playful sands around this beach are considered as highly infectious; it is so desirable that you might not wish to return back from here!

    Achara Beach not only attracts the leisure or the frolic seekers. Dolphin lovers also throng this sandy retreat as it has a large population of this lively mammal. Bird watchers can also find this place an ideal spot to have a tryst with various species of rare and exotic birds. 

    Other attractions near Achara Beach include a library that is around 115 years old, Sindhudurg Fort; a boat ride from the beach will take you to the fort, Mahadev Temple and lot more.

  • 03Tsunami Island

    Tsunami Island
    Image Credit : Ankur P - Flickr

    Though its name might point towards its formation due to the tsunami, it is not the fact; it is purely an imaginary name given to it! A tiny and quaint island on the deltaic region of the Tarkarli River, this island cum beach near Tarkarli also proves to be a wonderful place for the water or beach lovers.

    Accessible only by boat rides, this picturesque island also showcases a long stretch of playful sands and a pleasant expanse of turquoise water. In addition to enjoying blissful moments, visitors to Tsunami Island can also enjoy several exciting water sports. For the thrill seekers, they can cruise over the waves while jet-skiing. 

    Fun and excitement seekers can enjoy other activities like kayaking, banana and bumper boat rides in this beach.

  • 04Devbaugh Beach

    Devbaugh Beach
    Image Credit : Abhijeet Rane - Flickr

    Among the many different Tarkarli beaches, Devbaug Beach is one such place that should not be missed at any cost! Located in a small fishing hamlet with the same name that sits amicably alongside the silent backwaters of the Karli River, this beach is located close to the Tarkarli Beach and concludes at the point where the Arabian Sea meets the Karli River.

    For those, who yearns to spend lazy moments while basking the sun, they will find this beach as the most befitting! Cossetted with lush greeneries, this sandy delight truly encourages its visitors to do nothing but admire the captivating beauty around it and enjoy its bountiful charm.

  • 05Chivla Beach

    Chivla Beach
    Image Credit : Ankur P - Flickr

    If you want to romance the setting sun and its golden rays striking against the turquoise waters of the sea, you must visit the Chivla Beach! One of the most scenic Tarkarli beaches, this 1.5km sandy delight is the most perfect destination to enjoy the candidness of the evening or stroll around and witness the meticulous beauty of the ambience.

    Mostly inhabited by the fishing community, Chevla Beast takes the pride of being one of the most gorgeous and unpolluted beaches in Tarkarli. Visit this beach and you can still witness the rustic life of the fisherman's community; get close to their lifestyle, enjoy the openness of the ambience and curate some of the most pleasant moments during your trip.

  • 06Vengurla Beach

    Vengurla Beach
    Image Credit : Ankur P - Flickr

    Fringed by captivating hill, scenic and evergreen coconut, jackfruit, mango, berry and cashew groves, Vengurla Beach is one of the most stunning beaches near Tarkarli. While the guarding hills of this sandy retreat makes it secluded from the outer world, its clear sands adds to its alluring charm!

    Located on the Konkan Coast of Sindhudurg district, the island is often called as the 'Burnt Island' and is a confluence point of history and culture. Searching back into its history, it is found that it was once a commercial hub and served as a natural port during the Dutch and British rule. If you are yearning for a silent and soothing getaway amidst the nature, this amongst the Tarkarli beaches is the place for you!

  • 07Nivati Beach

    Nivati Beach
    Image Credit : Ankur P - Flickr

    Serene and tranquil, Nivati Beach in the Parule village of Sindhudurg, is the place where the playful white sands cuddles the azure water of the sea and creates a magical spell on the visitors! Counted among the most gorgeous Tarkarli beaches, its beauty and charm are further extended by the Nivati Fort that is a reminiscent of the past and still stand strong on a rocky base.

    Holidays on this magnificent beach is all about having fun-frolic and merry moments. Whether you are looking for some peaceful moments or planning to enjoy the day basking the sun, witness the charismatic dolphins or enjoy the delightful hymns of the sea-waves, Nivati Beach is the place for you.

  • 08Sagareshwar Beach

    Sagareshwar Beach
    Image Credit : Ankur P - Flickr

    Located adjacent to the Vengurla Beach in Sindhudurg, Sagareshwar Beach is yet another gift of the Konkan Coastline. Stretching for around 2km, it is in fact one of the most popular and scenic beaches near Tarkarli. With the tepidness of the silvery sands or the charisma of the clear sea water, this beach ensures that all of its visitors have good and a pleasant experience while in here!

    Visit this beach during the early hours to embrace the charm of the playful waves and its mystic beauty. If you are planning for a visit during the afternoon, you can soak in the warmth of the shimmering sands along with enjoying a relaxing sunbath.

     For those making it in the evening, they can witness the enchanting beauty of the sun as its golden rays creates an aura around the beach.

  • 09Kunkeshwar Beach

    Kunkeshwar Beach
    Image Credit : Grande Illusion

    A mystical beach that promises you a relaxed, lazy and soothing experience along with a spiritual essence, Kunkeshwar Beach in Tarkarli is delighted as a perfect amalgamation of nature, sea and the gentle breezes. Also a destination that played a significant role in the region's history, this pristine beach is located in the Kunkeshwar hamlet and holds a high mythological importance.

    With scenic coconut groves jotting the beachside, the magnificence of Kunkeshwar Beach gets further adorned with fascinating mangroves that fringes the azure sea. While on this sandy retreat, alongside enjoying the gentle sea waves and the fascinating sands, you can also visit the historic Kunkeshwar Temple and seek the blessings from Lord Shiva.

  • 10Mochemad Beach

    Mochemad Beach
    Image Credit : Ankur P - Flickr

    Located within a close proximity to Tarkarli and around 9km from Vengurla, Mochmed Beach is yet another picturesque beach in Maharashtra. Surrounded by high towering mountains and adorned by the splashing waves of the Arabian Sea, it is a perfect place to spend quiet and salubrious moments during a vacation.

    The calmness and serenity that exists on this beach is sure to behold all your senses. In addition to this, its pleasant and waves that allures the swimmers and the playful sands that encourages the leisure seekers for an ecstatic holiday experience. To note here, among the many different pictorial Tarkarli beaches, Mochemad Bach is counted as one of the most romantic and is an ideal destination for the honeymooners.

  • 11Paradise Beach

    As the name suggests, it is simply a paradise for the visitors! Secluded from the rest of the region, it is the beach where you can spend and enjoy ample of lone moments. Also, as it is cut off from the outer world, it showcases the most enticing and untouched form of the Mother Nature.

    Spreading across a stretch of around 5 miles, the azure and clear water around Paradise Beach adds more to its beauty and grace. Take a walk around this sandy retreat, embrace the charm and allurement of the gentle waves, behold the enchanting beauty of the unspoilt nature and indulge in several leisure activities to make your vacation an extremely exciting and memorable experience.

  • 12Mithmumbari Beach

    Mithmumbari Beach
    Image Credit : Ankur P - Flickr

    Though not one amongst the beaches in Tarkarli, but one of the closest beaches to it, Mithmumbari Beach lies in the coastal region of Sindhudurg. A virgin beach that showcases a unique charm and outlook of the nature, this is the place to be if you are yearning for silent and relaxed moments.

    Free from human intervention, the rolling waves, the lush and opulent greeneries around, the calmness of the sands and the peace that exists on Mithumumbari Beach can hardly be found in any others beaches. Take a stroll around this beach; enjoy the melodious hymns of the endless waves, revel in the virgin beauty around and witness the most untouched form of nature.

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