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  • Tarkarli is one of the best places to visit on a beach holiday with your family and your friends and experience true bliss in all forms! Tarkarli’s sandy beaches stretch across Sindhudurg ditrict that borders Goa and is amongst the best southernmost beaches in Maharashtra. The beaches of Tarkarli and its white pristine sands are all a part of the wide stretch of Devbaug beach to its south and the formidable Sindhudurg sea fort to the north.

    As one of the most visited beaches in Maharashtra, Tarkarli has been developing rapidly over the years to accommodate itself to its tourist’s suggestions and comfort and have succeeded in providing some of the most comfortable home stays and resorts for you and your loved ones to have a fun and enjoyable time. The nearest railway stations to Tarkarli are Sindhudurg and Kudal located about 30km away. And is the best way for you to travel to Tarkarli. For those who travel by road Tarkarli is about 35km off the NH17 from Kasal. During your comfortable stay in the resorts, Tarkarli also offers you excellent activities and adventure sports that you can enjoy to the extreme.

    Some of the most popular resorts in Tarkarli: 

  • 01Blue Sea Resort

    Blue Sea Resort

    A traditional, clean and friendly resort in Tarkarli, Malvan; Blue Sea Resort offers you the most ideal accommodations for single travelers, couples, families and friends who travel to this beachy haven for either short- or long-term stays in Malvan. This famous resort in Tarkarli is conveniently located in a quiet and clean area in the very heart of Malvan.

    Blue Sea resorts guests can enjoy the most peaceful accommodations and is located only a few minutes from the prime Tarkarli Beach to where you can walk.  The rooms are traditionally decorated and are available as twin or double rooms, each with an attached bathroom. The food served in these upscale resorts is pure Konkani and will leave you wanting more. Enjoy the pristine waters and the clear blue skies as they lull you to a comfortable slumber on your hammocks. Tarkarli beach is clean, shallow and untouched by the pangs of modern life.

    From the resort view, you can see a panoramic view of the wooded forests with tall 'Shuru' trees in the background. You get an amazing direct access to the beach and you can also indulge in exciting water sports activities while you are there! The SeaView restaurant at this resort has some of the best seafood cuisine to tickle your taste buds! Embark on an adventure trip with your family and friends and relax in the most comfortable and luxurious rooms!  

  • 02Darya Sarang Resort

    Darya Sarang Resort

    Darya Sarang is a holiday property which is located perfectly on the pristine palm groves around the beach of Trakarli at the famous Chivala Beach. Chivala beach has been proven to be one of the most amazing beaches that can be visited by those who love the fun and exciting outdoors and water sports of any kind. The enthralling beach cottages at Darya Sarang are eco friendly and constructed out of organic material that proves that nature in its purest form is the best and most comfortable for the traveler in you.  The excited and adventurous tourists who visit the Tarkarli Resorts here have a choice of 2 types of different cottages, ranging from an option between two-bedded and four-bedded.



    • Basic sized rooms
    • Attached Western style Toilet and bath
    • Hot water provision inside room.
    • Beach restaurant facility
    • Room service
    • Television with cable.
    • Wide screen with LCD projector in restaurant
    • Generator power back up
  • 03Devbag Kinara Resort

    Devbag Kinara Resort

    The quaint, quite and comfortable resort of Devbag Kinara (Home Stay) is perfectly located at Devbag, close to Malvan and Sindhudurg. This amazing hotel is situated around 3km from the intimidating Sindhudurg fort and 6km from the clear, crisp, rippling waters of the Tarkarli beach. As a heads up, you can make a note on the check-in time which is after 10:00AM and check-out anytime before 10:00AM.

    Those who wish to spend a fruitful day in this resort will be provided some of the most comfortable stays there is in and around Tarkarli with sprawling rooms and well-designed furniture. Devbag Kinara is a budget property and an unconventional offbeat stay for backpackers to enjoy that offers basic and refreshing facilities and services required for a comfortable stay. This resort around Tarkarli offers well-furnished rooms with a well designed study table, mineral water and daily newspaper on customers’ request. Apart from a well-maintained parking facility, other paid services at this resort include doctor on-call, laundry, airport/railway transfer and taxi services for you to enjoy the sights around in this place!


  • 04Fantasea Beach Resort

    Fantasea Beach Resort

    Adventurers and sea lovers out there! Fantasea Beach Resort is a beautiful getaway resort far away from the typical hotels and homestays in Tarkarli. With a unique adventure edge in comparison to all the other hotels and resorts in Tarkarli, Fantasea beach resort is located on the pristine Devbag - Tarkarli beach, with breathtaking views of the aquamarine ocean and the quaint, peaceful waves smiling back at you, rippled in the sunlight. The lovely and comfortable resort is built in traditional Konkani style with modern amenities to please the traveler in every way!  The resort is equipped with two cottages and spacious rooms’ built carefully to cater to all that the customer needs! The main cottage in Fantasea resort has three spacious bedrooms and a common sitting and dining area. For couples who seek privacy and want to spend some alone time, there is a solitary cottage at the very end of the resort, with beautiful surroundings for you to revel in! All rooms in this gorgeous resort are fully air-conditioned and beautifully furnished for you to feel like you are in the middle of luxury, whilst surrounded by nature on all sides. 

  • 05MTDC Resort

    MTDC Resort

    MTDC Resorts in Tarkarli are a group of comfortable, well-equipped resorts with state of the art amenities and a perfect place for those who wish to stay in a good resort and give the home stays a pass. The rooms of the different cottages in this hotel are very spacious and maintained well by the staff.

    If you are driving from Mumbai to Ganpatipule to Malvan, then you will find the roads are in very good condition and although Google maps do not indicate the exact destination of the resort, there are enough boards along the way to lead you to the resort. The food served in this resort ranges from vegetarian to seafood of the best quality. Enjoy your stay at their Konkani houses and click photos of the beautiful scenic views on your stay here. The resort is perfectly located right on the beach and is as beautiful and well maintained as all the other MTDC resorts. 

  • 06Golden Sandhya Beach Resort

    Golden Sandhya Beach Resort


    Roosted bashfully upon a slender segment of area separating the Karli backwaters and the Tarkarli shoreline, Golden Sandhya Beach Resort is a little resort confronting the lovely ocean with a long stretch of shoreline comfortable doorstep. This pristine and comfortable resort has two houses, one with three bungalow rooms and another single room cabin. There are three rooms with twofold quaint little inns with four beds.

    The Golden Sandhya Beach Resort additionally has a multi food eatery which serves scrumptious Punjabi and Chinese dishes amongst several other cuisines separated from the acclaimed Malvani vegetarian and non - vegetarian indulgences. The Resort lets you indulge in scrumptious fish preparations depending on the catch of the day! Touring in Tarkarli and Malvan gets easier with these resorts as they help you arrange your stay.  

  • 07Shree Ganesh Beach Resort

    Shree Ganesh Beach Resort

    The famous Shree Ganesha Resort is a beautiful resort situated in the heart of Tarkarli beach near the Malvan area in the Sindhudurg district of the Konkan Region. For beach lovers, there couldn’t be a better option than this. Red brick roofs and lawns make this resort a comfortable homely stay for travelers of any kind. At your stay in the hotel, you can see the beach front view and the tranquil, lovely scenery around!

    The major attraction that you will see on your stay at the Shree Ganesha resort is the long and narrow stretch of beach, with its pristine waters and clear skies that will leave you mesmerized! The resort is perfect for couples and backpackers who love the beach and the rich Indian feel of the place!


  • 08Siddhivinayak Beach Resort

    Siddhivinayak Beach Resort


    You could be looking for a fun weekend getaway, a secluded honeymoon, a taste of original Malvani cuisine, a celebration of families and friends meeting each other after a very long time,  a reunion with a loved one, then you need to head to one of the finest Tarkarli resorts you can find on the map, the Sidhivinayak Beach Resort in Devbag.

    The staff here is friendly and will cater to all that and more to make your holiday in Tarkarli truly memorable. The pristine beaches around Tarkarli make for a fun and comfortable weekend getaway and leave you mesmerized! Devbag in Malvan is a little peninsular area where the Karli River meets the Arabian Sea and that’s precisely where the beautiful resort is located.  With beautiful and clear backwaters and glittering sands on the beach, Devbag near Tarkarli is an ideal escape route you can take with your loved ones for your next vacation!

    There are several activities that you can engage in during your stay at the Sidhivinayak Beach Resort in Devbag as it is one of the rare places in Maharashtra where you can indulge in snorkeling and scour the depths of the deepest blue oceans!

    Siddhivinayak Beach Resort provides the best amenities for their customers and arranging snorkeling trips for you and your family are just some of the many facilities that you will enjoy during your stay here. For the avid animal lover, you can also spot several dolphins during your excursions on the dolphin safari that is arranged for you by the Sidhivinayak Beach Resort.

    Accommodation at the Siddhivinayak Beach Resort is of stellar value and there is a wide array of A/C and non A/C lush cottage rooms along with a spacious dormitory to cater to any needs and requirements of the adventurer in you! 

  • 09Tarkarli Hotels And Resorts

    Tarkarli Hotels And Resorts
    Image Credit : Ankur

    If you love the sounds of the sea and everything around it, then you need to head to the Tarkarli Hotels and Resorts to ensure that you have a fun and comfortable stay while you are here, The beautiful group of resorts are situated on Tarkarli’s Virgin beach that opens to sparkling and pristine blue waters, much to the adventurers and water sports lovers delight! These resorts are located just 6km from Malvan and those who stay at these resorts can enjoy the beautiful view of the sea and revel in the sounds of the waves hitting the shore. The sunsets are particularly beautiful here and you are bound to get a good deal on them if you book well in advance. So why wait? Book now for your next vacation and stay in one of the most quaint and comfortable resorts in Tarkarli.

    For those who are travelling alone or have kids with them, you need not worry as Tarkarli beaches are well known for their safety. The waters on this beach are so crystal clear that you can see through the sea all the way to the seabed which is about 20ft. Water adventure sports such as scuba diving,

    Tarkarli Beach is God-gifted with natural safety, famous for its crystal clarity water that one can actually see the seabed up to a depth of 20 ft. and its silver sand.   You can enjoy snorkeling, scuba-diving, backwaters & boating with dolphins in your company.  

  • 10Silica Beach Resort

    Silica Beach Resort

    An offbeat stay located in Tarkarli, close to the beach, Silica Beach resort offers you comfortable rooms fit for you and your adventure group to relax and enjoy.  This resort is comfortable from every angle and the friendly owners here ensure a comfortable, devoid of all tensions stay for you and your loved ones.

    Situated close to the beach, silica Beach resort is well equipped with spacious rooms with a lovely view of the beach and the food served here will take you right back to your cozy home! If you wish for a more personalized stay, then head to the Silica beach resort on your next vacation and book your rooms right away! 

  • 11Blue Water Resort

    Blue Water Resort

    Blue water resort is yet another revelation and haven for many backpackers as it is one of the most pristine and comfortable resorts in Tarkarli and is located right in the centre of the beach with the prime Tarkarli beach just few steps away. The peaceful, calm location of the resort whisks you away from all that you endured while living in the city. For those who love the beach, a few minutes’ walk is all you need to do to enjoy the sand on your feet and the waves on your palms. The sunrise and sunsets from these points are especially beautiful to spectate and enjoy with your partner, family and friends!

    For foodies, this resort has been rated to have one of the best types of food served to its guests and has left many a traveler coming back to taste the lip smacking food! The resort serves some of the most delicious modaks you can ever taste, so do not waste any more time! Book now and bag the best deals for a fun and exciting weekend that you can remember for a lifetime! 

  • 12Manorama Resort

    If you need a vacation immediately, then head to the lovely Manorama Niwas resort; comfortable beach sides stay with 5 spacious double-bedded cottage rooms bang on the beach with an exclusive private access to the pristine sands and waters of the serene Tarkarli beach. With ample and wide open spaces and comfortable hammock areas that  overlook the aquamarine blue seas, the exotic flora and the Sindhudurg fort, Manorama Niwas is an ideal and comfortable stay that you can head to with your family and friends for a fun and exciting stay.

    This exquisite resort offers necessary and comfortable facilities with a warm hospitality specific to the resort itself! Manorama Niwas is located at the centre of Tarkali Beach and is accessible from the Dabolim Airport which is approximately 120km in distance whereas the nearest Railway Station is around 40km from the Manorama Niwas property.

    The different facilities offered by the hotel include parking, room services and the facility of doctor on call in case of emergencies. Chargeable facilities includes laundry, taxi service, guide service in cas the customer wants to go sightseeing. Manorma Niwas provides state of the art accommodation equipped with fully functioning intercom, a study table, a comfortable and clean shower area and bathroom toiletries as well, all to ensure your stay here is comfortable. Amenities like cable television and daily newspaper are available on request. While here you can indulge in the different tourist attractions o visit in Malvan are Tarkarli Beach, Tsunami Island, Tondavali Beach, Malvan Marine Sanctuary, Sindhudurg Fort and the holy place of Jai Ganesh Mandir.

  • 13Gods Garden Beach Resort

    Gods Garden Beach Resort

    For those who want a budget friendly stay in a resort while on their vacation, then you need to head on to the famous  God's Garden Beach Resort which offers you the most  comfortable stay in Tarkarli. Guests have the pleasure and comfort of staying in any of the spacious multiple choice rooms. All these rooms are well-set with comfortable and spacious beds and a lovely TV set with premium channels to watch your favorite shows. Guests will also be provided a tidy and well maintained attached bathroom with a steady supply of hot/cold water which is also available in these rooms. This budgeted and sustained property offers both business and leisure travellers with a comfortable and exciting stay. The different Hotel facilities like 24-hour front desk for assistance, onsite parking and several customary comforts are available at this new and thriving budget hotel in Tarkarli. 

  • 14Gajanan Resorts

    Gajanan Resorts

    For a short and comfortable stay in the pristine beaches of Tarkarli, Gajanan Holiday Home is the best option for you and your family or friends to relax in! Located in Malvan near Tarkarli, Gajanan Resorts have an exclusive set of rooms designed with a remarkable holiday point of view. The exciting hospitability over here is a new and exciting way of life for the people who visit here and they have been enjoying the services of this resort for over 10 years. The resorts amenities and the palatial ground and sea before it make this place apt for a comfortable and ideal stay. Known for maintaining high standards with regard to their services and customer care, Gajanan is an ideal getaway for the backpacker who seeks solitude and the serenity of the sea!  



  • 15Tian Beach Resort

    Tian Beach Resort
    Image Credit : Ankur P

    The Tian Beach Resort is a quaint, shelled resort in Malvan located right on the Chivla beach less than 3km from the Sindhudurg fort and is perched perfectly amidst lush greenery in one of the magnificent and regal coves of Malvans beaches.

    Chivla beach is one of the few isolated beaches amongst the Malvan beaches and is famous for its explicitly beautiful scenery and grand surroundings. With giant coconut trees shielding the travelers form the scorching sun and hammocks all around the place, Malvan is a place that has lots to offer. Enjoy a much needed swim in the ocean and dive into the pristine waves of the beach, walk down the Sindhudurg Sea Fort, engage in Snorkelling to explore the treasures of the sea, and revel in the amazing beauty of the sea and all that it has to offer, right from the delicious cuisine to the gorgeous rock gardens that you will come across in the place. 

    Tian Beach Resort has cottages built in the comfortable style of the lovely Goan houses you see on your trip there, with five double bedded spacious cottages camouflaged with greenery giving you the feel of being in the heart of the woods. Enjoy a delicious dinner at the multi cuisine restaurant which offers you the options of Chinese and Punjabi dishes apart from on its walls, Malwani cuisines. Enjoy the sounds of the sea as you dig into your dinner before a good nights rest. 

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